Dragged into the class transfer Volume 6 Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Maou’s complete revival.

After Youko’s energy got exhausted from the ten continuous fellatio, she lied down tired on the bed.

「Fuu, My belly got filled with 10 shots as expected」

Maou who squeezed it out said it in that way while standing up.

Then she approached Youko’s chest as she’s not paying attention.

In between the valley of the abundant chest is the orb that’s lying on top.

「I can finish this up if it’s like this」

Saying that, she stretched her hand towards the orb.

Then Maou lifted the orb slowly away from Youko.

The orb that’s half buried made its appearance.
The orb that Youko spend her time separates from her and was taken away in front of her.

Then, Maou inspected every corner and nodded in satisfaction.

「You’re restored it quite splendidly. It’s a wonderful work for a human」

She can’t distinguish the wound marks that was on the orb.

「I won’t forgive you if you did it half-heartedly…Youko, you narrowly escaped with your life」

She called her out, but it she can’t even move her face as she has lost power.

「What? Getting sloppy on just ten times? Didn’t you say that you handled that Hironobu kid lightly?」

Maou looked amazed but she talked cruely to Youko who just grew a penis a while ago.
However, she can’t talk back in this situation.

Maou had recovered her strength using Youko’s magic.

「Haahaa, I’m living?」

「I’d be troubled if you died while I take the orb after all」

She then noticed Maou’s existence and her body stiffened.

「Though you betrayed me, you restored the orb splendidly. Thus, you have the chance」


「That’s right, I’ll forgive you if you can satisfy me with your penis」

「Satisfy, could it be…!」

「I’m telling you to have sex with me」

Saying that, Maou opens her legs in M shape and showed her vagina.

The meat exposed would make a normal man jump without regret.

But, Youko hesitates as she knew the pleasure.

「Youko won’t do it? Violating me?」

「U…I-I’ll do it」

The woman who thinks of being attacked than attacking placed her own penis towards Maou’s vagina.

「There’s no honor higher than graduating from virginity with me as your partner. Now, move your waist」

Doing as she was told, Youko inserts her penis.

However, she stopped moving the moment the point came in.

「What’s wrong? It’s still not in」

「Because…I-I’m already going to cum!」

Looking at her, her penis is raging like it’s going to explode.

Youko’s been squeezed a lot with the fellatio but the feeling of Maou’s vagina made her feel her limit.

「If I move more than this, I’ll definitely cum…Just wait a minute!」

「I refuse, I hate being teased」

Turning down Youko’s request, Maou wrapped Youko’s waist around her feet.

She then draw it quickly.

The penis was swallowed by the vagina instantly and the folds stimulates the penis.

「Ah, nooooo~!!」

Youko ejaculated while letting out a grievous cry.

「Ah, aah, auuu!」

She’s was speechless from the feeling of her first creampie.

「It’s a waste for the first shot, it’s too miserable. This doesn’t amuse me if you’re this weak」

Maou’s complexion doesn’t change even when the semen pours in.

Her expression looks like she has confidence in her body, Youko’s clearly seen to be wondering on how she’s going to grope it.
「You can’t shake your waist like this, let’s switch」

Maou pulled out the penis from her vagina and pushed down Youko.

Then she sat on top of her legs.

「I’ll be punishing you from betraying me. Suffer to your hearts content」

Youko has no time to stop Maou that inserts the penis.

「Uuu, kuuuuuu!」

「Ooh, You endured the insertion this time. Now then, how long can you endure?」

Saying that happily, she began to move her waist.

「Aaaa! Don’t! It’s impossible! I just came!」

Youko let out a grieving voice as Maou’s vagina stimulates the penis.

The penis rages in response to the stimulation.
However, the pleasure is only amplified by that movement.

Youko tries to endure the pleasure by gripping the sheets.

When she finally became accustomed to the sense of her penis, Maou goes above it.

She turns her waist while it’s sticking closely to Youko’s groin.

The vagina’s folds attack every corner of the penis and gave the best pleasure.

「Hoora~ What about this?」

「Kuhii! Uuuuuu!」

She was used to the up and down piston but she can’t deal with the new stimulation

「This is such, I’m cumming right away! My semen is coming out」

「Is that so? then cum already!」

When Maou turned her waist and grind the pleasure, Youko wasn’t able to endure and ejaculated.

「Cumming, I’m cumming again, semen’s coming out!」

Releasing the semen inside Maou again, the inside was filled instantly.

As a result, the semen has no place to stay and leaked out on the connecting part.

「Ah…Ahii! W-why’s this so!?」

「What? Is that semen? You must be surprised to hear but this sucks out Youko’s status.」
「W-why suck…?」

「It’s one of my method to strengthen my status」

「Then, even now!?」

When Youko confirmed her status, the numbers surely fell down.

「Though it’s efficiency isn’t that good, it’s a good punishment isn’t it? The excessive pleasure and pain」

She laughs at Youko while sitting down, then Maou resumed swinging her waist.

The artificial penis can’t endure the stimulation and got erect right away.

「Aku! Noo, I don’t want to ejaculate anymore!」

She looses her strength when climaxing.

It’ll show several percent if she cums consecutively.

Youko’s status is strengthened but Maou is sucking it out right now.

Even if she can move her arm, she doesn’t have the power to push Maou out.

That’s a good thing, Maou can move her waist as she likes and squeeze Youko’s semen.

「Naaaaaaa! Cumming Cumming, I’m cuming! No more…I’m going crazy!」

「Hahahaha! It’s getting interesting…Normally it’ll wither on two or three times」

Maou who shakes her waist kept talking with composure.

Youko’s breathing is rough like a runner who finished a marathon.

「It seems that you’re about to reach your limit. I should be finishing this」

When she said that, she tightened her vagina willingly for the firs time.

「I, giiiiiiiiiiiii!?」

That moment, her vagina wriggled like another living being and tightened the penis strongly.

Youko can’t endure the strong tightening she never felt until now and ejaculated.

「Cumcumcumming, I’m cumming!! Ah, aaah…Aaaaa…」

Youko’s whole body felt fired but her penis is the only thing erect as it continues to spit out sperm.

She ejaculates like a broken faucet and the semen accumulated vigorously expand Maou’s womb.

「O, Afuu…My insides are filled.」 Won’t normal humans get pregnant with this?」

Maou’s face was a bit red but still has composure, she then pulled her waist from the penis.

Then, the vagina that has lost it’s cork drips saliva and stained Youko’s body.

「Speaking of which, Youko. You must be wet with semen just like that」

When Maou said that, she had buried the orb she had taken back inside her body.

「Umu, very well. Then, let’s return to those guys」

Then, Maou who had cured all of her wounds stand in the way of Hironobu again.