Dragged into the Class Transfer Volume 5 Chapter 3

Chapter 3: 4P Intensive Sex Training 2

When Hironobu’s ejaculation finally settled down, the three separated their bodies.

「If you can endure the three of us then can we feel relieved no matter how lewd the Maou is」

「Hahaha, well right」

(No one’s coming up to my mind that’s better than Sensei)

Hironobu answered while having such thoughts in his mind.

「Next would be Ozawa-kun’s turn to attack. Think of us as the Maou and make us cum okay?」

「Okay, here we go」

Hrionobu got up before the three while saying that. Then he took Firana first.

「I’m the first one? I’m glad」

「I’m the happy on here if you say that.  But, I will be mercilessly making you cum this time」


After she answered, Hironobu pushed her down.

Then she began to insert his penis in her vagina.

「You just came but you’re still so hard!」

「Firana’s body is so lewd that I’m getting aroused」

「I-I became a lewd girl just for Hironobu-sama. And if possible, I’d like to take that arousal…!」

Firana said that with her cheeks blushing then, Hironobu kissed her.

「Yeah, you really grew to what I want. I’ll ejaculate right now and pour your insides with sperm」

「N, if you do that, I’m going to be even more lewd」

Imaging the creampie, Firana’s vagina shut tightly.

With that stimulation, Hironobu almost really ejaculated.

Firana’s insides are already specialized to stimulate Hironobu’s penis.

「However, since it’s training today, It’ll have to wait until Firana cums」

「Yes, please move all your might and make me cum. Then…nhyaaaa!!」

Before she was able to finish, Hironobu began to move his waist.

Banging his nail violently, Firana’s insides are breaking.

Her vagina twines with his penis to make it ejaculate but Hironobu today is skilled.

(I’ll make her reach climax the fastest!)

Moving from the information he knows, he stimulates Firana’s sexual feeling.

Then faster than before he could ejaculate, she was pushed up to climax earlier.

「Hyaaaan~! I’m already going to cum!」

「Okay, I’m going to do it stronger」

「Eh, no, kyumiiiiiingggg!! I’m breakiiiiiinggg!」

But, he didn’t stop his waist even he hears her scream.

Rather, he continued to violently pierce her with increasing speed.

「Nfuuuuu! Cumcum! Cumiiiiiiinggg!!」

Hironobu made Firana who’s under her tremble.

「Me to…!」

Immediately after, he poured in his semen as promised.

「Auuuuu, hot stuff is filling my insides」

She trembled again as she accept the ejaculation, Firana was completely exhausted.

Hironobu took off his penis from her vagina then lied down on the bed in a comfortable posture.

「There’s still the two of us. Give it to me next」

When he became free, Margrit approached him immediately.

「W-wait! Uwa!」

She grabbed Hironobu’s hands and surged down on top of the bed.

「Even though it’s the third time, don’t disappoint me」

「Eh, that’s my line.  Please endure it for five minutes」

Though it’s easy to understand that it’s a provocation, they got on it.

Hironobu pierced and opened Margrit’s pussy with his penis that shows no decline.

「N, it came in deep. 」 It’s size is fearful as usual」

「Isn’t Margrit-san taking me in too deep?」

Then, Hironobu began his piston

However, he’s not moving intensely.  Instead, he moves to stimulate and crush her womb stickily.

「Agu, uuuu! You’re good. Haahaa…」

Having her sensitive womb being attacked suddenly attacked, her expression warped.

(Margrit-san would cum faster if done intensely from her rather than front)

Actually she’s feeling it more when attacked from the side or back rather than her front.

Hironobu sticks his waist and move around to stimulate her insides.

「Uwaaa! You’re stirring my insides!」

He continued to attack her thoroughly without making a piston.

「Hii, Haa, haa, nufuu! The insides again!?」

When she thought that the piston loosened, she was suddenly pierced and have her womb attacked.

The pace of the violent attack is to cope with her who lost her virginity not too long ago.

(This is fun, It seems that I’m throwing Margrit-san out of hand)

Her usual aggressive attitude is turning into disorder on top of the bed.

Hironobu continued to to send pleasure without resting his waist.

「Uuu, Aaa! I can’t let myself get done like this!」

Margrit who finally lost it wrapped her legs on Hironobu’s waist.

Then, she began to pull it to herself.l

「I’m going to use my waist to move as you’re being so slow」

「Even if you say that, aren’t your feet trembling?」

Margrit tried to counterattack but she was a bit late.

The pleasure had spread in her whole body now that she can only use half of her power.

「But, it’s much more convenient to stick it as it is」

Hironobu pressed his waist then put his hand on her clitoris.

「Don’t! That place is no gooooood! Ooooooooooo!」

Stimulating the weak point that’s been neglected until now, Margrit leaked out her voice as she can’t endure it.

Then he kept swinging his waist to stimulate her then she climaxed immediately.

「IIiiiiiiiiiii! Cumcumcumming! uooooooo!!」

Margrit coiled her legs with all her might and climaxed.

Hironobu who confirmed it ejaculated as his tension was released.

In spite this being his third time, he filled her insides with a huge amount of semen then he turned to the last one, Youko.

「This is the last turn. Come here, Ozawa-kun」

The crotch of the woman who laid down and spread her legs shone with love nectar.

Hironobu’s breath was taken away by the thickness. His penis can go immediately there.

(W-what’s this? It’s as if she thrust in a lotion!)

「Showing that intense sex, but I had to endure for Ozawa-kun you know?」

「Sensei…you’re really too sexy!」

Then he pushed in his waist instantly.

「Aaaaaa, It’s coming inside! I was waiting for this!」

Youko raised a lovely voice from the expected insertion.

Her pussy is tightening at Hironobu and doesn’t want to separate, just like what she said.

「It’s tightening this much, I’d cum immediately if I move」

「N, aaaa! Should we try it then?」

She wraps her legs to invite Hironobu.

It’s movement is to twine unlike Margrit’s pull.

It appears that it want to attack with pleasure till the end.

(If you want it that much, I’m going to break you!)

Hironobu began to swing his waist with all his might.

To that power, Youko’s skin that’s being nailed reddened.

But, she doesn’t mind it and pant with all her effort.

「Haa, it’s too amazing! If you desire me this much I’ll immediately…cum!」

Unable to endure the intense piston, Youko bent her back and climaxed.

However, Hironbu didn’t stop moving.

He kept rummaging her vagina using his penis.

「That’s! If you do it continuously! Cum, I’m cumiiing again!」

Unable to endure the successive stimulation, she came continuously.

But, Hironobu can’t kept attacking her either.

(Oh! Her insides are wriggling without permission!)

Youko’s vagina moves and wriggle to squeeze the semen out of his penis, separate from her consciousness.

His sexual feeling rose in an instant due to the instinctive movement.


He who thought that he needs even more violent attacks stretched one of his hand and massaged her breasts.

「Aaahn~! Even my bobs…I only just played with it a while ago!」

「I can play sensei’s stuff whenever I like, like this!」

Hirnobu then stimulated the nipple that insisted its existence on top of her breast then twisted it.

「Hi, Hiiiiiiii!!! Aaaaaa, Cum, cumming!」

Youko climaxed to the new stimulation again and power escaped her whole body.

「Sensei, it’s still not the end」

Saying that, the girl who lost her power  was turned over.