Chapter 19 ♡♡

I wonder why I don’t have any confidence.

As for Misaki Nana who was waiting for the bus going to White Lily Academy.

Being on the same bus as Yukina-sama was a rare event for her one year ago. It was also at that time she met Sei-kun whose facial expression was constantly changing, being a cheerful and funny guy. As for me who was raised in all girls school, I was kind of scared of boy but Sei-kun was the only one I could talk to normally. When I became aware it had already reached the point where I followed him with my eyes during the times we were together on the bus. But I was coward who was only able to talk to an extent when Yukina-sama was present.

As for my best friend Aoi-chan, Sei-kun was made into a bad younger brother, although she was luck to be able to play with Sei-kun often, it was fun watching the genuine-like brother and sister relationship. Occasionally I saw Sei-kun talking with Yukina-sama close friend Sakura-sama. However, it seemed like he disliked her. Despite Sakura-sama being so kind.

At the end of the first year Aoi-chan came late. I was told, it was because Sei-kun was stabbed by Aoi-chan`s stalker……. surprised I asked for more details but Aoi-chan only said it was okay, alright. I was really worried though.

After that we didn’t meet until after the new school year started, where by chance we went on the same bus. I recalled Sei-kun was quarrelling with Aoi-chan in a seat a little further than mine. In the end, Sei-kun gave in saying “It can’t be helped”. Although Aoi-chan was unprecedented for making trouble, I forgave her for something like that. I was slightly happy because it was the same with me.*

While I was remembering past events, “bang” sound was heard, as a black smartphone rolled up from behind hitting my foot. Picking it up, I was surprised that Sei-kun was there when I turned around. It seems like it’s his phone. In a hurry I returned his phone, I tried to made small talk but a girl from Black Peak high school came in and got in the way…….

She seem to have the misunderstood that Sei-kun was trying to pick me up. After that, the two persons started to quarrel. I should be careful as this girl seems like a delinquent that turns to fighting, it seems Sei-kun`s smartphone was broken by somebody so he got a new one. That girl seems to be called Mai. Though for some reason I have a feeling that Mai-san is quite similar to Aoi-chan. I feel the two of them would get along quite well…..

When I got onto the bus I felt a little down as I wasn’t able to talk as much as I wanted to….that day was foggy and honestly I couldn’t  follow my lessons. On such a day I just wanted to flick my bow towards a target but club activities were suspended before the upcoming examinations. When I became gloomy, by coincident I got on the same returning bus with Sei-kun.

Go for it you can do it, I told myself until I sat next to Sei-kun to start a conversation but being nervous I couldn’t even say a single word . Getting off the bus, God is it okay like this? I had a feeling I was given an answer. No confidence, no friends, lonely by myself in those days…..I thought, summoning the courage I confessed to Sei-kun. Although Sei-kun was surprised he accepted and was okay with going out. *

As for me who agreed to go on a date with Sei-kun I was going around looking at accessories while in high spirits at a accessories stores Aoi-chan recommended, in the end a red ribbon was bought. Because I also liked the black ribbon I decided in my heart to buy it next time. When I went to Aoi-chan for consultation on what to wear on the date I was brought to this store. However despite being embarrassed with the miniskirt Aoi-chan choose in a different store. I agreed with Aoi-chan taste and purchased it in the end.

When I was selecting an outer garment with Aoi-chan a phone call came from Sei-kun. The location for the date is at the aquamarine! I was delighted because I loved things like a zoo, I was then informed by Aoi-chan “It’s prohibited to carry food and drinks there”. What to do….when I thought about lunch box, Aoi-chan said the same “If that’s the case, make a evening meal!”, yes! Now because Sei-kun was happy on the other side of the telephone I couldn’t hang up the call……when the call ended.

Nana-chan, at that guy`s house there are two buildings on the property and he lives alone in one of them. Nana-chan! Don`t get assaulted by Sei-kun!”

