9. Shopping


「Morning~ Onii Wake up~!……*glomp*!!」

Today Umi came to wake me up and used the tongue technique she learned last night.

「*Ngu Ngu*, *Lick lick*, *Suck*Suck*…Wake uup~. Onii~、This place is already awake, you know~」
「No…Umi…I’m awake, I’m already awake……If you continue I won’t be able to hold back」

「Ehehe, You can let it out if you want to」

「No way~! Eheっ♡ Wake up quickly!I’m hungry~」
「……Don’t “Ehe” me!!Getting my hopes up……*Sob* っ」

Today as well, Umi was full of energy in the morning. Once again, I was woken up in such a pleasant way. But it was also quite frustrating…

I changed my clothes and got downstairs. Nami-chan was already seated. Sae-san was right in the middle of cooking breakfast

「Good morning……Mitsuru-kun」
「Good morning, Nami-chan」
「Good morning, Mitsuru-san」

Sae-san more or less greeted me with a cramped smile.

(Hmm, it’s a bit forced but I guess she’s more or less doing her best to smile)

I don’t know what dad did to convince Sae-san yesterday but……She seemed to have gotten spoiled a lot yesterday as she was humming a song while in a good mood.

When we began eating, Sae-san looked my way.

「Mitsuru-kun……Mmm, when we finish eating, can we talk?」

(Well then, how will it be?)

「Ah, and I’ll have work today」
「Is that so? Ok」

After eating, I had a shower and as I was about to help Umi with her homework, Sae-san came and told me we should have a talk in my room. The two of us went to the second floor.

「So? What did you want to talk about?」
「Well…It’s about the other day. Kaito-san said I shouldn’t worry about it but…I didn’t consider your feelings……I’m sorry」

「It’s fine. I also said too much. You already apologized so let’s end the matter here」

「Dad also told you not to worry, right?」

Dad told Sae-san that she should leave Umi and Nami to me. Sae-san until now did her best on her own with no one to rely on. But now she had dad. That’s why she listens to him. He was probably what she wanted the most until now, someone she could rely on.

She eventually accepted that I would take her sisters to play or help them with their homework.

「However! I won’t allow something like what you did with Nami’s underwear before!」
Her firm declaration came as expected……

Well since that was a natural response all I could do was laugh awkwardly.

That’s how we more or less had a cease-fire.

After that, I helped the two with their assignment and at noon I took Nami-chan to buy her a swimsuit. Since Umi said she also wanted to come, all three of us ended up going together.

(Tsk…This Umi, she’s planning on not allowing me to buy a sexy swimsuit)

We went to the specialty shop that I went to with Umi the other day. Nami was impressed as she looked for a swimsuit with sparkly eyes.

Since I told her「Don’t mind the price, just choose the one you like」she was looking for one in a daze.

Ever since their parents died they haven’t gotten a swimsuit besides the school one. Umi was also helping Nami look for it and they looked like they were having a lot of fun. She didn’t want Nami to come together with us to the sea but it seemed like shopping was different……It looked like Umi was having fun as well.

While the two were looking around I went to the sexy swimsuit corner.

(This one would really, really fit Nami)

While I was thinking like that, suddenly someone bumped into me from behind.

『 *thud* 』

Pushed from behind, I ended up with my face in the swimsuits in front of me.

(That hurts! This bastard!)

「I, I’m sorry! Are you ok?」

As I angrily turned around, in front of me stood a beautiful girl with hair a bit longer than shoulder-length, dyed brown……

「Nyahaha, I’m sorry~Onii-san, are you ok?」
The bright girl who said so also had shoulder-length hair dyed brown.

「Ma-chanっ! You have to be careuful! I’m really sorry」
「I, it’s fine……I’m ok」

(Wha, what is this?? These girls are so cute……Are they celebrities? Or maybe models?)

The two were wearing high school uniforms and mini-skirts and also looking at the sexy swimsuit corner.

(This uniform…It’s from that famous rich girl’s school)

「Nyaha, sorry, sorry Akari. So? Which one should we get?」
「Yeah, I got tired of the micro-bikini」

「There aren’t any swimsuits more extreme than that, are there?」
「I guess you’re right」

The beauties were having such a conversation while looking at the sexy swimsuits.

(Wh, what???? She wore micro-bikinis so much she got tired of it???)

Mitsuru got captivated by the two other-worldly beauties…As soon as the two disappeared Nami and Umi came.

「Onii!!! You’re ogling too much!」
「Mitsuru-san! We came to buy me a swimsuit!」

「But…those girls…apparently, they wear these kinds of swimsuits normaly」
Saying so Mitsuru pointed at the sexy swimsuits.

「OI, I understandっ! Then, I’ll also get this one!!」
「That’s right Nami-nee, we can’t lose to those two! I also got one, so for Nami-nee’s second swimsuit we’ll get this one!」


Nami-chan and I called out in unison.

(Oi, Umi……What are you doing, giving yourself away?)

「Umi!! What do you mean by the second swimsuit??」

「Aha, Ahahahaha. Since Onii said he wanted to see me in this kind of swimsuit we bought one like this as well…」
「Is that so??? Mitsuru-san?!」

「Hmm…Well, yeah, you also seem like you’d look good in something like this, Nami-chan……」
「I understand! Then, this one as well! I also want two swimsuits!」

「Y, yes…」
(What is this? Why are you so fired up all of a sudden?)

Holding the swimsuit she chose and the one I chose, Nami entered the fitting room.

「H, how is it??」
A slightly red-cheeked Nami opened the curtain with a tense expression. Nami’s choice was a pretty blue, simple string bikini. However, the bottom part was a half-back

It seemed like she saw the one Umi chose and didn’t want to lose. But she looked so good you wouldn’t be able to tell that she was a middle schooler.


