Elf Chapter 22: The Princess Does Her Best With Anal


Then, three days passed.
Thinking she probably couldn’t really understand what she promised by herself, Keith couldn’t face Aisha.
Thinking about Aisha… It’s not like that, it’s simply because it looked like she was enjoying herself.
Aisha writhing in agony for the promise she made herself.
Aisha becoming frightened when Keith told her she fulfilled the promise.
And then Aisha being shy of the day the promise is fulfilled.
I got erect just imagining that shy Aisha.
However I decided not to masturbate.
My dick expanded and my balls produced special semen while, without releasing any, it continued to amass.
For the sake of today.
That’s right. For the sake of today where I unload everything in Naia’s ass.

「Uhe… uhehehehehe」

While floating a faint smile at my delusions, I go towards Naia’s room.
In front of the room, I changed my face to a tense one.
To the very end, I must act like a cool sorcerer in front of Naia.
I knock on the door and wait for a reply.
「Come in」since her voice came out, 「Sorry to intrude」I went inside her room.


Naia rushed up to me like always but the problem was Aisha.
Her pitiful face became ghastly pale even from an outsider’s perspective.
A voice leaked out from the bottom of my heart「Uwa!」
She hesitated between how should I address him and what should I do.


She released a voice like a ghost while she leaves the room staggering.
That form of her leaving from behind.

「Keith-sama… Aisha’s appearance lately has been strange.」

Naia said so to Keith with a worried look on her face.

「From a few days ago, she went from turning bright red to immediately turning ghastly pale then she becomes red again… Even when I call out to her, there are times when she wouldn’t respond. This is the first time for something like this.」
「I-is that so?」

I endured from bursting out in laughter.
As I thought, a while later, she comprehended her promise and now, imagining what she had to do, it was probably dreadful.
When I thought that, Naia…

「Umm… Keith-sama」
「Yes? What?」
「Umm… if it isn’t too much of an issue in your free time, could you check up on Aisha?」
「Yes! Surely, if it’s Keith-sama, I think you can find out the cause of Aisha’s bad condition! That’s why…」

Keith gently stroked Naia’s head.

「The princess is seriously kind huh. Doing something for each retainer one by one with such consideration… This Keith is seriously impressed.」
「N-no! Such a thing…」

Naia hung her head down seeming embarrassed at the praise.

「Understood. This time I will listen to Aisha-sama’s story and try to examine her.」
「Th-thank you! I’m glad I can discuss things with Keith-sama~」

The smiling Naia…

「This time… I will be thoooorrooouuugh…」
「Yes? Is there anything to be done?」
「No, rather than that. Did you properly do your homework?」

At the mention of homework, Naia’s body shook with a start.

「…How is it?」
「…Umm… my butt…is it?」
「Of course」
「…I-I did it」

Naia became red and cast her eyes down, and Keith…

「You’re a good girl aren’t you. So did you cum?」
「…I could if it was at the same time as my crotch…but my butt by itself… couldn’t do it」

Is that so? Cumming with your butt is still impossible?
But, how much should I try checking it.
When I thought so.

「Is that so? Then let’s try looking at your homework. Please wear this and wait.」

Keith handed over a change of clothes to Naia just like usual, I began my own preparations.
When I looked back after finishing my preparations with the lubricant and tarp,


I ended up leaking a voice.
That pure white immature body. It was wrapped up in a bustier.
However, matching that skin color, the chest portion of the white bustier didn’t have any spheres.
In other words, it couldn’t hide any of the important places like the crotch and the breasts.
Naia being able to wear these types of clothes makes her look exactly like a fairy. An erotic fairy.
Her sinking cherry blossom nipples and the red slit on her crotch shined beautifully with obscenity on her white skin.
No matter how many times I see it, I end up wanting to immediately violate her purity.
I close my eyes and repeat「Today is ass day」 to endure.


