Bonded Goddess – Chapter 39

And just like that, I found standing myself in the forest, amidst plants and trees. The sun was shining through the scattered canopy of the forest and this place was quiet.

A grassy space that sought to emulate nature, there were trees sparsely growing here and there to give the impression of a park, but otherwise it felt really empty. Not to mention the numerous concrete paths that curved through the meadow like intrusive snakes, and vivid, obvious streetlamps standing sentinel in place of trees – all these ruined what would otherwise be a picturesque image of nature.

Alright, where is the church…? I believe Emilia said that I would immediately teleported near the cathedral. But… I see nothing but tree and plants here…  Actually, where the hell is this? Am I even was in the right place?  Am I in garden of the Vaerian palace or something?

I sighed and scratched my head. As I looking around, I could see the white silhouette at the corner of my eyes. Glancing in the direction of the white silhouette, as could see into the distance, past all the trees that served as a barricade, looks like I’m indeed not really far from the place.

Close to the churchl? I’m not even close! I’m far from it! And just how huge is that cathedral!? why the hell they need build that big anyway?

Damn, this was going to be troublesome. The church looks massive from here but it was lot smaller than the Vaerian Palace. I don’t know if it’s good or bad thing though…

But well, I guess I should be thankful for the teleport paper that Fianna brought to me was very useful. I mean, I conveniently teleported to the place where I was completely out of sight of the guards and I won’t get surrounded with spears on my neck. Geez, I wish I had something like that back on Earth when I’m still soldier. This will be very useful.

As I proceeded toward the giant cathedral, I finally caught sight of the church building. No, I should say, cathedral. I could see white flowers hanging like the hanging garden of Babylon.  You know this could be described as an average Disney princess’s wedding, with birds tweeting like maniacs, and the sound of a distant wedding orchestra! And a wedding bells! I hate those! As if they were there to mocking me. To declare that it was time for MY woman to get married to her fiancée! Ugh, I hate those bells, I wanted to cut them off…. Well, probably, the main reason was the fact that we had those bells in MY wedding with my ex-wife.

In the end I found myself clambering over the cliff that was overlooking the massive cathedral. Obviously I was still a kilometre or so away, with the large forest in front of me.

I grabbed my binoculars and zoomed in from a distance. I glanced in the direction of the cathedral’s entrance. The entrance was crowded. Excited murmurs ran through the crown could be heard here. I guess my hearing was enhanced once again.

There were also little bridesmaids all around, in little circles and flowing dresses of the finest cloth material. They were all very beautiful; the women on earth really got nothing on them. They all looked either from royal family background or from noble families. It was easy to tell from a distance, because even though the atmosphere was a happy one as all weddings are supposed to be.

The horses and the chariot were next. Damn! Those horses were really big, beautiful and well groomed. Even now, I couldn’t understand why anyone would really put so many gems on mere animals. They were laden with tiaras and other various jewelleries I couldn’t name. I had an urge to steal one of those horses and run away. They would be worth billions and trillions on earth. What a waste!

And the best part of this crazy charade was the fountain made of gold with chocolate spurting out of it in the centre. YEAH! CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN! I completely dumfounded and speechless for this one…  I wondered whether there was a real chocolate fountain IN the cathedral or if it was just for the occasion? Is this how this world’s culture works? Or maybe it work as one religious part? Chocolate symbolize sweet marriage? Is that it?

As I looked on, I didn’t find the person wanted to see most at that time. I guess I need to find Evelyn before she walked up the damn aisle and say wedding vow. I needed to, at least, talk to her, and determine her real feelings, least I actually end up committing the same vice I had planned to go and save her from.

I continued on, keeping a wary eye on the sentry standing on the top of the gates.

To be honest, infiltrated this place definitely not easy, beside the sentry I saw guards patrolled all around, making it look so hard. It was not just the fact that men were walking around, they technically doing parade around the cathedral, with their spears and swords in their hands and waists or backs. They’d made it look like I was standing in middle of army base camp if I went there!

Of course, charging at them would suicidal and I definitely won’t do it. I wanted to keep a low profile and stay hidden from them for as long as possible.

I waited for a while, and counted the minutes between each pair of guards to cross over. If the Cathedral was like other cathedrals on earth, it meant that it was also linked to rectory? Those Cathedrals were usually connected to their convents or monasteries as well, which probably provided space for the bride.

I raised my eyebrow as I looked at south east side of the cathedral.

It was empty.

“There’s no one here?”

I would think there would be at least a patrol or sentry on the west, but there was no sign of any life. I wonder if it’s trap… No, I don’t have time for that.

Lowering my binoculars, I grumbled after seeing the sentries patrolling the walls of the cathedral on the entrance. I guess I really have no choice.

Well, let’s do this! Taking a deep breath and closed my eyes.

As I opened my eyes, I run and jumped off the cliff. Flipping my body in mid-air, landed on my feet before proceed to the cathedral in quick pace.



I actually managed sneaked into of the cathedral. Thank god this was a large Cathedral, or I would have been caught as easy as fuck.

Normally I would start have bad feeling and very cautious when I infiltrated especially how easy entering this place was. But given how easy is this, I have feeling Emilia have something to with it.

Well anyway, I am here and I needed to be rational and collective here. No matter what happened! Of course, that would be very difficult, given my sensitivity to everything, and absolutely everything. I was well aware of it, and yet I was too proud to even acknowledge it to fix it.

