Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Meeting

Three nights passed after my fight with Matifa, I forced myself to come to the castle.
My fever hadn’t dropped yet. My condition fell and I’m at my worst condition. Still, it’s necessary to come by all means.
Matifa’s contract is the cause.
The content of the contract signed that day says that we have to meet face-to-face one per three days. ‘I have to do the contract faster’, I hurried up. So I reluctantly entered the castle.

There are some remodeled beast men loitering around Seria’s room.
These are Matifa’s remodeled beastmen, with the exception of Misha, they number around 50 They’ve already in Desire’s camp and Mark Newt house should’ve been keeping it somewhere. Perhaps he threw them.

I don’t understand his aim but it would be dangerous for the current me to approach. Matifa should deal with it if there’s some movement but I’ll give up today. I went to Matifa’s research building while thinking that.

When I came to Matifa’s usual room, Matifa welcomed me in bad mood.

「Fun, You finally came. If you didn’t come I would’ve died because of the breach of contract. I don’t want to meet you though!」

Matifa faced away with tsuntsun. She used her own contract as an excuse.

「Ou, I came to meet you intentionally. Be grateful」
「What are you getting bossy for? Rather than that, I’ve got a task for you. Follow me」

Matifa jumped off the chair and started going somewhere. I’m a bit reluctant when it’s just the two of us talking.
I asked the business while walking dizzily.

「What do you want me to do? Is it no good in your room?」
「It’s not my task. I’ve been ask to bring you」
「Who requested you to bring me?」
「The greatest person in this country. Since I’m with you, you’ll never be at disadvantage so don’t worry about getting caught」

The greatest person is probably Ortiz. What business does a king have in me? If a trap was set, it’s much easier for me so it’s probably something different. Does he intend to bring me in.
Well, I should just run in case of emergency. Ortiz also stopped Radom at that time so I wouldn’t get killed immediately.

「Yes yes, I’ll follow you」
「Today’s you seems to be having no ambition. Did you catch a cold?」
「That’s right. Since you did a strange contract, I wasn’t able to rest properly」
「Fun, It’s your fault for doing such things. You should’ve died rotting just like that」

When Matifa’s glance turned to my eyes, she turned her face away again. It seems she’s worried about me. After Yandere was cured it’s now Tsundere. She’s really not cute.
I leaned on Matifa’s back abruptly.

「W-what are you doing! Release me」
「Isn’t it fine? I’m too tired to walk. Piggyback me」
「You’re really selfish!」

Matifa invoked healing magic as she touched my hand angrily. Warm light wraps my body and energy springs in.

「How’s it? Did you feel better」
「Oh, it’s true」
「Then walk by yourself. Also, there will be a guard soon. Be sure to use your invisibility」

Just like Matifa said, I passed through the guard invisible and we went to Ortiz’ private room.
Ortiz is working in his desk. He’s absorbed in troubles late at night. After confirming that there’s no trap, I removed my invisibility.

「Ortiz, I’ve brought the example」
「I’m indebt to Matifa-dono. You often came too. I welcome you」

Having no dignity as a King, he’s like an exhausted old man you can find anywhere. That’s Ortiz’ impression right now.
I should be paying respects if it’s the usual but that’s not the concern right now. As always, I answered with hostility.

「What’s your business with me」
「I wanted to express my gratitude」

Ortiz stops the brush and looked straight to my face.

「Than you for helping Seria. I’m thanking as her father」

Ortiz lowered his head to me. Is that something a King should do?

「Don’t thank me. Rather than that, what’s your real business?」

The rape was a breach of contract. Furthermore, I continued it. There’s no way someone would be grateful of someone who took their daughter’s virginity away by force, there’s a limit to stupidity. Is this country really okay?
But, Ortiz replied to my words with a wry smile.

