7. Collapse(Part 1)


My name is Nami Mikami.

I am 14 years old and right now I’m in the second year of middle school. Out of us three sisters I’m right in the middle. During this summer my life changed greatly.

5 years ago, our parents died in an accident, so we had to manage everything by ourselves. But my sister re-married, so we moved to her husband’s place.

The name of her husband is Kaito-san. At first, I was surprised to hear his age. I thought that for the sake of our lives, sister was fooling some very old and lonely middle-aged man. We three sisters were very poor. But ever since my sister started dating Kaito-san, with his support our lives have improved greatly.

That’s why I thought that for our sakes, sister was marrying some rich old-man that she didn’t even like!

But my sister told me that wasn’t so at all!

When I first saw him I understood why.

He looked younger than his real age and was good looking as well. He was also a good talker to the point that I started wondering why such a man would be single, but my doubts were soon answered.

He has a 19-year-old son.

I kept on asking sister if she was serious about marrying an old man with a kid but she was so entranced with Kaito-san that she wouldn’t listen to me.

Since Kaito-san told us that his son approved of us, we also just gave our blessing. My sister and Kaito-san registered their marriage and we were supposed to meet his son the same day.

Then, after that day, my life changed greatly.

『*Knock knock*…*Door opens*』
「Good evening」

While everyone was asleep Mitsuru-san visited my room.

He is Kaito-san’s son. On the night we first moved in, I was trying to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, but when I went down to the first floor I heard my sister and Kaito-san’s voices doing that. I knew it was wrong but I just became entranced by the voice my sister was making thanks to her intense actions, and started comforting myself before I even knew what I was doing!

Then while I was eavesdropping from the hallway, Mitsuru-san saw me doing that.

Then a few days later Mitsuru-san came to my room in the middle of the night and told me that he would expose my actions to my sisters.

If I didn’t want him to tell them I have to show him my chest…

I did just like I was told and showed him my chest and he took pictures. This time he told me I’d have to listen to him unless I wanted to have my pictures spread online.

「Come on, what are you doing? Strip down and open your legs already」
I couldn’t go against Mitsuru-san…

Just like I was told, I became naked and spread my legs.

The sound of Mitsuru-san’s phone taking pictures rang through the room.

「What is this? You’re already wet? You’re a very perverted woman, aren’t you?」

「Come on spread it, show everything」
I spread my embarrassing part with my fingers and Mitsuru-san came to take a closer look.

「Oi, what are you waiting for? Say it properly!」
「Please…please look at my lecherous pussy」

Mitsuru-san was filming me on his phone. With this video, he threatened me again and I was unable to cross him!

「Come on, where’s the rest?」
「Please… look at me masturbating. I love being seen」

In front of Mitsuru-san, I was forced to show the deed that I wanted to hide from other people the most. But somewhere in my heart, I was anticipating the things that were happening to me. As evidence, from my secret place, lewd juices were flowing out like a flood.

Unconsciously, I raised my voice.

In a trance, I started touching my clit, bringing the lewd juices to it and making it more slippery. While watching me, Mitsuru-san’s nether region also grew big.

「Aaa…It feels good, Nami’s lewd pussy feels very good……」
「Nami is a really erotic woman. Did you get excited because of being watched by me?」

「Yes, Nami is a lewd woman who gets excited by being seen」
I rubbed my clit intensely while Mitsuru-san was watching me.

A lewd sound spread through the room and my hand started moving faster and faster.

「Aa…Amazing…Being looked at by Mitsuru-san. It feels so good」
Becoming entranced by my lecherous act, I peeled the skin on my clit.

「っ!! Hiiii!!」

The intense stimulus made me let out a shriek like voice, but I couldn’t stop……With pleasure running through my body, I unconsciously bent my back.

I love touching my clit with the skin peeled back. The strong stimulus makes my head become strange. My back lifts and starts moving forward and backward, my mouth opens sloppily and my eyes become hollow, drunk with pleasure!

「Aaaaaa~ Amazing!!! This is so gooood! I’ll go crazyyyyy」
I shook my hips while touching my clitoris…

The appearance I didn’t want anyone to see, Mitsuru-san is seeing it all!

I became more and more drunk with my own lewdness……

Then in my hand, I took a small 100 yen laundry clip made of wood. I adjusted its strength myself.

