I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 5 Part 7

Chapter 7: Olivia’s escape.

「Aga…my body feels hot…ugu…my body…」

Since it’s a quick acting aphrodisiac, Olivia’s face has become red.

Her breathing turned rough and her expression has fully become a female in heat.

After this, I should embrace her as a woman.

「I…I…I desire for…a man’s…your body…」
「That’s it. If you ask for it properly then I may give it to you?」
「Who would do that…I…won’t lose…I’ll never lose…!」
「I see」

Cold eyes stared.

Olivia crawled and went away from me.

「King, what would you do?」
「I’m going alone」
「Don’t worry. She can’t use magic that much right now」

Elena Ria stared at me anxiously.

But, when I showed them my dark smile, the girls have understood and they nodded.

「I’m going then」

When I noticed, Olivia has disappeared to a hut.

Though it’s useless to run away, I wonder why she would do such a thing.

Well, that doesn’t matter to me.

I followed behind Olivia.


I opened the door.



There’s the figure of Olivia entangled on tentacles.

「…Am I seeing a bad dream?」

I closed the door.1

I applied my finger to my eye and massaged it.

Okay, it’s okay now.

I opened the door again.


…It seems that I’m not mistaken at all.

Olivia is being tormented by tentacles.

「…What are you doing?」
「Ahi, nhii…I’d rather get comforted by tentacles than entrust my lust into your body…」
「…Are you a pervert?」2

She’s definitely a pervert.

She immediately answered my question.

Well, I guess that’s how she hate to be done by me.

In that case, I’ll have her want to violate me in reverse.


I used my magic and erased the tentacles3


Olivia that’s floating because of the tentacles fell on her ass.

「Stop doing such a foolish thing」
「There’s no way I’d give my purity on someone like you」
「You’re saying that while having tears in your eye」

Where’s the arrogance from a while ago?

No, that’s how strong the aphrodisiac is.

Olivia right now has a considerable conflict swirling in her brain.

I wonder how long she can keep her reason.

「Haa…haa…! My body…feels hot…!」
「That’s a problem」

When I approached her, Olivia starts to back away.

「I told you not to come already!」
「Don’t care」
「Stopー! I told you to stop…!」

Olivia began to tremble against the wall.

It’s not just simple fear from me.

With her reason collapsing, there’s only the fear of herself being broken remains.

No matter how much training is piled up, the fear won’t be tamed.


Olivia is frightened.

Then, her surroundings has become wet in an instant.

Olivia looks like she’s sitting on a puddle.

「…Did you wet yourself?」

Olivia began to leak due to excessive fear.

The odor from the liquid spreads around her.

She began to masturbate this time.

Taking off her underwear, she put her finger deep inside her vagina.

Then, she made a strong sloppy sound.

「…Can you be satisfied with just that?」
「Ahn, ku…no, I can’t feel satisfied…! Why…Why…?!」
「Should I make you feel satisfied?」
「C-can you do it?」
「Is that true!? I’ll believe you」
「You can believe in me Instead…you’re going to listen on whatever I say」
「Got it!…! I’m going to listen whatever it is…!」

Fu, she fell already.

She’s masturbating even she’s being seen by someone, Olivia can’t endure it anymore.

No matter how much she endured her reason, she knows she can’t be satisfied with tentacles or her own finger because of her own reason.

Even if she think of escaping me…it’s useless4

Now then, should I eat the queen of elves?

「Lie down. Spread your legs」
「Got it」

Olivia spread her own legs obediently.

I exposed my penis and hit her lengthwise.

「Aaahn~ This…nn! This is a dick!」
「That’s right. This is what you wanted」
「Aaa…aaaa…! It’s hard, hot, hurry up…hurry up and put it in…!」
「Very well」
「Ku, nnnnuuuuuuu! It’s coming…it’s coming iiiiin!」
I slowly sink in my waist.


  1. Pfft, ahahahahahahahahah
  2. Elves are, always
  3. Noooooo, my friend!