Chapter 21

The 『Forest』battlefield was surprisingly narrow with a square surrounded by trees. This place should have a diameter of around 30 meters.


“Hey! Bear-san! Let’s talk first”


The battlefield can be cancelled with the consent of two people. Besides, if you have a reason to wage war against me, give a reason why.


“Black Bear ♪ declares ♪ Oniisan ♪ to please die♪”



The Bear makes its assault in one breath while saying that to me who was escaping. *Whoosh* The bear swang its arm and I escaped sideways by rolling. I don’t understand the meaning of this. Is this person insane?


“Kukukkuuu♪ Black bearrr♪”


The pursuit of the bear didn’t give me any room to breathe, honestly, it’s quite weird…..


“Kukukuuu ♪ Black bearrr♪”


As a result of the bear`s side sweep from left to right, I didn’t have any time to take out my weapon. It’s obvious this fellow holds malice against me. For now I will make it eat some 『Thunder』! The lightning strike flashes towards the bear. Directly hitting the bear, how about that! However as for the bear, it continued to approach me without even stopping its movement.


“Seriously! Magic is ineffective!”


The bear’s hand approached me who was shocked. I shouted while taking urgent evasive action by jumping horizontally in a hurry.


“However, it looks like the bear can`t take out a card because of its costume! Come! I summon Ai`s helmet warrior”


A samurai around 160 cm wearing a Japanese armor appeared. The famous Muramasa katana was held in its hand!


“As master of Ai, i want you to chop up that bear!


Ai`s helmet was cool! Ai`s armor samurai splitting that body right in half with a tremendous sword flash while making its way through the bear quickly! Didn`t happen!


“C`mon! Are even slash attacks ineffective! This is too OP….”

“Black bear ♪ is not affected♪ Black bear♪ is very angry♪”


The bear swiftly took out a card and threw it into the air! Hey! Where was that card taken out from!  With one eye crushed a red bear around 3 meters was summoned.


“Chii, Ai`s armor samurai destroy that bear!”


An intense battle began between the red bear and Ai`s samurai.

Hmmm, the bear attacks are full of force while I don’t know a effective method to attack. Lucky our speed is somewhat equal.


“Bear bear♪ Bear bear bee~♪ Bear bear♪ Bear bear beee~♪”


The eeriness and madness of this bear appears to have considerable power in its attacks. Is this fellow an insane battle junkie? No, the biggest drawback of this card`s armor is the act of changing clothes in the real world. For things like a iron armor, it takes some time to put on and you can’t walk through downtown with that appearance. At best, you could around places that allows cosplay like at a comic-con.

In that respect, if you conduct yourself by handing out balloons at places like a station in a bear costume which is actually a powerful equipment, nobody would find it suspicious. You can discover enemies with the search card and then perform a ambush within the opponent’s habitat, making a surprise attack camouflaged as a stuffed bear, if we take starting a psychological warfare on the opponent with incomprehensible words, I can deduce that this enemy is quite rational.


“Oniisan♪ Wait just a minute♪ just a little♪ eat this♪”

“Wait you say, there isn’t a person who would wait!”


I dodged the bear’s large blow by jumping sideways. When the bear’s blow struck the tree in the background, a thunderous roar resounded leaving behind a trace of the bear’s punch on the tree. That’s quite the destructive power!

When I jumped up I created some distance, I then summoned a fire ball with 『Ball`s friend』, shoot! Goooo!

The ball moves in a straight line towards the bear with its roar increasing while blazing!


“Eat this! Fire shooter!!!”

“A small ♪ ball ♪ is coming ♪ at Black Bear ♪”


Once again the bear swiftly took out a gold card and attached it to itself.


“Are you serious! The flame shooter was stopped with one hand!”


When the bear catch the ball with one hand, although the bears hand was burnt the ball was defended against. The bear suddenly laughs and the ball vanishes becoming particles. Ehh! No wonder, that card was SGGK (super gold goalkeeper)!

I have already made up mind on this. I will bring down the bear!


“Matagi Champion (King`s Afro)! Come to I! I`ll turn it into bear stew!”

“No way♪ Oniisan♪ is full of determination♪ seems good♪ eat this♪”


The bear charged at me who wore the Kings`s Afro. The bear unleashes a punch but it`s exchanged with light shooting jabs.



“The person who controls the left, controls the world!  I`ll turn you it into a bees hive!”

“Kukuku♪ kukukuku♪ kukukuku♪ kukukuku♪”


I made a barrage of high speed jabs while rotating clockwise! The bear cannot endure my jabs and makes large swings becoming impatient.


“Dance like a butterfly! Sting like a bee! Counter!

“Kukuku♪ Kukukuku♪ kuku, guhuff!”


My counter explodes during the bear’s song, disturbing the song! Alright, the blow was effective! The bear went on to sealed my punch with a clinch while singing. On the contrary I jumped into the bear’s bosom.


