Dragged into the Class Transfer Volume 6 Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Hikari 1

Hikari is quite nervous in front of Hironobu.

Right now they’re going to have sex, it’s his expertise.

The virgin’s partner is someone who has experienced it a lot of times.

His technique is something you won’t doubt.

Furthermore, his semen has an aphrodisiac effect that once he ejaculates, the partner will definitely climax.

But he’s attacked by the tension inside as those aren’t reliable at all.

After all his partner is the sister of his childhood friend, his own first love.

In addition, she might die depending on the result of the act.

Thus, the information of her being a virgin became weight instead of joy.

Was his situation perceived? Hikari approached him and clasped his hand.

「It’ll be fine somehow. Also, Miyuki didn’t say it but. I’m also interested in Hiro-kun too you know?」

「Eh, that’s…」

「Of course, as a man. It’s to the extent that I can leave my body to you」

Being told that, Hironobu felt the weight on his shoulders lightening.
(It might be some flattery to ease my tension but, Hikari-san telling me that makes me feel fine…)

Actually, Hironobu felt that he’s gradually getting exited from her words.

Also, the thrill as the danger of life spread rises explosively.

It’s imprudent if you think of as usual, right now Hironobu feels glad from the support right now.

A gulping sound was heard he then reached out for Hikari.

Then, he embraced her.

「Hiro-kun, if you hug me this hard…」

Hironobu wrapped her body firmly, HIkari also felt her woman part getting excited.

Inside Hikari’s memory, Hironobu is someone that always sticks with her.

However, he now has the strength of a man.

That someone whom she’s always protecting is now protecting her, she felt much more affection towards Hironobu.

「I’ll show you」

He said that then took off Hikari’s uniform.

It’s a different design from Hironobu’s, clothes they wore when they came to the otherworld are sturdy as expected.

Then he took his and put it on the floor, then he laid her down.

「First, we have to make it wet before inserting」

It’s necessary to make it wet to some degree using foreplay before accepting Hironobu’s ejaculation once.

However, there’s no such time right now.

He crouched down and spread Hikari’s legs.

「Uu, it’s still a bit embarrassing…」

Hikari who cornered the demon king is still a pure one on this part.

She’s already dyed red in shame when Hironobu saw her panties.
「We can’t continue if you’re already getting embarrassed from this」

He made his finger slip inside her panties then began to caress.
She has a death sentence given by the Maou so it’s expected that she’s nervous.

Her vagina is so shut that it won’t let an intruder in.
「Then what about this?」

However, it’s Hironobu. He’s used to it so be began massaging.

Additionally, he extend his other hand towards Hikari’s breast.

Then he shifted the shirt and bra, the breast became bare, then he massaged it.

Her body, even of the same age, is still clearly much more voluptuous than her little sister, it makes him want to rub and feel it forever.

(Why are they so different in here? Is it because of character?)

He firmly caress it while thinking of thoughts that might make Miyuki angry if asked.

Then, Hikari leaked out a voice as she can’t endure it anymore.

「Nnn…kuu, hauu…」

She’s not panting suddenly but there’s a glimpse of pleasure. Her expression gradually collapses too.

Hironobu felt delighted because of that so he caressed even more intensely.

He rubbed the clitoris with the pulp of his finger, he pinched the nipples and played it with his fingertips.

「Hiro-kun, I’m gradually feeling better」

She might’ve noticed that her body is getting hotter too.

「Well, it should be fine now」

He separates his finger from her vagina, then a semitransparent thread was pulled from there.

It’s the proof that her vagina is wet enough.

Hironobu had inserted his body between her thighs.

Then, he exposed his penis and pushed it into her vagina.

He’s so strained by the excitement that it might be painful.

「It’s finally here…Come, don’t hold back and go deep in a flash」

「Got it, here we go」

Hironobu advanced his waist by Hikari’s words.

The moment the fattest part of the glans went in, he put power then inserted inside in a flash.

「Ah, kuuuuuuuu!」

Her hymen was broken on the way, he then went straight forward in a flash.

Hikari grasped the uniform as she endured the pain.

Seeing that, he pressed his waist further then his penis has reached the innermost part of her vagina.

「Hikari-san, I’m in now」

HIkari breathed greatly when she heard his words.

「Haa, haa, everything’s in right? it’s amazing, it’s pushing and spreading my insides」

The rock hard erect penis is now clogging her vagina that was a virgin a while ago.

Naturally, HIronobu also feels the clamp.

If he’s not working to restrain himself at best, he’s going to swing his waist to the fullest.

「Me too, I’m doing my best even if it doesn’t look like it. It feels so good」

「Being told that makes me happy. I’m already okay so Hiro-kun, move as you please」

「Is that so? I just put it in though」

「My body is strong even I’m like this. Also, I can feel relaxed」

「If that’s so then I’ll start moving」

At the same time he said that, he began to move his waist slowly

Then the vagina gradually became familiar with his penis that there’s love nectar coming out to make him move smoothly.

「Aah, I can feel it coming in and out…I might be feeling good already」

Certainly, the amount of love nectar has increased.
Hironobu who does it moderately shook his waist further.

The bodies makes a banging sound when it knocks with each other, a powerful piston is transmitted.

It’s not so fast but he’s going in deep every time he pierce her.

「Can you feel it Hikari-san?」

「Uhn, I can feel the irregularity inside me…nuuuu!」

「It seems that you’re feeling quite good now. Let me get serious then」

「Eh? Serious…Auuuu!?」

He ignored Hikari who didn’t understand it well, then speed up the piston.

Her body screamed from the strong attack.

Her vagina reacted to the piston that never given to her before, she can’t control the pleasure.
She just went convulsing, she tightened around the penis.

「My insides…Uoo!」

However, the result of the irregular stimulation that’s attacking her is cute.

Additionally, the inexperienced Hikari got even more aroused as a reaction.

The end was coming earlier than Hironobu expected.

(Hikari-san’s body, it’s the best!)

He greedily grabbed her waist while moving his lower body.

Then, he rubbed it selfishly to increase the sexual feeling.

The sensation was transmitted to his hand, he then pressed her to climax at once.

「Hikari-san, I’m already…」

「Cumming, right? Go on, inside me…!」

She tightened her inexperienced vagina with all of her power when he heard Hironobu.


Hironobu can’t stand it anymore so he pushed his waist on the innermost part then ejaculated.

「Aaaah, my insides are trembling…!」

Hikari felt the great pleasure at the very end, then her body shook.

「Hyaa! It’s coming in…? A lot of Hiro-kun’s semen is coming inside…」

She murmured incoherent muttering.
Then, the two met it before the time announced.