After I crossed into the inner flanks of the Cathedral, it was as I had suspected: there were several times more guards IN the Cathedral. And two guards just passed across the corridor.

Geez, how many of them stationed here?

As I somehow walked along the walls, going into random rooms to avoid meeting any guards, I could see everything prepared so splendidly. They surely didn’t leave any stone unturned to make it the most luxurious wedding in history. Let me tell y’all single folks out there. It makes the heart boil and it is like creating a hell inside. That was what I felt, my heart boiling, making me mad. As I almost spit on one of the nicely rounded balloons and bouquet of red and white flowers.

I walked around the first floor, and surprisingly, there were very few guards up there but I decided not to dwell too much on it. I was quite sure that Evelyn was either in this floor or the second floor. I walked around, still careful not to be caught even by mistake.

“Tsk,” I clicked my tongue as I walked, “Dammit! This Cathedral is really fucking huge…No, I had always known that it was this huge…But still… And where did they hide her anyway? A bride is not supposed to stay in such depths, man… ”

As I walked, wondering where the fuck was Evelyn and how on Vaerian was I going to find her. I had already wasted fifteen minutes in aimless strolling, and if that went on, I would be lost and then I would probably only find her AFTER the wedding in her wedding bed, on her wedding night, waiting for her husband to fuck her up to try to make her forget me. Damn, That made me move. That made me want to find her fast. So that even if she refused me, then it would be out of will and not just fucking obligation to her lawfully wedded husband, and so that I could stop imagining Leonardo doing stuff to her, taking full advantage of that word called ‘marriage’. I hate that word.

Halfway through the corridor as I strolling, I heard footsteps.

I turned around and caught a glimpse of two shadows the end of corridor. It was man woman. I don’t know about the man but for woman’s silhouette, it looks familiar.

Curiosity get better of me, I stayed back and went hiding behind a statue nearby. It was good thing that Cathedrals have stuff like huge statues of whatever they worshipped.

From the voices on the other side, I could hear them chat. I peeked out of where I hid and saw them.

It was Elsha with a man that I never seen. Who is he? Well, who cared? My eyes were completely rest on Elsha as I was speechless.

You know, ever since I meet her, she had always been dressed in military uniform and she always had serious and cold face. A very cold beauty princess. That’s what I thought she is.

But today was different…

Elsha was… damn dang downright gorgeous!

As Evelyn’s sister. Of course, she was as beautiful. Everyone know that! But the thing is…I almost jumped across the corridor. Because of surprised by the elegant attacks and mesmerized by Elsha’s beauty. Her short golden hair fell stylishly over her shoulders, and she was dressed in an oriental, silk dress with pretty embroideries and flowery patterns. Seriously, how could that woman become so beauty when I don’t her?!

And that was not even the surprising part, yes! Because I know there’s more! It was not all that drastic change that surprised me, because at the end of the day, Elsha was also a woman, and a princess, at that. What made me surprised was how so feminine and filled with so great etiquette she was filled with and showcasing as she spoke to that man. I saw how her expressions changed, like a spring time bloom.

Like a maiden in love.  Who the hell was he, though? I finally curious about him. I had never seen him before. He didn’t look like a warrior. Rather, he had the homebody sort of look, a good house husband look. Since I never saw him, he’s probably her fiancée or her love interest… Yep, that blush that passed her ruddy cheeks only meant one thing: she was interested in him.

“….I probably shouldn’t pry into their conversation,” I thought and then thought to move out as soon as they passed by the St. Paul’s statue.

And just as they reached the statue I was in, I heard them loud and clear.

“The wedding will begin shortly,” Elsha was saying, “We should go down and welcome the attenders.”

“Sure,” the man agreed. His voice was a gentleman’s, I could tell by the tone, “Though, how it Princess Evelyn doing? This wedding… I fear it is forced upon her young shoulders.”

“Oh, she can take it,” Elsha said, sounding cruel at first, but her eyes were down cast, “I feel sad that she has to be the one to take father’s orders this way. Even Leonardo would have stopped the wedding had my father force them to married. But this is for the future of the kingdom, our beloved kingdom…”

I frowned when I overheard the topic of their conversations. Are you telling this wedding is just your forced arranged marriage?

And because of this, my good impression of Elsha has dropped like a lot.

She completely disregards her sister and only think betterment of their fucking kingdom that would allow Evelyn to be unhappy just for the joy of everyone else. This was a familiar scene to me. Ah, I am quite sure you didn’t, but I want to ask anyway. Have you ever read the story ‘The Ones Who Walked Away From Omelas’? If you did, I will pat your pat. If you haven’t, it is a story of a dystopian society where every person is happy, but underneath the happiness, was a jailed child under the city. Keeping the child in misery ensured the happiness of the kingdom. This was the scene presenting itself and unfolding in front of my eyes.

They were ready to keep Evelyn in oppression and unhappiness for the betterment of their beloved Kingdom? If the kingdom was so lovable, why would they need something like Evelyn under a virtual prison called marriage, the lock being her wedding ring? The people in Vaerian really needed to know about feminism and the way it is so prevalent on Earth. They would be horrified!

I got out of behind the statue as soon as they were out of my sight. Guessing from the direction they had come from, I decided that Evelyn was somewhere in this floor.

As I walked, freer as I approached the inner circle of rooms, I noticed that there were no guards IN the real interiors. I fancied seeing a large door with an A 4 sheet stuck to it, and written on the sheet in scrawny hand writing would be ‘Bride’s room’. Of course it was just a ridiculous imagination.