Since Naia asked with curiosity,

「Yes! Let’s see the fruits of your homework!! Now, Princess please show me.」
「Here… in front of Keith-sama… are we exploring somewhere mysterious?」

Naia asked a question in a voice that seemed to vanish near the end.

「That’s right! Now, quickly!」
「If you do it splendidly, I will lick your asshole again, okay?」
「!? No!! Licking my butt is no good!!」
「Eh? Didn’t it feel good?」
「U-umm… Keith-sama… when you licked me… I was happy but…」
「Then, if you do it properly, I will lick you to the best of my ability」
「Hau…p-please… rinse your mouth, okay?」
「Yes yes」

Pressing Keith, Naia sat on top of the sheets.
These past few days, I have been sterilizing my hands and then when I spread lubricant on my right hand’s middle finger, I penetrated her asshole while she laid down.

「Fuiih!… Fuuuuu…!!」

While breathing out, I inserted to the second joint and slowly pulled out.
When I inserted it I was quick and when I pulled out it I was slow.
And then simultaneously I gently stroked her clitoris.
Being peeled back by Keith, her clitoris wouldn’t do it by itself.
Recently the tip of the clitoris has been poking out a bit from the foreskin and is rubbed. Even just that is enough for her to feel good.
This is done at the same time.
It’s the naturally delusional Keith.
While Keith was embracing her on the bed, he said「I love you」plenty of times as he caressed her ass and clit.
Naturally Naia doesn’t know such an act of caressing and whispers of love but even so she let Keith do it as her delusions and mood rises.

「Ua… Fuaa…」

The finger that was put inside her butt quickened.
The juices coming from her ass started to make a noise, *Nucha! Nucha!*.
When he tried curling his finger a bit in her anus, a sensation swept through her body like electricity travelled through it.


She ends up raising a scream.
When she thinks about showing Keith such a figure, for some unknown reason she gets extremely shy.
Even though this is supposed to be the secret art to amass magic power, it’s extremely embarrassing but it feels good.

「Keith-shamaa…Uhyu!! A…Keish…Nkyuuuu!!!」

Her clit became hard and throbbing.
While rubbing it gently, the finger that was in her butt went deeper and…

「Haaaaaaaa!! Naaaaaa!!!」

Her small breasts that were in plain view had her nipple perfectly harden.
If it was the usual Naia, she would close her eyes completely immersing herself but right now she is looking at Keith.
Keith’s smile raised her sensitivity.

「Keith-shama! Keith-shamaa!! Uhaa!!!」

While she was enjoying her anal masturbation, Keith felt Naia’s climax getting close.

「Princess, stop teasing your crotch! Concentrate on your ass!!」
「Fue!? Ha, Hahiiiiiii!! Na! Naaaa!!」

Just as he said, Naia took her hand away from her clit and only teased her ass.
Her body that was close to climaxing reached climax sufficiently with just that stimulus.

「That’s right! That’s good!!」
「Na! Noooo!!! My butt!! Is completely tearing apartt!! My buttt!!! Nnaa!!」
「Princess, when you come with your butt, say “I am cumming with my ass-pussy”, okay? You understand, right?」
「Fuhii!! Fuhiiiiii!! Yes! I understand!! Nkyaaaa!!!」

While thrusting her own middle finger inside her and shouting, Naia stared at Keith’s figure.

「Keith-samaa!! My ass-pussy, is cummingg!! Hiuuuuuuh!!! Naaaaah~~~!!」

Naia’s figure of experiencing her first orgasm with her ass is cute, beautiful, and obscene.
Keith’s pants were pushed out as his dick became painful with an erection.

「In this case…You probably came.」

When Keith muttered that, he patted Naia’s head who was absent minded after her climax.
At the same time when he caressed her ears that tapered to a point with tender love, she smiled delightfully.

「I think I should bow my head at the princess’s hard work.」
「…It’s because of Keith-sama’s…secret arts he taught me…I, did it correctly?」
「Yeah, you did very good. You are becoming a splendid ass-pussy princess.」
「It’s nothing… Now, can you get up?」

While supporting Naia’s body, when I hugged her and raised her up,「Funya」she leaked out a voice.
Naia laid her head on Keith’s chest looking happy.
After Keith inhaled one breath


While being unnaturally careful, I tried groaning.
Naia looked up at Keith with a naturally worried face.

