Dragged into the class transfer Volume 6 Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Taking back the dark orb.

Youko was taken to Maou’s bedroom then was thrown away to the bed.


She fell over as she can’t resist.

「Where’s the orb…Oh, it’s inside your body. It seems that you’re well prepared」

Maou felt a bit of admiration towards Youko.

It’s not easy to take in a foreign substance inside the body even with the help of magic1

1000 years ago she stole the materials about stealing the orb before going out of the castle and going back to earth.

She kept researching it for ten years.

She can’t experiment before because there’s no magic in earth but she packed it into her head when the time she get summoned to the other world comes again.
Then, after she was summoned wonderfully, she avoided Hironobu’s eyes and made her repeated experiments.

That obsession and greed pleased Maou.

「The current Youko can trully become my subject. Ahahaha!」

It’s one of her pleasure to see an honest human goes to the course of becoming evil and turned wicked.

Betraying her own allies, she even involved her own students calmly.

Finally betraying Maou in the end, she liked Youko’s fall.

「But, I’ll forgive you for betraying me. I’ll make you obedient again after the punishment」
Maou said that then climbed to approach Youko on bed.

「Hii! Noo, don’t come! Don’t come closer!」

The fear of 2 killing the classmate in front of her came back.

Youko flaps her hands to refuse her approach.

But, she can’t be stopped by that.

「Don’t struggle, return the orb back to me. Do you want me to pull it out by force?」

Hearing that, Youko stopped moving.

However, her body trembles.

She’s the Maou that had torn her classmates repeatedly in the past.

「That’s right, just behave yourself. You’ve examined the dark orb so you know how to take it right?」

Youko shook her head towards her question.

「I-I don’t know because I have no intention of taking it out!」

Maou sighed in amazement when she heard that.

「You’re not making insurances. You don’t have to be like the executives to that extent…」

She has remembered that there’s an executive that killed humans for the same reason before.

「Well fine, I have other methods aside from that」

She exchanged her expression while speaking.

She remembered the document that Valeria has deciphered.

「Could it be, are you going to give me pleasure!?」

「What? You already know? I’ll be using that」

「That’s impossible! There must be a hero and a royalty for that!」

「I can do this because I’m Maou3 I don’t intend to tell you the reason」

Maou knows the special method? or did she remodel herself while using the orb?

Youko doesn’t know but it seems that she cant take it somehow?

「It’s just, Youko’s quite a lewd one so you can’t take it with normal methods」

Saying that, Maou applied her hand on Youko’s lower half and chanted some magic.

「What’s this? My waist is getting hot…It’s getting itchy!」

Then, she saw something unbelievable.

「No way…W-why’s there a penis!?」

Turning over her skirt down under, a penis she doesn’t recognize grew there.

It’s much smaller than what she takes care from Hironobui but it’s pulsating while towering.

「As expected, Youko wouldn’t accepted pleasure in this way?」

「No way, this…this is such…」

「It’s magic because it can make impossible possible. Then, should we begin already?」

While Youko’s shocked, Maou took off her clothes.

Then, she then opened the legs and squat down.

「Now, show your dirty side in front of me」

The moment she said that, Maou took in the erect penis inside.

「Iiii!? W-what’s this? Ah, ah, aaaaaaaaaa!」

Giving the penis growing out a fellatio, Youko’s body shook from the pleasure she never experienced before.

「I don’t know! I don’t know what is this!」

She tried to pull her waist instinctively but Maou had lowered her waist solidly so it’s impossible.

「Ngu, rerorero, chubu!」

Compared to that, Maou’s attacking Youko’s penis like she’s used to it.

She might’ve enjoyed this 1000 years ago before Hikari and the girls came.

「Haahaa, What’s this…What is thiiiiiss!」

Getting pleasure from an organ she originally doesn’t have, Youko can’t control her senses as she gasp.

Meanwhile, she noticed that the depths of her waist has a rising numb feeling that’s coming.

「This, could it be…No, I can’t cum!」

She reached the head of Maou that’s holding her penis inside but she can’t exert power

「Puhaa! That’s the first ejacuation. Feel it well okay?」

Saying that, Maou returned to her fellatio again

「Cumming, cumming! I’m cumiiing!」

Youko who doesn’t know the method to endure had ejaculated immediately when her sexual feeling has been filled.

「Cumming, I’m cumming! My penis is letting out semen!」

Youko’s penis continued ejaculating while her waist splashes.

「Gokugoku, jururu…」

Maou easily swallowed the semen that has much more volume than average.

After her climax ended, Youko’s body still kept convulsing.

At that moment, Youko’s chest shined momentarily.

Maou who saw it finally separated her mouth from the penis.

The thing that had released all pent up lost it’s strength and withered.

「Well, isn’t this excellent? I can make this cum ten more times in this case」

「Ten times more4? It’s impossible, I’ll die!」

「There’s no one who died while having sex with me」

Though she tried to run away from the approaching Maou, Youko can’t put on power to back off.

Her waist was caught after several seconds.

「Ten, assuming I extract it with my mouth…will you be able to taste the nine other times?」

Remembering the sensation from a while ago, Youko shook her head.

「Very well, that’s the expression. Just how far will you go before you collapse?」

Maou said that while taking in the penis again inside her mouth.

「Peropero, jurururun!」

If she use her tongue technique, any penis would get erect immediately.

Much more of Youko who had her first ejaculation is no exception.

Confirming that it’s erect, Maou changed her movement to squeeze semen instantly.

「Hyuuiiiiii! Hiaaaaaaaa!」

Youko’s body who learned a man’s climax had reacted immediately from the pleasure given.

Her second ejaculation

「I-I’m cumming agaiin!」

Youko’s waist trembled and she released semen while going on convulsions.

While she’s still on climax, further pleasure attacked her.

「Wait, please waiit! I’m in the middle of iiiiiiiiit!?」

Maou deliberately stimulates the sensitive tip and prompted her to ejaculate even more.

「Melting, I’m melting! My waist is meltiiing!」

Youko who was pressed for continuous ejaculation trembles while bending her back.

Her self satisfied look when her plot was actualized is now wrapped slovenly in pleasure.

Afterwards, Maou’s fellatio has squeezed Youko’s semen without no time to rest.

When the ninth shot was counted, the penis was wet by the flood of love nectar that’s coming below a vagina.

The pleasure she can’t suppress goes around her body and even the sexual feeling of her vagina was stimulated.

「Hii, haa, hiii, haa!」

She’s breathing heavily. Only pleasure from the lower body is being transmitted to her whole body.

But without minding it’s host, the penis didn’t change it’s erection.

「Just one more and it’s the tenth. Do your best okay?」

Laughing at Youko that’s leaking out a ‘Hiihii’ voice, Maou took the penis in again.

「I’ll suck it out till the last drop」


「I’ll do this…Juru, juzuzozozozo!」

Maou sucks the penis while making a sound of sipping noodles.

Towards the vacuum fellatio she never experienced, Youko wasn’t able to endure the pleasure and climaxed.

「Cumming!? Cum, cummiing! I’m cumiiiiiingg!!」

Looking at Youko that’s twitching like she’s been shocked electrically, Maou swallowed the semen happily.
Then at the same time, the dark orb slowly came to surface from Youko’s chest.


  1. Oh you. She can take Hironobu’s dick inside her why not an orb?
  2. The maou
  3. Best way to get away with the questions
  4. Fun fact, Youko said Thirty