I stuck it to one of my nipples myself……

Unbelievable pain and pleasure started running through my head。

「Auuu…So good…」

Then the other side…

「Kuuuuuっ……This is bad…so good♡ My nipples will streach」

I barely resisted cumming with just my nipples! Both of them were being stretched by the clips.

(haaahaaa…This is so good…If I get used to this…I won’t be able to stop anymore)

Then in my hand, there was another laundry clip…The last one is for……

I nervously brought the clip towards my clitoris…

(Haa haa…Gokuっ…)
My hand was trembling with expectation and nervousness.

My clit had its skin peeled back……I brought the clip closer and abruptly released my hand.

「Hiっ!!!! Cummmiiiiing!!! Auuuuu♡ I’m cumminggg!!」

I moved my hips back and forth violently and with my head buzzing, I climaxed…The strong feeling of having my clit pinched took over my whole body and I had a long, long climax. Doing this, the powerful stimulus made me unable to take it off myself. Unable to do anything before I finished climaxing, I could only endure the intoxicating pleasure.

「Cumming~ Cumming~ I’m cummiiiiiing!!!!」

Finally, the waves of pleasure died down……

「Haa haa haa…Ita*pain*っ」

After being released from the waves of pleasure, I took off the clips from my nipples and clit.

(That、that was amazing…This…I could get used to this…)

After I took off the laundry clips, I fell into a trance, unable to move.

『*Door opening*』
「Nami?! Can you lend me your eraser……っ!!? What are you doing in the daytime?」
「Kyaっ! At least knock before you enter!!」

Sae-oneechan entered the room and made a surprised expression at me sitting naked on top of my bed.

It was clear that I was caught masturbating.

Living together in the same room until now, we all knew this about each other. Naturally, my actions were also known. Pretending we don’t notice…big sis secretly touching when everyone is fast asleep、or my little sister returning home early and touching. It really shouldn’t be something to be embarrassed about but…

But having the skin of my clitoris peeled back and using a laundry pin, the feeling was so strong there’s no way I could be silent. Getting my own room like I always wanted meant I could do whatever I want.

Lately, my fantasy when I do it alone was of being threatened by Mitsuru-san and him making me show how I masturbate.

With this fantasy, I feel extremely good.

It was by chance but I really was seen. Even now I’m so embarrassed I feel like fire might come out of my face, but when I think about it that place gets hot.

(Was I always such a perverted girl?)

I hate myself a bit for thinking this, but right now this fantasy feels the best.

「Mitsuru-kun is here so please be careful」
「Mitsuru-san went shopping with Umi. So please…」

That’s right. Mitsuru-san left with Umi to buy swimsuits.

「Thats right. But still, be careful. If that guy finds you like this you’ll get attacked.」
「I wanted to ask you for a while, but why do you treat Mitsuru-san like an enemy?」

「E? That’s not what I was trying to do」
「Is that so? But you got so angry yesterday just because he dirtied some panties.」

「What do you mean just?!?」

I told her what I was thinking of. Her attitude towards Mitsuru-san was too much.

It’s normal for guys to be interested in girls’ panties. The guys in my last school always talked about using their sisters’ panties for that and getting beaten. Things like that weren’t unusual.

「You guys are still too lenient towards boys.」

She started talking about her experience with savage men who thought with the mind in their pants and frequented the night shops that she used to work at. But I don’t think Mitsuru-san is one of those savage men that she is talking about.

「And if he attacks you with his big…burly…And then there’s the amount! Do you have any idea just how hard it was to clean those panties?」

Saying that, her eyes drifted off and lit up a bit.

(Onee-chan…You’re smiling just from thinking about it)

「Is it more amazing than Kaito-san’s?」

Big sister, who got caught up in my pace without realizing, started talking with a distant look.

「Lately, maybe because of his age he’s not that energetic anymore. It’s gotten a bit soft …compared to that……Haッ! Wa、what are you making me sayっ!」
「Fuu~n、So both you and Umi have already seen it?…Mitsuru-san’s……That’s not fair」

「What are you saying!You’re not supposed to look at such an atrocious thing, absolutely not!!」

「Ok but……Onee-chan? Why are you looking down on Mitsuru-san and trying to defeat him?It looks to me like you’re always trying to make him admit that you are better and when that doesn’t work you keep lashing out at him.」


That’s what I thought after seeing my sister’s attitude towards Mitsuru-san.