「I’ve heard about you from Matifa-dono and Christel-sama. Thanks to them, I finally was able to get the whole picture」
「Wait a moment. You heard about me from Master!?」
「Yeah, I was told about you after the incident in the audience」

It somehow turned troublesome again.
I now know that ーー Christel and the King are connected. Master’s role is to be the dark side of the country that deals with the unreasonable demands. Instead, she’s granted a decent privilege.
Tracing back the origin of the assassination request, it finally reached Ortiz. The number of nobles and merchants that can’t be judged by the country multiplies, that’s when Ortiz went to Master and asked for advice. Then Master planned out an assassination and I carried it out.
But, it’s hard to believe master talking about me.

「What does this mean? I don’t think master speaks out that easily」

Matifa is the same. This girl is my slave so she can’t leak out information about me easily.

「I consulted about your search a bit. I haven’t heard the circumstances though」
「Search? What’s that?」
「The search for the assassin beheader changed from B-class to A-class. It’s not publicized yet but it will be announced in a few days. An official announcement will be issued at the same time, not just the knights but also bounty hunters and adventurers who think they have skill will aim at you」
「What the hell!?」

A-class search is isued only on the specially dangerous person. Those being searched are those who indiscriminately kills or mass murders or those who uses forbidden magic. In addition, the price for catching a Class-A fugitive is a large amount of money. Furthermore, it’s not even a question about life or death.
Before long, portraits will be stuck in downtown. Because my face was hidden, I don’t think I will be caught immediately, but…
Seeing the troubled me, Ortiz continued the explanation.

「I think it’s bad but it’s a necessary treatment. After you ran away last time, Radom and Desire had begun to quarrel. Many of the aristocrats are looking for that form too. A villain is absolutely necessary to put order in this place」

According to him, after I ran away from the audience Desire began cornering Radom as he missed. Matifa pointlessly reenacted the situation with her clones.

『If brother1 didn’t pop-up there, Lion and Trovas would’ve caught him. But brother obstructed them We’re the royal family, are you self aware?』
『That’s coming from the mouth of someone who didn’t do anything. Go tremble and piss yourself at the corner』
『I did mind so I couldn’t be a nuisance. What about you brother?』
『You’re just freaked out, you trash!』

Then the argument escalated quickly, in the end it nearly develop to a fistfight. The surrounding nobles divided into factions and blamed each other. This place won’t subside even either side are at fault. I who invaded reluctantly is to be blamed, it seems like that.
He wants me to take responsibility on the quarrel of the brothers.
So before raising the search class, Master talked that she’s my owner. And then, it seems that I’m listening to the information that Master has told them.

「I knew that the assassin named beheader is under Christel-sama’s control. And, I finally understood it from Felix and Matifa’s report. You were the one who saved and escorted Seria and Lululie to the castle. You showed your strength. Even now you’re still assisting Seria right? Despite that, I had no choice but to put you in A-class search, forgive me」

What a favorable interpretation. Matifa who knows the truth shrugged her shoulders in disgust.
I think Ortiz is a ally for the time being. Though he’s a king, he knows nothing2, his power is a jest.
What will his face look like when he knew that his daughter turned to a sex toy. Though I won’t tell him.

「I don’t need your apology. I know what I did. Me getting a A-Class search is like a medal rubbed into me. It’s the fact that they recognize my power」
「Saying that helps me. What, since you had a mask on your face, there won’t be problems. And since you have a magic deficiency disease, you won’t be suspected immediately. There’s no way you can escape if you’re a no magic, you would be crushed by all of the people there」

Well, that’s true. There’s no way that the me who wore the mask will be suspected. That’s why, it’s fine to be grand.

「Got it. Is that all?」
「That’s all for me. Please take care of Seria from now on」
「Then I have another question」
「What would that be?」

It’s a rare chance to speak with the king directly. That’s why I’ll throw my question in this chance.

「Why did you made Seria marry to Misumunto Kingdom? Why aren’t you making your next heir public? You do know that a civil war is about to start right?」

Ortiz frowned listening to my question.