“I really need more sugar cubes to support the remaining cells on my brain,” I said sarcastically, shaking my head at my own insolence.

What did you think? Someone would randomly write BRIDE ‘S ROOM on a cheap paper and tape it on the door to show me the way? Who the fuck am I trying to kid?

Next to the room was another room, written in that same sheet, in a clearer hand writing ‘Queen’s room’. The fuck as wrong with them?! Did they want me to find their bride to be so soon? Did they actually want me to go and find her and steal her away?

On the day of her wedding, when she was supposed to be the holy and pure wife of their hero Leonardo, I was going to be an asshole to try to ruin it, and try to molest their goddess. Damn, every way of thought would be against me. I could bet that none of the normal citizens and even a majority of the nobility didn’t know about Evelyn’s love interest and that she did NOT love Leonardo.

And there were no guards or knights or any single person; not even some cousin or maid there. Was it all just a trap to lure me in? But no one knew that I was going to be there! It was impossible that they knew that I was there but I suddenly remembered the preparations and all the work put in by Emilia and the others, the torture I kept up with and most of all and the fact that I visualised Evelyn as the poor child underneath the city of Omelas. Damn, I should not have thought of it that way, because the motive moved from love and even lust to pity. And pity is not something that I can afford to give to anyone, because I hated it more than anything else, even Leonardo. Yes, I hate it that much. It was suddenly so disheartening. No, I was not intimidated or even cornered by some strong knight or something of that sort. But it was like them exposing themselves to me, to strike them down as I please, and when I choose to do so. It really demotivated me for a while.

Ups, I completely on my crazy mind… I turned my head to the right and to the left as I watch my surrounding. Safe? Let’s do this!

I lightly knocked on the door, hoping that won’t startle her when she saw. I mean, if she ended up screaming for help or even just out of reflex, I was sure to be busted.

Since there is no response from inside, I pushed the door slightly, it opened by itself. Well, she did NOT lock her door. She was really asking to be whisked away! But what if it was some other pervert who wanted to rape her or something? They would have the upper hand easily. In any case, I was at the advantage because it opened me a door to her. And I was more than grateful to take up the door. I entered the door, quiet t as possible. I didn’t need her to know that I was there all at once. I didn’t want to startle her too much, least she became too startled that she ended up shrieking. A little yelp and I was a gone case.

It was a large room, with a modest bed and linen sheets and all that. It was rich, but so distastefully bright. But she was not there. She was not in the room. Clothes were all around the room in mannequins. Even the mannequins were prettier than the ones on earth. Heck, everything was better, by its aesthetic values…

First I was drawn into all the dresses and the types of dresses that were in that one room. They would be so damn expensive, compared to my whole wardrobe. I snorted and thought about how wasted it all was, to spend so much on clothes… but women are not like that, and some men too. It all went down to priorities. People should buy body pillows, not clothes. And the dresses were soft and fluffy. I liked the laces though, they were not only really pretty, but also sensual and heightening. A perfect material to wear on a wedding, to attract the groom.

Then I heard the sound of running water from the door on the end of the room.

I walked into it. There was a smell of lavender all around the room.  I snuck in the shower room and saw someone taking shower with shower doors open. And it was Evelyn?!

Why the fuck was she bathing with the doors open? But then again, it was not like I was expected. From the looks of it, no one was supposed to be there. Was it some sort of last gift of freedom to self before a lifetime of slavery called marriage to one man who she was not in love with? Or maybe, she had really forgotten me, and moved on? If that was the case, I was ready to go all Shakespeare and make her ‘goeth and fucketh thyself’

She was under a tulip shaped shower. It had been days since I had seen her, and not just her, but her nakedness as well. Because so many things happened in between, I felt like centuries had passed between the last time I had fought Leonardo and that day, as I watched Evelyn shower.

It reminded me of the first time I met her, as she bathed under the two moons, completing some rights or something of that sort. I remembered how enthralled I was of her that time. And the first time we had sex to save her life, as I made up some pretty dumb rules of the bond just so that I could fully penetrate her, and worship on the altar of my goddess. Damn, remembering all those thing at that moment would only make it harder for me to leave her if she chose not to go with me. Because what was the point to risk my life and all the mana I had received to beat Leonardo, if she did NOT choose to go with me and escape her cruel fate sealed by her that thing she called her father?

As father myself, I never be this forceful to Kirino. Even to romantic relationship. I’m not overprotective dad that you could find in any anime or something. Back then when we were still family, I always curious what kind of man that my daughter would pick when the time comes. While I didn’t said openly, I actually let her to choose her own man and live a life of freedom and happiness as he is very decent! Even if the man hurts her, she would at least have the satisfaction of choosing her own heart break.

And as I thought about random things, I felt something was off. There was no way it was too easy to find her, especially with the note that said ‘bride’s room’ like really. Maybe, some guards would pop up suddenly, to come and attack me with their spears because I dared to enter their princess’s room without being called and even peeping at her while she bathed.

But fuck, I was not even peeping anymore. I was standing there, at the entrance, fully open to her seeing me there. But she was washing herself, her back to me, face facing toward the shower.

While this looks erotic… She didn’t look as sad as I thought she would be. She bathed, and she looked like she was enjoying all the moment of it. So screw off ‘A river flows in you’, screw off ‘Kiss the rain’ screw off my self-pity, and t didn’t work out, and it gave bitterness to me.

