-Chapter 20

Monday morning, I woke up feeling really great. Making love with Nana was extremely pleasant. In addition to having sex, it was done with somebody I liked. I truly am grateful for this magic smartphone. If this smartphone didn’t exist, maybe for the rest of life I would have been less than an acquaint to Nana….

After I finished changing my clothes I went towards the main house and when I opened the kitchen door Sakura-san was there elegantly drinking a cup of black tea…..immediately I broke out in cold sweat as my body still standing before the opened door became frozen.

“Good Morning”

I came back to my senses due to Sakura’s clear voice.

“Good morning! Huh? Wheres Yuki-ane?”

“It seems she was talking until late in the night at Aoi-chan`s house yesterday. She is inside now changing her clothes. Anyways, why don`t sit down and eat something?”




Its usual for Yuki-ane to oversleep. When Sakura-san came to greet her. Yuki-ane face was a slightly swollen. An undistributed God wrecks no vengeance (Let sleeping dogs lie). Should I try eating breakfast obediently.*

The moment I finished eating, Yuki-ane came down and the three of us then left the house. Naturally, Sakura-san was beside of Yuki-ane. While I trailed three steps behind of them. For a moment Sakura-san was acting affectionately toward me! Although it’s troubling if that’s the case……


As for the 『Blue Rose』card, it can`t be used on Nana. When I asked, it seems Nana was the youngest of her sisters. Although Sakura-san is an only child I will try using it. Petari! Sakura-san made a puzzled expression but I attached it without being exposed. N! The card vanished becoming particles. Wasn’t it exclusive to the eldest daughter?


I`m wondering, is there a degree for a big sister? It’s possible because there was a degree of popularity. However, for something like the 『Red Rose』its effect was not very good despite being a silver card. I really don’t understand the standards of the creator of this smartphone.

As for today, it appeared that it was rush hour for everybody going to school. Large numbers of Black Peak High School students and White Lily Academy students were waiting on the bus.

“”Good morning. President! Sakura-sama!””

At once the students of White Lily Academy made their greeting. So Yuki-ane and Sakura-san returned their greetings gracefully.

“”Good morning everybody!””


When more than the usual volume of shrill voice rose, *Bata-bata* female students fainted, falling down. Haa? Students from White Lily Middle School were completely annihilated and more than half of the senior female students tumbled down. Even female students from my own school were destroyed. Furthermore, for some reason, the boys were covering their eyes rolling on the ground while shouting “My eyes…..”. The bus stop fell into a panic with heaps of corpse all over the place. Errr!

“Sakura, whats going on?”

“Don`t ask me. Is everybody okay?”

Sakura-san and Yuki-ane panicked and when they went to lift up a nearby female student who fell down,*Kyyaa♡* she fainted appearing quite happy.

“Sakura-sama, Yukina-sama please go ahead and board the bus because it’s okay with just two persons”*

If I remembered correctly that person was the secretary of the student council of White Lily Academy who was in her third year, shouted pointing to the bus that just arrived.*

“Err, but…..”(Yuki-ane)

“Listen up, please don’t make any more casualties than this, quickly!”

“I understand”



Sakura-san nodded while Yuki-ane and I boarded the bus. Is this real! Yuki-ane alone wasn’t this powerful! Was Sakura-san degree of big sister so high, otherwise, this power was as a result of the combination of two persons with a rose! Well, I`m okay with the card’s effect being left on because I didn’t suffer any damage? Even so, it seemly affected even Sakura-san classmates and those that were not known.*

In the end, the bus driver-san also fell down and the disturbance didn’t calm down until 10 minutes passed.

What just happened?”(Yuki-ane)

Well. Sei here is a ticket for White Lily`s festival. There are three of them. So please give one to that girl

Thank you Sakura-san!”

I received a ticket for White Lily`s festival from Sakura-san!  White Lily Academy has their White Lily festival on the first of June while my school’s festival is on the first of October. For some time now White Lily`s festival has attracted other schools plus visiting parents. It’s a festival where other schools with their club activities program and volunteers are invited. Its different from my school’s festival that doesn’t have a class-based performance.

Yuki-ane`s ticket was given to the Chairman during the date and today it was expected to be presented to my student council official. Unfortunately, it seems Nana`s ticket was consumed by her family….well every year, I`ve gotten one from Sakura-san.

Getting off the bus, I went to school`s canteen, getting lunch and 6 pieces of 100 yen! Yesterday my level increased by 1 so I reached level 18. Time to Ero Gacha.

Drawing the Ero Gacha


SR Afro Champion

Special equipment summon- hoist high in the air to set- headwear

Afro Champion or Champion of Afro!

A blow from the world`s champion is heavy!

The blow from the previous world champions will be released!

Warning- With the exception of defensive items like shoes, pants, and gloves the rest  cannot be equipped.


Yes, it’s a summon equipment! Afro! From now on I don’t have to wear the Mikawashi bandana.

Drawing the normal Gacha


『N Leather Armor』

Set armor- summons personal armor- 15 defense- equipment item


『N Wooden Spear』

Set weapon- summons weapon- 2 defense- beginner’s item


『S Only you will be forgotten』

Female exclusive- attach to body to set- number of uses:1- effective after 10 minutes of use

The memory of contractor as well as the targeted person`s lover is complete erased!