“Kukuku♪ Kukukuku♪ Kukuk♪ Kukukuku♪”

“The greatest boxer once said this! If you made only a small gap a blow will be given!”


My fist was buried in the pit of the bear`s stomach. The bear retreated by stumbling a step while shouting “Guhhaa”. The bear’s punch attacks me who was trying to pursuit it.


“Kukukukuk♪ Kukukuku♪ kukuku♪ kukukukuku♪ ”

“Realize the weight of the world!”


My own punch smashes into the bear’s punch. It was mine, no, it was the king of punches that won! The bear was blown 2 meters away. Uneasy was seen in the bear as it retreated for the first time. I unleashed a barrage of punches while swing my body, my strikes give the bear a vicious beating. The bear kept on fighting defensively had barked. The bear took out a card and attached it to its body, I chased after the bear to the trees in the outer garden of the battle field in one go.


“Black bear♪ you’re here♪ Oniisan♪ please die♪”


When the bear jumped backward it kicked the tree.


“Are you seriously!”


It seems I who was doing the chasing conversely gave it a chance to make a counter attack. The bear kicked the tree and approached me while punching. I dodged the bear’s punch with it only grazing my shoulder somehow, but my body screamed due to the force of that punch`s graze. What power…..


“Black bear♪ truly♪ mad♪ becomes wicked♪”


The bear`s expression transform into anger, its whole body`s colour was dyed black. Even though its a bear! Conversely there is proof that its damage is considerable! Before long all of this will come to an end! Even I don’t have any free time!


“According to Shouji! A big fish in a little pond will never know how big the ocean is!”

“Kukuku♪ kukukukukuku♪ kukuku♪ kukukuku♪”


The black bear makes it assault with its punch brandish over its head  while singing.


“Kukuku♪ kukukukuku♪ kukukuku♪ kukukukukuku♪”


A powerful black punch from the bear passes over my head. I squat down at the foot of the black bear and due to the bear costume its foot was its weak point. Noticing my voice the black bear looks down, I will strike that jaw!


“With this you will know how high the heavens are! From the well to the world! The King’s fists!”

“Kukuku ♪ kukukukuku♪ kukuku♪ kukukukuk♪”


The bear discovered me who was squatting, but it was too late!


“Eat this and fly away! F R O G  P U N C H !!!”



My fist sank into the black bear’s jaw, blowing it 10 meters away while caving in the costume ! That should have destroyed up to the bones inside of the neck of the bear costume. The bear that was struck to the ground created tremors while rotating after being sent flying.

It wouldn’t be able to stand up again!

When I look at the battle field the Aoi`s helmet samurai was still standing. I didn’t see that battle but it was a victory…

*Pop* the SD card rolled towards my foot from the bear’s costume. As for the SD card, I got lucky with two card marked with ♣J and ♥4.  Did the bear kill one person…..taking off the Afro, I placed the SD card in my smartphone.


『Aoi`s helmet samurai vanishes. Battlefield is being released』


I was transferred to the bus stop in an instant. As for the summoning system in the battlefield it should be a one use and throw away ability…..


“So in the end, was that thing a bear?”


When I checked the smartphone`s screen.


『Normal cards were added. “Normal level gacha” was added to the app. Heresy cards were added. “Heresy level gacha” was added to the app.』


Although there are still some questions regarding the bear’s actions, even if I was to guess it would be difficult if was due to the heresy affecting the state of the mind with insanity, or whether it was a rational normal spirit, because its existence vanished already……..I guess there isn’t a type of smartphone that will reveal mind of that human.

Now then, my level went up by two. Reaching level 20. Thank you so much, despite being reluctant to increasing my level by killing a person….pulling myself together I should draw the ero gacha. Even if the types of level gacha increases, for now there are few advantages.


G A Fujoshi Bible』(BL)

Exclusive to fujoshi- summons a bible- a magic book that has a frightening attack that corrodes variously!


I can`t use this….the attack method is just too scary so it can`t be handed to anybody….whether its a bible, magic book, or something that causes thing to rot…..its not worth worrying about because I don`t need it, it was then immediately exchanged for experience points in the trash bin….


G Black Dog Set

Set photo-summons change of clothes- the target person’s clothes will be transformed into a dog tail and dog ears.

When swapping clothes 『Woof!』is the keyword

The tail has a vibration function – can only be detached by the contractor


There are way too many clothing series! Perhaps it a breakout trend…..for now I will put this card on hold.


Then, upon returning home I ate dinner and called Nana to be healed…

And then, the bear incident was erased from my mind…..


Sei- level 20

3 Power     3 Stamina      3 Agility

3 Spirit       6 Intelligence  4 Vitality


Items     『King`s Afro』『Coat of the apprentice hero』

『Iron short sword』『Rabbit shoes』『Spanking with a bat』  

『Potion』『Energy drink』『Bouquet』『Monster Hunter』


Cards    『Wedding dress set』『Black dog set』

『If you turn around there is person』『Only you will be forgotten』

End of Chapter 21

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