Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Princess Seria’s first time service #

I removed the restraint on princess Seria’s hands. Then, she looked at me suspiciously.

「Why did you remove it?」
「You can’t move if you’re bound right?」
「Didn’t you think that I might resist?」
「If you looked at the result outside you know what will happen」

There’s more than 20 corpses rolling outside the carriage. She had seen me do that terrible sight, she knows that I’m a sort of person that can kill easily.
Now that I have Lululie as hostage, she has no choice but to obey.

「!! I Under…stand」

Assuming that she’s now obedient, we’ll continue then. Firstー

「I’m telling you to strip. Your panties too of course」

Her dress was torn earlier, the clothed play was exiting, but I want to enjoy every corner of her bare body.
Since I got the rights to order her around, it’s a waste if I didn’t use it.


Princess Seria stood up, then her torn dress fell straight down.
Damn! I expected her face to be distorted in humiliation while taking it off.
Suddenly, it’s just her pink panties and white stocking remaining. Princess Seria moved her panties, then stopped.

「Hurry up」

She slowly removed her panties. She pulled the white thread from the crotch, then pulled it out from her legs in order.

「I took it off」

Princess Seria seems embarrassed as she hides both her chest and crotch with her hands. Even though you let me see more than that, what are you getting embarrassed for?

However, no matter how many times I look at it, it’s beautiful.
Her wet silver hair is sparkling and the texture becoming transparent. Her petite body and innocent face, no matter how you look, it’s of a child, but her big swelling breasts and her firm waist already bringing out her adult charm. Her ass is a bit humble, but when I thought that my fat penis screwed in there, there’s no odd sense of immorality.

「What are you getting embarrassed for? Since you were born a beautiful woman, flaunt it more」

Princess Seria removed her hands, then the ripe bust and lewd legs were exposed. Her pink nipples turned red and was standing erect. Her crotch where I let it out a while ago has something overflowing.

Her figure that exceeds something that is called a work of art is being ogled at, princess Seria’s face was dyed red.

I also took off my clothes.
Weapons, armor, dark device, medicine, traps, and other various stuffs, the total weight of the equipment mountain was over 20kg, were prepared in the entrance of the carriage.
Finally, I put the dagger on the top of the hill to screen princess Seria.
When I turned around after finishing preparations, the princess was pulling slightly.

「Good, come here and squat down」

I extend my leg while sitting on the couch. Then, I made princess Seria squat in between my legs. Exactly in front of the princess’ eyes is my cock.
Princess Seria is glued to the cock gleaming with various liquids.

「Service it」
「Err…What should I do?」

If I told you to service on this pose, there’s only one thing to do. It’s either do a handjob, or hold it on your mouth, or sandwich it in your breast…huh? There’s a lot. Should I let her do it in order.

「First, stroke it with your hand.」

Princess Seria timidly poked my glans. I grabbed her hand and made it hold my erect penis. Princess Seria holds my penis with both of her hands then strokes it gently back and forth.

「Like this?」
「Yeah, grasp it harder…Yes, that’s right」

She’s rubbing my penis clumsily. Her soft touch feels good, but honestly, it’s not enough. Well, let’s think of this as practice.
She sometimes get surprised with my cock twitching, but princess Seria moves her hand back and forth with all her might.

「Uu…It’s sticky. and there’s something coming out from the tip… Pee?」

The remaining semen and pre-cum was coming out from the glans. The quantity is small, but it fell on princess Seria’s hands.

「That’s not pee. It comes out when I feel good. That’s right…lick it」

Her eyes widened as if she saw something unbelievable. Was the hurdle too high for the princess?

「I’m telling you to lick it with your tongue. What’s wrong? You can’t do it?」
「That’s because…this is where you pee right?」
「So what? I’m telling you to do it. If you don’t like it then I’ll plunge it inside your mouth down there」

I stimulate her crotch with my foot, then her waist became loosened. Since she got it already, I return my foot.


She reluctantly brought her face close, then closed her eyes tight, then extended her small tongue with all her best, then licked up my glans.
An electric current run up through my spine. It feels so good.

「The smell is terrible…Is this fine?」
「More. Lick the back of the head and up to the base of my penis carefully」

Princess Seria seems to hate it deep inside but she began to lick. Since she doesn’t understand which is the glans and the penis, I taught her one by one.
Princess Seria began to lick the penis that was mixed with blood, love nectar, and sperm carefully.

「Yeah, that’s good. It now feels good」
「*Lick*…Like this…Is this fine?」
「Yeah, men are pleased if you do it that way. Remember that.」

She doesn’t seem convinced, but she’ll remember it. She felt good from the cunnilingus after all.

「Hey, move your hands」

She licks the glans and squeeze to the base like a candy. She looks like she’s used to it, she doesn’t resist from licking anymore.
Still, the combination of the neat beautiful girl and my penis is dangerous. It makes me excited.

「Next. Put the tip inside your mouth」

The frightened princess Seria asked.

「Don’t bite it. Move your tongue while sucking it with your mouth. ーーYou can do it right?」

When I showed her that I was looking at Lululie, the flustered princess Seria nodded.
She resolved herself, then put my penis in her mouth. The swollen glans was wrapped in heat as it was swallowed by her beautiful pink lips.

「Ok, Good girl. Move your tongue just like that. Keep doing it until you’re used to it」

I combed princess Seria’s beautiful silver hair. It feels like I’m patting a good child. That girl is naked and is sucking my penis right now. It’s really a good child.

