Elf Chapter 25: The Female Knight Being Treated Kindly Part 2


Keith laid Aisha down gently like he was handling a treasured object while putting a pillow under her back.
And then he removes his own clothes and moved in between Aisha’s legs.
When he slowly pushed open her legs, Aisha’s pussy was plenty wet.
Holding his dick with his fingers, Keith traces Aisha’s labia.
The fluttering head’s rubbing felt slightly ticklish.
And then when he pushes his head on the hole below, he suddenly thrust inside her.
*Zupu zupu*, she felt the sense of his dick going inside her. Aisha had numbness run from her stomach to the top of her head.


When all of it fit inside, that immediately changes into a warm feeling.
While Keith looks at Aisha whose mouth loosened, he pulled back the bed covers and then covered himself and Aisha.

「If I do this, the feeling of being wrapped up feels good」

While saying so, he started pistoning slowly.
Placing his hands near Aisha’s armpits, he roughly advances his waist.
The bed shook with large sways and such recoil gave a good stimulation.
Just as Keith said, when they were wrapped up in a futon, the feeling of being glued together increases.

「Fuhah, Fuwah! N, N, N,…it’s diff-…why is it different from before!」

It was a gentle piston, he uses his hips gently.
She asked Keith who had a face showing his eagerness to give Aisha pleasure.
He didn’t put a burden on Aisha for even a little bit, and then at the place that was feeling good.
The tip of his dick knocks her insides with a tap-tap while it sticks to him as he pulls his waist back.

「Na! Na! Naa!! Oku! It’s hot!! Why? Although it isn’t as strong as before」

With such an expression, Keith was satisfied with those words while,

「As I thought…Ku!! Aisha likes- U, Ah! It here, huh!」

While bearing the pleasure given by Aisha’s melting tsundere pussy, Keith repeatedly pushes in and out gently.

「Here? Fuuwah!! Auuh!!」

While Keith’s movements become even slower,

「I’m sorry. Until now I have only been doing violent things…I thought I would make Aisha feel good but…I ended up making you cry in reverse」
「I ended up making a mistake wanting Aisha to be filled with pleasure. The truth is you like it gentle, huh…Can you forgive me?」
「From here I will be treat you kindly plenty…I will no longer make you cry or trick you. That’s why, Aisha…please feel as good as you can」

Saying that, Keith started moving his waist again.
Aisha was full with pleasure and euphoria.
He…He will try and make me feel good by himself.
He apologized for the things from before, he said that he was wrong.
When he tricked me, he said it was his own fault.
But, that should be something said in the moment since we are pretending.
But, that apology could really be believed. I want him to say that after this too. Not just now.
But, if I end this by myself, when I receive the crystal, Keith will…
Her head that was melting in pleasure could not collect her thoughts.
That’s why, Aisha decided to try enjoying this for now.
It is fine to think about everything else after her time with this Keith ended.
After she is done receiving all these good feelings that make her feel extremely happy and she won’t hate herself for.

「Hyah!! Yaah!! N! Na!! Amazing, Oku, it’s hot…I’m starting to like it…」
「Here? Nkuh! Is here good?」

Keith adjusts his dick’s position.

「Ukyaa!! There!! Nfuh! Nfuuu!!」

Recently, Aisha wanted Keith’s dick.
But, now she wants all of Keith from the bottom of her heart.
She wants to receive more of Keith. She wants to be tied closer together with Keith.
What should she do in order to accomplish that?

「A! Ahya!! N, A! Aaah!!!」

She looks at his face. At Keith’s face.
While sweating, the man moves his hips trying to make Aisha feel good with a frantic face.
I want it. I want more of Keith,1


Not knowing whether it will reach Keith or not, she calls out his name with a delicate voice.
She never thought she would call out his name.
Even though it was just that,

「A-Aisha…are you cumming? Uh! It’s twisting…terrifically inside」
「Nha! Nhaa!!…Cumming…this, is amazing! Cumming…I’m scared, I’m scaaared」
「It’s alright. I am here so. That’s why, here!!」

Saying that, Keith suddenly thrust his dick all the way until her cervix in one stroke.

