Dragged into the class transfer Volume 7 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The fate of the otherworlders.

Defeating Maou, Hironobu and the girls’ return were welcomed in the castle.

The information reached the allied forces lead by Margrit immediately.

Though the allied forces and the demon army are having a seesaw offense and defense but when the information had reached, the movement of demon army is getting duller.

They probably had the information about Maou getting defeated.

Prepared to flee, Margrit began to charge by herself and it seems she had driven them away.

To the victory of the humanity after a long time, various countries gave their voices of pleasure to the kingdom.

Though the allied forces has been watching for several days, there’s no information about demon army attacking.

The demon army who lost their Nafin had began a civil war as expected.

Meanwhile, Hironobu is healing his fatigue from the fight inside the castle.

「Aaaaa, heaven…」

Leaning against the sofa, he let his body rest

The king was preparing entertainment for the Hero1 who saved the country.

That made Hironobu stop thinking of returning to the former world

「Hiro, I’m coming in」

At that time, the door was opened.

The people who entered are Miyuki, Hikari and Youko.

Youko was able to survive without problems after she was rescued by Miyuki.

If she’s left like that, the retuning excecutives would surely kill her.

She even understands it so she followed Hironobu obediently.

「This combination is unusual, you girls get along now?」

「For the moment, I can’t get myself agree to it though…」

「Miyuki, why don’t we end this already? I’m no longer angry」

「Mu, that’s true but…I get it…」

When Hikari persuaded her, Miyuki felt reluctant but she laid down her arms.

(After all, I’m glad that Hikari-san didn’t die. If she does then it would be intolerable)

When it does, Miyuki’s revenge would never stop no matter what Hironobu says.

Also, the one who saved him from the despair from his own ability is Youko.

Even if she’s having an ulterior motive, he still feels grateful to her.

If she’s killed by Miyuki, his heart might’ve a big hole in it.

Youko cuts in when she saw Hironobu’s conversation ended.

「I came here today to make arrangements for our return to the former world」

「Former world is it…?」

「You don’t seem to be interested in it」

「Well, I don’t have good memories there after all」

If you return to the former world, the status would be reset and you won’t be able to use magic.

The slave contract with the female class will naturally be released.

He’s feeling anxious as they might attack him twofold.

Also, he’s satisfied with his current life.

He thinks that he’s fine being left alone in this world.

Youko who heard it shook her head.

「That’s no good. If our business ends, the otherworlder must return」

「Is there a problem with it?」

「In the first place, we’re foreign bodies in this world. If we stay for more than several years, misfortune like an extraordinary natural phenomenon would happen without fail」
「Is that true? I haven’t heard about it though」

Then, Hikari came out and confirmed Youko’s story.

「I heard it from the king when we were summoned」

「Perhaps, the present king tried to use Ozawa-kun’s abilities to the limit?」

「Cetrtainly, that King is likely to do it…」

The King did various things and accomodate them, he had the atmosphere of wanting to use Hironobu and the girls’ ability.

「Me too, I don’t want to be used in politics…」

Especially, the possibility of Hironobu being used to strengthen the war potential of the Kingdom.

(I love sex but spare me from doing it forcefully)

Then he decided to return to the former world.

「Then, the female class…」

「It’s fine, leave that to me」

Miyuki says while patting her chest.

「Since those girls were able to survive thanks to Hironobu’s abilities, they won’t do anything strange」

Those eyes definitely had the will.

HIronobu believes Miyuki.

「Got it, I’ll leave it to you」

「If it’s decided, then let’s strike while the iron is hot. Let’s return before the king notice it」

「Can we do that easily?」

Hironobu seems surprised at Youko.

Certainly, there’s no method to go in and out of this world easily.

「Sensei confirmed the ruins that’s been used to return. We’ll move there in a few days…I guess」

「If we go there then we can return?」

「Yes, since we don’t want a misfortune to happen in this world, there’s a facility like that」

「There would be guards but Hiro-kun and the girls can disarm them without injuring」

Hikari supplements Youko’s words.

Certainly, there’s no war potential in this world that can stop Hironobu and the girls.

「Got it. But before that, would you wait for me as I want to meet someone」

「I thought that Ozawa-kun would say that. Then Sensei will gather the girls okay?」

「The location would be this room. Don’t forget it okay?」

「Hiro-kun, don’t get late」

Saying that, the three went out of the room

「Now then, should we go?」

Hironobu got off from the seat and went out of the room.

That said, the destination is just near.

He reached the room in ten seconds and knocked on the door.

「Yes, come in」

It’s possible to hear from the inside but somehow he has heard a nervous voice.

Hironobu opened the door and went in.

Firana’s waiting inside.

「Hironobu-sama, you’re going to come back to your world right?」

「Yeah, you heard it from Miyuki?」

「Yes, thank you for deciding. His majesty doesn’t wish for you to become like her」

Perhaps, she’s talking about Nafin.

Right now she’s being Firana’s maid in this castle.

In the country that’s in confusion of war, it’s not difficult to fake the identity.

She holds the guilt of what she did and it seems that she want to live positively.

Also, the people who saw Maou’s appearance promised not to let it out so there’s no need to worry about it being found out.

Also, most of them would return to the former world.

「I don’t want to break the country that helped me」
「I’ll be coming out of the castle before long. Then, I’ll be able to live peacefully」

It seems that she doesn’t intend to leave this place for her power to not be used.

Though he said that the country didn’t reward much the hero that saved the country but it seems that Firana is fine with it.

「Rather than that, I’m glad. I was able to meet Hironobu-sama in the end」

「Haha, it feels awkward to be thanked though」

「…Then, can you grant one of my selfish desire?」

「I’ll do what I can」

「I want you to embrace me for the last time」
She leaned saying that and Hironobu caught her.


「This might be the last, somehow!」

Firmly gripping his sleeve, her voice is filled with tears.

「At least, let me make memories with Hironobu-sama…」

With that said, he can’t stay quiet.

Turning up her face, those eyes spoke.

「Of course there’s no way I can say no? Why do you think I came here?」

He can be misunderstood thanks to his ability but Hironobu’s love in lewd things doesn’t change at all.
He held Firana’s blushing cheek and threw her down the bed.


  1. The character is Eiyuu this time