「Keith-sama? Did something happen?」
「N-no, don’t worry…Uguh!!」

I leaned on Naia just a bit. With just a little bit of power, Keith made Naia feel like he would fall any time now.

「Keith-sama!! It’s an emergency!! Someone…」

With those words, Keith’s problem was thought to be that thing’s fault.

「What happened to your dick!?」

Don’t laugh!! Don’t laugh, me!!
While Keith preserved his earnest twitching face,

「A-actually…the day before yesterday when I didn’t have lessons with the princess…I went to town and met a pursuer from the association…Ugaa!!」1
「P-pursuer from the association!!」
「Yes…I somehow got away but…at that time, my dick…」

When he said that, Keith took off his pants.
As soon as he showed the contents to Naia,


Naia blocked her mouth with her hand and screamed.
Keith’s dick…was covered in bruises.
Do you remember?
It was the time Aisha gripped it.
Aisha’s outstanding grip, that she tempered by practicing with the sword, was used to get revenge on Keith’s treasured object.
The fact that it didn’t break is a miracle.
While looking at the penis that was gradually becoming dark, she said「Huh? It can be torn off?」and it made me want to cry.
But without tearing it off she just left a bruise. Since I spread medicine on it once, the swelling receded and it became usable again.
Keith thought he would try misusing such an injured penis against Naia.
He is a man that would use anything to gain a profit.
While looking at that bruised penis, Naia became teary-eyed.

「Ke-Keith-sama…your penis…your peniss」
「Yeah, it was grabbed and somehow became like this」

Although no one would want such a thing.

「Are you alright? Is it alright!?」
「It’s alright…But, in order to heal it has ended up stealing a considerable amount of magic power and the corrosion…Uguwaaaa!!」

While saying that, Keith put power into his penis and it twitched on her ass.


It was funny.
It was truly funny.
But, for Naia who completely believed Keith, it was a serious issues.
Inside Naia’s head, the image of the assassin that the shady magic association sent out, who wants to aim at Keith more than anyone, returns.
Keith, who fought with and was injured by the assassin, right now had his body captured by his penis.
Is there something she can do by herself?
Something for her beloved Keith.

「I thought I would be fine but…it seems avoiding a bad result is a bit impossible」
「Keith-sama! I, will send you magic power!! If I do that…」

Keith turned his face away.

「Can I survive till magic power is amassed inside the princess…Aaa!!」
「I-it’s alright! I will quickly…」

Saying that, she tried to rub his crotch but it didn’t go well.
If you are in a hurry, it won’t feel good quicker.

「Whyy?…Even though Keith is in trouble…Whyy!」
「Princess, it’s alright…Ukku!!」

Naia who looked up at the suffering Keith with teary eyes suddenly realized.

「My ass…That’s right! My ass, Keith-sama!! Just now, I amassed magic power in my ass!!」
「If you put it in my ass, you will be fine! Your dick in my ass!!」
「B-but, such a thing…」
「Please put it in!! Your dick in my asshole!! Quickly!!」

Begging for anal has come~~~~~!!!

Keith applauded the height of his ability that he skillfully pulled out for his own situation.
If it has come to here, what follows is simple.
With a diligent face, Keith…

「…Is it ok?」
「Yes! If it’s for Keith-sama’s sake then I!!」

She thought of that herself—Keith was excited for the plan he thought of while Naia grasped Keith’s hand.


The two embraced each other again.
While trembling in delight at his plan being a success,「Will this princess be alright?」Keith became a bit worried.
“Let’s do it at once!” Naia said.

「I will hold back the erosion of my penis…so the princess will use the inside of her ass by herself…can you do it?」

Naia for an instant was perplexed, “Can I do it?”, but when she looked at Keith’s face, *kin!* her resolve hardened.

