Erocom Chapter 22: Kurusu Mia 8


Friday I bid farewell to my usual studying with Shirota.
And then Saturday, it was decided that we would study at our own houses.
When there was something she didn’t understand, I would get a text or call from her.

Just like that, Monday came.
We had midterms for 2 days and math was planned for the second day.

I just finished the first test.
I leave the classroom of agonizing cries.
There was some slight difficulties but I should get passing marks this time as well.


I was called out in the hallway.
When I turn around, Kurusu was there breathing heavily like she left the classroom in a hurry.

「Let’s walk a bit」

Kurusu walks down the hallway like she was escaping from something.
Getting a bit interested, I chase her after a bit.
Today’s Kurusu is also scary beautiful.
I wonder if she is fired up for the exams since her long chestnut-colored hair is tied up in a ponytail.
Her white camisole under her see through white shirt is dazzling.

「What is it?」

Kurusu faced opposite the entrance to the shoe racks.
A number of students gradually decreased until finally no one was there.
At that time, Kurusu finally answered my question.

「Okutani, something bad has happened」

Walking quickly, Kurusu said rapidly.

「R-remember when we did that perverted thing at the shrine?」

Many days have passed but I recalled it like it was yesterday.
I showed Kurusu my dick on the shrine’s grounds.
And then Kurusu stroked it until I came.

Kurusu went up the staircase.
I knew where Kurusu was headed to.
It was the Human Culture Research Club clubroom.

「It seems someone saw us」

I stopped my feet in the middle of the staircase.
Kurusu who noticed that also stopped her feet and turned towards me.

「Furthermore, it seems they are a student at Hashidzume High School as well…」
「W-what? Eh? Someone saw us?」

Kurusu shook her head.
Sunlight comes from the window shining through the staircase.
That lighting caused a black silhouette to appear over Kurusu.
The figure of Kurusu’s silhouette is perfect.

「I don’t know. But, today…I found this at the shoe rack」

Kurusu took out a photo.
Going up the staircase, I took the photo from her.
It was slightly fuzzy but I could tell from the uniform that the man and woman was from Hashidzume High School.
It was at the shrine’s grounds. There was something on the back.

「The back of the photo…look」

Kurusu told me who was in a daze.
When I turn it over to look, a sentence was written there in magic marker.

「『I will erase the data. In exchange, tomorrow after school please come to the rooftop』」

I read it out loud.
It has became a considerable ordeal.
Since the photo was in Kurusu’s shoe rack and they told her to meet them at the roof, the sender should be a student here.

「What should we do?」

Starting to walk again, Kurusu mutters like she was talking to herself.
Silently following her, I frantically strained my brain for an answer.
When we arrive at the clubroom, Kurusu put in the key and opened the door.

「Eh? The key?」
「I borrowed it from Kawauchi-kun…」

The clubroom key was handed over so easily, Kawauchi must be Kurusu’s yes-man.
We entered the clubroom.
Kurusu closes and locks the door.
I told Kurusu who tries to sit on the sofa.

「I’ll go…」

Guessing from the contents of the letter, it seems the sender isn’t a bad person.
This was probably just a deed to try and get closer with Kurusu.
I didn’t possibly think anyone would see us but I can’t help it now that it has happened.

「But…if I don’t go…won’t they get mad?」

Kurusu, who sat on the sofa, looks up at me.
That is certainly right. They think Kurusu is the one who will come.
I don’t know the person in question but if the guy who just has a huge dick comes, there is more than enough of a possibility for them to get mad.

「And then if they get mad, if they don’t get rid of the data…it will be bad…」
「Then let’s go together…I will hide myself somewhere, so…if it seems like something bad will happen, I will come out. If they honestly hand over the data, there is no need for me to come out」
「Somehow…I’m sorry」

Looking down, Kurusu let out a big sigh.

「Why are you apologizing?」

This is both our problem.
I am not the only victim here.

「I mean…at the shrine…since I was the one to suggest doing something like that…」
「I was the one who didn’t refuse」

Our eyes met.
The clubroom was dim.
Since it was in the old school building, there weren’t many students walking by regularly.
We continue to pause in silence in the clubroom.
The old sofa and the bookshelves that collected dust.
One strand of sunlight peeks through the opening in the curtain and runs between me and Kurusu.
The air stagnated within the closed room, it started to get warm with time.


Kurusu unfastened the scrunchy that held her hair up in a ponytail.
Her long hair gently falls down to her shoulders.

「If it’s here…no one can see us」
「Th-that’s right…」

My throat dried up.
Thick saliva collects in my mouth.

Combing her fingers through her hair, Kurusu looked at me.
I could feel a woman’s nature whirl inside her moist eyes.
Kurusu relaxed into the sofa letting it support her.
It was very alluring. I was being invited. I had that hunch.

I slowly drew near Kurusu.
And then looking down on her, my hand reached out towards her hair and touched it.
Closing her eyes, Kurusu slightly raised her chin.
Bending my waist, I touched her lips with mine.


Our second kiss was extremely short.
When we separate our lips, Kurusu smiles seeming embarrassed.
And then she opens her lips she just kissed me with and said.

「From when I saw this in the morning…I have just been taking tests nonstop…I wanted it to be just the two of us…」
「It’s fine with just that?」

Kurusu’s eyebrows lowered for an instant towards that question.
And then she immediately looked at me with a face of triumph.

「That is just fine with me but…what about you?」

Kurusu is showing no signs of losing.
With a wry smile, I shrugged my shoulders and muttered.

「Is it fine if I kiss you again?」
「…Go ahead」

Kurusu pursed her lips a bit replying so.