I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 4 part 1

Chapter 1: Treasure 『Future Mirror』

ーーCountry of Gold: Japoneru

The other big countries don’t try to interfere with the ruler of the island country, On of the six queens that rule the world, Shrine Maiden Shizuku.
Shizuku is located at the backwoods of the sacred mountain.

Furthermore, she’s on the peak and secluded herself on the dripping wet shrine, it is for the sake of the effort of her people. 1

Shizuku, who’s governing this country is a descendant of a lineage that served the shrine for generations.

She has a beautiful black hair just like the her relatives in clan, and they can use a secret art that no one else in this world can do.

Though this is not by her bloodline, it can be seen that under the Shrine Maiden’s dress her superior voluptuous and soft body, you can call it obscene.

「This is all I can do…」

Deep down her feelings, Shizuku uses the secret art of her family 『Sorcery』
She’s using sorcery to manipulate the concealment barrier of the country, she also puts protection alongside it.
The barrier magic is of course, to prevent other Queens from using their treasure to interfere.

Shizuku uses this barrier to protect Japoneru from invaders.

It can be said that it’s the ultimate of the Shrine maiden.

But, one day,

「It turns out that the Forza command fall in the hands of an otherworlder in the future」

It’s as if she knew that the Empress who governs the Forza command degenerated, Shizuku spoke to herself.

That’s natural.

Shizuku received the treasure 『Future Mirror』 from the goddess.
This future mirror is, just like its name, it has the power to make it possible to see the future on it’s reflection.

With Shizuku using this treasure, she foresees those who attempt to do a crime, in addition, it can foresee any typhoon or volcanic eruption, so she’s able to protect her countrymen.

Shizuku, who’s using the treasure is respected, and yearned by people as a Yamato Nadeshiko Shrine Maiden.
She saw Elena Ria’s fall using that power.

Furthermore, she even learned about the otherworlder.

「Still, how did Forza Command fall? There’s a limit to heresy」

For the Shrine maiden who honor innocence, she was disgusted on the method of the otherworlder.

With her character and conduct, not to mention, she doesn’t associate with men.

No, she talked to them on her childhood.

When she looked at the future mirror, occasionally an image of a scoundrel is reflected.

That is, a scene where beautiful women were being bought as sex slaves and raped in the town.
Shizuku, knowing the acts of men, felt strong disgust and fear on them

But, her heard isn’t broken easily.

She’s the top of her own country, Japoneru.
If she went mad, she can’t protect her people in peace.

Shizuku has a strong sense of responsibility.

However, when she looked at the future mirror right now, she tries to defend her country.

「What is this…」

Shizuku who was looking at the future mirror, foresaw the future.
On the prediction, there was one thing Shizuku can’t overlook.
As the image reflected on the mirror became clear, Shizuku doubted her own eyes.

「N-no way…for this things…」

It was an absolute nightmare.
What’s reflected in the image, the figure of herself getting forcibly undressed.
The breast were exposed, cheeks red and was breathing roughly.

「T-there’s no way…!」

She doesn’t want to believe, but the image gets clearer.
There’s man appearing from Shizuku’s behind.

「T-this person is…」

The otherworlder that made Forza Command fall.

That man is on Shizuku’s back, then pierced her violently.
Seeing herself drown in pleasure and doing as she please, Shizuku can’t say anything.
No matter how many times she saved her country using the future mirror, for the first time, she doubted it’s being.


But, what the future mirror reflects will possibly happen in the future.

「That man even tried to extend is demonic hands on me」

Shizuku’s crisis is shown in the future mirror. It’s the most dangerous prediction she saw until now of course.
However, she’ll make an effort to change the future.

「This kind of future, I’ll change it quickly」

Shizuku has the power to alter the future.
With the future mirror, and Shizuku’s future altering, it’s possible to change any kind of nightmare.
To avoid the crisis in, Shizuku peeked at the future mirror.


「Why is not changing?…」

Normally, the future changes immediately, but it doesn’t

No, to be precise, it changed.

It changed, but all of the future all ended up with her being in the hell of pleasure.

「W-what does it mean?…」

Among the old history of Japoneru, there was nothing similar to this.

However, long time ago, she heard about something that happened where someone that had a considerably strong belief, there’s no way to change the future.

It was said to be a world myth, who would have thought that such a man would really appear…


Shizuku was lost in thought.

「Is there no other way but for me to become that man’s thing?…」

Shizuku was trembling as she was not used to this kind of situation.
Being unable to change the future, Shizuku was gradually cornered.

「I don’t want that! I’ll change that future no matter what」

However, as she desperately think of the solution, the day where she drowns in pleasure is arriving.
No matter how she tried to escape, to run away, she always ended up as the thing of the otherworlder.

「Any means is fine. As long as I change that future…」

Shizuku is squeezing her brain to make a ground breaking plan.

Something, She desperately thinks for something.

If she tries to attack with her country it is overturned, if she tried to run away, she’d be caught quickly.

「I’ll be tracked down even if I run away…?」

Shizuku suddenly came up with something.

「…If I draw myself on him, what would that man think…?」

If she run she’ll be chased, she thought that the enemy might avoid her if she tries go face him.

「However, for me to draw myself to a man…」

Her opponent is the one who made the Empress and the Witch fall.
She can’t imagine the future where she’s just a superficial woman that does as told.

「Rather, I want to run away now…」

ーーThere’s no other choice but to become a pervert.

「F-for me to do such a thing…」

As Shizuku is originally a innocent and upright character, she hesitated a little.
She has no choice but to substitute someone that will be violated and drown in pleasure.
No, I mustn’t substitute…!

「It’s impossible to drive off that man’s self-indulgence」

Just when she was about to be driven to a corner, an Idea came up to Shizuku.

「There’s no man who wouldn’t run away if being pressed on by a pervert. In that case, I will just push myself on him!」

That is the only way for the Yamato Nadeshiko, Shizuku’s only way to avoid Ryuu.

「Since it’s decided, I must become a perfect pervert before that man came into this land」

Shizuku declared in a dignified manner.
「Iー Will become a slut!」
For Shizuku to change the future, she determined to become a slut.


  1. さらにその頂上にあるというシトド神社に籠り、人々のために尽力をしている