She seemed to be rather enjoying it, And it made me feel… pissed off. I clenched my teeth, angry that my mouth was watering.

NO, I didn’t mind her enjoying a shower; in fact, it made her look more… attractive and sexy. It was very sensually provoking and inviting me to do some naughty stuff to her wet and glistening body. And, she had every right to enjoy a shower, right? Every bloody human being and person enjoys being clean, yet I could not stand her bathing.

She should not be facing the heavens, all her matted hair behind her, spread across her wet white back and rounded ass. Rather, she should have been facing the cold white floor, head hung down, in a dejected manner, hands on the sink or something, to show that she was unstable and sad about her wedding to Leonardo just as she was moping while I was in the dungeon for the first time.

I may have been in a filthy cell made of red stone, and may have been tortured to the point of death if not to real death, but I was okay, most of the time. I believed that she would not give me away. I believed that she would be faithful as she had always told me before, so I was okay. When I saw her enjoying her shower and being clean, it made me feel so pissed off and made me question the reason I was doing what I was doing.

And then a thought occurred to me. The fact that it may be the Queen and not Evelyn. And if that were true, damn… I was already busted. Forcefully penetrating her at first sight before and then basically ruining her relationship with her husband by declaring in front of everyone that I had fucked her, just to make the king angry.

But I had a feeling it was not the queen. Her proportions were not quite the same as Evelyn’s. And I knew Evelyn’s body well enough to know that it must be her, bathing so serenely and rather happily under the tulip shaped shower. What a woman, I thought, and began gritting my teeth so that I would not yell at her. And that went both ways, I didn’t want her to feel threatened or anything like that and that too, by me after meeting after a really long time; that, and I feared getting caught. I knew myself well enough to guess that I would find pleasure in actually yelling at her.

I was mad enough to barge in. And when I say barge in, I don’t really mean barge in. I slipped into the shower room, and calmly walked over to her. I had mastered the art of the calm before the storm, because MY life as Ogawa Kyousuke in that accursed country and planet was like a rodent’s life. I was at the rock bottom of the food chain, and every move I made was retorted by a hundred moved from the other side to make me wish death. They hated me, and I hated them. I was in constant alertness, I had to be… and that made me master it. because I just couldn’t act upon my primal instinct to kill people even if I wanted to. They didn’t teach such civility in the schools of Japan, no; and that was the most humane I could get in a place like Vaerian, where my neck is constantly in a virtual guillotine.

Ok, am I high? Let’s enough with nonsense…

I slid up to Evelyn. She looked like a beautifully carved out statue of a Greek goddess. Almost like Freya, the goddess of love and fertility. I could bet that she was capable of birthing at least forty children, with her sex drive. And that suited her just fine.

As I gently laid my hands on her shoulders, I felt a sudden rage in me and the urge to pin her to the wall took control of me and I followed my instincts like animals followed their sex drive during heat. And thus went her shoulders on the wall, pinned firmly, but not roughly. The least o wanted to do was damage her in any way. She was my goddess, after all. And she saved me somehow, in her own way.

I covered her mouth with a hand instantly, as she was startled making her take a step away from me. I turned her around, all her nakedness in all its sacredness exposed to vulnerably to me. Her ruby red eyes were on mine, startled and shocked. It was not dejection nor was it joy. She was just simply shocked.

“Don’t move, don’t make a sound,” I said in a low voice, but my voice was on the verge of actually breaking down, “You don’t want to get me caught, do you?”

She shook her head in a jiffy, still as shocked and as startled as she was initially. She probably thought that she would never be seeing me ever again, and yet there I was, in front of her shocked eyes, appearing like some kind of ghost. But that didn’t cross my mind at all, nor did it matter at that exact moment. I was just really glad to see her again, and not just be filled with bitterness because of some kind of misunderstanding or mistrust.

I proceeded to take the liberty to hug her, real tight. She was still as soft and slender, her skin was delicate and young and fruitful. She was still shocked, I figured as her boy didn’t react. She opened her mouth to say something but no words came out. She must have been speechless. I felt a little bad for her. It must have been a hard time, with me, and then without me, and then again with me. The emotional turmoil would have killed a horse.

Her body hung slack, sticking to mine, as the warm shower water trickled on us.

She tried to squirm out of my embrace, but I held on tight. I had the very sudden and impulsive urge to hold on tight, as if she would disappear if I decided to let go. She was indeed my goddess, and I felt like I needed her all of a sudden, making me feel a hollow in her absence.

I laid my head on the crook of her neck, for she stopped struggling and trying to get out of my unsolicited embrace. I couldn’t help it, the need to hold her, touch her… and just feel her; that was like an obsession that took control of me at that moment like some kind of lab animal under experiments of new drugs.

“Kyou…” she said gently. Her voice! Ah, I had not heard her voice for a long time; and hearing it again all at once, with all the emotions of her like the child underneath the dystopian society of Omelas and the sudden need to hold her up in a shrine to worship her beauty, all of it hit me like some kind of jet fighter and made my insides crumbled down, as I felt her presence, felt her skin, felt her soft breaths, with her chest rising up and down and her heart that told me that it was real and we were both alive. My insides crumbled into nothingness under her touch.

I… really need her in my life…

“What are you-” she said, half way, stopping and her voice turning thoughtful, “How did you… get here?”

“Shh,” I murmured, “Not now, Evelyn. Let me just hug you, ok?”


