Dragged into the class transfer Volume 6 Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Youko’s plan

(Finally…I finally obtained the dark orb!)

When Youko had received the dark orb from Maou, she rejoiced from the bottom of her heart.

She didn’t show it on the outside of course.

If she take a defiant attitude, she’d be killed by the Maou instantly and she’ll lose the orb.

Her aim was the orb she obtained now.

The start of it was 1000 years ago.

At that time, Youko was together with her classmates that were summoned as heroes to fight the Maou.

The girls are heroes who has the tendency to have high abilities gains higher status than an average knight if they trained just a little.

They subjugated demons by using that and the inferior humans have recovered their power.

Of course Amano Hikari is among them, she’s playing an active part as she has a high degree of growth in status.

However, it was smooth until that.

When the damage of the heroes has become big, the Maou had appeared on the battlefield.

She checkmated the those that were stronger than knights but only has few experience but conversely, it’s only until that.

It was only for fun when it comes to the Maou but it’s an absolute nightmare for the human race.

The moment Youko saw Maou’s eyes, she became so weak that she can’t move her knees.

Still, Hikari began to annihilate the activities of the elites.

But, half of the classmates have been lost in that fight so Youko and the girls retreated.

Furthermore, the fight that was rallied by the thirty people now returned with half of them lacking.

They’re different from usual soldiers so it’s not possible to substitute heroes.

The tables haven’t turned but it was a deadlock.

As a result, the heroes had the same problem as Hironobu’s.

In short, the kingdom’s management can’t support the heroes anymore.

They they sneaked the castle at the same manner using what’s remaining and they beat his followers by surprise and confronted the Maou the same way.

However, excluding Hikari, they don’t have people that has status that equals Hironobu and the girls so the Heroes fall one after another.

When the people standing remained to three people, she talked to Youko.
「That woman there, if you shoot her from the back I will spare your life」

Hikari had the Maou suffer a wound but it was still favorable for Maou.


「It’s okay, I’m going to protect Youko-chan」

Though Hikari said that over her back to calm her, Youko was ruled by fear so she turned her hand against Hikari.

At this point, she might’ve been charmed by Maou’s overwhelming power.

As a result, Hikari was defeated by Maou but before she fell down she was able to give an unexpected blow.

It didn’t reach the dark orb inside her body but the Maou was weakened and Hikari used her body to seal Maou’s soul.

Youko who was left knows that the power of Maou is in the dark orb so she pretended that she has become a faithful subject to obtain it.

After that, she has returned alone to the kingdom and told them about what happened to Hikari and Maou.

The leader was lost but was able to win against the mob of the demons.

The leaders who gathered began to talk on who’d become the next Maou.

They have intelligence in exchange for a great greed, so it’s impossible to cooperate if the Maou was lost.

In the first place, even with the Maou’s absolute power, she can’t settle the executives.

There’s a possibility of Youko being killed with the executives so she hid her own betrayal and returned to the kingdom.

Then, Youko who fulfilled her role had returned to earth.

But, she was convinced that she’d be called to the otherworld again.

It’s because the Maou is recovering and not dead.

Youko knows the condition to choose the heroes so she worked on the location and waited for it.

THen, she finally was rewarded by the longtime hardship she had.

The Maou that revives has her awareness towards her own students.

Then, the dark orb is now in Youko’s hands.

(With this, if I make the dark orb mine!)

The power of the orb is to remove the upper limit of the status.

She can rule the otherworld as long as she has this.

For that reason, she must restore the orb first.

「It’s okay, I’ve prepared for this day」

She poured her remaining mana and her wounds recovered.

Then, she tried to bury the orb just like what Maou does.

「If it’s the Maou that has no orb, she’ll be tied with Hironobu-kun and the girls. Then, I’ll be the one to remain…」

However, someone called out from the back of the Youko that’s smiling in ecstasy.

「Oh, do you think you can outwit me? I thought that you’re too docile because you’re afraid but for you to be this scheming」

「Wha!? Maou! Did Ozawa and the girls let you go!?」

The heroes confronts the Maou, she expected that they should be starting the battle.

「That young boy sees that woman’s life much more important than my death」

「Woman…It’s Hikari right? But they should be strangers right?」

「That doesn’t seem so. That woman and that young boy seems to know each other, including that woman’s little sister」

「Such, Ozawa-kun and the Amano sisters? They never show such behavior!」

This is where the unexpected effect of Miyuki being silent when Hironobu entered the same high school as hers demonstrate.

Youko knows that Hikari and Miyuki are sisters but she never knew that Hironobu and Hikari has such a close relationship.

(My calculations…)

When Maou adressed Hironobu to Hikari, he believed her.

All of it exceeds her expectations.

She thought that the Maou provoked Hironobu and he rushed to battle.

「…It can’t be helped when it comes to this. I’ll be the one dealing with the weakened Maou!」

Youko quickly chanted a magic and threw it in front of the Maou.

Youko’s magic attack is something boasted among the heroes.

Even the executive class can’t avoid a fatal injury if hit directly.

「Take this head on and you won’t get out without any injuries」

Maou was just standing, she had no time to defend and accepted the attack.
The magic Youko used is a flame magic that’s superior in magic power.

She invested all of her 30% mana to the destructive power inside it.

There’s no wonder that even the head of Maou would vanish when hit directly…or that’s how it should be.

「What, isn’t my face damaged? How will you take responsibility with this?」

When the explosive flame cleared up, the appearance of something almost unhurt appeared.

Certainly she had received several bruises and burns but there’s no obstacle in her fighting power.

The wounds were regenerated in no time too.

「N-No way! Something like this…agu!」

She kept standing in shock then her breast was grabbed and was drawn towards Maou.

Youko was older in appearance but it was obvious which is stronger.

「Then, why is it necessary for me to have the dark orb? There’s only one answer」

「That has nothing to do with my weakness, my status has already been forged to the limit of this world」

To show proof, Maou released mana from her body.

Youko’s mana is like a water stocked in the river dam but Maou is the river

It has risen to the very limit permitted by the law of this world.

「Ah, aa,…u…」

Yoko was about to faint with the torrent of the overwhelming magic.

「Hey, don’t sleep here. I need to kill time until the other side ends」

The image of the throne appears in the corner of Maou’s eye.

What’s there is Hironobu and HIkari being alone.

「It’s been a while since I came back to this body so I feel horny1 I’ll give you the honor to play with me」
Maou dragged Youko and disappeared into the her room.


  1. ムラムラ