Stop it! “Hey~!” I ran after Aoi-chan who was escaping in order to catch her. Then Aoi-chan made a roguish laugh and handed me a bag.

Nana-san, apart from that. Is your cooking alright?  As Sei-kun always eats Yukina-sama meals?”

Gaann! Was that so……as for the home economics course at White Lily Academy confections are made quite well but for things like curry…. I panic a little when Aoi-chan gave me a cooking book, ”Do your best”. Hmmm.

When I thought about having Yukina-sama come over and teach me her cooking recipe, at such a time, a big news broke about Yukina-sama getting a boyfriend and that really kicked up a fuss inside of the school. Although the uproar was subsided in a instantly with one glare from Sakura-san but as a result, now any topic about dating is a taboo around sakura-sama…..

In the end, begging with tears in my eyes I got my mother to watch over me, holding the cooking book in one hand while I attempted to make a evening meal, huh? Was I-I this good at cooking? Even if I must say so myself, I was satisfied with the meal I just created. Receiving high praises from my two sisters, I was given the stamp of approval by my mother who said “there is no reason to worry if it’s like this”. I felt relieved after hearing that!

Midterm exams are a day before the date so I had to give it my all and conquer them! When I feel good I will able to study harder. The test result were posted on the hallway and my grades rose a little bit! As for the 3 years`, Sakura-san held first position while Yukina-sama held second position with them gaining 1000 and 998 points respectively in 10 subjects…… is such a thing even possible. Incidentally, as for the second years`, Aoi-chan held first with 896 points from 9 subjects….I really must work more harder……

On the day of the date I wore the clothes that was chosen by Aoi-chan, when I descended the stairs I ate breakfast while talking to my elder sisters. My 2 elder sisters are students at White Lily Women’s college so they were not able get a boyfriend or meet one, please don’t hit me…..with serious eyes they told me to introduce friends of my boyfriend….it was even okay if they’re underage?

In order to escape I left the house a little early. At that place Yukina-sama was already there. Despite hearing about a amusement park from Aoi-chan. Yukina-sama noticed me and upon greeting each other we chatted. Although I arrived early, Yukina-sama, from when did you even get here? Although Yukina-sama is always being dignified and expressionless, today her expression was very cute.

After a short time, shrill voices rose, looking over there I saw a handsome man wearing a sunglasses beside of Sei-kun with the girls in the surrounding making noise. Eh~! Can I even get inside that? With Yukina-sama, two person moved forward.

Yukina-sama boyfriend is Shuichi Shinjo-san. He was the student council president of Sei-kun senior high school! They were a well matched couple being both beautiful people. When I was admiring both of them, Yukina-sama suggested a double date. I nodded to the words of Yukina-sama who became flustered with an already bright red face. Because I have always received her help I understand that feeling.

Because of having a good time among ourselves I was able to happily enjoy myself without the expected nervousness. “This seems delicious” Sei-kun muttered upon looking at the fish tank and I laughed thinking that’s just like Sei-kun. On the way back home, a matching dolphin strap was bought at the aquarium and was attached to our smartphone. The strap chosen by Yukina-sama was the same as mine and was same with everybody.

Separating from Yukina-sama and her boyfriend, I listened to the story around Sei-kun`s house while the two of us went shopping at a supermarket. His parents rarely met in the house due to being scholars. Immediately going overseas due to a excavation and it seems they won’t be returning home for around 1 month. I complained saying that it was too much freedom with that principle of laissez-faire.*

At Sei-kun`s house there was a garden separating the one story house from the two story building, it seems he lived in the one story house. I decided that I must meet with his parents, I felt relieved but now it’s just the two of us. Muu~! I became nervous.