After a few minutes which incidentally felt like long hours of just feelings and me, I let her loose, but not entirely, because I was still a little scared that she would disappear all of a sudden and it wold turn out to be a dream again.

I looked at her up and down. She looked the same, she was exactly the same. She smelt the same, felt the same, though there was a shadow in her ruby red eyes that declared resignation and defeat.

I leaned down and brought my face close to hers. She closed her eyes and turned her face away. She was betrothed to another man, and yet she was still wholly mine, and I wanted- NEEDED- to reclaim my territory, I needed to mark her as mine. You know, the alpha wolves would mark their omega partners by biting them, making them officially theirs so that other alphas would not approach their omega… it is a rather animalistic instinct, but that was what I felt I needed to do. Even if Leonardo gets to marry her, I wanted him to feel my presence, my scent stuck on to this woman whom I have set up as a goddess to be solely worshipped by me, and me alone.

I went ahead and brushed my lips against hers. Same. It was like a sprinkle of mint on a cold soda drink on a hot summer afternoon. The afternoon was dragging on. Butterfly soft, it was that kind of lip to lip touch, that was what a first and innocent kiss of some newly infatuated teenager should have been like.

I looked at her. She looked away, but I thought the way she chewed on her lip was darn cute; so I leaned in again. That time, I was not sure who closed the gap, but the small gap was closed in within a second, and it was more than just a sweet and innocent first kiss… it was a full and wholesome meal of a kiss.

My tongue begged for entrance into her mouth; and as she let me in, I was met with her snake like tongue. She was really good at that sort of thing. It was a fight, an argument of our tongues… making up after a really long break, arguing about the minute details and dancing together around a fire, drunk with full passion.

The sun sinking in the sea, that was the kind of passion I felt.

My hands travelled down to her soft and rounded ass. Our kiss broke, to let in some air. It was a real struggle to kiss so long like fishes without a breath of air to sustain our survival. As my hands rested on her ass, still motionless, we kissed again, fully and wholly another round of our tongues tying to each other, trying to communicate in a way we never did.

I squeezed her ass. It was so darn soft, How could I NOT miss that? Her ass was worth living for, worth fighting for.

She broke away to let out a soft moan.

And that, my dear little virgins, was a fucking turn on. From the soft making out, I went to full horny mode in just one go. She held the switch to unlock all my semen, damn.

I kissed her, peppered her with kisses. I kissed her lips, her nose, her eyes, her cheeks, her neck, back to her lips, and then down her white and graceful neck to the tips of her collar bones. I had always liked her collar bones, sucking in the water that came between my mouth and her skin. As I devoured the feel of her skin, kissing, sucking, eating away at her skin, the old days returned again to me. I remembered the first time we made love, not the bond, the one after that.

“Kyou… mmm,” she snuggled. I WILL MARK MY TERRITORY! I gave a long and stubborn suck at her left chest, above her breast, beneath her collar bone. It was always a pleasure to mark her, because her skin was porcelain white and crystal clear… it was tempting not to mark her as mine. It was rather primal by nature, but that was what I felt like. I wanted everyone to see me marking her with my mouth, with my hands, with my eyes!

As I squeezed her ass again, another moan escaped her mouth. And the more she moaned, the more turned on I was getting, and the more I wanted to give her and make her feel good about what I was doing to her, making her a mess.

As I pushed her ass up to me, making her body to jerk to my chest, she breasts pushed against me; I could feel the holy melon on me, softly landing on me. I wanted to fondle her to her ecstasy, and make it all worth it for that one moment. If I could make her feel all the pleasures of love at one go, I would have.

Her eyes told me that she had surrendered herself to the fate set down by the unthinking beast of her father, a sorry excuse of a King. And I was battling against that retreat she had given herself up to. That little minutes I had in the shower, with her… that was all I had to make her come back towards me, and decide to actually follow me again.

It was a battle against two foes: her will, and time. Time! Time was ticking away and I had more things I wanted her to feel to make her fight the things forced to her.

I reached to the wetness between her legs with my fingers, from behind her, directly touching her entrance, from the back; she was dripping with juices, precious, precious juices! It would be my elixir, the water of my life.

As I slid another finger, her face showed a pained with pleasure expression, and it was worth watching.

“How do you feel?” I broke the silence, with my hoarse whisper.

“Mmm, so… good…” she said, with a grunt. She looked at everything but me. She was probably just guilty.

And I wanted to erase it away, I offered my sacrifice on her altar.

I went down on my knees, her legs on either side of my shoulders. She was fucking wet and dripping like there was no other opportunity to get so wet as that, to get a good old dicking out of that ONE moment. But really, time was short, and I wanted to focus on how SHE felt, because that would determine what was to come.

“Look at this cascade,” I commented, making her face all red, as her eyes were in some sort of her own fantasy, lost in the pleasures of a good touch.

“Kyou, no-” she said, voice whispery, and yet unfinished it.

“Shh,” I hush her, kissing her outer folds

Her legs were spread out to my face, her thighs on either of my shoulders. I held on to her thick white thighs and then entered her throbbing pussy, wet with her love juices. Oh, I wanted to have that taste for as long as possible. She was delicious and sweet, but had a tinge of bitterness to it.

First the clitoris, as it were a mini dick. Ugh that thought made it so much lesser exiting, but she was having the time of her life, and that was what mattered.

Her pleasure was my pleasure.

