Dragged into the class Transfer Volume 4 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Hironobu’s daily life 2

After Hironobu left Firana in the room, he went to Youko’s room that’s next to his.

「Sensei, it’s me」

When he knocked at the door, there was an answer from the inside.

「Ozawa-kun! I’m opening it」

After a few seconds, Youko opened the door.

「Come in. I prepared drinks since I thought you’d be coming anytime soon」

「Oh, Thanks. I was just getting thirsty」

Hironobu jumps to her proposal.

「Well, if you’re going to make such a loud noise…」

「Ah, Ahahahaha」

Youko made fun of him, Hironobu could do nothing but laugh wryly.

The walls of the castle is quite thick yet the neighbor can still hear them.

Though he’s used to it, Hironobu felt embarrassed when the older Youko pointed it out.

Arriving at the table, the two began to drink the prepared beverage.

(This is quite cold. As expected of Sensei)

She perhaps used magic to cool it down.

The cold drink penetrates Hironobu’s body that lost water from the intense sex.
He thanked Youko from the bottom of his heart.
「As expected, a young one is really energetic」

「No, isn’t Sensei even more amazing?」
Hironobu returned the words to Youko.

Actually, Youko is the most frequent one to have sex with Hironobu that has a lot of women.

Is her lust stronger than the other women? She asks for it whenever there’s an opportunity.

Hironobu doesn’t dislike it by any means and instead, he advanced having sex with her.

This is Youko’s status in numbers.

Power: 745
Defensive power: 742
Speed: 637
Magic: 861
Her status is stronger than Firana.

When she invokes a single magic, tens of demons are turned to dust.

Youko’s status is higher than anyone in this country who played active part in the military gains.

「But, I thought that Ozawa-kun might feel better with women of his age than sensei…」

Youko applied her hand on her cheek and sighed.

「That’s not true. I love doing it with Sensei」

Hironobu made a follow-up, those are his true feelings.

She’s the only one who worried on the isolated him when they came into this otherworld.

And she’s an important woman for Hironobu as she is the one who sent goodwill to him.

「Saying that makes me glad. I want ‘that’ if you want to express your gratitude after all」

Then, she rose from her seat.

She then kneeled in front of Yuuto that’s sitting in front of the table.

「I’ll make Ozawa-kun feel good with my mouth」

Saying that, she began to take of Hironobu’s trousers and took out his penis.

It got soft after the time he had sex with Firana but when Youko touched it, it gradually regained its hardness.

「It’s really peerless. Even though you were so violent with Firana-san, it’s still this hard」

「I-It’s because Sensei is skillful」

Youko’s sexual desire is higher than others but her skill in sex is also high.

Right now, just stroking it greatly improves Hironobu’s arousal.

「It’s already this excellent, I’ll be eating this then. N, amuu!」

Youko instantly held Hironobu’s penis in her mouth.

Then, Hironobu was attacked by fellatio.

「Ngu, ngu, ngu, jubububu, jurururu!」

「Uu, aa!」

Hironobu raised a cry as he can’t endure.

Youko held the head using her throat without any stopping.

「Ngoo! Nguu! Jupururururu!」

(Sensei’s amazing, she’s swallowing it too deep!)

She’d get choked if things don’t go well but she skillfully manipulated the penis and continued her fellatio.

Furthermore, the middle of the tongue stimulates the glans.

Hironobu who receives stimulation to it’s sensitive parts, he pulled his waist from the pleasure.

「You can’t run away. Rerooooo!」

Youko captured his waist by putting her arms around his waist sucks the penis with all of her heart to make his penis go climax.

「Jurururu!! Juzozozozo!」

「Aaaa, that’s, cumming! I’m letting it out!」

Hironobu who lost his escape accepted the pleasure and ejaculated.

The penis released semen and it flowed inside Youko’s throat.

「Ngu! Ngu! Zururururu!~」

Youko swallowed all of the semen that was released.

The throat made a gulping sound as she swallow the semen, that stimulates the penis and he even ejaculated further.

「N, Nnnn…Haa, your semen is thick as usual. I can feel some of them sticking on my throat」

Youko separated her mouth from the penis when she finished swallowing all of the semen.

Then, she licked the semen on her lips and smiled bewitchingly.

「Sensei, you’re really too erotic」

Hironobu can’t help but feel aroused from her appearance of swallowing his semen happily.

He rose from his seat and took Youko to the bed.

Then, he threw her down like that.

「Kyaa! Don’t rush, I’ll also be preparing…」

Youko who’s aroused from the effect of the aphrodisiac semen stood on all fours by herself.

Hironobu’s eyes was glued on the presented ass.

「Sensei, I can’t endure it anymore. I’m going in」

「Come, put Ozawa-kun’s penis inside Sensei!」

As soon as he got the approval, Hironobu thrust in his waist.

「Higu! S-Something hard is entering…!」

「Sensei’s insides are twining with me absurdly」

Youkou’s vagina tightens intensely like it’s inviting the penis of her beloved that she hadn’t met for a long time.

Even though she’s having sex with Hironobu almost everyday, there’s no signs of loosening.

Instead, it’s attacking effectively according to it’s shape.

「Now, move. Make Sensei’s insides a mess using Ozawa-kun’s penis!」

Did she finally lose her reason from the arousal, she requests it without any care.

Hironobu swings his waist to answer it.

Holding Youko’s ass, he started to piston violently.

The feeling of the soft ass flesh was also transmitted in his hand and excites him further.

Hironobu deprived the reason of the obscene mature woman in no time

「Aaaa! Ozawa-kun it feels goooood! My insides is being stirred!」

Youko shouts as her hair dishevels.

Her usual gentle atmosphere was no longer there.

Seeing her fall in disorder, Hironobu’s arousal rises too.

(The gap from the usually gentle teacher is irresistible!)

Youko screams towards Hironobu who swings his waist violently.

「If you do me that violently, Sensei will cuuuuuum!」

Telling about climax, Hironobu got enthusiastic in thrusting his waist.

「Then cum right now, Sensei!」

Enduring the violent tightening, Hironobu kept piercing the interior of her vagina.

Then, Youko who reached the limit bent her back to her hearts content.

「Iaaaaaaaa, ah, C-Cumiiiiiingg!!」

Her climax made her vagina shuts tightly and such the penis.

「Ua, Me to…!」

Hironobu can’t endure that stimulation and ejaculated.

The penis trembles as it release its semen inside.
Pressing the waist perfectly while ejaculating, Youko’s insides was filled instantly.

「Ah, Fuu, Haa, haa…」

When the ejaculation finished, she fell down on the bed with her face down.

Semen leaks out between her legs and Hironobu felt satisfied.

(As expected, Sensei feels so good. I want to be drown like that)

But, Hironobu recalled that there are other places he has to go today too.

First on the list of the female Class, Ashibi Ayaka’s room.

(I have to fulfil my duty as a master)

Though Hironobu rules the female class as slaves, he has promised to strengthen their status.

Today, It’s Ayaka’s schedule to have her status strengthened.

「Sensei, I still have some business today but would you be okay alone?」

「Fuu…Yes, there’s no problem」

Though Yuuto called her out as he’s worried if her waist might give up, it seems that there’s no need for it.

「I’ll be going then」
Then, he straightened his body and went to the next room immediately.