「I thought you’re going to have just one question?」
「Shut up and just answer」
「Fuu, even so, I’m the king here. …Well fine, this is something Christel-sama must know too. I presented Seria to Misumunto kingdom with the alliance as the condition. The second prince McClane is devoted to her. Though it’s painful for me but this is the duty of Royalty. If it’s for the national security then it’s all right」

So that’s why the narcissist McClane came to that fort. For him to do what he says, isn’t it already a vassal nation?

「And the other is?」
「The next king would be Radom but problems occured. Do you know the daughter of the Will Gantt House that died against the battle with Misumunto Kingdom two years ago?」
「I know. That’s Radom’s fiancé and he’s burning in vengeance」
「If you know that much then you understand. If Radom becomes the next king right now, the war will be inevitable. On the other hand, if it’s Desire, it would be inevitable for Radom and Will Gantt’s rebellion. It’ll also be a war in this case. That’s why I’m desperately trying to persuade Radom right now. There’s a lot of disturbances so it doesn’t go well」

Ortiz throws up a sigh.
What are you leisurely talking about? It already passed the stage where you should be worrying about it. Can’t I make Radom the King and manipulate him behind the scenes? But I guess I can’t hold down his strong spirit. Since this fellow is here, this country got so far. Really, I’m the one who wants to sigh.

「Got it. I won’t expect anything from you anymore. I’ll do what I want」
「You must’ve been disappointed. But please don’t be so unreasonable. There’s a limit on how much I can protect」
「Yeah right. I thank you for stopping Radom last time too. Thanks to you I made a narrow escape. Though it should’ve been better if someone didn’t do anything」

My glance turned to Matifa.
Then Matifa retorted.

「Don’t say that anymore. Also, you also did such things. I don’t care even if everything is exposed!」
「Yes Yes, Let’s stop doing that even if we can. Then, King, we’ll be going now」
「Yeah, please tell my regards to Christel-sama」

‘Say hello to master’? I don’t want to see her though.

「You! Don’t ignore me!」
「Shut up and let’s go. Just open the door already」

I told the noisy Matifa to exit. I’m going to use invisibility again so I can’t go out if Matifa didn’t open the door.

「What an absurd man, he’s able to tame Matifa-dono」
「No! I’m not tamed by this man!」
「Shut up and let’s go」
「Ortiz! Don’t misunderstand! It’s not like I’m his ally or anything!」
「No No, It’s the first time I saw this kind of Matifa-dono. It seems that you like him very much」
「I don’t like him at all!! If you keep talking like that I’ll blow up this room!」

In the end, it took more than 10 minutes to get out of Ortiz’ room.

「Oi, Matifa, fix your mood. Aren’t you overstating a bit?」
「Fun, you and Ortiz should just be dammed together. Rather than that, we’re going to arrive soon」

Saying that, we arrived at Seria’s room. Seria seems to have business with me.
Today’s guards were two female knights. They seem to be talking about their skin getting rough, but I don’t care about it.

「Matifa-sama, what are you doing at such a time?」
「I want to talk to Seria in secret. Sorry but let me pass through」
「However, the princess is already asleep…」
「Don’t worry. Seria, open it」

Seria came out after Matifa called her. I can go in without troubles in front but,

「Matifa-sama, you came. Come, please go inside」
「Sorry. I’m going in then」

I also said ‘coming in’ inside my mind and came inside.3 After confirming the door was closed, I removed my invisibility.

「Yo, it’s been three days」
「You came, Ren-san. I have to talk to you about something today!!」

Seria points at me wearing her negligee. But, her appearance is a bit strange. She seems nervous, as if forcing herself…

「What’s wrong? Your appearance is a bit strange. …It’s that day?」
「That day?」
「Menstruation. If your condition is bad then rest. I also have a fever today so I don’t plan to overwork myself」
「That’s wrong! Why can’t you understand how anxious I am when you didn’t come!? I’d be glad if menstruation come instead! I’m going to have a party with Matifa-sama!」

Seria became angry. It seems I’m wrong about her being strange. It’s the usual Seria.

