Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Attacking the sleeping princess Seria #

It’s my slave’s turn at such time so I immediate called Matifa and made her clean up. While we’re at it, let’s have her take care of the fainted Lululie. Since a follow up service is necessary, it’s perfect. She’s really a convenient woman.
While cleaning things up, Matifa speaks out her complains.

「I was worried about you and this maid but who would’ve thought that this would happen. She’s pitiable., I sympathize with this child」
「You’re saying that but actually you’re happy that you have a new friend? Your burden now decreased」
「Fun! You should consider the feelings of your partner more. The curse applied to you isn’t as gentle as you think. Do you know why it didn’t activate? There’s no way you don’t. don’t you?」

Matifa says angrily but I honestly don’t know. The conditions I heard are only consent and no children. The consent is a bit ambiguous, like the forceful method of whipping Cathy, thinking that there’s no problem after I whip, I thought that it’s not that intense.
Dispelling it is the most difficult.

「Even if you say that. I have 2 wins and 4 loss so I thought it’s a bit loose I guess?」
「2 wins 4 loss? Do you have two other partners I don’t know of? furthermore, you had sex with one?」
「That’s right」
「Still, you make move on women? Really, what a cruel man. If not for the slave contract, I would’ve stabbed you from your back」
「Don’t say something scary. …But, oh well, it might happen one day. But, don’t tell Seria about it」
「I won’t. It’s not for me to tell her. …Haa, why is a man like this my master?」

Matifa shook her head in displeasure. You should stop acting like an old man.

「That’s fine with me. Rather than that, tell me the state of the castle while I was down. Did you investigate properly?」
「Of course. I can’t decline Misha’s request. The details are written on paper, these are the two big projects. Which would you like to hear? Bothersome or annoying news?」

I don’t want to hear both but I might as well. Rather, it would only end there.

「Then, the bothersome first」
「The bothersome one is Radom. You know that Radom is planning a coup d’état? The date is already decided. It’s one month after today」
「That’s too early. Why?」

Radom seems to decide the match. Though the success is likely to be decided with the Will Gantt house’s military power but, do you think it would go that easily?
Just how many people would be killed before you think of stopping? …It’s depressing just thinking about it.
However, I just can’t leave it alone. I have to throwback my debt at Radom after all.

「Think before you act. The only one I will defend are Seria and Ortiz. Also, it’s difficult to do protracted war in state of isolation」1
「Why? Didn’t you say before that you’d protect me and Seria?」
「After that fight, my magic weakened. Despite what I expected from old days, I’m afraid to be lured.2 That’s why don’t rely on me too much」

It probably means that the power of the incarnation has weakened. Isn’t that fine? Matifa doesn’t mind it that much, she’s just telling the fact.

「Then, the other thing?」
「The other thing is about that maid. Trovas and his company are desperate in capturing her. She’s okay inside the castle but dangerous outside. Do something about it」

It must be related to the remodeled beast men I guess. What do they plan after capturing Lululie? If it’s something erotic, I won’t let them.

「You know the reason?」
「Making her a hostage for Seria and to obtain clues about you I guess. It’s the same whatever you think. Take care so she won’t be kidnapped. It would be tragic of she’s made a hostage by Trovas」

She’s saying that it’s tragic if Seria and Lululie got included. I won’t let that.

「Got it. Thanks for your advice」
「Fun, if you get it then get dressed already. I’m going back. I still have to make this child rest」

Saying that, Matifa, carried Lululie.
It was after she cleaned her body and put on the clothes carefully.

「Somehow, I had you take care of her. Don’t don’t do strange things to Lululie」
「I’m not you. I won’t forcibly do naughty things with anyone anymore. I’m not you okay!」

She said it twice like it’s important. Aren’t you the one who made Misha suffer and endure a lot of things?
It seems that Matifa reflects on her acts when she’s standing near a victim. I did a nice thing.

「Then, I’ll leave Lululie to you. If she woke up, tell her that I’m sorry that we’re not together」
「That’s fine but…what are you intending to do approaching Seria?」

Matifa asked with a twitching face. It seems that she understands what I’m trying to do.