She thinks that because she’s his mother-in-law he would listen to her like me and my sister. But Mitsuru-san is smart and I think that the things he said are more reasonable. He is reliable. And he doesn’t have a good opinion about my sister……Well, that is because my sister got drunk and started picking a fight with him.

She is too self-conscious about her position as mother-in-law and feels like she’s idling. Feeling responsible to act like a mother-in-law but unable to, she ends up looking down and ordering him around.

I think she wants Mitsuru-san to listen to her so she can feel like he recognized her as his mother-in-law and have peace of mind.

「Of, of course, not……Aren’t you the one who hates him the most?」
「Eh? Me?? I don’t really hate him at all」

「No way! You never look him in the eyes when we eat and I’ve never seen you speak with him」

(That’s…I can’t look him in the eyes after he saw me doing something so emberassing!)

「I, it’s not like that. I don’t hate him」
「Is that so? Thinking that you hated him, when I saw that what he did with your panties I scolded him a lot thinking about you. So you didn’t actually hate him??」

「Anyway, you’re being too harsh on Mitsuru-san」
「I understand … I’ll be a bit more careful」

Saying that, she left the room.

I started doing my homework again.

But I couldn’t concentrate at all.

I remembered the first time I saw Mitsuru-san.

Mitsuru-san was sitting on a chair, waiting, when I was introduced to him and told that we were going to be living together from now on.

I was honestly surprised.

(Eh?Is it this person??……He’s so cool)

I was shocked and embarrassed and I couldn’t introduce myself successfully.

(Will I be living with this person?…I’m quite happy with that)

5 years older, good-looking and seemingly having a bright disposition, Mitsuru became the first person to make Nami conscious of the opposite sex. Nami was nervous and happy at the same time, but she couldn’t foresee the following developments.

Mitsuru-san didn’t know anything about my sister’s marriage…or rather he didn’t even know she exists. Hearing for the first time that they were dating and moreover, they had already gotten married, Mitsuru-san was naturally angry and his mood turned hostile.

Big sister kept making remarks which added fuel to the fire.

Honestly, I just wanted her to stop.

He must have had a terrible first impression of us……I left the restaurant thinking like that.

The day we moved, he wasn’t angry. He seemed just as usual. Then evening came and he left to work.

When I got out of the bath Ane told me to let Mitsuru-san know that the bath is free.

(He’s back from work?)

Getting a just cause to visit his room, I happily did so. I was nervous but he answered smilingly.

With a sigh of relief, I calmed down a bit.

Since I was already in his room I thought I might as well explain the misunderstanding with my sister. As expected, Mitsuru-san didn’t have a good impression of her…
「Let’s get along, Nami-chan」

That’s what he told me. Honestly, I was extremely happy but then he added, “as brother and sister”.

(Not as a little sister, I want you to see me as a girl)

That’s what I thought inside, but…「I also want to get along」I said something I didn’t mean…and regretted it immediately。

At crucial times, I just can’t say the right things……Even I hate myself for it.

Then an even worse incident happened.

When I tried to go to the bathroom at night, I heard Ane’s voice …I know it wasn’t right but while listening to her I started touching myself. And then Mitsuru-san saw me!

I was so embarrassed I could die……

I was stunned and wanted to explain myself.

「I’m not a pervert, this isn’t what it seems」

This was what I wanted to say but all that came out was 「…pervert…..」.

That’s because Mitsuru-san’s eyes were laughing at me. Of course, he would. In such a place, doing something like that…He surely thinks I’m an unbelievable pervert…… While feeling extremely down, I returned to my room.

Next morning …I steeled my resolve and tried to talk to Mitsuru-san…

First, we have to talk like the things yesterday didn’t happen. Mitsuru-san should surely answer the same way. Thinking like that, I got fired up and then I saw him…

I was so fired up my face grew stiff…I tried my best to talk but as soon as I looked at him in the eyes I was so embarrassed I subconsciously looked away. I was unable to even look at his face! Continuing that way, we ended our mealtime.

He probably thinks I’m disdainful. Of course he does……