Dragged into the class transfer Epilogue: Final Chapter

Final Chapter: Inside the dream again

After that, Hironobu and the girls were lead by Youko to the former world.

They have returned only a few minutes after being summoned to the other world.

Since the time is early in the morning, the students and teachers aren’t that populated and there’s no commotion caused either.

However, there’s an empty space seen on the desk in the classroom.

It’s something that barely stops the student’s existence to be sacrificed to the otherworld.

「We came back?」

Hironobu mutters as he look at the clock hanging on the wall.

It’s not yet considered an opening time.

Going in front of the huge black board in front of the classroom, he grasped a chalk.

However, he isn’t surprised that it didn’t turned to a white powder in his hand.

His status in the other world seems to be reset completely.

Someone approached next to him. It’s Miyuki.
「Yes, we came back. We survived and returned…」

She tells him somewhat relieved.

Behind the two of them are the female class making noise.

They must be delighted that they survived and returned.

「By the way, did the slave contract also expire?」

「Yes. However, they don’t look down on Hiro anymore. Since I persuaded them well」


I don’t know what kind of things Miyuki told those noisy girls.

However, Hironobu who sensed a cold atmosphere cut off the subject.

「Rather than that, what would happen to Hikari-san?」

「Ah, if it’s nee-san…」

Hikari appeared between the two of them while Miyuki tries to say something.

「What? Something about me?」

「Hikari-san, won’t there be problems with you having that appearance?」

Hironobu’s worries are reasonable.

Her appearance is still the same when she disappeared as a high school student 10 years ago.

If she appeared like that, trouble won’t be avoided.

「Well, it’ll go well somehow? For the time being, I’d like to return and have a change of clothes」

「Nee-san, now’s not the time to be saying something so carefree…」
The air calms from the conversation of the two.

「Miyuki, come here! We’re going to have an urgent class meeting right now!」

Among them, Youko went to the platform and calls out for attention.

「The agenda is what to do about the otherworld. First…」

With Youko toeing the mark, the conference started.

Hironobu decided on what to do with his life after this while looking at her eyes.

Talking from the result, he has various worries and needless fear.

There’s no human that would thing Hironobu and the girls were summoned to the other world, there’s no rumor of the students disappearing either.

Even the female class would keep quiet about this.

There would be a slight uproar at Hikari’s arrival but fortunately, it’s not a case where government and police would go.

Having returned from the otherworld for several weeks, Hironobu had spent his daily life not much different from before.

But it can be said that the female class not meddling with him has changed for the better.

That day, Hironobu had continued the class without hearing the contents and returned to his home.

Lying around his room, he groped the pendant that gave him the chance to go to the otherworld.

「There’s not a single word after that…」

Though he puts it on his head every time he sleeps, he’s not meeting Firana yet.

It would seem ridiculous for the others but he’s very serious.

「I was able to go there once, It’ll happen somehow again」

He says while putting the pendand on the pillow and slips into the bed.

Then, he felt drowsy immediately and his consciousness sunk slowly.

◆     ◆


He heard some sound.

Opening his eyes thinly, he saw a white space.

(What, morning already? Five more minutes please)

Wrapped in pleasure, he said that while closing his eyelids.

He thought that the light goes through the futon.


「!? Firana?」

However, he jumped out from the bed when he heard a sound.

Looking around once again, it looked like the dream world from his memory.

「Firana, where! Where are you!?」

He called out her name.

A voice answered his.

「Here, Hironobi-sama! I came here to meet you!」

This time, he heard it firmly.

He went towards that direction with all his strength.

「I’m going there! Don’t try getting out of there!」

However, he doesn’t have the superhuman speed that he had from the otherworld this time.

He now feels hateful from the status reset.

However, he continued to advance to the voice and the fog was cut.

Then finally, he saw a shadow on the other side of the fog.



Hironobu embraced the woman in front of him.

His hand firmly transmits the other’s warmth.

「I really met you again, I’m glad…」

She says that while wiping the tears in her eyes, he then said.

「I said ‘Later’ right? I’m sure we’d meet again」

「Yes, that’s right. I believe you」

While the two were pleased with their reunion, the pendant shook.

「Is it thanks top this power?」

「That’s right. I relied on the magic filled in the pendant, and was able to find Hironobu-sama’s world again」

Hironobu recalled his worried when Firana said that.

「Could it be that it took some time?」

Ten years in Hironobu’s world would mean 1000 years passing in the other world.

Even with several weeks in time, the time must’ve advanced in years there.

「No, it’s only half a year. I was able to narrow the gap thanks to the pendant. If I come and go after several times, I think it’ll be faster」

「Still, that’s quite some time. Thanks」

He expressed his gratitude for Firana who spent her time looking for himself.

「N-Not at all! I wasn’t so busy after I came out of the castle after all」

Hearing that, it seems that Firana has been given a mansion in the country to live.

Of course, together with nafin.

「The king permitted it. Firana’s a hero right?」

「Since his majesty was shocked from Hironobu-sama’s disappearance that night, he retired and transferred the throne to the crown prince」

「That’s fine. He should be doing it soon because of his age」

「The crown prince became the new king…onii-sama is busy with the rebuilding of the country so he allowed it quickly」

「Then, that’s splendid… Okay, let’s go there now!」

Fortunately it’s Sunday next day so he can spend a lot of time.

「Eh, right now!?」

「Yeah, don’t say that you can’t?」

「Of course, it’s fine anytime as long as you wear the pendant in your body…」

「Then, let’s go. Also, It must’ve been a problem that I left you for half a year」

Hironobu grinned while saying that and gripped Firana’s ass.

「G-Geez! It’s that all of a sudden?」

「Could it be that you don’t want it?」

「That’s not true…the others too, that…」

Seeing her fidgeting, Hironobu realized her feelings.

「I get it, I know. I’ll also give the others time and and play with them」

「Uu, I’m sorry for being selfish」

「But, let’s enjoy it since it’s rare that we’re alone」

「Hironobu-sama, the two of us alone…Ah! But I have to tell Nafin-san!」

「I’m ready anytime so just call me when Firana’s preparation ends okay?」

「Yes, right now! I’ll speak to her immediately!」

She gladly says that and separate her hand from Hironobu.

Then, his consciousness weakens rapidly and he was awake inside his room when he noticed.

「I said that but should I prepare a gift just in case?」

Saying that, he changed his clothes and went out of the room.

He’s looking for a snack in his kitchen.

「Steamed buns and rice crackers, there’s nothing decent. It can’t be helped, let’s go with this!」
Hionobu gripped his purse and walked towards the nearby convenience store lively.