「I’ll do it!!」

Saying that, she stood up.

「But before that, in order for the princess’s ass to not get hurt, we need to get it wet…」
「Get wet…will the usual licking be fine?」
「No, we probably don’t have the time…」

Since a lot was accumulated, if I let her do a felatio with her mouth it would be a big problem. That is my real reason.

「Since that is the case…Drip saliva on my dick!!」
「S-saliva? Is it?」
「Yeah! Hurry!」

Dripping saliva primarily has an insulting meaning.
Naia knew at least that much. But,

「Guaaa!! Princesss!!!」

Keith lays down on the tarp face up as he writhes in agony and suffering…or so he pretends.

「P-please wait!! I will immediately!!」

When Naia brought her face on top of Keith’s dick, she chewed her mouth amassing up saliva.
And then she drippingly dribbles it on his dick.


My real thoughts leaked out at that appearance.

「It’s nothing!! Now, do it more!!」

Naia dripped the saliva she had accumulated. She repeats that again.
Before long, Keith’s dick became sticky with Naia’s dripping saliva.

「That is probably already good. Naia-sama…Please」

To Keith’s words,「Yes」Naia says in an anxious voice, Straddling across his body, Naia tries to put it in her ass.

「That’s wrong, Princess. Face the other way and turn your ass towards me」
「And then spread your ass with both hands and slowly squat while putting it in please」

Why does a man who is dying have such leeway?
Normally, you would probably think about this question.
But, she doesn’t doubt me. That is how Naia is.
She notices how improper her appearance is at Keith’s instruction but even so if Keith insists…
When Naia faces backwards, she spreads her butt cheeks on her own.

「Umm…Is it fine just like this?」

While turning around, she asked Keith.

「A little more in front…that’s it, good. Now, squat down. Is that fine? Slowly, okay?」

Straddling over Keith’s legs, while exposing her asshole bow legged, Keith’s dick pushes forward quickly to Naia’s squatting figure.
While holding that excited thing back with his finger as a fixation, Keith ended up staring at Naia’s vulgar bow legged position.
Until a while ago, she was teasing her anus by herself making it bright red and twitching. It became wet with the lubricant from her ass juices from the pleasant feelings.
The hole in the center of the wrinkles slowly finally touched the dick’s head.

「Princess…that’s it」

To Keith’s words, Naia shut her eyes and dropped her hips in one go.


*Nunoh!* a sound was made as the dick penetrated her asshole.


Naia suffered at the thick and meaty feeling that was different from her and Keith’s finger.
Even so, for Keith’s sake, she has to persevere on her own!

「Kei-…th-sama…Nhaa! Keith-samaa!!」

*Zurun*, Keith’s penis entered inside Naia’s rectum.
It can be said that her anus grew accustomed to accept a finger but it is still a tight path.
The organ that was meant for excretion desperately undulated trying to push the foreign substance out but that made Keith writhe in the pleasant feeling.

「O- O- Ooo!! It’s winding like it is trying to tear off my dick!! Amazing, what is this, what is this??」

This ass-pussy has quite a different feel.
Experiencing a pleasure no one else has savored, Keith’s skin stands up with goosebumps in pleasure.
But, Naia’s head was dominated by the suffering and Keith’s obscene words didn’t even reach her.
It was like her stomach ruptured.
Finally he came into her ass.
It drank up the penis that was manyfold fatter than a finger.
Thanks to the saliva and the lubricant painted on earlier it didn’t break but the inside being expanded is painful.
Even so, she began frantically moving her hips up and down.
Because she wants to save Keith.
Since she is the only one that can save him.
Believing that, Naia desperately placed her hands on her thighs and shook her body in a squatting motion.

「Oho! Uhoho!! Good…feels erotic!」

Keith placed a pillow under his back and with Naia’s bow legged form spreading her anus, he stared at his penis going in and out of there.

