Dragged into the class transfer Volume 6 Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Maou 2

When Firana and the girls had made Maou swallow the last drop of semen, the effect of the aphrodisiac has began to appear.

Her white skin colored slightly red, it’s known that she’s getting aroused.

Hironobu who saw it called out to Miyuki and the girls who were suppressing Maou.

「I think it’s okay already. Release her」

「Master are you sane?」

Ayaka asks and stopped him and Firana and the girls looked at him with a worried face.

「Yeah, leave it to me」

Saying that, the girls finally separated their hands.

(We can’t continue suppressing her in one way or another so we have to test this)

If the effect of the aphrodisiac is thin then they have to run away with their best before they get done.

However, looking at her right now, it seems that she’s aroused enough

All of the restraints are released as he watch her.

「Haahaaahaa, uuuu…」

Though Nafin tries to get up, she can’t get good balance and falls.

「It seems that she can no longer resist.」
「Dammit, youu…!」

Nafin’s glare haven’t changed but on the contrary, that’s all she can do.

Hironobu approached her and lifted her arm.

「She can’t already exert effort to stand by herself? Very well…」

Saying that, he reached towards her crotch.

「Don’t touch me there!」

Nafin grips his hand but she doesn’t have the power to stop it.

Hironobu’s hand reached her lower half then it slipped under her clothes.

「S-Stop, hiku!?」

「What? You’re already wet here」

「It’s because you used your aphrodisiac!」

「Right, but you’re actually drenched」

Every time Hironobu moves his finger, wet sounds is heard from the surroundings.

That’s the proof that Nafin’s pussy is releasing a large amount of love nectar.

「Haahaa, now’s the time for you to make a brave front」

Although she can’t hide her arousal, she still speaks out full of hostility.

「Just what can you do in this situation?」

「My body, can’t be compared to a human woman. No matter how stud you are, you can’t make me fall」

「You’re quite confident」

「Hmm, try your best not to ejaculate by just putting it in or else your waist will lose it’s power」

「You too, don’t make a sloppy face easily」

Hironobu turned Nafin around and lifted the dress.
Then when he stripped her off her underwear wet with love nectar, he placed his penis there.

「Then, let me take Maou’s body」

「Haa, haa,…take it off!」

Nafin raises a groan at the same time.

By the effect of the aphrodisiac, her vagina spreading raises the pleasure.

However, Hironobu’s expression steepened from the sensation that’s more than expected.

(What’s this? The meat inside are grinding against me!?)

He pulled up his waist unintentionally due to the sensation he never experienced before.

(However, there’s no way I’d stop here)

Mobilizing his consciousness, he concentrated only on attacking Nafin.

「Aah, hard, biig!! T-This thing is!」

She too feels puzzled from the penis of Hironobu going in.

After all, it’s a size that’s greater than the people of this world.

Compared to the penis Nafin makes using her magic, it’s bigger in size.

It’s literally unimaginable.

Her vagina that accepts such a thing for the first time is narrowing the penis along the way.

The part of the folds that’s originally uneven is also crushed by the penis.

Naturally, the point reached her uterus and poked the interior.

「It’s really tights, it’s almost biting me off. 」

「If I can then I already have done so」

「Spare me from that, I’ll loosen it quickly」

Saying that, hironobu pulled out the penis from the depths instantly

「W-wait! Don’t move yet! aaa, uuu!」

Her folds are stimulated by bump of the glance as he pulled it out and Nafin wasn’t able to endure so she raised a lovely voice.

Hironobu who’s gripping her waist firmly pierced her in a flash when he pulled it out to the limit.

The vaginal hole that reverted to it’s former small shape had been invaded by the penis again.

Just like that, he began to swing his waist.

「Ah, nn! It’s spreadiiing!!」

Nafin who felt pained as her insides are being filled, is being attacked by the pleasure as her sexual feeling is stimulated.

She’s been calm until now but she won’t be able to resist anymore if her vagina get used to his penis.l

She who realized it tries to tighten her vagina to shake off the flowing pleasure.

「Aguu, uu!」

Hironobu’s movement of his waist loosened instinctively due to that pleasure.

「That’s right, ejaculate. I’ll squeeze out everything」

「I refuse. I’ll make you cum by all means」

He raised the speed of his piston.

「Normal men should’ve ejaculated a lot under a situation where they can’t move!」

「Don’t underestimate me, I’ve survived in this otherworld by doing this」

「Ku, guu, auu!」

Enduring the pleasure given by the piston, Nafin somehow tries to make Hironobu ejaculate.

It’s certain that both of them are feeling plasure but the situation is advantageous for Hironobu thanks to the aphrodisiac.

「Right, let me tell you something good」

Hironobu talked to Nafin while he stabs his waist.

「If you demade me with your eyes, I may ejaculate」

「W-What do you think you’re saying…Don’t make a fool out of me」

「But, won’t you be cumming before me if this continues?」

For Hironobu who had sex a lot of times, it’s possible to imagine that reaction from the pleasure women obtain. 1

Piercing her painful place, Nafin kept silent.

「You’ll just lose if this continues but if I cum first then the situation might go equal」

「You low-life…」

She turned back and glared at Hironobu but she cast down her eyes as if giving up on something.

「Y-You, ejaculate your semen inside me…」

「Is that an attitude when you’re asking for something?」

She grind her teeth while being told so but she restated it.

「You, please ejaculate your semen inside me」2

「That’s right, you should’ve said that from the beginning」

Hironobu expresses his smile and began to swing his waist mightily

「Igi, i, a, aaaaa!」

Nafin gasps hard as the piston that restarted suddenly.

Her heart that had taken a stubborn attitude up to now had developed due to the words of disgrace she said a while ago.

Hironobu pushes and spreads the pleasure.

「Cum, You said that you’d ejaculate right!?」

「Not yet, I have to feel good a bit more. Allow me to use your insides」

「That’s, using me merely nothing like a tool!」

「Don’t get angry, I’m near already. I’ll pour a thick one inside after all」

「Wha, Stop! If you release that inside now…!」

Her body had learned the power of Hironobu’s sperm earlier.

If she’s been creampied right now, she’d doesn’t have the confidence that she could keep her sanity.

Nafin tries to escape by raging but Hironobu’s holding her perfectly.

Her power has greatly dropped because of the aphrodisiac so she’s not able to slip out.

Then, Hironobu finally reached his limit.

「Oooooo, cumming…I’m letting it out!」

「No, don’t! Wait, don’t release iiiit!」

Shaking of Nafin’s desperation, he firmly pressed his waist against her ass and ejaculated.

「hii! hot stuff is coming out! I-It’s still continuing?」

The semen is released on the innermost part of her vagina.

Hironobu grinded his waist and let out all of the semen until the last drop.

「Y-You let it out…You really let it out…」

Looking at the woman who’s in blank surprise, Hironobu reports.

「Now, just how low will Maou-sama fall into disorder?」

Change happened immediately. Nafin who had semen poured inside her had began to feel sexually aroused.


  1.  数々のセックスをこなしてきたHironobuには、女がどれだけの快感を得ているか、その反応で想像がつく。
  2. She used Anata instead of Kisama, and she added ‘kudasai’