「Ugyuh!! Kuhaah!!! Naaaa!!!」
「Cum, I am here so. Cum Aisha!! I will help you!!」
「Na!! It’s scary!! I’m scaredd!! Thiss is scaryy!! Hiih…Ku, AaaAA!!」

A violent wave didn’t come.
And yet the sensation was much larger than that time. Aisha shed tears in that fear.
And then, as if seeking help,

「Keith! Keithh!!」

Called his name. She did it properly in order to be heard.
Throwing her arms around Keith’s neck, she entwined her legs around Keith’s waist while,

「Keith!! I’m scared! Halp me, Keith!! Nhyaa!!」
「Aisha!! It’ll be fine so!! Cum!! Cuumm!!」

Keith quickened his waist movements.
*Zuchu zuchu*, his penis pushed away her soft creases that were entangling him and went inside again and again.
*Guu guu!*, her vagina was closing like it was having convulsions.
And matching that, Aisha tightly shut her eyes and with a voice that seemed to be squeezed out from insider her throat,

「Keith!! Aaaaah!!! Cu-…mmingggg Uaaaa—-!!!!…」

With her whole body, while her pussy meat tightened, Aisha reached orgasm.
She called out Keith’s name while clinging onto him.
She ended up cumming as a woman not a vulgar bitch.
Aisha still didn’t notice that the real meaning was taken by Keith.
Towards Aisha who was looking at him with vacant eyes, Keith,

「You’re quite sweaty…although I am too」

Says that and *nyurun*, pulls out from inside Aisha,

「I will go prepare the bath. Please wait here」

He went towards the bathroom.
When Aisha looked with a sidelong glance, Keith’s erect dick twitches in an ecstatic state.
She noticed that he didn’t cum inside her.
The sex just now only made Aisha feel satisfied.
When this ends…when morning comes, she will kill Keith. That’s what she pledged.
If that’s the case, even if he looks at me with good eyes to the end, he won’t punish me by hitting me?
When Keith came back from preparing the bath, Aisha sat on the bed.
She raised one leg up and extended her other leg out.
An inflamed pink color in the middle of her tan skin was shown.

「…Kei-…Keith, in such a state…d-dont you need to…release your magic power?」
「…It’s fine…even if you use me…but, don’t be rough」

Saying that, she spread her vagina with her own hands and showed it.
It was different from her begging from earlier. Rather, it was close to words of love.
Keith swallowed his saliva.
His erect penis twitched with a start like it was reacting to Aisha’s figure.

「The bath…will get cold」

While laughing for some reason, Aisha drew closer to him and lightly kissed him. She pushed her hips forward while still sitting.
Aisha put both hands behind him and accepted it.
It was their second union. *Nyururi*, when his dick was gulped down by her meat hole,

「Ua…Amazing. It is twisting more than last time…it’s completely wet」
「Nnku! Saying such a thing…Ha, don’t say it idioot…Uhaa!!」
「Even if you don’t like it, it’s true…Ku! Ah…I think will cum soon, Ahaha」

When he was laughing, Aisha,

「M-me too…even though I just came…I am about to cum」

Saying so, the smiling girl was beautiful.
Trying to keep where they are connected visible, the sloppy sound of water resonates as she moves her hips in a circular motion.

「Haahaa! Nhaa!! Keith, does it feel good? Inside me?」
「Yes, Nnku!! Amazingly good…」
「Is that so?…it feels good?」

Aisha seemed happy.
Keith concentrates on her hip movements.
Before long, a pain that cannot be helped ran through his waist.

「A-Aisha! It’s cumming…Ku, wh-where should I let it out?」

After Aisha was perplexed for an instant,

「Ah, eh…inside…is fine. Because my ovulation day…was a long time ago.」
「It’s fine?」
「Yeah…Keith. Let it out. Inside me…」
「Then, with pleasure…!」

Keith grinded his hips and then,

「Uugu! Ohoa!!!! Aa!!」

Suddenly thrusting his hips, *byuru byuru*, his baby juice gushes out inside Aisha.
While receiving that heat in her stomach,

「U…Aa…so hot!…Amazing, Keith is…amaziing」

Aisha muttered that while holding back her own stomach.
After the painful ejaculation in front of them, when he pulled his waist back and extracted his dick, thick cloudiness overflowed from her pussy.

