FPD Chapter 26

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At Aunt’s Home


“A seer, huh? Been a while from the last time I saw one.” I could not help but put on a frowning expression.

Seers are a very bothersome group of people. They are born with the gift to observe the nodes of fate and know things that other people can’t know.

If there is a kind of person that I hated during my past reincarnations, they are seers. Seers tend to be obsessed with control. They love to use their gifts to control the world from the shadows and manipulate people without them noticing.

The most troublesome part of them, though, is that it’s very hard to guard against them. In my past lives, I suffered defeat a few times due to a seer’s plot.

Even one of my main techniques, Akashic Sight, was created using the seers’ abilities as reference.

Of course, the seers that defeated me were very powerful. Their understating of the powers of fate was incredibly high, hundreds of times higher than a little girl like Alice. Although Alice is also a seer, she is far from being strong enough to see my fate. I can fool her powers of fate easily without her noticing.

If I’m not wrong, the reason why she proposed to help me was that she was plotting something. As a discarded prince with fourth layer strength, there are not many ways I can be of use, so I can easily reach a conclusion about her goal.

Is it rebellion? Maybe they are planning to use me as a puppet king.

Hmm, It can be interesting.

I think I can make use of it…

While thinking about this and that, I reached my aunt’s house.

Aunt Dayana lives on the outskirts of the central district, so I did not take long to reach there. In twenty minutes, I was in front of her house.

I knocked on the door. Aunt Dayana quickly hurried to open the door and greet me.

“Claus, you are here?!” She smiled widely with a hug and invited me inside. “You came alone? I thought you would come with Daisy.”

“She was a bit busy, so I did not want to bother her. I’ll bring her another day.” I replied.

“You two sure are close. Are you done it already?”

I put on a dumbfounded expression and looked at my aunt with my eyes opened wide. “Aunt, what are you asking?!”

“Haha, don’t be shy. Daisy is a good girl, it’s a shame she is not from a noble house, but you can take her as your concubine without a problem.”

“Aunt please, can we speak about another thing?” I showed a slightly exasperated and embarrassed expression. Thinking about it, I’m a pretty good actor.

Well, you became accustomed to acting when you must feign you are a newborn a few hundreds of times.

Aunt Dayana laughed mischievously seeing my expression. Fortunately, she stopped teasing me after that. Even for me, speaking about concubines and whatnot with my family is a bit awkward.

“Charlie, come to greet Claus!” Aunt Dayana shouted when she stopped laughing.

Instantly, I heard the sound of quick footsteps coming from the second floor.

A few seconds later, a small boy descended the stairs.

“Cousin Claus!” The little boy shouted and jumped towards me. I crouched down and opened my arms, catching him easily.

“Charlie, be careful!” Aunt Dayana scolded the boy quickly, but I could see she was smiling happily. It was obvious she was happy after seeing her son playing with me.

Little Charlie was aunt Dayana’s only son. He was a small ten-year-old boy, whose looks were pretty much a smaller and more masculine version of my aunt. He also had black hair and black eyes, but his expression was more childish and innocent.

Aunt Dayana was my closest aunt. Because she works on my auction house and she helps with my business, we spend quite a lot of time together. Due to it, and because his father is usually away in other businesses, little Charlie grew close to me.

Well, I don’t dislike it. To be honest, I like children very much. Maybe it’s because I’m just a passerby in each one of the worlds I visit, so I like to have many children so they can serve as proof that I once existed there.

Even until now, I never have reincarnated in the same world twice, but if someday I do, I would like to think that I can find traces of my existence through my descendants.

I conversed with my aunt and played with little Charlie during the rest of the afternoon. In the evening, aunt Dayana prepared dinner and the three of us ate together.

After we finished eating, little Charlie started to feel sleepy. Aunt Dayana then took him to his room and helped him to sleep.

When she returned, she apologized with a wry smile.

“Sorry about that, children at this age are pretty energetic.”

“Don’t worry about that aunt.” I smiled softly. “I’m pretty much used to playing with kids.”

“Well, you always were loved for kids. Actually, all your younger cousins are very attached to you.”

We both laughed softly. I then grabbed the dishes and went to wash them. My aunt stopped me instantly though. “What are you doing, Claus? How can I let a guest, moreover a prince, to wash the dishes?”

“Stop it aunt.” I rolled my eyes. “It’s the only way I can thank you for such a delicious dinner.”

My aunt smiled wryly. “I’m sure you are the only prince that wash dishes. Furthermore, you don’t forget to compliment me while you do it.”

“But it’s the truth. Aunt is not only beautiful and kind, but also good at cooking. Your husband sure lucked out.”

Instantly, my aunt’s expression turned complex.

I noticed the change instantly and looked at her worriedly. “Is anything wrong?”

My aunt looked at me and hesitated for a while. Finally, she sighed and put on a complicated expression.

“Claus, I think that something is wrong with my husband.”


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