Dragged into the class Transfer Volume 3 Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Way of thinking

「Fuu…there seems to be a companion who hadn’t abandoned you yet.」

Dark Satan separated from Ayaka and flew in the sky.

It seems to be checking whether they have a chance to attack on the air.

「It seems that they can’t shoot arrow up to here」

「Arrow can’t but there’s magic!」

Just when she heard a voice that’s different from Fairy, a light was emitted.

「Lightning Arrow!」


An arrow of light attacks Dark Satan.

Dark Satan received some of the attacks, he staggered, but he managed to stay in the air.

「Someone who can use intermediate magic came out」

「If you don’t get away, I’ll do it again!」

Youko stood up in front of Ayaka.

(Sensei…Also, Kisaragi-san…)

Though other people escaped first, these girls helped her.

(I…this people…)

Since they sided with Ozawa Hironobu before the operation, they were left out.

If she didn’t achieve any result, her influence would disappear gradually.

She thought that if Youko disappeared, she’d completely become a leader.

(How can this be…!)

She had to change her thoughts as she had some cruel ideas.

「Tsk…It seems that my luck is bad」

Dark Satan who determined that he’s at disadvantage disappeared into the darkness.

「Haa~ I’m glad that we did it somehow」

Fairy approached Ayaka.

「Ayaka-chan, your wrist is broken」

It’s swollen blue and bent into a strange direction.

「Then, Fairy will cure it!」

Fairy put both her hands while speaking in a light tone.

Then, the pain disappears in an instant and the swelling was gone.

「Isn’t that amazing? That’s Fairy’s ability you know?」

「Kisaragi-san’s ability is convenient as expected」


Seeing Youko and Fairy’s smile, Ayaka realized that she’s alive.

「R-really…uhm, thank you…very much」

「It’s fine」

「You’re all Sensei’s friends」


Ayaka was curious.

Youko and Fairy’s power is higher than her no matter how you look at it.

They did the same training yet she’s curious about the difference.

「Could you show me your status?」


「Got it」

Kisaragi Fairy

Power: 131

Defensive power: 128


Mana: 146

Nakusa Youko

Power: 145

Defensive power: 142

Speed:L 137

Mana: 161

Both of their statuses are higher than herself.


Youko supposed that Ayaka is wondering so she taught her politely.

「The truth is…」

Hearing those words, Ayaka was speechless.

(No way?… Having sex with Ozawa Hironobu…!)

◆     ◆

「Okay! We came back safely!」

Hironobu and Firana returned from the elf forest. Valeria was fidgeting, a bit restless as she had come to a human country

When Hironobu is about to head to his room.

「You came back, Ozawa-kun」

Youko greeted him.

「What’s wrong? Sensei」

「I have business with you」

「Me? What is it? If it’s something lewd then It’s welcome」

Youko didn’t take it even as a joke1

(Oh? Did I fail…?)

He’s daunted a bit.

「That’s not wrong. The female class is waiting at the dining room so let’s go there」


He had a bad feeling somehow but Hironobu was taken to the dining room by Youko.

Meanwhile, he asked the state of the battle of the fort.

「N-no way…Sensei」

「It’s not a lie. It seems that Amano had died from the previous battle」

They’re not in a relationship just like before2

Still, the death of Hironobu’s childhood friend was big for him.


He have to switch his mind. Though he can’t hide his shock, if he didn’t pretend to be strong then Miyuki would hate him even further3

(A-among these…)

Hironobu breathed deeply

Entering, the girls are already waiting.

(I don’t like this atmosphere)

All of the glances gathered to Hironobu.

He’s awfully weak on this kind of feeling, he already wants to go back right now.

「You see, Ozawa-kun. I already told them about your ability」

「Seriously, Sensei!?」
There’s no wonder that the atmosphere is strange.

(Oh, I’m completely hated now…)

When he thought of that,

「Ozawa Hironobu…I want you to listen to us!」

That Ashibi Ayaka approached Hironobu.

‘hat’s this turn of events?’, he thought, then she spoke.

「Your power is needed for us to survive in this world!」

「What? What do you mean?」

「During the fort capture…We almost thought that we’re going to die. Then my own powerlessness…」

Her voice is fading away, then Fairy came to him this time.

「You see, Ayaka-chan leaked when she’s about to be killed by the enemy」

「W-wait! Kisaragi-san!」

Youko intervened earlier than Ayaka.

「Leak…you mean wetting herself?」

I guess it went out because of fear.

(To make this strong woman leak herself. I guess it was really scary)

Coming up to here, Hironobu predicted her thoughts.

「I see. So you’re saying that you’re going to rely on my ability this late?」

「I-Is that no good?」


Hironobu said it clearly.

「You treated me severely, then you’re going to come to me when you need me? I’m not a tool nor a pet! I’m a living human!」

「I-I know that…! That’s why…」

「Anyway, if you raised your status you’d be finished with me, right?」


Ayaka faltered as it was a bull’s-eye.

(Seriously, such a shitty bitch…!)

She’s not seeing me as a human.

Thought he act of using my ability isn’t bad, she’d immediately betray me after thinking about her attitude up until now.

HIronobu thought whether there’s a better method.

(I really thought of enjoying having sex with this Ojou-sama though… I want to make her ‘Hii hii’ with my penis…If only I can prevent her resisting now…!)

Hironobu pondered.

(That’s right…making her like a slave…no, How should I deal with her?)

N? Hironobu noticed.

「I see…Slave」

Expressing a dark smile, Ayaka trembled.

「Very well, I’ll let you use my ability. In exchange, you’ll take a slave contract and I’ll be your master」

「A-are you joking!?」

「I’m joking? This is the otherworld! People are dying here! I don’t know when I would be killed by you people. I have no choice but to protect my body!」


Ayaka distorts her face in vexation.

「Should we stop? I’m fine with it. But, you do know the merit of the high status as yours is low right?」

「Y-Yes…I know that. I-I’ll make a slave contract with you」

「Good. Then it’s decided. What about the others?」

When Hironobu said that, they were shaken.

But, Ayaka who is the most promising among them had her heart break off.

The other girls will also take the slave contravt.

ーーThat moment, Hironobu has completely become a master.


  1.  冗談を言ってもYoukoはクスリともしなかった。
  2. Childhood friend relationship
  3. ショックを隠すことはできないが、少しでも強がっていないとみゆきにさらに嫌われてしまいそうだったから。