「An incredible amount came out…」

It was a huge quantity even for himself.
When Keith smiles at her receiving it, the pillow flew.
*Bafuh!*, when the pillow hit his face,

「D-don’t misunderstand!! Since we are pretending to be lovers, it can’t be helped, okay?!! You definitely must not misunderstand」

Aisha shouted that and went towards the bathroom.
While feeling the laughing Keith’s gaze from behind, she entered the bath.
It felt like it was the first time she「embraced someone」.
She didn’t think that could feel so good and she could get such satisfaction.
The people who think differently would scorn Aisha, but if it was said that they could get that over and over again, they wouldn’t know what to do themselves.
It was that sort of satisfaction.
She soaks in the bath and when she returns to the changing room, Keith was raising a sleeper’s breath.
When she suddenly looks at the side table, the recording crystal magic tool was placed there.
When he said the position was different than earlier, Keith must have moved it.
She timidly tries touching it.
It didn’t transfer away.
Keith kept his promise.
A smile broke unintentionally from her mouth.
Whether it was because she could finally feel relieved from obtaining the magic tool or whether she was happy about Keith proving he is a man of his words, not even Aisha understood.
In any case, if she obtains this.
Thinking that, she took a hold of her rapier and cut the magic tool right in half.
The magic tool made a sound as it broke. That was a relief.
After…she turns towards Keith. Keith was still asleep.
She turned the tip of her rapier towards Keith.
If she kills Keith, everything will be over.
The knowledge of her own foolishness as well as Naia-sama’s foolishness will disappear from this world.
Her distress will also be gone!!
Thinking that, she raised her rapier overhead.
At that time, someone inside her head cried out. It said「You don’t need to kill him」.
Why? For what reason did she not need to kill him?
There are countless reasons to kill him. Then what is the reason for not needing to kill him?
Aisha swallowed her saliva.
That’s right. Keith was a royal court magician.
If he suddenly disappears dead, won’t it be bad?
Wouldn’t the country needlessly end up in chaos?
That is no good.
That’s right. It is because that is no good.
That’s why…she has to properly do the preparations so that even if Keith suddenly disappears it won’t cause a problem.
Until those preparations are done, she can’t kill Keith.
When she realized that, Aisha’s face smiles. The person herself didn’t notice it.
When she sheathed her rapier into its scabbard, she put it back on the sword rack.
And then, with a few hours until it became morning, she lied down next to Keith in order to rest her body while saying “It can’t be helped”.

「To sleep on other people’s beds…what a hopeless guy」

Muttering that, she softly put her hand on Keith’s body.

Well then, as for Keith, he was dribbling cold sweat while he pretended to be asleep.
The whole time he was hiding a magic wand under his body so Aisha couldn’t see it.
If it came to him being killed, he would return to his own room with transfer magic.
By the way, the magic tool he handed over to Aisha was the real thing. It was the real thing but he properly made a copy.
The method was simple. If you can’t make a copy of the real thing, then it’s fine to just play the video and record that.
The image quality will get worse but it’s not like you couldn’t see anything. Of course it could still be used to threaten her.
If it looked like she would kill him, he planned to use it this time, but it seems his gamble paid off somehow.
He was completely pleased with Aisha being lovey-dovey.
He liked the dishevelled Aisha but it should be fine to continue gradually training that part of her.

“If she seriously became lovey-dovey, I would definitely get tired of it.”

While thinking such despicable things, Keith, who was enjoying the aftertaste of his bet paying off, embraced Aisha sleeping happily next him and he really started to fall asleep.


The next morning, Keith was roused out of bed at 5am
Looking on with half asleep eyes, Aisha urged him to return to his room.
It seems there was no after effect from yesterday.
However, the fact that Keith didn’t die yesterday is proof enough, and with that he decided to return to his own room.
When he put on his clothes and went to the door,

「Don’t get found by the patrolling soldiers」
「I got it」
「…And also, from now on, when you are going to come over properly inform me in advance…I will come help quickly」
「Don’t misunderstand! I am just a substitute for Naia-sama!! That’s right, it’s because I am her substitute!! That’s why it can’t be helped! You get it!!」
「…I got it」
「And then…and then…when we do it…will you no longer be rough?」

Keith hugged Aisha and when he kissed her,

「Yes. I will be gentle. Aisha-sama」
「…Aisha is…fine…when we are alone」

Aisha said that while being inside Keith’s chest.
Seeing Keith off as he returned to his room, she starts her morning arrangements.
And then, like always, she stands in front of Naia’s room at 7:30.
Around 8 o’clock, the attendant finally comes. And then standing across Aisha, Beluna calls out in a whisper,

「Your health seems to be good today」
「S-such a thing, there’s no way」
「Is that so?…Ara? How unusual. You’re wearing a ring. Even though you always say that things like accessories are a hindrance」

When Aisha covers her right hand in a panic,

「Y-You’re wrong!! This is…a memento of my father! I found it yesterday! And then…」
「Is that so?」

Beluna said nothing further.
The only one there was just the embarrassed Aisha.
It became 8 o’clock.


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