Grand Phastama

Author: Lucian

© 2021 Lucian All Rights Reserved

Release schedule : 2 chapters a week.


Edward Moriaty has been living a peaceful and successful life as CEO for his company.

He got money, lived in a luxury apartment, a fancy car and everything all riches had.

But everything changes, when he wakes up in the body of a side character of eroge he played years ago back in high school days.

He doesn’t understand why this happened to him.

Kuroba Reiji, he is the typical friend character that appeared in every story. But while he is the protagonist’s best friend and he is also one of the last bosses of the game.

Not only that, in every route, Kuroba Reiji is destined to die! No matter what routes!

Knowing this he decided that he will make sure he would survive even if he has to ruin the storyline of the Eroge Game he loved so much. 

As Kuroba Reiji, he will make sure to come on top of the protagonist of the Story with his vivid knowledge to making sure his story will have a completely different ending then the game had!

Disclaimer :

Grand Phastama is based of Magical Explorer. So some scenes at the beginning have some similarity but I assure you, the story will take completely different route and totally different.

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