Grand Phastama Update

Good days! Chapter 6-7 unlocked and free to read.~

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Chapter 6

Chapter 7

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Chapter 14

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Someone asking me few question, I gonna answer them.

Q: Does the story only end at vol 1?
A: Story won’t end with one volume. It’ll keep going until I’m sick of it. Until then, I will keep writing this series. I still got few other series I write to upload.
Q: Where ‘s the H-scene?
A: It’ll be in Vol 2. Vol 1 is like prologue arc. Sorry I got into plot too much instead of PLOT. lol But don’t worry, unlike Kousuke from ME, Reiji will get laid.
Q: Is it Phantasm or Phastama ?
A: It’s Phastama. Sorry for that. It’s honest mistake on my part.

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