Dragged into the Class Transfer Volume 5 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: 4P Intensive sex training 1

It’s necessary to give the Maou strong sexual pleasure to defeat her.

Thus Hironobu is now having intensive training with Firana, Youko and Margrit.

「Now, where should we start?」

They already have taken off their clothes and on top of the bed naked.

Thinking about Hironobu’s ability, that bed is huge.

There’s still room for more even if the four are already there.

「We will first serve Ozawa-kun.  But, please don’t cum, that easily」

「You want to test me? I’m looking forward to it」

He has composure even Yuoko said that.

(Recently, I can control my sexual feeling and I’m taking service regularly)

His experience by being served isn’t just on a degree of one or two.

Especially with the female class as his partner, it’s not strange for him to play with all ten of them at once.

「Don’t think that we’re your normal partner okay? We know all of Hironobu-sama’s weakness after all」

Firana returned to the Hironobu who’s expressing his composure.

Margrit is just a recent one but Youko and Firana are with him since the beginning.

It can be said that both knows where he could feel good.

It’s already become a situation of rivalry of who thinks more of the person.

「First, please have a feel of all of us」

When Margrit said that, all three of them surrounded Hironobu.

Then they pressed their body altogether.

The soft female body buried Hironobu in an instant.

「This is quite…」

Youko is on his back, the big breasts are pressing against Hironobu’s back.

(The breasts crushed in my back feels good…)

In addition, she massages his body as it’s her expertise.

Hironobu feels like his sitting down on a massage chair made from female flesh.

「I’ll be problematic if I’m forgotten」

Margit lied down and reached for Hironobu’s penis.

Then she began to stimulate it gently.

Her character is quite daring but her hands are skillful.

That power that usually breaks a demon’s neck into two is making Hironobu’s penis feel good right now.

Hironobu who had seen her in actual combat feels aroused by the gap.

「Hironobu-sama, me too…nn」

Lastly, Firana clings to Hironobu from front.

Then, she kissed the aroused him.

Hironobu accepted it and twined the tongues in addition.

Firana who followed felt it and smiled happily then took out her tongue.

Hironobu can’t help but get assertive too towards that desperate attitude.

He stretched his hand and grabbed her breasts.

「Nfuuu~! Hironobu-sama really loves breasts」

「I can’t disregard something this good in front of me」

「Then, I’m going to service you with my chest then」

Saying that, she piled her hand on Hironobu’s hand that’s gripping her breast.

「Right, since we’re at it why don’t you all do with your breast?」

All of the three members right now have splendid breasts.

It should feel good to have them serve him all at once.

「Since it’s intensive training, do it without any reserve」

「Got it, I’m sure that it’ll feel good immediately」

Firana said that while withdrawing, Youko and Margrit who heard the conversation also separated.

Then, the three of them went to Hironobu’s crotch.

They began to service the meat ahead that’s already erect.

「It’s already this big…Is this thanks to Margrit-san?」

Youko said while looking at the penis that’s already standing.

「No, the there’s no man who won’t get aroused by being sandwiched by the two of you.  Still, it’s really big when you look at it deliberately」

「Being seen that much is quite embarrassing but…」

「The shame will disappear in a moment.  Now then, should we begin?」

They lifted their own breasts by Margrit’s signal.

Then, the penis was wrapped from all directions.

Firana’s the smallest one but it’s big enough to sandwich Hironobu’s penis.1

Adding the two people, the penis has no means of escape.

Every time it moves, the breast bounces.

(Wow, this is too soft!)

Each have a different taste but it’s his first time being wrapped this way.

「Even though it’s just wrapping, it feels quite good doesn’t it?」

Youko who’s on the left side said while feeling the moving penis inside her breast.

Youko had already flipped her switch.

Her usual intellectual atmosphere broke and she’s wearing a lewd atmosphere.

「Because, that’s how good it is…」

The penis that’s been pressed constantly feels the rising sexual feeling.

「Then, are you giving up already? You’re going to ejaculate with just Sensei’s chest?」

Hironobu rejects her provocations.

「Not yet, I’m going to savor this as much as possible」

「Is that so? How about this then!」

The next moment, Youko changed the movement she’s doing so far.

A piston began to stimulate the penis.

「I won’t lose either!」

Opposing it, Firana also began to move.

The three different pairs of breasts rubs his penis alternately.

Fixated on their own Paizuri, their movements are all over the place this time.

In short, Hironobu’s penis is being stimulated by the breasts everywhere.

Though the stimulated places are different, the pleasure reaches Hironobu.

(This is too sexy!)

The waves of pleasure rushing from the three directions has swallowed Hironobu.

But, if he can’t endure it then he won’t be able to endure whatever technique the Maou has.

Putting that this is an intense training in his head, he was able to endure the pleasure.

「Fufu, aren’t you enduring it quite well?」

The three of them lost temper as he’s able to endure climaxing, Margrit began a new attack.

「It’s a bit tight but you shouldn’t be able to endure this」

Pushing her body and her breast even further, they extend their tongue to the center of the penis.

「Pero, Pero…」

「Isn’t that a bit unfair!? Guu!」

It was different from the pleasure he had until now, Hironobu gripped his hand.

「Me too, I’m going to lick Ozawa-kun’s penis」

Youko joined the paizufella immediately.

She’s an experienced one so she continued to stimulate using her chest while stretching out her tongue.

「Hironobu-sama feels good too doesn’t he? The tip is overflowing already」

No matter how much he endures the stimulations from the penis, the pre-cum is already overflowing.

Youko and the girls stretched out their tongue and moisten the whole penis.

Then the breasts movement became smooth that Margrit who’s not used to Paizufella was able to do it.

「Rero, guchuguchu!」

「Amu, Jurururu! Chupaaa」

「Haahaa, peropero, chuuuuu!」

The girls leak sounds of servicing him which makes him feel even more aroused through his ears.

(S-Shit! There’s no way I can endure this one!)

It gets even more intense the longer the time passes.

Hironobu wasn’t able to endure it any moment more.

「Ngu, it’s coming」

Margrit who separated her mouth said so .

「Yes, let’s go and stroke it with all our might to end and make him ejaculate」

「Hironobu-sama, please let out a lot on our chests」

The three of them who felt that he’s reaching his limit match their breathing and resumed.

「W-wait everyone!」

They didn’t mind Hironobu’s words and attacked the penis just like that.

The pleasure from the uniform movement is enough to break Hironobu’s limit.

「Uu, waaaaa!!」

Semen dashed out from the penis and covered the girls’ bodies.

「Kyaa! This is, what an amazing power」

「Our breasts are completely white, just how much did you release?」

「Fufu, you did well enduring it」

The ejaculation continued for ten seconds and the girls’ faces and chest are completely white.


  1. Hironobu’s dick is a tree, does this mean that Firana’s tits are a mountain?