The inside of the house was quite beautifully. It was a simple room with only two chairs around a round table, a refrigerator, gas burner, and a sink. The refrigerator only had seasoning and the cooking utensils was all together. I cooked the meal while nervous, I think I was able to do it first time so far. I was glad that Sei-kun shed tears while saying it was delicious!*


After that, I talked about my past and Sei-kun silently listened. I wanted Sei-kun to know more about myself. Finishing the enjoyable meal, I washed the dishes in the sink, taking off the apron.


When I turned around I was hugged by Sei-kun.

Nana, I like you

Sly, without any warning my name was called without any honorific title and I was being stared at with serious eyes.

Me too, I like Sei-kun

Sei then forcefully stole my lips. Everything I wanted to say was sealed off, I opened my eyes wide.



Sei-kun`s tongue was thrusted into my lips, intertwining with my tongue and each other’s saliva came together mixing. Kissing quite passionately, if we continue to do something like this my mind will become blank.

My breast was groped over my clothes with Sei`s hot hands and it felt really good. Sei`s hand was feeling up my ass while we repeatedly kissed each other . My soft tender ass was being rubbed with his hands crawling around while being tormented by the kissing. My vagina ached with pleasure and I became dumbfounded at this unfamiliar sensation.

“Annnnaannn, nn…..!”

“Nana`s voice is so cute”

Sei whispered directly in my ear while tracing his finger over the slit of my vagina from on top of my underwear. I understood that every time his finger touches my vagina it reacts by getting wet. By lightly holding my clitoris between his fingers, in one go that unfamiliar pleasure shot through my whole body from my head to my toes. Such a….is something I can`t endure.

“Wow, its warm”

Stt, there, annn……Stooo♡”

Sliding off my panties, my whole body was dyed in bashfulness with only the thought of Sei`s hand directly touching my important place. His warm finger sank inside of me, stirring it up. With such an amazing pleasure I clinged to Sei. My vagina was wet to I could hear a noises, with a Pikun my body reacts.

Nnn, nooo, haaaa

Sei held me up while he played with my vagina for a short moment, my skirt was then taken off together with my underwear. My face became bright red upon seeing my panities on my right ankle with a section of the crotches wet.

Wow, your wet like this already

Sei`s breath came in contact with my crotch causing numbness to run throughout my spine. I`m kinda of upset that the one day that place was dirty it was seen by the person I liked.

I want to get a better view

My left thigh was lifted and then Sei suddenly spread open my legs. My clitoris was erected to the extent that it couldn’t be helped, ‘Pikipiku’ twitching due to Sei`s breath, I was embarrassed but it felt good.

It has a pretty pink colour

Stoppp!! Its no good! Don`t say it, ann, nhiyaaaannn♡”

Sei`s face was buried in my genital area, Sei`s tongue crawled over my vagina making it glistening wet while sucking on my clitoris. My clitoris was caught by his lips and my knees started to tremble discharging love juice. I was being completely eaten by Sei.

Haa, ann! Don`t suck on it, ann, kiyaa♡”

Sei`s lip held on to my clitris by pinching it and I felt electricity run throughout my body from my clitoris, gushing out love juice. It felt fluffy with a lingering pleasant feeling. Furthermore the movement of his tongue became violent going as far as possible inside of vagina. The way Sei`s tongue moved around was like he was violating the walls of my vagina, making me feel like I was going to faint.

Nana, I just made you cum

Sei got up whispering in my ear. My clitoris then shivered with Sei`s finger seizing it. I was thrown in a whirlpool of pleasure in one breath with his caress while my neck was being licked and breast massaged. What is this….

Ann….Sei….I`m scared….annn♡haa, yaakiyaaa, I-I`m cumming!”

I wonder what you would call this development. Everything Sei does is pleasant. My mind blanked out with my body shaking while climaxing….

Nana is so cute


I was told to turn around and place my hands on the sink. Sei`s fingers removed my shirt`s button and when the bra was removed my breast spilled out. Sei then teased my excited erected nipples from behind

Nana`s breast is soft and cute

But…. its not very big

I thought my breast were average and although the shape wasn’t bad I became uneasy when compared with Aoi-chan and Yukiane-sama. I was relieved with Sei massaging my breast in a trance. Sei`s palm massaged my pair of hills. I seem to melt under his touch…….

