Dragged into the Class Transfer Volume 5 Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Miyuki 3

Hironobu took off his clothes before violating Miyuki again.

Clothed sex has it’s charm but being naked has it’s greatness too.

「Haahaa, Hiro, what are you doing?」

When he worked on Miyuki’s clothes, she had revived from the aftertaste of climax.

Then, she stared at Hironobu as he undress her.

However, he didn’t mind her and took her clothes off.

With his skills, Miyuki was quickly undressed in less than a minute.

Having the same uniform as the other female students, he knows the structure to the very corner.

「Uuu, this is embarrassing…」

They already piled up their bodies but being naked in front of each other makes her resist a bit.

She concealed her breasts and genital using her hands.

「It can’t be helped…」

(I like to see Miyuki feeling embarrassed but we can’t take too much time…)

There’s no big movement as of now but the traitor is in the castle.

He can’t take his time like usual.

Hironobu sighed and put his hand on her body.

「Wait what are you…Auu!」

He spun Miyuki’s body and made her turn her back.

「It won’t be embarrassing if it’s like this right?」

「That’s right but that’s not the problem!」

「Listen to my selfishness just for a bit. I actually want to take it for several days」

Hearing that, Miyuki’s body trembled.

「Could it be, all the time…?」

「Isn’t it natural? I still have room for second, third round」

Her body stiffened as she had imagined it.

「Could it be that you thought that it’s good just now?」

「I-I didn’t! My body would be broken before that!」

「That so? This place is wet though」

Saying that, Hironobu slid his finger at her secret place.

Certainly, it’s wetter than when he caressed her earlier.

「If you’re this wet, then there’s no need for foreplay」

「You, could you be going agai…kuuu!」

Without any chance of Miyuki stopping him, Hironobu inserted his penis again.

Since it’s her third time already, she accepted it easily.

Having the penis hold in so deep, it wriggled to stimulate.

(Uwa, that’s sexy…)

Though Miyuki endures her voice as she’s positioned on all fours, her body is pleased from sex with Hironobu.

He smiled to that fact.

He put off his pleasure to make Miyuki feel it but it seems that it’s unnecessary when he saw that.

He now began to move his waist to satisfy his own pleasure.

「It feels great, your insides are wriggling」

「Baka~! Don’t say that!」

Miyuki’s in panic but she tries to keep her consciousness and body intact.

The movement of her vagina becomes even more violent further ahead.

Being lured in, Hironobu strengthened the movement of his waist.

「Haahaa…If you do that violently, I’d be able to feel your movement inside…!」

Miyuki gradually wakes up to the sexual feeling that she can clearly understand Hironobu’s movement inside her.

His violent movement, she can understand how much he desires her.

「Geez, won’t Hiro cum earlier than me now?」

The wave of climax had settled so she had some room.

That’s why she said that.

But that was a bad move for her.

「Hee, then should we try it?」

He can’t keep silent when he was told that.

He strengthened his determination to make his childhood friend’s disorder get chaotic.

「Since it’s my uniform on the bottom, try not to leak okay?」

「There’s no way I’d do something that embarrassing!」

Miyuki’s face blushes in anger but, ‘what would happen now?’

Hironobu firmly grasped her ass then threw his waist to his hearts content.

「Hii, igiiiii!?」

Miyuki who had composure seen in her face a second ago collapsed instantly.

The fat penis had pierced her uterus completely.

The place that usually feel dull had awakened to a sexual feeling by a polite exploitation.

She can’t help but raise a lovely voice if you pierce it.

「What’s wrong, Miyuki? Say something」

Saying that, Hironobu kept moving his waist to pierce her vagina.

「Why, this! Hii, don’t cumming!」

Miyuki clenched the uniform tightly.
Hironobu continues his piston as her ass twitch.

The dry banging sound mixed with the wet sound.

Miyuki’s vagina reacts to her arousal and secretes a large amount of love nectar.

The obscene sound violated Miyuki’s ears.

「Aaaaaaaa, hiii, iiiiiiiiii!」

She could no longer hide her embarrassment and unable to speak provocation.

Receiving nothing but attacks of pleasure, her lovely voice gradually raise then gradually lowers.

「That’s a lovely voice, but I want to see what kind of face you’re making…」

「No, dooon’t~! You can’t looook!」

She must be aware how sloppy her face is.

Not allowing only that, Miyuki shook her head.

Actually, even if a classmate sees her today, they’d doubt their eyes if it was Miyuki.

That’s how far she is from her cool image.

She melts from the pleasure given by Hironobu, her eyes turned red and her stiffened mouth turned loose.

「That’s disappointing. Then, could you show it to me this time?」

「No, I’ll never show it!」

「Stubborn…Well, I’ll make you obedient with this!」

Saying that, he changed the movement of his piston and plunged straight into her vagina.

It moved straight to her womb and he purposely pressed his point against the walls as if crushing it.

The folds melts away as they’re no match from the rock hard penis.

「Aaaaa! M-My insides are being grinded!」

Furthermore, he looked deep to search for the hidden point and the glans stimulate it.

「Iiiiiiiiiii! that place too! I can feel it!」

Exploring the unknown points one after another, Miyuki had no time to rest.

On the contrary, Hironobu feels a fresh reaction every time he stimulates a new place and his arousal keeps on rising.

「N-No more…I’m breaking, I’m breaking!」

Miyuki says that while gasping for breath, Hironobu stopped moving for a moment.

「Then, I’m going to make you cum to the fullest in the end!」

Actually, Hironobu’s limit is approaching.

Miyuki’s pussy is excellent enough that his sexual feeling raised that it’s completely defenseless now.

But he still hammered down his waist.

「Rameramerame! I’m cumming, I’m cumming already!」

Hearing those words, Hironobu’s grew bigger.

「You’re getting bigger again!?」

She thought that there’s nothing more than this, so Miyuki reached her limit.

She reach her limit as her womb is being pierced by the penis.

「Cum, I’m really, already!」

「Me too, I’m cumming…Miyuki!」

「Come Hiro, pour it inside meee~!!」

Hironobu pushed his waist into Miyuki then ejaculated a large amount of semen.

The power is like it’s flying from a hose, the melting womb was poured in.


She lost her power from the great climax that MIyuki collapsed while blowing a tide.

Hironobu sees that and smiled in satisfaction.