All of a sudden, she squirted into my mouth. Her thighs tightened around my temples, and the smell of her juices was so strong, it masked the scent of her elastic skin.

With juices dripping from either corners of my lips, I tried to enter further, and curled my tongue around her entrance.

“Ah… right there!” she gave a low yell, voice high and shrill, “No mercy!”

It was such a funny thing to hear ‘No Mercy’ during a mini make out session, as she orgasmed. oral sex was as important as penetrative sex, to make your partner feel good. It was not about self-gratification, or for self-pleasure… it was about how your partner felt, their pleasure making your pleasure. That was the reward of being a dom in any kind of relationship that involved pleasure and pain.

“Don’t leave me, Evelyn,” I said, as I got up.

I allowed her to clean herself under the trickling shower and I sat by the side of the shower room, watching her clean herself up; She didn’t try to sexually provoke me while bathing, or even touching herself in places she only would to make me excited. That was very saddening, I could only wonder if I had said something wrong, or said things in a way that made her scared of me or any affiliation to me.

As she was done, she wore a white bath robe and beckoned me to follow her into the room. She sat down on the bed, and I sat down opposite her on the couch. I didn’t feel like sitting anywhere close to her. It felt like she rejected me and my humble sacrifices on her unholy altar.

“How did you get here?” She said, finally settled herself to hold conversation, “How did you know that I was here?”

“Easy, it’s your wedding day,” I shrugged, “There was note paper that said that the room was occupied by the bride to be… and who else but you?”

“Huh?” she said, while looks confused.

I guess when she entered this room, she doesn’t see something like that.

“I wanted to see you. You don’t seem to miss me much, eh?” I said, sounding bitterer than I had actually felt or intended to show.

She didn’t refute it, neither did she confirm it.

“No, Before I married… I really wanted to see you, Kyou… but…” she said, and then gave a sheepish smile. “Everyone keep eyes on me and won’t leave me alone…”

“Are you really getting married?”

I wanted to ask her not to, beg her, coerce her or anything, to stop her from marrying another man. It didn’t matter if it was Leonardo or even some handsome dudes. The fact was I didn’t want to see her with anyone, walking down an aisle for some other man, to become some other man’s wife, thing… I was more than just jealous. I was mortified.

I guess… I do love her? Not see her some object of lust?

“You see, it’s not much of a choice, is it?” She said, “besides, I’m sure Leo won’t hurt me, or do anything to hurt me… that’s all for sure.”

“Isn’t the wedding hurting you already? And what about us? I thought you loved me…”

“Of course,” she cut me out, her own voice trembling, “I loved you, I love you, Kyou! I really do! Even now, I want to find a way to be with you, to run away… and yet… some things are not in our control, is it?”

“No, it’s-”

“Shh,” Evelyn cut me off as she sat on my laps.

“Listen to me Kyou,” she took my hands on hers, and kissed my hands, “I know it is too much to ask of me, but would you please forgive me? It was never in my intention for things to get this bad and this big. I hurt you, made you go through so many pain, torture. Even Emilia and even hid so many things from you… I just wanted to be with you,”

Her tears falling from the side of her face, down into my cupped palms. She turned her head to face me. she was so beautiful, even with tears down her face, “Kyou, thank you for all the precious memories you have given me… you really were the one man I really loved, and you will probably always be the only man I shall ever love… but now, we have succumbed to the burdens left by fate upon us… I wish I could turn back time and change things so that the future would not be so bleak as it is now… funny, it is my wedding day and here I am, talking about the bleak future.”

“What are you talking about?” I said, my voice was exasperated. Fuck her wedding. Fuck the Cathedral. Fuck the fucking wedding ceremony with a fucking pretty boy. Fuck time ticking away. Fuck the face that she was giving up on us. All I could hear was my voice, trembling in desperation. How did it come to this? How did it turn out that I was the one begging someone? How? Just how the fuck did it happen?

“Listen to me Kyou,” she said with a sad smile, more tears squeezed its way out of her eyes, “I really wish I could do things differently, I really do! If things were to turn out this way and I had another chance to go back in time… I wouldn’t change the fact that we had the most amazing time together, Kyou… I love you, you know that right?”

“Yes,” I said, bending down, pressing my head on hers. I didn’t want to see her cry, I didn’t want to see her face that way. It was sad, and depressing. It made me feel like my heart was hanging from some height, crashed down by her resignation to fate.

“Stop the crying on your wedding day,” I said, struggling to smile. I still had one shot. One shot and I would make it count! After that it was all up to her.

She smiled at me, it was not the same smile I was accustomed to. It had the shadows of growing up, a face that showed that life had not been exactly a bliss to her.

“What are you going to do now Kyou?” she asked me, worriedly.

“What else do you expect me to do? Attend your wedding and walking you to the damn aisle?”

“NO! DON’T!” Evelyn screamed as her eyes widened, surprised to my question.

Yeah, I won’t do it either. Do you actually I would do it?

I smirked as I hold her hands.

“Of course… I’m going to retrieve you, take back MY woman!”

“…..And may I be so bold to ask you how you intend to do that?” she said, eyebrows creasing, as if frowning at me for not getting the gist of what she just said to me. I admit I can be a little stubborn, but it was for the better. I had not gone all the way to that point to run away like a dog with its tail between its legs.

“Fight Leonardo again,” I said, getting all serious.

She shook her head, and her face showed absolute disagreement. She didn’t need to open her mouth, I could already hear her voice telling me NOT A QUARTER OF A FUCKING’S CHANCE

“I am! I am really serious!” I said with a grin.

