FPD Chapter 534

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Two Cousins (3)


“Ugh… W-Wait… Cousin…” Lina groaned and looked at me with a pale face.

Seeing her brows furrowed in pain, I could not help but feel pity in my heart. With a gentle smile, I kissed her lips and nose.

“It’s alright… Relax…”

Lina looked at me nervously and tensed up her body. Feeling my penis starting to enter her, she did not dare to move.

At that moment, Andrea came beside her and grabbed her hand.

“Relax, Lina. It will hurt just a bit.”

“Really, sister?”

“Really, trust me.”

Lina hesitated for a moment and nodded. Then, she looked at me with a firm a determined expression.


“I know.”

Kissing her lips again, I pushed my penis a bit deeper.

Lina’s face twisted in pain immediately. Instinctively, she tried to close her legs.

I stopped again. This time, I could feel I had reached her hymen. Just a little push and I could break it.

However, I wanted to do it as painless as possible. Thus, I sent a bit of my mana inside Lina’s body, using it to make her more aroused and diminish her pain.

I did not eliminate her pain completely, though. The pain of the first time tends to be memorable for girls. It’s proof that they finally accepted someone in their lives.

Before long, Lina started turning red, and her lips and nose let out rushed breaths.

Aware that it was the time, I thrust my penis forward.

“I-It hurts…” Lina groaned and let out a small cry. One of her hands gripped her sister’s hand and her other hand gripped my arm due to the pain.

“It’s inside,” I whispered in her ear and kissed her lips. Teary-eyed, Lina looked at me and nodded.

“I’ll start to move then,” I said.

Lina did not refuse despite her slight pain. She bit her lips ready to endure.

Then, I started my thrusts.

Lina’s insides were incredibly tight. Her virgin vagina was gripping my penis powerfully. However, it was just as wet as it was tight. Moving my member was very comfortable.

It was definitively a very pleasurable experience.

The feeling of conquering my little cousin, moreover, with her sister beside her and her mother peeking from the bathroom, fired me up.

Thanks to the mana I sent inside her, Lina’s pain started to fade quickly. Soon, her scrunched face relaxed. And before long, she let out a soft and arousing moan.

I grinned and increased the pace of my pistoning.

Once and again, I thrust in and out of her, inserting my penis repeatedly and enjoying the tightness of her narrow cave.

“C-Cousin… Uhnn… Cousin…”

Lina gasped and looked at me with a flushed face. Her eyes had turned slightly glazed due to her pleasure, and her body was turning completely hot.

Each second, she could feel my penis coming in and out of her. The feeling of my member reaching her deepest part was something that Lina had never experienced.

I continued like that, thrusting again and again. Despite it being the most basic position, just the fact that the girl below me was my spoiled and cute younger cousin made me felt amazing.

Lina seemed to feel the same, because she let go of her sister’s hand and wrapped her arms around my back, panting and moaning each time I pierced her little hole.

“Unn~… Ahn… C-Cousin…”

“You are so cute, Lina.”

“Uuu… Ahnn…”

Hearing the moans of the little princess, I increased the speed of my invasion. The sound of my penis going in and out of Lina’s small vagina spread through the room.

Eventually, Lina was unable to endure the excitement. Gripping my arm strongly, she let out a small scream and tensed up her body.

Then, with an abrupt groan, her body shivered and a lot of love juice was released out of her vagina.

“Uuu… Ahn… C-Cousin…”

After panting slightly, Lina looked at me with a small smile.

She then brought her lips to mine and pecked then softly.

“Mm… I’m finally one with you… My most beloved cousin…”

“Little princess, are you happy?”

“Mm…” Lina nodded bashfully and put her head on my chest.

I kissed her head and hugged her petite body. Then, I moved my penis once more.


Trembling, the little loli looked towards me.

“I still need to come. Will my little princess help me?”

Lina looked at me bashfully and nervously before nodding.

Without hesitating, I resumed my thrusts.

Once and again, I invaded her small hole, using my iron-like rod to taste the wonderfulness of her cave.

“Au… Ahn… C-Cousin… S-Slow down…”

With her head on my chest, Lina groaned, gasped, and panted, using her big black eyes to look at me pitifully.

I kissed her small lips and continued thrusting. Using my waist to slam her pelvis, and penetrate deep inside her.

Each thrust reached Lina’s deepest part, making her groan in a joyful and embarrassed voice. The pleasure coming from her lower body seemed to turn her mind blank.

At that moment, I used my mouth to kiss and suck her small body, starting with her small breasts and going to her collarbone and neck.

“Auuu… C-Cousin…”

Little Lina’s small eyes glazed out, and her body shivered in pleasure.

The pleasure filling her mind and body was making her unable to think.

Feeling my lips all over her body, Lina could not help but feel embarrassed and ashamed at the same time. She felt that I was claiming ownership of each part of her.

And that was exactly what I was doing. I was leaving my traces in each corner of her body, making her completely mine.



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