Dragged into the Class Transfer Volume 4 Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Hironobu’s daily life 3

Hironobu who went out of Youko’s room went down a floor.

The female class’ rooms are there.

The sun is about to set soon.

This is mainly the time when they come back from demon subjugation.

They have opened a large scale demon subjugation this recent week too and the situation had improved.

It’s also been two days since Hironobu visited Ayaka.

This time it was an operation to cooperate with the neighboring country to protect a town from the invasion of the demons.

The alliance will be performed soon and the aim is to deepen the relations between both countries.

(If we can make an appeal using our power in this operation with the neighboring country, I wonder how much our standpoint would improve again?)

Unlike the female students, Hironobu wishes for erotic things.

Since it’s fulfilled currently, he lost interest on aiming to defeat the Maou.

Having desirable war situation, the awareness of danger in him has faded.

(Well, I’m doing more than what Firana asked me. I feel sorry for those who died)
Her wish and guilty conscience for the dead made him move to subjugate the Maou right now.

However, an event later what would make Hironobu go towards the subjugation of the Maou inevitably will happen ssoon.
◆     ◆

「Master, I have waited for you!」

Ayaka met Hironobu who came into her room.

Her body was purified once she returned so her skin is moist.

「Yeah, let me in」

「Yes, please」

At first, Ayaka cursed Hironobu for being her partner but now she’s completely obedient.

This is because she’s trained by sex a lot until now.

It’s impossible to act againct Hironobu as long as the aphrodisiac effect of the semen is let out.

She’s trained to follow an order even if there’s no slave contract now.

(Serves you right.1 That’s karma for you)

Seeing that Ayaka who behaved tyrannically in the former world to become an obedient slave, Hironobu’s is intensely satisfied.

He’s guided straight into the room and sat down the bed.

Then, Akaya sits straight in front of him.

「Fuu, how was today’s subjugation?」

「The bridge taken by the demon king army was recaptured. The transport of things and people would progress with this」

「That’s good, you did well」

「I-I’m feeling inspired from Master’s praise!」

Ayaka snuggled to him as she’s glad being praised by Hironobu.

Her face from the previous world can’t be seen.

「Okay, time for reward. Let’s have that breast make me stand first」

「I’ll serve with pleasure!」

When Hironobu lied down on the bed, she took off her own clothes and slide between his feet.

Then, she took out the penis and sandwiched it in her breasts.

「I’ll massage it to make it energetic」

Saying that, Ayaka massaged and stimulated the penis using her breast.

It was one-sided paizuri at first but she’s able to perform it easily now.

Hironobu accepts her paizuri and it welled up in pleasure.

The matchless penis is peeking out without any signs of decline even if she’s the third person.

「Nn, haa…Your penis has become hard. You’re being aroused right?」

Hironobu felt surprised from the upward glance.

No matter how much she had degraded to a lewd slave, Ayaka is no doubt a beautiful girl.

Furthermore, her level is so high that she’s the top beauty in the class that can charm people.

Without her arrogant attitude, she even turned more charming.

(Shit, she’s really cute. But, it’s that Ayaka you know?)

Suppressing the sway in his heart, Hironobu enjoys the paizuri.

It won’t reach Youko’s technique but her movement surely gives pleasure.

It entered the complete erect state after a while.

「It’s good I guess」

When Hironobu said that, Ayaka parts from the penis looking reluctant.

However, her expression turned into someone in heat the next moment.

Her lewd eyes area already looking forward to being attacked.

「Uhm, how will you do me today?」

「Let’s see…Lie down and spread your legs first」

Hironoubu who thought of something had ordered Ayaka.

「Oh, you’re being impatient that lewd juice is already leaking from the inside」

Hironobu stares towards Ayaka’s M spread legs.

The vagina had already been secreting love juice.

「You lewd slave, are you really that impatient?」

Hironobu stands on his knee and nailed his eyes between her thighs.

There’s a saying about ‘eyes cannot belie one’s true thoughts’, it’s completely like that.

「Okay, I’ll put it in if you want it that much」

「Is that true? Hurry up, Hurry up and please give me your penis!」

Hironobu fixed his posture and aimed his waist towards the place.

「However, it would be in your anus」

「Iyaaaaaa!? There? Asssssss!??」

Hironobu aimed at the anus and thrust is waist down and inserted it quickly.

「Ahiiiiiiii! Doing me in my ass makes me crazyyyyyyyyy!!」

Though it was a sudden anal, Ayaka’s anus swallowed his penis.

(Surely, she didn’t think that I would hammer down her anal hole)

Hironobu tried to violate Ayaka’s anus one time, she showed even more disorder than his imagination.

She’s also preparing her ass clean to prepare to accept Hironobu anytime.

(I wasn’t interested at first but I can’t help but feel pleasant to see Ayaka in agony right now)

Hironobu has become used to it now that this has become the usual sex with her.

「Uu, the tightening is breaking off.」 Loosen a bit more」

「I-Impossible! My ass is tightening on it’s own. Ah, hyaaaauuuuu!!」

Hironobu moves his waist forcefully as it can’t be helped, Ayaka raise a lovely voice from the forcible piston.

The penis moves inside her ass like that and he gradually get used to the tightening of her anus.

Hironobu realized that he can now go and and began to swing his waist violently.

「Ah, aaaaku! My ass is being scooped ouuuuuuuut!」

「But, you’re feeling it right? Juice is flying from there」

Love nectar leaks out from Ayaka’s vagina as she can feel from being violated from her ass.

「Because, my anus feels good! I can’t endure it!」

「then, I’m going to ejaculate in your anus from now on?」

「Noo, doooon’t! I want semen inside my woooomb!」

「You’re really a lewd woman, I want to show this to the one year ago you」

Would she be glad to see her own silliness? HIronobu made his piston even more violent.

「Aaaaaaa! If you do me that violently, I’ll cum!」

「I’m about to cum to, I’m going to let it out inside your ass!」

Hironobu nails down his waist violently as he creep into Ayaka and he ejaculated in her intestines.

「Nhooooooo! Semen is filling in my stomaaaach!」
Ayaka who accepted the ejaculation climaxed from the feeling of semen slipping inside her stomach.

「Cum cumming, oooohoooooooo!!」

She blew a tide and the end and her body jumped up.
Hironobu ended his ejaculation and pulled out his penis from her body.

Then, he sat down on the bed.


Ayaka’s body is still shaking as the wave of climax still continues.

Hironobu isn’t as cold hearted to leave her partner like this so he stayed by her side until she settled down.

Afterwards, Ayaka who’s unable to stand called a female student and took care of her.

「Fuu, those are the girls I promised to do today…」

Hironobu feels that his own lust hadn’t settled yet.

(Should we go inside a female student’s room?)

Deciding it, he knocked on another schoolgirl’s room.

「Yes, who is i…Master!」

The woman who came out had an estrus expression the moment she knew it was Hironobu.

「I’ll do you, good?」

「Of course!」

Like that, he wandered into rooms until he settled.

It’s exactly the feeling of the master in the harem but this is Hironobu’s job, his daily life.


  1. Serves you right