Dragged into the class transfer Volume 5 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Maou’s capture method.

In the end, it took half a day for Valeria to recover from the influence of sex.

She can’t stand up at all when she woke up.

So the talk about the document was carried over the next day.

Next day, Hironobu have gathered Firana in his room.

However, Ayaka and Fairy is in an urgent demon subjugation request so they’re not available.

「Then let’s talk about the ancient documents. Valeria, please」

She stepped forward when called by Hironobu.

「First, I’d like you to look at this. This is about the Maou」

Valeria took out a document and distributed it to the members.

What’s there is the information about the Maou that she had deciphered from the document.

「First, the Maou is having a long sleep. That is to heal the wound he received from the fight one thousand year ago」

Taking a thousand year to recover from one wound.

That must be very deep.

Just how intense was the fight with the hero from the past?

「Second, it’s about the wound」

She took out a picture.

It’s perhaps an illustration included in the document, it was an orb with an abominable aura.

「This is the orb of darkness, the source of the Maou’s strength」

「The source of Maou’s strength, if you cut this…」

Firana gazed at the image.

「Actually, it’s said that the Maou is sleeping because the orb is damaged」

「It’s precisely the weak point of the Maou. Then, what kind of power it has?」

Margrit asked interestingly.

「This orb’s ability is to remove the limit of status」

The moment Valeria1 said that, everyone was shaken.

They realized the meaning of those words.

The limit of status is less than a thousand by common sense.

In short, the Maou’s power exceeds a thousand.

「It’s literally a digit in difference…」

Youko said while smiling wryly.

Even she who has the highest status can’t reach the limit value.

(Right, it’s like that when I heard it)

For Hironobu, even if all of Maou’s status exceeds the limit, they can fight it with overwhelming number.

However, he can’t win if he doesn’t know how strong the enemy is.

It’s possible to fight it if it’s just a bit more than a thousand.

But, they won’t be able to match him if it’s about two or three thousand.

Hironobu thought of the former.

「B-But! Didn’t the heroes from one thousand year ago fought with him equally right?」

That’s right, if the Maou’s status exceeded ten thousand, then they won’t have time to resist and the world should’ve fallen.

In short, the Maou’s status isn’t on the hopeless degree.

Rather, there should be a capture method.

「The document wrote the way to separate the orb from Maou」

Saying that, the surroundings let out a sigh of relief.

「One is to take it out physically with a strong offensive power. However, it’s difficult to exceed the Maou’s defensive power」

(Humans doesn’t have a member that has that offensive power right now)

Hironobu concluded so he urged her to continue.

「The other one is to have the chosen human have sex with the Maou and give intense pleasure」


He asked as those words were unexpected.

「I-It’s true! It’s written in the document」

Valeria said to defend it even her face is colored red.

(I don’t think that Valeria would lie…then it should be)

He can’t think of the Maou going obedient and have sex with a human.

If she knows that it’s her weak point, she’d reject it more.

「Oh, By the way the Maou is a female」

Hearing those words, everyone looked at Hironobu.

「…Could it be that it’s me?」

The girls nodded to his question.

「Isn’t sex your forte thanks to your ability?」

「If it’s about satisfying a woman, there’s no one but you」

「Right, as expected, there’s no one who could save the world but Hironobu-sama」

「We’ll be supporting you with all our best」

He has no choice but to accept it when it comes to this.

(Well, is it better to make Firana and the girls hold another man?)2

There was such a thought too but he accepted the role.

「When it comes to this, we have to strengthen Hironobu sexually first」

「Strengthening? You’re going body remodeling?」

His body has nothing but his penis that’s used for sex.

It’s hard to to accept tinkering it.

「No, an effective way to arouse the Maou. To be precise, you should be able to have sex with two specific people」

「…Spare me from a monster as partner」

Hironobu frowned but Valeria shook her head.

「Please be at ease, first would be having sex with a royalty」

Saying that, Hironobu’s tension came off.

「What? I’ve already done that」

He has already satisfactorily satisfied the condition as he had sex with Firana already before coming into the otherworld.

「Un, I know that. The problem is the other」

「Could it be already dead?>」

Firana said. There’s no way I can have sex with a ghost.

「No, the other is the blood relative of the hero from the thousand year ago」


「One thousand years means that it already had altered to tens of generations. In the first place, it’s doubtful that there’s still the blood relationship remaining」

Firana and the girls are confused.

It’s suspicious that a hero from a thousand year ago left a descendant.

This is considered to be hard even with the power of the kingdom.

「But, the power of the previous hero is needed to damage the Maou. We need to find it somehow」

Valeria’s eyes are serious.

They shouldn’t easily give up as they have finally deciphered the document.

「We’ll find her by all means necessary, We will find her!」

She who had fired herself up gathered up the documents.

「I’ll negotiate with my country They should lend the power if we have this document」

She said that while leaving straight out of the room.

Hironobu was overwhelmed by the atmosphere for a moment.

「…Firana, would that be fine?」

Hironobu who came back after she left asked Firana.

「It’s an old document that an elf analyzed, I think she’d be handled coldly…」

「Well, I’m not having huge expectations」

The other girls nodded.

「However, I’m surprised that you need to have sex with the Maou to defeat her」

「There’s Ozawa-kun’s ability but I guess it’s tied by fate in one way or another」

Youko said interestingly.

「Please don’t tease me that much…but, when it comes to it, should I have intense training?」

「! Then, we will cooperate!」

「I told you that I’ll help you with all I can after all」

「Hey hey, please don’t leave me out!」

The three girls pressed into Hironobu.

「If it is then should I take all of you?」
Their bodies began to feel hot when Hironobu said that.


  1. I don’t know why but Author typed Margrit again, it’s quite obvious that the line was a reply to Margrit’s question though
  2. (まあ、Firanaたちを他の男に抱かせるよりは良いか)