Fourth Prince and Science/Magic are back!!! FP 611, 612, 613 | SM 413, 414, 415!

Read please, important…


Hey Guys, Aidka’s Here!

It has been more than one month since the last post, and to be honest, I’m very ashamed for being on hiatus for so long.

The truth is, I have not been motivated to write for a long time. Things happened in real life that dampened my motivation, and after that, the fact that I had not posted in a while dampened my motivation even more.

However, life continues, and I really don’t want to end these two series like that. I love writing, and Fourth Prince and Science/Magic are my two children that I put a lot of effort into. I want to give them a worthy ending.

Moreover, many of you have supported me for a long while. My patreons, some who have supported me for one whole year, deserve more than two incomplete series… I feel ashamed for the hiatus, but I feel even more ashamed if I don’t finish the two series after you supported me for so long.

To be honest, the chapters I’m posting today have been done since more than one week ago, but only today I found the courage to post them, and I hope to use these chapters to start posting regularly again.

My goal is to post at least one chapter of each series daily for the rest of the month. After that, I will see how is life and decide on a better schedule.

With love, Aidka



FP 611

FP 612

FP 613


SM 413

SM 414

SM 415