Dragged into the class transfer Volume 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Otherworld

ーーOtherworld trip

That was the first word that crossed Hironobu’s mind.

(No way, that dream…!)

The dream is a reality. And, there’s a probability that what Firana said is correct.

Not knowing what will happen, if it leads to the situation where he saves the world and the Maou would come out, the authenticity of it would increase.

Because of the dream with Firana, Hironobu is calm even thought he scenery of reality has changed completely.

But, the other girls are different.

「Kyaaaaaa! W-what’s going on!?」

「What’s this place?」

「What’s happening!? What is happening!?」

「A-Are we seeing an illusion…?」

All of the girls are panicking respectively.

There’s a person bursting on tears inside too.

Since they’re in the middle of the grasslands, there’s no danger that they have to be extremely confused but, they weren’t able to keep calm.

「Where is this…? Can’t we go back?」

A schoolgirl muttered.

Can’t return, it’s a forbidden word for the students, they shed tears to respond to the girl’s words.

Hironobu says ‘yareyare’ in his head, he shrugged his shoulders.

(I’m the only one calm here… I feel that in this situation it would only add fuel to the fire if I try to say something…)

Calm down everyone, if Hironobu said that, he’d only be frowned upon.

Fortunately, he’s not the target of blame yet, Hironobu thought that he’d try to vanish as much as possible.

Then, there’s a voice that penetrated among the panic.

「Everyone, calm down!」

The one who spoke isn’t one in the girl classーーbut it’s the home room teacher, Nakusa Youko

She’s being called by everyone Youko-sensei, though she’s in a good relationship, she’s being made fool on the surface.

Her appearance, it’s gentle, anyway, she’s a beauty.

She’s a popular existence on the male students.

Her personality is gentle, though she has a gentle lovely smile, her big breast is the one that has a destructive power above anything else.

The senior high school girls sneer at it, it’s swelling greatly, you can understand the volume even she’s wearing a suit.

She’s a female teacher that men would want to rape at least once.

Hironobu had masturbated while having a delusion of doing her for the first time.

That said, he’s not related directly with her, so he has no impressions except from the appearance.

(She’s unexpectedly calm in this kind of place… Even if she seems to be unreliable, she’s a teacher as expected)

It’s fortunate that there’s an adult.

「There’s no danger for the time being. Let’s confirm whether all members are here」

Saying that, she confirmed all the students in attendance number order.

All of the girl class members are numbered thirty.

In short, without anyone missing, if they’re able to count up to thirty, then that’s everyone.

「…Thirty! It seems that all are here」

As expected of an excellent students gathered in a girl class.

Though it was early in the morning, all of the members are present.

「Then, the problem is you」

Youko turned up to Hironobu that’s not mentioned in the number.

「Tell us your name first」

「Ozawa Hironobu」

「Err, you’re on the next class?」


「…Well fine. We don’t know the situation yet. We can’t say it definitely but it seems that all of the humans in that classroom were transferred here」

It’s convincing.

There are thirty names in that classroom. All of them are in this place.

There’s a possibility of other people transferring here but, that’s not thought of for now.

「Sensei, what should we do from now on?」

There’s one student that asked.

That’sーHironobu’s childhood friend.


Amano Miyuki.

She went to the same kindergarten, elementary school, and junior high school, they’re in the same neighborhood too.

But, they didn’t speak as time pass, that they don’t talk now at all.

Hironobu has a contact with Miyuki, a situation no one knows.

(It’s a good thing for her)

If she contacted him while he’s being called Eronobu, it would be a minus work for Miyuki.

She sent a fleeting look to Hironobu, but she’s talking ot Youko right now.

In this situation, Hironobu decided in his mind that he shouldn’t bother too much.

「Let’s see, let’s calm down first, afterwards…」

「There’s a town there. Should we try going there?

Miyuki is a calm girl.

She even coolly gave the teacher an advice in this situation.

It’s greatly different from Hironobu that was able to calm down to some extent because of the dream.

(Really…She’s really amazing)

Even though they grow up the same way, the difference can be seen.

(Well fine. Let’s stop thinking about her)

He let his nature and glance go, but he can’t look at the other women as they might notice.

Hironobu cut off his interest completely.

「Sensei, there’s no clue if we wait just like this」

「Amano-san is right. Form a line and try not to destroy the order as we go towards the town. Since we don’t know how dangerous our situation is, be careful of your surroundings」


The girls answered and made a line

「Ozawa, goes to the last」


Isn’t that the most dangerous? He thought but he didn’t say it.

Even if he can persuade Youko, the other students won’t seem to consent.

In this situation, he don’t know when one will cause panic.

Though Hironobu cursed in his mind, he walked on the backmost just as he was told.

(It’s really long…)

Even if you say that the town is visible, the thirty people moved together.

It doesn’t advance well in reality as expected.

(It’s nothing so just…)

Hironobu wished that nothing happens and they reached a safe place.

But, at that timeー.

「W-what’s that!?」

One schoolgirl pointed at the direction different from the town.

Since it’s still bright in the day, they’d be able to see a shadow even if it’s a bit distant.

Something like a small dot was coming here.

「Could it be that someone came to help!?」

「We’re moving as a huge number of people. It definitely is!」

The girls were relieved.

「Hey, isn’t that shadow…getting bigger and bigger?」

「Isn’t it a knights riding a horse?」

「Kyaa~! What should I do if he’s an ikemen on a white horse!」

No matter how excellent they are, they’re still a girl of their age.

They talk like idiots.

(But, for a horse, there’s nothing riding it…)

It’s not strange to think that there should be a figure of a human is riding it.

The shadow grows bigger and bigger and the situation became clear.


A black wolf is running here with a violent speed.

Even if it’s called a wolf, it’s size is twice bigger than the world in our world.

The school girls began to panic.

「Everyone, calm down! If you panickedー」

The distance has shortened in no time.


One student ran away.

The wolf bit her neck.

「Aaaaa! it hurts! Ouuuch!」

She screamed and struggled violently.

But, a large amount of blood gushed out the next moment and she stopped moving.

「N-No way…!」

One of the students was paralyzed and fell on her hips.


「I don’t want this anymore!」

The girls screamed while fleeing.

(Heyhey…what the hell is going on!?)

This situation is unexpected.

Hironobu tried to go to the paralyzed school girl to help her.

「Stand up! If you don’t…」

The black shadow approached the girl.

In a moment, her head was bitten and taken away by the wolf.

In front of him is a body without head that spouts blood like a fountain.

Blood splashed in in Hironobu’s face.

(Dammit…! What, Why…!)

Hironoby tries to run away too.

「It came from the other side!」

Those who escaped earlier had many black wolves lined up from left to right.

(Could it be that this one is a decoy!?)

Wild animals don’t hunt alone.

It behaved completely according to the strategy.

(Like I’d die in a place like this…!)

The girls screamed in despair.

It was the moment everyone gave up.

「By my life, become a storm hammer!」

Hearing those words, a black cloud was generated despite the fine weather.

Lightning flashed from there. Several of them. Countless.


The beasts screamed before they are burned.


Thinking that, he heard a loud shout.

It doesn’t feel that it’s a voice of one.


Coming from the town mounted on a horse, raising a sword, armored men came.

They made a formation and thrusted.


Though the wolves were many, they were knocked down by the men quickly.

The armored men have enclosed Hironobu.
「Welcome, Heroes」
It told so.


  1. Told you, Hironobu is Onii-sama!