「Unnn!! Haguu!! It’s painful…my stomach…Keith-sama, I will save you immediately!! Naia will immediately shave you!!」2

This brave girl’s form has a femininity that doesn’t stop.

「Nfuu! Nfuuu!! Nha! Nha!!」

Gradually, her movements became rhythmical.
Matching that movement,「Zuchu! Zuchu! Zuchu!」resounds and the head of the penis rubs against the intestinal walls raising the feeling of ejaculation.

「Keith-sama!! Your dick!! Ish it awight? Your dick, dick, haaaa!!」
「Yeah, princess!! It’s ok princess!! It’s exceedingly good!! Aaaa!!! Ooo!! It’s become so comfortable, ukuhaa!!」
「Keith-shama!! I! Will save you!! Keith-shama!! Naia’s Keith-shamaa!!!」

In any case, if it comes out, Keith wants it to be a thick amount that comes out.
Keith bears it until his dick goes numb.
But Naia, who immersed herself in saving Keith, her strength and what not was irrelevant. She just shook her body wholeheartedly.

「Princess!! It’s too strong…Uguu!! My dick!! Uoooo!!」
「Keith-shamaa!! I’m gonna save you!!! Nguaaaa!!!」

Keith’s hips started to rise.
If he tried to bare anymore than this, he would end up cumming involuntarily.
He thought so and when he lost his strength in one go,


The thick juice, that has continued to amass for two days without letting it out, gushed out from the penis’s head inside Naia’s intestines with a *Dobyu dobyu*.

「Akyuuu!! My stomachh!! It’sh hot…」

Naia shouted at the first shot of semen that was released in her anus, that had a heat and force similar to a gun, while she fell forward.
She had her face down and ass up.
While looking at the penis that had the remaining semen coming from the head and was dirty from Naia’s intestinal fluids, Keith sits up.
Naia’s anus tightly squeezed to the base trying to close back up again but ended up being a bit open.
The foamy and cloudy semen overflowed from inside with a「kopu kopu」.

「Princess’s ass-pussy…I have gratefully received it.」

Keith muttered at the fainted Naia’s exposed pink-colored rectum that was dirty with his cloudiness.


「Keith-sama…is it no good no matter what?」
「Yeah, it’s still a bit early for the princess to have medicine poured directly in your stomach.」

Naia was perplexed at Keith’s smile. It was the usual scenery.
But the place they were in was the bathroom.
It wasn’t the common bathroom like the one Keith entered with Aira a while ago. It was a lavish bathroom for Naia’s exclusive use connected to her room.
In the olden days, when Keith was living in the magic association, the boarding room was less spacious than this.
Naia sat on top of the toilet seat in that bathroom like she was pooping and Keith was looking at that squatting figure.

「Okay, then go ahead and try to do it」

「Uuuh」, Naia was on the verge of tears to Keith’s words while putting strength into her stomach like she was told.
And when she did so, a sound came from Naia’s anus「bupyuu, boppyu」as Keith’s semen dripped inside the toilet bowl.
At that sound that was declaring how much Keith let out, Naia shed tears at how embarrassing it was to show Keith what she was pushing out from her ass.
Confirming everything was pushed out,

「Okay. Then let’s make it clean」

When Keith tried to wipe her butt for her with toilet paper.

「I can do it by myself!! I’ll do it by mysellff!!」

Shouting that, she stole the paper from Keith’s hand and wiped it by herself.
While patting her head for her cuteness, Keith ended up laughing.

「Now, if you are done, lets spread some medicine on your butt」

Getting off the toilet, Naia nodded her head「yes」while being bright red.
Keith gave her a kiss on her cheek.


It wasn’t a breathing method. There was no different kiss. It was a kiss on the cheek.
Naia’s face became as red as a red hat.

「A, Awa…A- Keith-shama??」
「It’s my thanks for saving me…Princess, it is a gratitude I will never be able to repay」

Saying so, Keith’s retreating figure to the room from the bathroom looked like a prince to the princess.


  1. 結社の追手 best guess.
  2. Not a typo she just slurs