Princess Seria sticks to my glans, and moves her tongue awkwardly. My glans’ center is licked equally.
She seems to be in pain and is breathing heavily, but she doesn’t separate her mouth.
When she do it this way, somehow I feel that she’s greatly improving. Actually, the princess stubbornly sucks my penis, she doesn’t think of me as somebody1, but that’s it.
Then, when I pat her head, princess Seria’s rough breathing calm down.

「Then, next. Move your mouth back and forth. Make sure that your lips tighten my rod as you suck. Okay?」

Princess Seria nodded while having the cock inside her mouth.
She held my rod with both of her hands, then held the tip with her mouth, then moved back and forth.
*Chupa Chupa* she’s making a small noise, but she’s sucking the penis with all her might. She’s stimulating the glans gently, it feels good.
It’s still clumsy and very unrefined, but it’s surely a fellatio.
In fact, this child suits elegance.

「Oh, it feels good. Continue just like that」

Princess Seria follows my directions obediently. Her jaw must be tired by now, but she continued her fella without complaints.
I want to do it violently a bit, but since she’s obedient, I’ll let her do it till the end.
To be honest, the stimulation isn’t quite satisfactory, but the pleasure of training a gentle beautiful girl makes me happy that my sense of ejaculation is rising up.
However, I want another push.

「Good, you can take it out」

When I said so, princess Seria separated her mouth and she was breathing heavily. She’s tired as expected.

「It’s…not the end isn’t it?」
「Yeah, I haven’t cum yet after all.」
「What should I do next?」

She finally began to ask herself. She’s really a devoted princess.

「Next is paizuri…sandwich my penis in your breasts and move like earlier」
「With my breasts?」
「With you breasts. Since it’s big. It’s a waste if you don’t use it」
「Err…I’ll try」

Princess Seria lifted her nice breasts with both of her hands, then my penis is placed in the alluring gap.
It has a different feeling from her mouth, my penis is being wrapped up with a soft feeling.

「Yeah, amazing. This child is doing a paizuri…」
「N, My breasts are rubbing…」

The combination of her childlike face and big breasts is more fiendish than I imagined.
While clumsily shivering, princess Seria began to slowly move it up and down
Matching her movements, her breasts shakes greatly.
On the skin colored valley, my grotesque penis is appearing and disappearing.
An absurd destructive power.

「Is this fine?」

Princess Seria asked with her cheeks blushing. My answer is obvious.

「Yeah, it’s perfect」
「Got it」

When She said that, princess Seria began to move her breasts wholeheartedly. She puts force from her hand to her beasts sanwich little by little. The pressure of her breasts strengthened, it feels quite good.

「N, N, How is it?」
「It feels good. You seem to be having fun」
「N, that’s not, true. It’s an order, it can’t be helped so I’m doing it」
「It’s an order? Considering all of that, you’re doing pretty well」
「I’m not getting enthusiastic. Ahn!」

The behavior of princess Seria is odd.
She leaked a voice when her nipples hit my abdomen a while ago.
And now, she’s actively rubbing her nipples.
No matter how you look at it, this princess feels it through her breasts.
You think I won’t notice?
Do you want to say that you’re not feeling it even your nipples are standing up?
Your body must be burning hot. Your skin is flushed, and you’re breathing feverishly.
However, your pride doesn’t allow you to admit. Is that it?

「Haa, haa, haa, is it not done yet?」
「N, I wonder. combine it with fella I’ll cum with that」
「Fellatio. When you hold my penis in your mouth. That one.」
「Nn, got it」

She stuck on my glans without hesitation this time.
My rod is being wrapped up in her breasts, and the head is being sucked up by her mouth. Her movements is even bolder than just a while ago.
Sense of talent isn’t it?

「Ah, good. You’re good. I’m about to cum soon」

When I pat her head telling her she did well, she seemed to be bashful as she was embarrassed.
My sense of ejaculation rises quickly.

「I’ll cum. Take it in your mouth」

I stopped patting her, then held her head and forced my penis in. Princess Seria’s tongue keeps licking the tip of my penis.


I ejaculated inside her mouth as is.
*Splurt Splurt* my semen dashed out and filled the mouth of princess Seria.


Princess Seria raised her voice in surprise, but I didn’t separate her face. I kept holding her head until the last drop.

「Fuu… You did well. Don’t spill it」

I made her face up and pulled my penis. Some of the semen spilled from her lips like drool. Princess Seria doesn’t move as she doesn’t know what to do.

「Open your mouth and show the semen」

I grasped her lower jaw to open her mouth. A thick, white liquid fills the inside of her mouth. It’s filled with the smell of semen.

「I let out a lot again. Good. Drink it all. If it’s hard to drink, mix it with saliva and drink it」

As soon as she hear my order, princess Seria opened her eyes wide and shook her head.

「You don’t want it? Let’ see…Then pour it on Lululie. Her mouth and breasts would be fine. Oh, that’s right. If you put it in her pussy, she might get pregnant」

As soon as she heard that, princess Seria put both her hands against her mouth and closed her eyes. Then, just as ordered, *gulp*, *gulp* was the sound of her throat.

「*cough*, *cough*…I drank it all…Uu…」

Princess Seria opened her mouth to let me check inside. The semen from a while ago disappeared.
For the time being, I pat her head and told her that she did well.


  1. お前何様だと思わなくもないが