I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 5 Part 4

Chapter 4 ★ Hermit crab-position with Fairy Yushu

「I’m going to ask you again, you’re going to guide us right?」
「I’ll do it properly!! That’s why I want something more amazing!」

Yushu said it clearly.

Even though she just learned the pleasure of sex, Yushu already is a prisoner of pleasure.

It seems that it’s impossible for her to stop feeling arousal when she did fellatio to me.

I have my own mission so there’s the possibility that she might forgot what she said.

It’s because she also a talent to drown in pleasure.

Yushu might’ve the talent.

「Okay. There should be no problem then」

Then after she took a breath, she applied the penis wet with saliva on her own own place that’s wet from masturbating.1

「…What would you do?」

Yushu visits me with a blank expression.

「Something that feels even better than a while ago」

I purposely evaded to answer.

Putting it in without knowing, Yushu made an anxious reaction.

The part that’s not satisfied yet will be properly satisfied now.

「This is a reward! Taste it to your heart’s content!」

Yushu seems to be puzzled as she doesn’t know what’s going to happen from now on.

I reinforced my physical strength using magic at that moment.

And I put my arm under the legs of Yushu in front of me and I gripped her ass.

At the same time, I put my penis that’s big again into Yushu’s secret place.

The penis that’s inserted into the vagina senses a slimy feeling.


Her body was surprised because she felt something entering her body suddenly, Yushu let out an idiotic voice.

「…Nnna! Hyaaaaaan!」

Yushu’s weight slowly swallowed the penis inside her body.

Then, the penis that goes in violates the hot moist vaginal wall of Yushu that raise a lovely voice.

「My insides are getting…Nn! It’s coming in…fuaan!」
「How’s it?」
「It feels strange…Nnnaaaa, nyuuun, nn! Aaaaaa!」

Then the folds wriggle and the glans reached the cervix.

「…Deep!? It’s reaching too deep!」

That’s expected.

Speaking of sexual position, it’s insertion is called ekiben2

This position uses the weight as substitute so it’s easier to reach the depths of her vagina.

「Fuaa! Ku, aaaaa! It feels good…!」
「It’s tightening nicely」
「Ahn~, Nguu! My stomach is being pressed…!」
「I’m going to move my waist more」
「Nooooo~ You can’t do thaaaaaat!」3

Still, even though she doesn’t have much knowledge, she’s making a good reaction.

「Even though you say that it’s your first time, It seems that you’re feeling it well」

I moved my waist as I hold Yushu.

Since Yushu has masturbated ahead, she’s completely wet already.

Every time I move my waist, love nectar overflows.

「Kufuu…It’s the first time I feel this good…men are amazing…」
「Is that so?…Then you should feel even more. It’s your reward」

Saying that I began to move my waist.

「It’s rubbing my insides…Naaa! Nmu!」

Yushu had her body began to stagger as her body feels pleasure from my attack, her body is just trembling and swinging.

「Yan~! That’s…noo! This, nooo!!」

Because it takes her weight every time I thrust in, Yushu’s deepest most sensitive place is stimulated.

From her reaction, it seems that it’s beyond her imagination.

「Nooooo~!…Again…something good is coming…Hyaaaun!」

Yushu was *tremble*…*tremble*…and her thighs cramped.

It seems that she came ahead.


Yushu clings to me while breathing rough.

She’s trembling and twitching.

This needs to be overtaken.

「Who told you to cum without my permission…?」

I have no intention to stop here of course.

「I’m sowwy…But, but…Hyau…Higuuuuuu!」

Even when answering, my penis is tightened with a rhythm.

「I’m about to let it out soon…!」

If this tightening continues, I won’t be able to endure ejaculating for a long time.

「No, it’s semen that’s thicker than a while ago. This is your rewards so I’ll let it out inside you!」
「Fuaan~!…I don’t get it but if it makes Yushu feels good too…then please let it out inside!」
「Yeah, then here we go!」

While saying that, I began to increase the speed of my piston.

I increased the tempo and crushed her womb, the penis had the glans press up.

「Hii…Hiiu! That’s…hurry p…kufuuuun!」
「Go mad!」
「Aaaaaaa! Yushu is becoming an idioooot! I’m going crazyyyyyyy!」
「Take the pleasure using your whole body」
「Nooo~! I’m feeling numb…! My stomach…head, all of it…!」
「But, it feels good right?」
「That’s right! I don’t want you to stop! More, Moooooreeee!」
「Fuu, it can’t be helped」

I rubbed my penis inside the raised body of Yushu a lot of times.

「Are you prepared…?」
「…Hyaan! I am! Inside Yushu…!」

Unable to endure the rising pleasure, I pushed it up inside with all my might.

「Cumming…U! Cuu!」

Byurubyurubyuru! Byubyubyu!

Hot and huge amount of semen passed through my urethra and run through Yushu’s wriggling vagina.

Since I endured it a while ago, there’s no sign of my ejaculation ending yet.

「…!? Hanaaaaa… hot…! There’s something hot coming inside Yushu…!」

Yushu kept on writing in pleasure of cumming inside while being carried.

Yushu’s vagina continued to tighten violently around my penis.

The ejaculation didn’t stop that easily.

「Fuuuun! How long…is this going to continue…? Hyaaaan!」

Semen that can no longer fit inside Yushu’s vagina began to drip from the connecting part.

But that intense climax has come to an end after a few dozen seconds.


Her breath was in disorder when the ejaculation ended and the penis was pulled out from the vagina.

「Still…the pleasure, is remaining…aaaahn!」

Though it’s unknown whether the pleasure doesn’t dry out or Yushu has become sensitive, she kept writhing even when the penis is pulled out already.

Did power enter her stomach while she was writhing? White liquid went out dripping from Yushu’s vaginal hole to her inner thighs.

Still, that was quite a huge amount of semen let out.

As expected I also felt tired.

Well, fine.

Switching my thoughts, I moved to the main subject.

「…Then, let’s go to the saintess when you have finished preparing」
「Is this the end…?」
「…Could it be that you’re not satisfied yet?」

I asked Yushu while a bit surprised.

Though I’m not making light of her having poor knowledge, I wonder if she has a greedy nature?

「I don’t know if it’s unsatisfactory…But I want to do more pleasurable things!」

It seems to be that way.

Then I, who gave her the reword can do nothing but answer.

「In that case, do what you want to do」
「Got it!」

Yushu answered cheerfully.

Even though she writhed that much, it seems that she has the stamina.
Apparently, I’d be able to enjoy three rounds this time.


  1.  そして息をつく間も与えないまま口淫で唾液だらけになった肉棒を、自らの手淫で濡れているYushuの溝にあてがった。
  2. Ekiben is the Hermit Crab position
  3. Rameee! Ramee nanoda!