Dragged into the class transfer volume 6 Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Dark Orb’s destruction

When they thought they finally obtained the dark orb, an abnormal situation occured.

The ominous orb shined.

When it finally settled, the orb now had a dark red aura.

The next moment, an acute pain runs to the hand holding the orb.


「Hironobu-sama! Please release your hand!」

The same time Firana had said that, the orb is thrown away.

It flew to the center of the room, stopped and began to float.

「Ah dammit…!」

「Are you okay? This is awful…」

She approached him immediately and frowned when she saw his hand.

It’s as if it was burned by a hot iron.

「I’ll cure it right now!」

Saying that, Firana covered the damaged hand with both of her hands.

Then, my hand was warped in white light as she recite her magic.

I felt the warmth as if soaking to a warm water.

「…This should be fine」

Saying that she released her hand and the hand returned to it’s beauty as if nothing happened at all.

Usually it takes time to cure a scratch but it can be cured because of Firana’s high status.

「Thanks, I’m saved」

「It’s nothing, this is my role after all」

Who who doesn’t have anything in combat has the most activity on most other parts.

I clasped my hand and checked if there are no other abnormailities.

Then, I paid attention to the orb floating in front of me.

Though it has an aura of being strong, it shows no signs of attacking Hironobu.

Maou who’s it’s container is defeated so it seems to be in an unstable state.

「We can destroy that orb right?」

Firana nodded.

「Yes, until there’s nothing left. So that it won’t make a second or third Maou」

「Those who obtain the power of the orb indulge in desire and fall into ruin. However the way you say it means like the orb makes the Maou?」


She’s about to say something but hesitated.

「Then, I’ll be explaining」

Hikari turned up.

Then she talked about to the orb.

「Originally, it;s a tool a wizzard has made, it’s a relic excavated from ancient remains. To be clear, it manipulates people」

「Manipulating people?」

「It’s not giving out a detailed instruction but rather it drags the negative feelings out」

「And let you do the evil by yourself. That’s ill-natured」

「Yes that’s right. Furthermore, the ill natured is the blood of Nafin that summoned me 1000 years ago」

「What? Nafin? Or rather, Firana…」

He compared the unconscious lady to Firana.

However, Hironobu thought that they don’t look that much similar.

The only same is the deep blue colored hair.

(It’s certainly a characteristic but there are people with vivid colored hair so I didn’t mind it)

After all, Youko’s the only human near Hironobu that has a black hair after coming to the otherworld1

My senses has been dulled I guess.

「But, does Firana know this?」

「Yes. However, they’re not declared as a distant ancestor because their reputation is bad. I’m very sorry!」

Hironobu stretched his hand and comforted the bowing woman.

「Well, I understand the feelings of the king. I can’t do anything even if I know so It can’t be helped」

Firana felt relief from Hironobu’s words.

「Hey hey, rather than that, is there a method to destroy the orb?」

Getting tired of waiting, Fairy urged.

「There’s one method, destroying it physically」

「Unnn, isn’t that the simplest one?」

I also nodded at Fairy’s words.

And it’s necessary to destroy it thoroughly.

「However, it doesn’t feel like it can be easily destroyed」

Valeria looked at the orb attentively.

「Obviously, it feels like it’s angry or rampaging」

「I agree with you」

Ayaka agreed unusually, Hironobu smiled wryly.

「Fortunately it doesn’t move. Let’s try to destroy it」

「I think it might react of you approached so I think magic is better」

「If so I think it’s better to leave it to Hiro and Firana. My magic’s been reduced by the fight with Maou…」

「Fairy can’t shoot it with something big」

「Unfortunately, my bow and arrow are low in power」

「I also agree with the idea of Firana」

Thus the urgent strategic meeting ended, Hironobu and Firana advanced towards the orb in front of them.

The other companions are in cover if they fail

「…That orb got bigger than a while ago right?」

「Yes, it seems that it’s about to explode soon…」

The orb in front of him that was having a size of a palm is now a meter in diameter.

It looks like it’ll be a catastrophe if it’s left like that.

「There’s no time so let’s deal it with one shot!」

「Yes, Hironobu-sama!」

They both raised their arms and rise magic from their whole body.

Extra chants are unnecessary. It’s a cannonball of pure mana.

Both of them created a semitransparent cannon ball in their hands.

「I want it to be narrow and condensed like an arrow, the penetration power goes up」


HIronobu has a smattering knowledge from the net and corrected Firana’s round cannonball.

He can’t be detailed on the similar thing but it’s magic.

He correct the image in his head repeatedly.

The shape of the cannonball changed gradually and sweat comes into Firana’s forehead.

(We can’t last any further but let’s try it)

「Firana, can you let your magic take the same orbit as mine?」

「Yes, I’ll try」

When it comes to precision in magic, Firana is the top on the residents of this world.

Hironobu decided to believe her.

「Okay, countdown. Three, two, one, now!」

With his signal, the two shoot out their magic.

The noticed the attack coming to him that it spread out it’s aura.

But, that was slow.

As expected, it needs a human to demonstrate its power.

Hironobu’s magic hit the aura directly.

The two had a power fight for a moment but Hironobu’s magic exceeded it immediately.

Then, it reached the dark orb.

It wasn’t possible to destroy it as expected but Firana’s perfect magic hit it directly.

The orb that lost it’s defense broke down from her attack.

Then it was scattered into pieces and disappeared in the end.

「This is the end…」

Hironobu who confirmed the destruction of orb said so.

「Yes, with this…Nafin-sama is released from the spell of the orb」

Relief was felt from those words received.

She too probably didn’t want to kill her ancestor.

Meanwhile, Nafin woke up.

「U, uuu…I…the orb?」

It seems that her memories are confused.

Hironobu squat in front of her and spoke.

「If you’re looking for the dark orb, I just destroyed it. There’s no trace left」

「Is that so? If you destroyed it…then I, uu」

Nafin who’s perplexed stood up by herself.

「For the time being, let’s escape the castle. Where’s Youko-sensei?」

「Hiro, you’re picking up the traitor?」

Miyuki’s glance sent to Hironobu is sharp.

「The fight has ended. Also, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth if I let her die」

「…Haa, it can’t be helped」

Miyuki questioned Nafin and walked towards the room.

「Ayaka, join your classmates and escape」

「Are you sure?」

「Yeah, also report to Margrit as soon as possible」

She who’s attracting the main force of the demon army needs this information above all reinforcements.

「It would be absurd to come here and get injured. Everyone must return safely!」

Everyone nodded and each of them began to take action


  1. You mean the female class have different colored hair?