“It’s dangerous! Don’t fight for me anymore. Don’t risk your life for me, Kyou, that is the only thing that can make me the saddest,” she said.

I looked into her diluted ruby red eyes.

“No, it’s not just about you, Evelyn. It’s also for my own honour and lost pride during our first fight,” I said, “I want to defeat him not just to win you back, but also to restore the pride as your man!”

“Even so… I don’t want you-“

I stopped her before she finish.

“But, unless I beat him I can NOT prove that I deserve you, and you are my woman… My goddess! The light I need in my life, Evelyn,” I said, “How could I possibly live, knowing that the love of my life is wedded to the man I lost to… they will probably keep me in a worse prison, the worst possible dungeon, devoid of any life… as such, I will be miserable, and so will you be! It will make us both die from the inside, Evelyn, and what is the point of eternal lifespan if that is how we shall be alive?”

Evelyn sighed as if she was giving up. Then she gave a soft laugh.  At least, she was laughing and loosening herself a little. I would give the world to keep her happy and always laughing that way.

All of a sudden, something interrupted our lifeless conversation.

“Are you done?”

I recognise that voice, even though it was only a cough. Evelyn was startled and her eyes were frightened, but I was calm, I recognised it. Damn, why was I like that?

The Queen walked into the room, from the main door.

“Why are you so startled, Evelyn?” she asked, sitting down on a lone sofa. She was indeed like Evelyn, but when they were together I could identify MY Evelyn.

“Mother-” Evelyn said, flustered.

“I have heard enough to understand things as it is, so don’t try to hide anything from your mother,” she said gracefully. She really was like the, mature version of Evelyn. She continued kindly, “I want you to be happy, Evelyn. And if that happiness is with this man here, then, I suppose I could support the both of you. However, this person is correct… unless he can actually beat Leo in a fair fight, things are going downhill for both of you. There was certainly no point in fighting with young Leo unless,” she looked at me, “You’re stronger than him.”


“You can win? Can you defeat our greatest hero?” Evelyn’s mother asked with serious look.

“I believe I can!” I said as I looked at her determinedly.

“Good! Then I will help you!”

“Thank you,” I said with a grateful smile, “erm… your highness. Also, I thought I ought to apologise for what I caused back in that throne room… it must be… uh, awkward with you erm… significant other-”

“Oh, I don’t mind it at all,” she just brushed it off, and then her face showed a light blush, like Emilia’s blush, “He become clingy thanks to that… Which is kinda annoying…”

Are you for real? That king become clingy since throne incident?

“I see…. Well, I borrow some of you mana?” I said, facing the Evelyn, “I will probably need more of that magical mana to be even offered a slight chance to beat your friendly hero, Leonardo, with a cape.”

“Okay…” Evelyn nodded with a serious face and then looked at me, eyes narrowing, “Tell me one thing, though… how did YOU know about the transfer of mana?”


“That is a story for another day, okay?” I said with a smile. She looked suspicious but nodded with her eyes narrowing into tiny slits. She would be ready to strike me down, Welp.

Ah damn… one woman was enough. I wondered what she would be like if she knew or somehow even suspected that I had kissed three whole women, and not just kiss. One was a deep passionate fight- like Frenching with her own birth sister, the second was a playful teasing AND waltzing with her own best friend, a friend from her childhood. And the last one was with the real sister of her fiancée, and it was not limited to just transferring mana or even going all French… it was also coupled with dry humping. I still felt her legs wrapped around me like some venomous snake. That was what the kiss of a woman felt like, so fucking good but so goddamn sinful and venomous..

“Come on, we’re running out of time,” I said, “And I need some wedding clothes as well, you know. You need to get ready too.”

“Don’t worry about me, or your clothes,” she said, “When I was isolated in the villa and castle, I learnt how to make clothes with magic.” She said as a faint light appeared as she did her thing.

I watched on with amazement, she was really fucking amazing.

“Let me give you some of my mana as well, Kyou,” the Queen said.




My heart went two ways. My heart began to leap with what I called joy; it was not a daily occurrence for a hot older lady to offer you a kiss albeit it was just to transfer something really miraculous called mana. And on the other side, was the fact that that hot, older lady was the other of my lover… and my lover was right here, as I was being offered the kiss… what would you have done, guys?

“No, I can’t stand for it,” Evelyn said quietly, “it is a kiss, all right.”

“You can’t refuse a help offered,” the Queen retorted, “The kiss means nothing if it has no emotional value attached to it, isn’t it? Besides, as of now, I can tell easily that Kyou stands no chance to beat Leo. In terms of strength, speed, technique, and magic… Leo is far superior, and he has the experience as a war front knight as well,” the queen said, making me feel more down as she went on, “Understand the circumstances, will you Evelyn? Do you want Kyou to lose?”

“Of course not,” Evelyn said with a frustrated and conflicted face.

“I’m sorry,” I said, placing a hand on her shoulder.

Evelyn just nodded as she snorted.

The Queen was very practical. She quickly approached me, and leaned in, her hands on my cheeks. I was not prepared for it, truth be told. But she was very practical. She leaned in. Her lips were hot and red, and it was very devouring, making me want more. It was not like with the other three ladies or Evelyn. She was quick, passionate and hot. And there was no fucking tongue involved, but the pleasure was as if the tongue had been overworked. I felt the warm mana slipping into my throat and settling down the food pipe into the stomach and then spreading into all other vitals.