『N Wooden Sword』

Set weapon- summons weapon- 15 offensive ability- equipment item


『S One more Ball』

Exclusive to ace`s- attach to targeted person to set

High school baseball preliminary finals- 3 point difference- last half of the 9 innings the batter is at full count with 2 strikes and the base loaded- when it’s the fourth batter.

If its a straight, its strikeout and game set! As for a curveball, it’s a goodbye to grand slam!



You can only see that position in a dream!*


N Bouquet

Set present- summons present- a beautiful bundle of flowers


Hmm, as for the 『One more ball』the situation is way too dramatic! Whether or not this was once experienced by even a protagonist of baseball manga? 『Only you will forget』is the perfect crime when running away by attaching it to a girl raped who has a boyfriend…….. the other cards can be taken out and placed into the treasure box.*

Heading towards the entrance, I changed into my indoor shoes and went to my classroom. Looking at the students gathering around the bulletin board on the way, I thought it must be the announcement of the test results. Should I go and look!

“Yo! You`re amazing Sei!”

My best friend Honda Takeshi called out to me sultry, he was a macho man at 177 cm. He got caught in the honey trap that was similar to mine, becoming responsible for setting up pros in the theatre club. Well, his fingers are dexterous and he sorts of enjoys club activities.

“How did you get a perfect score in all of the subjects”

Another person was Yamamoto Keisuke, a cool pitcher that wore glass while being the ace of the baseball club at 175cm. He got injured when he was in junior high school and came to this school but he returned to the autumn tournament one year later and reached up to the 3 match. As for Keisuke, in his heart, he has a cool appearance and was the fourth ace for the Heats. By the way, as for advancing to the 3 matc, it was an brilliant achievement for the school as it was a first in 34 years. As for my school it was because the youths sporting ability was weak….


When I puffed my chest with a triumphant look, I handed over the tickets I got from Sakura-san. The two of them accepted the tickets with an exaggerated *Yeesss*.

“You guys are exaggerating. Takeshi, weren’t you invited by the theater club?”

“Fool! This object is a gift from the gracious Sakura-sama! That’s right, should I hand it over to my sister`s theater club”

Do you even know how valuable White Lily Academy festival ticket is……

Takeshi emphasized how great Sakura-sama`s was while Keisuke made a cool speech about White Lily Academy, it was like an annoying quacking sound.

“Keisuke, to win with 3 points difference at the High school baseball qualifier finals you must absolutely throw a straight if it becomes a scenario where the fourth batter with a full count and the base loaded with 2 strikes in the last half of the 9 bottom!”*

I pasted the card on Keisuke`s shoulder that was hidden within my palm.

“Wait a minute, what are you suddenly saying? Just the first round was intense…….such a thing can only exist in a manga, even if that scenario did happen, I would throw my best straight in the inside corner!”

“Just remember it anyways”


Keisuke nodded when Takeshi listened to my plan.

“Sei, are you free until White Lily`s festival?”

“No, I`m busy as it is but…..”

“If you`re free, I would like to receive your help in making some pros!”


“I want to perform an adventure skit. As for the preparation, it was more or less done but I wasn`t satisfied!”

“Why wasn’t it good enough!”

Isn`t one week before White Lily`s festival? What kind of modification do you plan to make at such a late stage?

“Midorikawa High school theater club tools are simply amazing…..”

“Do you mean like armors and swords?”

“Yes that’s it, I don`t want to lose to just Midorikawa High school!”

Hmmm, should I will give him the unnecessary weapons, there also wooden weapons.

“I understand, there is something I want to look at during lunchtime, therefore, it will depend on that”

“I don’t really understand but I will wait for the good news!”

In the end with the morning homeroom bell ringing I wasn’t able to look at the notice board but If I got a perfect score in all subjects I should be first!

After observing the surrounding in front of the homeroom I set the『Stepping on a cat』on the floor of the door behind the classroom, the male student who came in late got caught in the trap, stepping on a black cat that then jumped into to his face, he was taken to the school`s infirmary by a health committee member. I was sorry but because he came late half of it was his own fault. Being mischievous is really amusing!

During lunch, I arranged the leather armor, iron armor, wooden shield, wooden spear, and wooden pole before the department of the theater club and when I called Takeshi over, he took everything in mad joy. With that, I was relieved of a burden.

After school, due to White Lily Academy festival, Mai and Yukiko sensei were busy today, abandoning my plans I got on the bus with my lonely self. I got off the bus while thinking it was a peaceful day. Which reminds me, Nana said something about a boyfriend for her elder sisters. If that’s the case I will introduce them to Takeshi and Keisuke? I will call Nana later tonight.

Nearing the bus stop, balloons were given out to children by a bear moving around in the vicinity of the station. Huh, I wonder what sort of event is going on at the station? The bear wore a light brown ribbon on its chest and was the same height as me.

I had the feeling that the eyes of Bear sparked upon seeing me but it must have been my imagination.

“I don`t need any balloons. Hey, whats the name of this character?”

“In the evening♪ before the station♪ the black bear♪ was encountered♪”

It was singing something with the voice of a young girl. The bear releases the balloon that was held in its hands. Colourful balloons disappeared into the sky. Then for some reason, it made a guts pose at me!? What do you want?

『I challenge you to a battle. Transfer to  the『Forest』battle field』

“Come again? Wait just a minutttteeeeeeee!”

Without even understanding what was happening I was suddenly thrown into the 『Forest』 battlefield……

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