「No, I just thought of testing out how powerful this cure is. I’ll harass her incidentally」
「No way, you’re going to attack her while she’s sleeping!? You’re really the worst man! You just had your lover and you’re not even thinking that you’re cheating on her!?」

Matifa’s words pierced. But, there’s a line I won’t allow.

「Of course I thought of it. But, I already decided to not let go of Seria. That’s why this is my duty. Isn’t it rude to Seria if I didn’t put my hands on other women?」3

Matifa was left speechless after hearing my answer. She already know that I’m this kind of man.

「Yes okay, I’ll leave it as that. Really, there’s no meaning on the curse if it’s like that. It got worse instead. 」
「It’s because she didn’t use a slave collar. Well, if that happened, I would have master to dispel it quickly」
「It’s ineffective to use slave collar for someone with no magic like you. …Haa, I don’t want to be involved here so I’m going back」

After saying ‘See ya’, Matifa held Lululie and returned.
With this there’s only one sleeping prey on the room.

I pulled her cheek to make sure that she’s really sleeping from the start. It’s as soft as mochi, it’s extends with a muyon sfx. It’s a very foolish look but she didn’t wake up. It seems that she was forced to sleep with magic or something else.
It’s a great change to test this curse. I won’t let this go.

With this, I can do her even with the curse.
As for Seria, I can rub her and tighten my penis on her breast but the real thing is impossible. On the other hand, I can’t sexually harass Matifa. Misha and Lilith are the same just rubbing their ass turns them to gorilla.
Perhaps the later three are caught in the age limit. That’s why it’s possible to sexually harass Matifa on her adult appearance.
The problem isn’t just on sexual harassment. My future tormenting will change because of this.

I must first try to dispel this curse. Seria said that she could take off the ribbon. Then it should be removed by the hands of sleeping Seria.
Thinking that, I had her small hand pull out my penis but the penis didn’t loosen. As expected it’s not that naïve.

I’ll try sleeping fellatio next. When I placed my penis on Seria’s small mouth, she turned to a gorilla. It seems that this isn’t good too.
I waited for her to return.
If penis is no good, what about mouth? Thinking that, I kissed her and it seems to be possible. There’s no problem even I put in my tongue. Incidentally, there’s no reaction from Seria. It’s a bit empty.
If there’s no problem putting my mouth and tongue, if it’s not my penis then there’s no problem?

It’s easy to confirm. I should ask the mouth below.
Slipping on her legs, I removed her panties and put my mouth on the familiar pussy. I paint saliva on her small meat asking for a reaction. The penis tightening is painful but she didn’t become a gorilla. It seems that it’s fine as long as it’s not a penis, then there’s no problem to this degree.
While we’re at it, I wet my finger with my saliva and thrust it inside the sleeping Seria’s vagina.


There’s no sign of Seria waking up. The curse doesn’t change and kept on tightening. It should be fine.
Then, there was a slight reaction from Seria’s body. Her vagina has been tinged with a bit of moisture. Her body reacts even while sleeping.
This is interesting. I might exploit her instead of sex every night.
But, as expected she would be very angry being attacked while sleeping…what should I do after binding?4

For the time being , I’ll do as I like without worry today.
While licking and fingering her labia, lewd juice dripped out from the inside. As always, she’s a princess that easily gets wet. Even if she said that she doesn’t want to have sex, it won’t have persuasive power.


A seductive sigh leaks out from Seria’s mouth. Though she’s sleeping, she seems to feel aroused properly.
I continued without minding it, then her clitoris got hard. I stimulated the foreskin with my tongue and it got harder.


Seria seems to feel good even when sleeping.
I continued the cunnilingus like forever and Seria’s vagina began to tremble. It seems that she’s able to cum even while sleeping.
Then, an idea appeared on my head.
Releasing my mouth, I moved to Seria’s ear. My hand continues to move.