“There,” she said, letting go, “That should do it.”

A trail of saliva still connected our mouths, even though there was no fucking tongue involved. She was so damn precise and concise.

“Evelyn,” the Queen said, “Get ready and head to the Hall… it is about time you show up there. I shall guide Kyou to the hall in a short while.”

“Yes, mother,” she replied with a slight shrug, and entered the room of the bride, via the narrow Narnia door. Ah, her breasts would have a hard time through that.

“And, Ogawa Kyousuke,” The queen looked at me,

After about ten to twelve minutes, I followed the queen out into the way down. It was suddenly so fucking small, compared to when I was looking for Evelyn’s room. She was a regal woman, and if I were about twenty years or thirty years older than I was at that time, I would have made a move on her. She was… the best kisser, anyway.

“Queen,” I began.

She turned to face me, eyes questioning me. “Go ahead.” She encouraged.

I took a deep breath.

“No, I just wanted asked…Since this bothering for a while?”

“What is it?” the queen’s voice resounded in my ears.

“Do you know me?”

That question made the Queen startled and looks troubled.

“What do you mean?”

“The first time we met, our conversation was full misunderstanding… I misunderstanding you and you also misunderstanding… But strangely enough, our conversation actually connect each despite being misunderstanding. You accepted me without second thought like we are old lover that haven’t meet for long times… Then we fuck- I mean we’re making love. And after we done… I only to realized that I was mistaken you with Evelyn. Then… you mad… Can you tell me about it?”

“Normally I would have seppuku for that crude question” The queen smiled as she looked away.

Crude question, huh? The why’d you look away? I feel like you just trying to dodge the question.  Hmm?

“Seppuku? how did you know about it From Evelyn?”

Evelyn shouldn’t know much about Japanese culture as she prefers watching K-Drama. Yup, she’s been watching it when we don’t have sex or just snuggle with me. Hell, when I went job hunting, that’s the only doing beside house chores.

“You won’t believe the story of how I knew about it,” she said with an amused lip, tugged up.

“I’m being here already very unbelievable,” I smiled.

“It’s a lost story,” she began, “Several years back, right after giving birth Elsha, I suppose.”

“I have meet and fell in love the first time, with a man from the other world… That’s my first and last adultery…Well, until you.” She said, “Our time together was short but he was everything I ever loved, everything I ever wanted. He made me so happy, I still remember his face, and his touch and his embrace, the way he smelled,” she smiled softly. It was not sad or filled with self-pity, rather it was grateful.

“But it was like how it is now. Somehow, we got separated, and I stay married to Arthur and then pregnant with Evelyn.”

“I see, I’m sorry,” I said. My heart wrenched to hear that short and detail- stripped story from the queen.

“Oh, don’t be so silly to feel sorry for me,” she said, “We are old now. And funnily, I thought you were him when we met the other day,” she said referring to the day I screwed around with her, “You look so similar to the man I was in love with, so I was led astray by you. And you were led astray by how similar I looked to Evelyn.”

“That man taught me several things, and seppuku was one of them,” she said with a smile, “His nationality was what they called Japanese. He looks so proud of it. And he was a big fan of what they called the Shinsengumi.”

Ah, I see. That man was so darn similar to me so that’s why I can fuck her? I really wouldn’t blame her. But it just me or this story sounds familiar to me… I mean, I’m a big fan of Shinsengumi myself.

After a while, we reached a huge door, as tall as four floors.

“What the-” I began but bit my tongue. I was not planning to curse in front of her. I mean, it IS indeed hypocritical, I will admit, but she was to be my in law in case I win and get Evelyn to marry me…

“Here we are,” she said, and then looked at me, “Stay here and wait for your chance, I need to present myself before the subjects.”

“Is this the main door?” I said.

“No, it’s the side.” she said, and nodded towards the left, “The main door is that side.”

I stood behind the huge pillar and waited. My heart beat so fast, I could hear my own breaths so loudly. It deafened me to the sound of the wedding song played inside. I swallowed a breath, and tried to get my head right.

The queen walked to the platform, beside the altar, near Elsha and the King.

I also saw Leonardo, and I was immediately tempted to run and challenged him.

He looks so nervous, even I could tell. He was trying to smiling. I could see the nervousness in his eyebrows and blue eyes. His brother was standing close.

As the priest in a white cassock began the ceremony, with the usual fucking cute words and courtesies, I got so darn pissed off. Everywhere I saw, I only remembered my own accursed wedding. Ah what a wretched thing it is to get married. And stupid vows! ‘Till death do us part’ what a fucking lie.

As I was getting pissed again for something so vague, Evelyn entered, with a bouquet of white and blue roses. She looked marvellous and beautiful, not overdoing the jewels or the dress, but so darn beautiful. I wanted to see that in MY wedding not HER wedding with Leonardo.

And I was burning with envy.

The vows. I hated that part the most. Nobody keeps these wedding vows, which is why divorce lawyers are on the rise.

“Do you, Leonardo Taebutopia Rey, take, Evelyn Rateliwyra Rubellite Er Vaerian, to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?”

“YOU DO NOT!” I yelled and ran to the centre of the room.

Everyone gasped.

“I, Ogawa Kyousuke, challenge you, Leonardo Taebutopia Rey to a free and fair duel,” I declared. I might have sounded brave, but my heart was pounding so hard.

Ah, crap… there is no way out now, is there?

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