FPD Chapter 577

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Red Skull Sisters (1)


The fusion of souls took much longer this time than when I do it. Almost five hours.

When Raven finally finished, Marana, Akilah, and she collapsed from the fatigue.

I hurriedly walked towards them, catching their bodies before they could fall to the ground and teleporting us to an empty room in the headquarters of the gang.

Then, I used the same method I used with Katherine and the others to increase Marana and Akilah’s cultivation to the fifteenth layer.

When I finished, I found Raven looking towards me with her deep-black eyes.

It seemed that although she was very tired, she did not fall unconscious as her sisters.

I smiled at her and patted her head.

“Well done. You were impressive.”

“Mm.” Raven blushed slightly with a smile on her lips. “I’m happy I did not disappoint you, big brother.”

This cute girl…

I could not endure the urge to hug her petite body and kiss her lips.

Raven, of course, did not refuse me. Instead, she put her hands on my chest and closed her eyes, enjoying the kiss as her face turned completely red.

A few seconds later, I separated my lips from her and looked straight into her eyes.

“You are amazing, Raven.”


“Right, how did you take my soul energy and mana? I did not know you could do that.”

Raven was startled. But in the next second, she dropped her ears and looked at me like a wronged child.

“… Are you mad?”

This kitten…

“Why should I be mad, little kitty? I was just surprised.”


“Really. Actually, I think it’s impressive.”

Raven’s ears perked up immediately.

… Is it wrong that I found her expression incredibly cute?

Resisting the urge to scratch her ears, I smiled softly and kissed her forehead.

“It means that you found your path. You should work on it and see if you can use it in combat. I’m sure you will become much stronger if you do that.”

Raven looked at me fixedly and before nodding with an embarrassed expression.

“I will.”

Then, the cat girl sat on my lap and closed her eyes.

Judging by the way her tail is moving, it’s obvious what she wants.

A wry smile appeared on my face. This spoiled girl…

However, I did not refuse her. Instead, I brought my hand towards her head, stroking her hair gently and scratching her ears a few times in the process.

Raven seemed to enjoy it because she was smiling happily and rubbing her body against me.

Due to that, though, a part of my body activated.

I smiled wryly and shook my head. However, I did not attack her immediately.

Instead, I continued enjoying this leisure time with the cat girl, caressing her head and scratching her ears.

We spent almost one hour like that. But after one hour, I was not the only one aroused.

By this point, Raven’s face was completely red, and she was rubbing her body against a certain part of my body purposefully.

This pervert kitten.

Chuckling, I hugged Raven’s petite body and kissed her neck.

Raven purred softly. She closed her eyes with an expression of comfort and let out a soft moan.

I did not hesitate to attack her after I heard that.

With experienced movements, I took off her clothes and turned her towards me. At the same time, Raven helped me to take off my clothes, that way, both of us became naked.

Then, while Raven kissed my chest and licked my nipples, I lifted her body slightly and put my spear against her entrance.

Raven moaned and wrapped her arms around my back. Then, she sat down, swallowing my huge member slowly.

As I felt her cave swallowing my rod, I let out a groan of pleasure.

At the same time, Raven moaned softly and panted.

Her vagina had swallowed my buddy completely. The tip of my penis hit her womb, making Raven’s petite body tremble.

The electrifying feeling of my penis hitting her womb made her moan loudly.

Then, the cat girl started to swing her ass up and down.

Once and again, her body moved up and down as her petite body swallowed my member repeatedly.

Every time, I could feel her vagina clenching my penis, with each layer of her flesh quivering slightly to create the greatest pleasure possible.

It was such a nice feeling that I wanted to groan. At the same time, I enjoyed listening to Raven’s repeated soft moans.

Feeling the body of the cat girl moving up and down in my arms, I was in ectasis.

Before long, I could feel her movements quickening, until her body twitched violently as she let out a soft groan.

Seeing the melting expression on her face as she orgasmed, I could not stop myself from kissing her cute lips.

Unfortunately, because the process of making her two sisters my dependents (technically hers) used much of her energy, she had become tired after one round.

Thus, I had to do the hard work after that.

I turned around and pushed Raven against the bed, in the middle of her two sleeping sisters.

Then, I started to thrust vigorously inside her little cave, going into her deepest part with each stroke.

“Uuu… Ahnnn… B-Big brother…”

Raven opened her eyes hazily and hugged my neck. Then, she opened her mouth softly as her throat let out repeated moans.

I grinned and intensified my movements, moving faster and harder, and making the cat girl moan harder.

But in the middle of my attacks, I felt the two girls beside me stirring awake.

However, they immediately heard Raven’s moans, turning completely red.

They hurriedly stopped themselves from moving and feigned that they were still asleep.

… Girls, how can the two of you have exactly the same reaction?

Oh, no, wait, it looks like Akilah opened one of her eyes to peek at us.

Seeing that, I looked towards her and smiled, making the brown-haired girl panic.

Hehe, do you think you can escape just by feigning that you are sleeping?


I smiled playfully and returned my focus to Raven. Seeing that she was coming closer to her second orgasm, I hugged her petite body and accelerated my movements.

Immediately, Raven let out a sexy moan.



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