I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 4 Part 11

Chapter 11 ★ Eunice’s Slut education

「You’ll be receiving the slut teaching from now on」
「S-slut teachings?」

Shizuku was puzzled by the suddenness.

I explained it briefly.

「You still have a long way to go to become a slut that can satisfy me. This one is a pervert that exceeds far more than your imagination」

If you realized, my party is compost of all perverts.

And their representative is Eunice.

「Eunice, teach her how to be a slut」

Eunice is fired up, she approached Shizuku on her own.

「Then what should I do?」

Somewhat, Shizuku asked me while she’s being pushed down by Eunice.

「…For the time being, Eunice will teach you how to be a slut. The method is entrusted to Eunice」
「Okaaay~! Beauties are my preferenceー I want to do youー」

Eunice doesn’t mind the surroundings and already expressed her impression.

「Eh…? Isn’t Eunice-sama a lady…?」

Shizuku doesn’t understand the true intention from the bottom of her heart.

Considering that she’s a normal person, it’s natural.

Unfortunately, Eunice isn’t normal.

「That doesn’t matterー. It’s also possible to feel good between womenー!」
「Though it’s not impossible for both women b-but, what I want is…a penis!」

She looks like a slut.

Shizuku boasted that.

「Is that so? Then, I’ll do it as you wish」

Even if Shizuku knows Eunice’s name, it seems that she doesn’t know her power.

「…You’re not a man but…what would you do?」

Shizuku glanced at Eunice, she looked at the abdomen that has nothing.

Certainly, it’s a question that comes out naturally from Eunice’s appearance.

「Explaining is troublesome. Eunice, show it」
「Un, got it. Onii-chan」

Eunice took off her shorts along with the answer.

She doesn’t show a bit of hesitation.

This is what a slut is.

「W-what does this mean…!?」

Shizuku’s eyes can’t hide her surprise, it’s been glued at Eunice’s crotch./

「Preparations are okay with thisー」

A huge cock is standing on Eunice’s crotch.

The impression of the young Eunice and her penis is a huge gap, it’s strange as usual.

「That’s too big…Rather than that, why does Eunice-san…has a penis?」
「It’s just magicー」
「A magic that can grow penis…? I haven’t heard about it!」
「It’s quite a difficult magic isn’t it? Meliz or other demons can’t do it though」
「But…But what I want is Ryuu-sama’s penis…6」
「Sluts doesn’t mind those trivial things, Eunice」
I interrupted from the side.
「To make you feel good, don’t mind it too muchー」
「Because. You’ll be letting this girl fuck her if you’re really a slut」
「…I understand…Then, please」

Shizuku already rolled up her shrine maiden clothes by her own and exposed her own lower half.

Shizuku’s secret place is already wet, it’s already dripping a string.

She’s already a slut on this condition, there’s no necessity of showing a mistake.

「Huh? It seems like it has a paper on your hole that makes it impossible to enterー」
「It’s a tag to protect my chastity. Because this body is a servant of god」

Certainly, there’s a paper stuck in Shizuku’s woman part.

I wonder how she urinates.

Most of the problems in this world can be resolved with magic, so there should be no problem.

「Should we put it in the anus? The back hole also feels goodー」
「If the front is no good then there’s no choice but for the assー」

I thought that she’s being fixated on it, in the end it’s elimination method.

「Aren’t you a slut? Do it quikly」
「Of course! Please put it in inside me faster!」
「Then, put your hands on the wall and show me your assー」

Eunice says that and takes her to the wall.

「You’re going to do it from the back?」
「It’ll feel even better in this position」

Answering Shizuku’s answer, Eunice already sticks her penis to the anus.

She might even put it in immediately.

「Understood…Please do it slowly at fiiiiiiirst!」

Eunice already finished the preparations and had her penis insert to the root entirely.

「Ooo, it all came inー. Also, it tightens so hard」
「Please, slowly…ukuuuu! Doing it violently might turn my ass over…!」
「Eh? It doesn’t feel good?」1
「There’s no such thing…Hiii! ……You’re too intense!」

As Eunice is speaking with Shizuku, she grinds the anus greatly and it makes a *Juppo Juppo* sound.

Shizuku must’ve been thight.

「Still, the tightening is amazingー. I might even cum soon…!」
「Haaan, Ahn, Kuun…! Such thing…Inside of me, it got big again!?」
「I…can’t endure it so…I’m going to release it inside!」
「Please wait…Haan! Aaahn1 Aaaaaahn!!」

Eunice’s body shook as she shouted.

Then, thrusting her penis to Shizuku’s hole that has no bumps to the root, she shoot out her semen at the same time.

「Hyaaauu!! Nn! Hyaauuuun! Aaaaaaaa!!」

Shizuku raised a sweet cry along with her body boiling in cloudiness.

「Fuaaau! Uuu! Hot semen inside my anus…I’m being filled in…」

Shizuku already came, she lose strength and became limp.

「Ah, that was refreshingー. Being the inserted feels good but inserting also feels good tooー」

She came once but she hadn’t demonstrated the genuine lewdness yet.

Eunice’s body’s proper function is to be a slut.

「Then, let’s do it againー」
「Eh…? Haven’t you already let it out…?」
「It felt so good so let’s do it once moreー 」

Making a *Zodon* sfx, after feeling that it fits, Eunice inserted into Shizuku again.

As usual, Eunice doesn’t know moderation.

「Uuu, Kahauuuu…!」

Of course, Shizuku was in agony from the pleasure and shock.

「OooooーIt’s tightening, too tightー!」
「Fuaaaaan! Hiiiiii! Amazing…The penis is too deep!」
「This ass feels so good, it’s very good…Ou!」

A beautiful woman lover and as she had eaten a lot of them, It’s unusual for Eunice to say that.

「………Please! More…Thrust me more!……Stir me up moreeeee!!!」

The hole that’s not used usually for sex, in addition it’s already making a high speed lewd noise.

「Ahn, no…~!」
「Amazing…! It feels super good…I’m going crazy with this…!」
「My anus is being made into a mess!」

Eunice accelerated her hips even further.

Making a banging sound, it’s getting even faster.

Every time that happens Shizuku’s body writhes.

「Aaahnnnn!! Deeeeeep!! Impregnate me deeeeeeeeeep!」
「Haahaa…It’s tightening amazingly……! I-I…!」

Eunice curved her trembling body.

Stimulating the head of the penis, she’s moving back and forth strongly.

「Nnnn!! Aaaaaaa! Nooooooo! I can feel it to deeeeeeeep!」
「Ah, Nn…I should be cumming soon!」
「Egu! T-The penis got bigger again…!?」
「Haahaa…! Cumming…?」
「P-Please! Release lots…!」
「Next should be outside then…!」

Shizuku’s anus is drowning in pleasure trembles a bit.

It seems that she also is about to cum soon.

「I-I’m about to cum…!」
「Me too♪」
「A-gain…Cumming from my assssssssss!」


Eunice grabs the ass without holding back and unleashed the semen in Shizuku’s back.

「Haahaa…I sprayed it all over…」
「Hot…! There’s a lot of hot stuff…Ahiii…!」
「Haa…Haa…That felt goodー. …I might’ve cum more than a while ago」

Shizuku’s back has been dirtied by the white liquid, she looks like she can’t move anytime soon.
Kuku, are you possibly thinking that it’s already over…?


  1. Oh Eunice, this girl is an inexperienced slut