「Hey, that’s not it, I want to talk to you today」
「What? Say it then I’ll consider it positively」
「What’s with that assumption of you refusing? You see, it’s about the town. I’m already tired of the Hikikimori lifestyle. I want to go out!」

Certainly, it would be depressing for her to lock herself up in the room. The hikikimori lifestyle must be painful for Seria.

「I’m already at my limit. Getting up in the morning, eating meal, studying, then eat meal again, study, then eat meal again, enter bath and sleep at night. Always getting scared when I look at you, I don’t have time to relax. My only peace is when I talk to Lululie. My body weakens, so my health isn’t good. If this continues, my stomach would be punipuni4, And recently, I heard some dangerous events from Lululie. I’m worried about everyone in the town. I want to go outside and talk with everyone too!」

It seems that she accumulated stress. It’s likely that she’ll be sneaking out of the castle without permission. If that happened, she might get kidnapped again and cause an uproar. That would be troublesome.
But, I can’t go together with her, this is when I will use the convenient slave as a helping hand.

「You hear, Matifa? You’re also staying indoors right? Then you should go out together with her out of town」
「Leaving it to me? It’s not like I do anything I like and just shut myself up in the castle. If I come out, that woman would do everything to attack me . I sometimes use a familiar or a clone but It gets crushed one out of three times. Recently, a degenerate has been sent in. That’s why it’s too dangerous and you can’t go outside」

Matifa said ‘scary scary’, she’s pretending to be a afraid Though she doesn’t seem to be afraid, it’s true that she doesn’t want to go outside.
There’s one woman who’s not afraid of Matifa. It’s master. Her age is unknown and it seems that she’s good friends with Matifa. To the extent that she ordered me to kill her.

「That woman is Master isn’t it?… I feel sorry about you」
「That muscle brain woman is bad. Once she gets annoyed with a noble she’ll burn their house, also she’s been aiming for my life for more than a hundred years. Though I just gave her a punishment for calling me an old woman」
「That noble is good for nothing?」
「You say something?」

Black magic leaked out from Matifa. Even if it can’t do anything, scary things are scary.5

「No, nothing」

I shook my head and said that I didn’t say anything. It’s not known who’s the top or bottom.
However, if Matifa says it’s no good, it would be more difficult for Seria. I can’t leave him to Lion, I can’t go with it. Going out with a man is just like a date. If I see that, I might become the incarnation of envy.

「Give it up Seria. I’ll think about it if I have no other options but it’s already impossible」
「I know. But, I can go out once it’s safe right?」
「If your safety is already guaranteed. Also, it’s no good if you’re alone with Lion」
「Geez, what an intolerant person」
「Guh…shut it」

It seems horrible. Certainly the small articles stinks but I don’t need to say it directly. I’m not intolerant. I’m just careful.

「Is that all? If so, I’m going back」

My fever is really painful. I feel better thanks to Matifa but still the headache and dizziness doesn’t go away. The lecher doesn’t come out as I’m feeling ill.
Looking at my shaking head, Seria clenched her fist.

「It seems painful. Then please take rest. Come, in my bed please」

Seria pushed my back and brought me to the bed. She’s much aggressive than before.

「What’s wrong? If it’s the usual you’d tell me to go home faster?」
「No no, that’s too blunt for a sick person indeed. Also, let’s talk some more?」
「I don’t mind but…Really, what’s wrong?」

Seria’s state is strange. She pushed me down the bed and talked to me while sitting on top of me. It’s like I’m being seduced.

「Err, you see, that, what should I say? I have a small favor to ask you」
「Favor? Didn’t you tell me that a while ago?」
「Yes, a favor. Since I’m your favorite, can you hear my request for a moment?」

Saying that, Seria laughed cutely.


  1. No, I’m not gonna put Nii-san there, it’s disgusting to hear Nii-san from a boy
  2. Ortiz’ name changed to John Snow!
  3. No, not in a sexual meaning
  4. Squishy
  5. Fun things are fun, and people die if they are killed