Bonded Goddess – GLOSSARY

Setting : Kyousuke’s Earth have different world history since WW2.

Main Character :

Ogawa Kyosuke (42)– Protagonist

Evelyn(22)Heroines, Kyou’s soulmate, 2nd Princess of Holy Kingdom Vaerian.

Other Characters

Earth :

Ogawa Kirino/Furukawa Kirino(17)Kyou’s estranged daughter

Furukawa Yuriko (39)–Kyou’s ex-wife

Furukawa Kenji (39)Yuriko’s former lover and husband

Grace Linkstone(40): Kyou’s ex-girlfriend and former teammates

Marie Linkstone(21): Grace’s daughter and owner of Luben Club

Joseph Linkstone(44): Grace’s husband

RK (43)Kyou’s former teammates and weapon dealer

Robert Lefebreve(35): Jeanne’s husband, Kyou’s new neighbor, and parents of Alicia and Bernard

Jeanne Lefebreve(32): Wife of Robert, Kyou’s new neighbor, and parents of Alicia and Bernard

Bernard Lefebreve(13): Robet and Jeanne’s son, Elder Brother of Alicia

Alicia Lefebreve(11): Robert and Jeanne’s daughter, little sister of Bernard




Artur Rheird Von Vaerian(140)– King of Holy Kingdom Vaerian and father of EEE

Emily Rateliwyra Rubellite Er Vaerian(50)– Queen of Holy Kingdom Vaerian and mother of EEE


Elsha Rateliwyra Axenderite Fel Vaerian(25)– 1st Princess of Holy Kingdom Vaerian and eldest sister of EEE

Emilia Rateliwyra Sapphire Fei Vaerian(16)– 3rd  Princess of Holy Kingdom Vaerian and youngest sister of EEE

Fianna(22)Evelyn’s best friend

Leonardo Taebutopia Rey (22)– 2nd son of Taebutopia family, removed from succession, childhood friend of EEE, Evelyn’s fiancee and commander of the Holy Vaerian Kingdom’s 101st garrison.

Erich Taebutopia Rey(26) – 1st son, successor of the Taebutopia household and Leonardo’s elder brother.

Sera Taebutopia Rey(18)Leonardo’s little sister.


Leroy ReThumkizek (21)–Leonardo’s second hands.