「Seria, you fell in love love with Ren Kirishima. You fell in love with Ren Kirishima. You fell in love with Ren Kirishima. You desperately want sex. You desperately desperately want sex. Seria came to love penis…ー」

I kept whispering the same words like a broken machine on her ear. It’s something called suggesting or hypnotic training. I don’t know whether this has an effect but after seeing Seria making a noise like she’s having a nightmare already makes a value as a revenge.
Then, when I was playing.

「Are you an idiot?」

Matifa appeared behind suddenly.

「Don’t surprise me Matifa」
「It’s foolish for you to not notice me」
「Stupid, didn’t your presence grow weaker than before? You seriously hid yourself」
「Of course. My magic evolves everyday. Soon, I’d be able to arrive at the essence of your ability」

Matifa proudly said that. Even I who has the ability don’t know the essence of ability so I can understand why she’s proud. As expected of a 1489 year old woman. I’ll have her teach me that.

「What’s your business this time?」
「I brought the findings I told you earlier. Don’t do too much foolish things, look at that and do your work quickly」

Matifa threw out a bunch of paper and disappeared. I really can’t grasp her presence. Isn’t that cool?
I drive away Matifa from my head for the time being and I wait and see Seria again.


Seria doesn’t wake up even she looks like she’s having a nightmare. ‘Well, it’s fine if she woke up’, I resumed my hand.
A obscene wet sound echoes in the quiet room. I continued my brainwashing strategy like praying a chant, Seria has began to tremble at last. My finger was tightened.


Her body trembled, Seria received orgasm more obedient than usual. There’s still no problem with the curse.
If there’s no problem making her cum with a caress, then there’s plenty of things to do. If Seria is the one wishing for it, I can make her cum anywhere and everywhere.
I sat astride Seria to comfort my penis while having such a delusion.

I sandwiched my dick in between Seria’s selfish breast and moved my waist back and forth.
The curse hadn’t activated in particular. Or rather, it’s tightening moderately and it feels good.
Being wrapped in a soft warm feeling of her chest, my penis got full erect. Still, for Seria’s breast to wrap all of it is really wonderful.
This is something I definitely can’t do in front of Lululie. She’d surely cry.

The feeling of her breast is the best but the mood won’t turn because it’s after I did Lululie. 5 I’m somewhat guilty, or rather I’m feeling guilty. There’s also what Matifa said. But, that’s that, this’ this so I continued after making that clear. I won’t give Seria up, I decided to make her the main harem member.

I used Seria’s body without permission, ‘Uun, Uun’ she groaned. Her sleeping face is lovely too. I move my waist earnestly to dump my cloudy liquid there. As I massage her breast meat with both of my hands, my penis is squeezed. Taking the opportunity, I stir up her nipples.

「Ah~ Seria’s paizuri is the best. It makes me want to release semen on your face at once」

I drove off my worldly thoughts and concentrated on the sleeping girl in front of me.
I feel aroused as I treat the sleeping girl like a toy. A girl being defiled by an unknown man. Her body was exploited before she knows it, I want to see her appearance being gradually turning lewder and have confused look as her body is getting drowned in pleasure.
I’m sure that Seria’s heart won’t break with that, her body is honest. She became a sensitive princess quickly Just imagining that makes the sperm rise up. Thinking that Seria’s body came in public by being groped even she doesn’t like it, I shoot out my semen on that face.
I defiled Seria’s happy sleeping face and breast with my semen and I smeared the remaining from my urethra on her cheek. It’s thinner than usual but it can’t be helped.
I’m sure that she’d be surprised when she wake up. It’s your punishment for putting such a strange curse on me. Realize that.


  1. それも孤立状態になれば持久戦は難しい」
  2. 昔から望んでいたこととは言え、いざなってみると不安なんだ。
  3. 他に女がいるから手を出さないなんてしてたら、それこそSeriaに失礼だろ?」
  4.  でも流石に寝てるところ起こされたらマジ切れしないだろうか? ……縛ってからすればいいか。
  5.  おっぱいの感触は最高なのだが、Lululieといたしたあとなので今一調子が出ない。