Nana I`m putting it in

“Treat me kindly….”

“Yes, I will put it in one go so it may hurt a little”

Then, when Sei raised my right leg high and sank his penis into my vagina. When his hot rod entered my secret place, in one go my hymen was torn through kissing the entrance of the deepest part of my womb.

“Ouch, thick, gasp, o, its too big….”

It felt rather pleasant being penetrated by Sei`s penis with only a little pain. I was in a daze seeing my blood flow along my left thigh from my groin. I was so tears came out as a result of Sei receiving my virginity.

Does it hurt?”

It’s alright, you can do as you please”

I was jolted as Sei shakes his waist slowly. Although I heard that the first time will hurt, it was alright for me. When Sei became aware that I wasn’t feeling any pain, he thrusted into me like he was going to gouge out my inside. When pulling out, his glans scraped the walls of vagina like being stuck. After that I`m not too sure what happened.

“Yannn, Ann! Aaaannnnn, ann♡ hit…..Sei ♡ yannhaaaaa!”

“The insides of Nana feels the best!”

“Aaaaa! Kyaa ♡ stto, there, yaaa♡ ah don`t rub it! Aaaann♡”

When Sei discovered my weak spot he continued to torment that same spot in order to increase the rubbing. I came without any means to resist and from between my groin love juice fell on the floor. My hands felt so weak I couldn`t even move to catch the out pour….with a trembling waist and both of my hands crumbling I reached the floor. I was very ashamed of the posture I made that was like a dog taking a piss.

“Ann, Sei, Ann! B- give me a break, haa, aaaannnaan♡”

“Its Nana fault for being so cute!”

“Ann♡ u-unfair…..kyaaa♡”

Sei throws open my right leg and leans forward in order devour me greedily,  messing up my body while groping my breast. My vagina began to take the form of Sei`s penis….

My wet vagina tightens up on Sei`s penis, wriggling inside and from the joining part love juice scattered. Despite being made to cum over and over for the first time, my body reacts by shivering. Nevertheless Sei does permit it. Embracing me and my womb is jolted.*

“Ann ♡ itch ♡ rameeeee, ann ♡ Cummmingggg♡”

Upon understanding that Sei`s penis was twitching with excitement I came.

Huh? Was today a safe day? I don’t know….. I`ll tie myself with Sei whom I`m in love with so it doesn’t really matter.

“Sei, I-inside of me, I..want it…inside….yaakyaaa♡”

Sei became excited due to my plea and when my body was turned over, he held me in his arms while thrusting in his penis. I was being held in the air and my leg entwines with Sei`s waist while clinging my arms around his head.

“Nana! I am going to cum inside! Become pregnant because I will take responsible!”

His penis trembled and the grinding of his waist increased, Sei tormented all of vagina. I was aware of this and I wasn’t able bear it……..

Zun! When his penis rubs against the deepest part of vagina I grabbed his waist begging him for shot his hot stuff in my womb. His penis dash forward with a heavy pounding while gusting out his semen.

“Annaan ♡ Sei I`m cummmmmminnngggg ♡”

While wrapped in happiness I was being pumped full of baby seeds, I came while clinging to Sei.

Sei pulled out and lowered me gently. Large quantity of semen then flowed along my thigh from between my crotch and fell on the floor.

My legs and loin was washed in the bathroom thanks to Sei moving my unsteady self. When leaving from the bathroom I was surprised at the dirty clothes that became clean. Truthfully I wanted to stay together with Sei some more but I have curfew.

I accepted a gift from Sei when on got onto returning bus. It was that black ribbon that I said I would buy next time. This black ribbon became most treasured possession!

End of chapter 19

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