Dragged into the Class Transfer Volume 8 Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Firana and Henriette1

「Kyaa! Please let me go!」

Henriette screamed but she’s carried towards the bed in no time.

It seems to be the bed she used in her life, it’s quite big that two adults still have margin to sleep in.

「It’s to let you know how important Firana is to me」

It’s confirmed that sexual satisfaction can return the consciousness of the person possessed.

He intends to test it this time.

If things go well and Firana will come back, it might be unreasonable but Henriette might be able to understand Hironobu’s feelings.

And yet, Hironobu has to take the first move.
「Firana’s chest is sensitive. Henriette might feel it too」

He pushed down the bed and began his caress.

Sliding off her dress, he began to stimulate the big breasts with his hands.

「Yaa, having a man see this breasts!」

「I’m always looking at it though. Also, my Name’s Hironobu, remember it as courtesy」

He began to concentrate on his caress again after saying that.

Not stimulating the sot breast too much, and caressing it from the root to the top.

The breasts sway greatly from the hand that’s stroking slowly.

「N, ahn! I don’t know, I don’t know this sensation and yet! My body’s feeling good!」

Henriette looks up at Hironobu with her red cheeks.

「Hironobu-san, please wait! This is no good!」

She moved her body, trying to slip out somehow.

But Hironobu’s holding her body from the top so she can’t run away.

「It’s our first time meeting each other! And yet, why is this!」

Henriette who lived in the castle as a hostage all this time never had the opportunity to love.

However, at least that men and women don’t sleep together after meeting.

But, it’s the truth that a man she doesn’t know is pushing her down and rubbing her chest.

In addition, she’s feeling pleasure rather than repulsion.

It must be a huge shock for her who’s ignorant about men and women relationships.

「What are you being surprised for? I have such a relationship with Firana so it’s normal for this body to react」

HIronobu talks to the confused Henriette.

A person’s memory doesn’t just stay in the brain.

Firana’s body remember the pleasure given by Hironobu and it’s reacting according to it.

「Do you want to look at here to know how good it goes?」

He’s been rubbing her breast until now.

Did the excitement pile up? Henriette’s nipples are already hard even though it’s not touched yet.

「Eh?!! W-Why…Even though it’s not touched yet!」

Henriette gets even more confused.

But, he began to touch her nipple and caress without giving mercy.

He stimulated it softly while sandwiching it between the fingertips.

「Hyau! N, hauuuu! I’ve never felt this before!」

Henriette shakes her body from the pleasure she felt for the first time.

He’s gotten aroused from her innocent reaction too.

(She looks like Firana but the gap from the original…is quite good)

Her body’s Firana herself so touching it like this would make it aroused.

「Haahaahaa…My body’s getting hot, it’s not stopping」

Henriette’s huge breathing is disturbed from being unable to cope with the new pleasure.

But, Hironobu’s hand didn’t stop with just that.

He stretched his hand towards her genital while continuing to massage her breasts.

She’s wrapped in pleasure from the upper body and then add stimulation on the genital.

「What’s what?! No way, that’s no good!」

At the moment she knows where she’s being touched, she screamed.

But, it becomes a sweet voice due to the pleasure of the caress.

「This feels the best doesn’t it? Firana’s easily cums from having a finger stir her up」

「C-Come? Where to?…」

「I see…fufufu. Well, look forward to it」

Knowing that Henriette hasn’t experienced climax yet makes him aroused.

Hironobu inserts his finger in her vagina and stimulated her inside slowly.
「Iguuuuuuu!! What’s this, it went in?!」

「There’s no need to worry about the hymen being broken. Firana already gave it to me」

「I-I haven’t yet! Uhyuuuu!!」

Henriette’s body trembled and indicates that she’s near her ejaculation.

「I’ll let you taste the best pleasure」

He raised one of his finger and made it creep on her genital and clitoris.

Just like that, he combs the skin.

「Hyaaaaa! Ah, my head’s melting! I’m feeling strange!!!」

Her body stiffened and climaxed intensely.

Love nectar leaks out of her vagina and her expression is mushy that saliva drips down.

「uuu, hyaafuuu」

Henriette lies wearily down the bed.

Usually, he’d go for the real thing but Hironobu wanted to give another push.

He moved near Henrieatte’s face and took out his penis.

Then, she pushed it in front of her.

「Haahaa, this…?!」

On the moment she understood what’s being pushed out, Henriette’s body hardened.

「Before the real thing, I always have Firana give me a fellatio」

「T-That’s why I have to do it, is what you’re telling to say?」

「Henriette is using her body right?」

She nods as she feels bad when he said ‘use’.

Her strong posture seems to have dissolved from Hironobu’s caress.

She changed her posture and stared at the penis.

「I’m going to lick this?」

「Oh, so you know about it? That’s right, you have to lick it」

Then Henriette made up her mind and stick out her tongue towards the penis.
She began her fellatio with her tongue sticking out as hard as possible.

(The technique is out of the question but this arouses me as it is)

Since Firana’s served him with all her might, it’s his first time seeing such a bitter expression.

Of course Henriette is inside but you won’t know if she doesn’t speak.

The penis naturally grows bigger from the scene arousing his sadism.

「Ah, it got harder. This is good?」

Without knowing Hironobu’s thoughts, Henriette takes a breathe as her duty was done.

Judging from her common sense, they’d be moving to the real thing from here but unfortunately, Hironobu and her are from the usual sex life.

「Why did you stop? I didn’t cum yet you know」

「Eh, I thought that men won’t be able to do it for a while after one…」

「It’s normal to do it once or twice right? I’ve already done it four times today」

「That’s, foolish…」

Even tough her expression is of despair, her body can’t escape as she just climaxed.

Henriette nodded tearfully and resumed her fellatio.

「Rero, pero pero, chuu」

But, her service is poor as she can’t improve in such a short time.

「That’s not it, Henriette. Do it like this」

Hironobu who lost his temper from the incompetent fellatio, holds her head and moved it.

「Nbuu! Nguu, jubu, jupupu!」

「Good, that’s how it should be…kuh!」

Hironobu moves the head like how he does Firana so the movement of the fellatio changed drastically.

Not just the movement of the head, the movement of the mouth and the tongue becomes active too.

Perhaps, her body remembers how to move from the same way like the caress earlier.

From the stimulation that seems like Firana’s, Hironobu’s arousal reached high instantly.

「I’m going to cum!」

「Ngu, jupo, zurururu!」

A strong vacuum fellatio starts pulling the penis.

Hironobu ejaculated from the unbearable pleasure.

Semen pops out the mouth as if it imploded.

「Goku,ngu! Gokugoku!」

Henriette drinks the semen to prevent her throat being clogged.

Then Hironobu smiled she drank everything.

「N, haa…Hironobu-sama, thanks for the meal」
That joyful expression is from Firana.