「Yeah, I think it fits you very well, Nami-chan」
After I said that her tensed face relaxed a bit and turned into a happy-looking smile.

「Then the first one will be this. Now I’ll try on the next one」
Saying so Nami closed the curtain.

But, she wasn’t coming out with the next one…

「Onee~ What happened???」
Umi became impatient and called out to her.

「Well…This is a bit…」
From inside came Nami’s agitated voice.

「Did you wear it already? Hey, Onee???」
「I wore it but…Wait a bit…」

「Ihihihi, *there!*っ!」
Without leaving any space for argument, Umi opened the curtain.

「*kyaa*?! Wait!!」
The bra which appeared in front of me was the same as Umi’s, the type with a square piece of fabric.

This time as well the nipples raised it to reveal under-boob and side-boob. The bottom part was a string around her hip of about 3 cm with that place only hidden by a minuscule piece of fabric.

Not as much as a micro-bikini, but the front area was quite small and the back was a bit smaller than a half-back.

This one too shows a beautiful cameltoe.

And the biggest reason for Nami’s agitation……The hair down there was showing a bit.

(I see, since Umi doesn’t have hair there……she could wear it without a problem. Normally you can’t wear it without grooming)

Even if I say that it’s not like Nami had a lot of hair down there. It’s just growing a bit. A teary-eyed Nami was hiding the part where it came out.

「Hmmm…Well, You probably need to groom that part but……It fits you very well. I think this one’s good. What do you think?」
「Since Mitsuru-san is saying that I’ll get this one……Umiっ!!! You’ll see laterっ!」

With a demon-like expression, Nami closed the curtain.

「Kyahahaha, you’re at fault for not cutting it when you knew you’d go shopping for a swimsuit」
While saying that, Umi broke out in a cold sweat.

(Umi…Just apologize…I have work after this. Didn’t you forget you have to go back alone with her?)

LIke that, we also bought Nami the swimsuits.

Of course, Mitsuru took the sexy swimsuit to work with him.

When he got back he went to Nami’s room and knocked.

「Come in」

Nami’s voice came from inside.

I opened the door and Nami was sitting on the bed in her pajamas.

「This is the one we bought today」
「Th, thank you……」

As I gave her the sexy swimsuit I looked around her room and was surprised.

「Uhhh……Is there a problem?」
Since I was staring at her room, Nami looked at me, puzzled.

「[Oh, no…I was just thinking the room feels really different from before…I was surprised since it became so girly」
「Is it strange?」

「It’s not that. It’s just that knowing how it was before, I can really see the transformation…I think it’s good it became more girly」
「Is that so? When you look at it like that…It’s embarasing」

「*oops*!Sorry sorry, good night then」
「Wait a bit! Are you going to have a bath after this?」

「Eh? Yeah, I will」
「Can you come again after you get out of the bath? I want to tell you something」

「Sure, I’ll see you later then」

After that, I went to have a bath.

When I got out, just as promised, I went to Nami’s room.

「Come in…」
When I entered, Nami was standing naked except for a bath towel.

「Huh?……Err, Nami-chan???」
「Well……It’s embarrassing but can you please look?」

Saying that Nami opened the towel.

(Eeeee????? Are you for real????……Ah, so it’s that after all)

Nami who opened the towel was wearing the sexy swimsuit we bought today…It really destroyed all my hopes…

(This…Isn’t this sexier than being naked?)

「In the shop…You couldn’t see it well so……What do you think?」

This time Nami took care of the hair down there. She had beautifully shaped bosom with raised nipples. From her side-boob and under-boob, the size and beautiful shape of Nami’s chest become apparent.

And then, at her secret place, that’s barely hidden by the small piece of fabric, was a beautiful cameltoe.

Turning around, it was a bit more extreme than a half-back, showing her beautiful bottom.


「It’s very pretty and very very cute. It looks good on you」
「Is that true?? I’m glad」

Nami looked very happy.

I too…was so happy that I realized I was ogling.

「Good night then」
「Good night」

I returned to my room and later Umi came. I was taken to dreamland by Umi’s mouth.

On the other hand Nami……

(Fuu, I’m glad…He liked it)

After taking off the swimsuit, she looked at herself in the mirror.

(So smooth……)
Nami shaved all the hair down there.

Since the swimsuit is small even if she only shaved the part that was coming out, when people look at the swimsuit, the puff from where the hair was really stood out.

Since it felt like it would attract attention she just shaved it all.

(It feels…kind of strange……)
When she touched the shaved part, she could feel a strange but comfortable feeling.

『*Stroke* 』
When she touched her crevice, that place was wet.

(It was embarrassing but…It felt good)

Nami got wet showing Mitsuru the perverted swimsuit.

(N!! Amazing…It feels good……No good…I can’t take it)

Sitting on the bad she looked at herself in the full-length mirror. With her legs spread, she was looking at her smooth place and her crevice which was sparkling from being wet.

(Such a perverted pose)

Like that Nami started touching her clitoris and entered her own world. Seeing her perverted expression in the mirror she continued stroking her place. As she was touching herself looking in the mirror, Nami suddenly remembered.

(When I was using the laundry clips……what kind of face was I making?)

Nami took her phone, and fixing it on a stand, started recording herself.

(This…feels like I’m doing something very bad)

She became engrossed in her masturbation while imagining that Mitsuru was holding the phone…

After she calmed down, she looked at herself, with her clit peeled back and with laundry clips at three points.

(No way??? Was I making such a perverted face???)

Nami saw her own foolishness for the first time.

(If he saw this……What would Mitsuru-san think?)

Thinking like that, Nami started touching herself again while looking at her masturbation video.