Dragged into the class transfer Volume 6 Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Decisive battle with Maou 2

Maou swings her longsword downwards towards the unarmed Hikari.

Just before the point of the sword touches her, it curved slightly by the spear that intercepts it from the side.

HIkari was able to twist her own body somehow and the blow ended up just tearing her uniform.

「I finally found nee-san so I won’t let you kill her!」

Miyuki saved Hikari’s life.

She noticed that it’s more important to watch her sister than to encircle Maou.

Then, she also realized why she left Hikari alone to be saved by Hironobu.

That’s to fulfill her grudge from 1000 years ago.

For her who has high pride, she’ll definitely have a strong grudge after being disabled for such a long time.

She made Hironobu help Hikari so she can kill her by her hands.

Miyuki who realized it was prepared to follow up for her older sister.

「It’s was a bluff that you aimed at Hiro first right? Your eyes aren’t moving away from nee-san」

Miyuki says while glaring at Maou carefully.

Maou who saw that appearance began to laugh.

「Kufu, ahahahaha! First the elder blocks it then when she’s about to get killed, the little sister obstructs further. How fateful」

She then tried to set up her large sword again.

「I thought of letting one or two alive but…I’ll stop」

She poured mana on her large sword and it began to emit a violet light.

The fluorescent colored light means that it’s a weapon strengthened by magic.

「I’ll exterminate all of you」

The moment she said that, Maou’s figure disappeared.

「Firana, your back!」

She set to defend the moment Hironobu shouted.

Maou mercilessly aimed at the weakest one.

Though the sword was successfully caught several meters but it broke through after several seconds.

However, the several seconds was enough as protection.

Hironobu secured Firana, Ayaka and Fairy engaged.

Still continuing the push, Miyuki managed to being it evenly.

「Die, die, dieeeeeeee!」

The girls tried their best to prevent every attack that was filled with intent to kill.

Furthermore, the weapons of Fairy and the girls are damaged every time it hits.

(I don’t want it to take long so we have to put the strategy into practice sooner…)

Hironobu who scowls at the bitter situation called out Hikari.

「It’s fine, leave this to me as planned」

「Hikari-san…but what about your weapon?」

「Fufu, Hiro-kun should just watch」

She was dying earlier but Hikari advanced without any change on her atmosphere.

Hironobu believed in her words and made his preparations.

「You came, Hikari!」

Maou who saw her go in the front again laughed ferociously.

Then, the three in front of her left and approached Hikari.

Though Valeria starts obstructing her way by shooting arrows, she used the large sword as a shield.

「What great courage to go in unarmed! I want to cut you up right now!」

Maou swings down her sword in the similar power as earlier.

「Don’t get too emotional or the sword might be forced out of you」

The sword has great velocity. Hikari flicked it with her fist.


Looking at it, her fist has magic attached just like Miyuki and Fairy’s sword.

However, because she’s using it on her own body makes it look thicker than how the girls do it.

「Even if my sword breaks, I can still fight as long as I have magic. I’ll use any hand to defeat the Maou, that’s my duty as a Hero」

「What are you getting proud of?…To begin with, you aren’t even a resident of this world」

「Even so, I won’t be quiet.」

They clashed again.

The clash of the sword and fist scattered sparks.

Hironobu’s held his breath as he sees exactly a reproduction of the fight from 1000 years ago.

However, now’s the chance as Hikari’s attracting Maou’s attention.

They need to take action calmly.

「Just die already Heroo!」

「The one who’ll be defeated in the end is obviously the Maou!」

Maou made an emotional shout while making a big attack as she look at Hikari.

However, the difference between the large sword and empty hands is buried.

Maou is superior overall so she’s expected to overcome it sooner or later.

Yet, Hikari had already set as Hironobu and the girls build up.

「Should we already end this? Nafin?」

「! Don’t call me with that name!!」

Maou stopped for a moment when she heard Hikari but she has stepped forward with all her might the next moment.

Then, the large sword was poured with further magic in a flash that it was too think it flickered like a flame.

Coming up to this, it’s impossible to receive no matter how reinforced the fist is.

However, that was her aim.

「Hiro-kun, go!」

「I know!」

Though Maou finally realized that it was a trap, she was too late.

Miyuki and the girls matched the timing of the attack from both sides and seized Maou’s limbs.

Certainly, her speed is higher than Hironobu.

But they know it’s possible to seize her if they dashed through the course with timing.

Even she can’t tear off Miyuki’s power with just one arm.

All the more if her limbs are restricted separately.


Though Maou throws her large sword as a useless resistance, it was defended by Firana.

That said, the blade penetrated slightly through her defense.

Her body was thrown into a unnatural power due to the power.

Hironobu shivered when he thought of it slashing through with all of the power.

「HIkari-san, are you injured?」

She shook her head towards the Hironobu that’s approaching her.

「I’m fine, my mana’s been quite drained though…」

「It’s good that you’re not injured」

Saying that, he looked at the captured Maou.

「You said something a while ago but what was it?」

(Since I saw Maou about to berserk when she said that, I think it’s something considerable…)

「That’s her name」

「Name? It’s not written on the document」

「Information of the Maou was much more abundant 1000 years ago」

Certainly, the documents before are much more accurate.

「I’ve also investigated about Maou that time」

「However, she’s reacting with just her name? Well, she’s not introducing herself」

「You see, she doesn’t want to remember her name」

「Oh, Maou’s like that?」

Maou said that and looked at the captured Maou

Though she’s still trying to rage, Miyuki and the girls suppress her movements.

Though she’s defenseless, they lack offensive power to stick a sword in her head and destroy the orb because of her super high status.

Even if it’s sealed, there’s no tool that can restrain her.

And they can’t suppress her like this forever.

Therefore, they have no choice but to give Maou terrific pleasure to take out the orb from her.

Hironobu advanced to where Maou is.