Half elves fall in love chapter 124

Chapter 124: Family Talk [Irina]



I have realized that I made two Dragon Breath applied weapons. After all, it is hard to handle the sealing stone. It’s quite powerful, but that’s why I can’t figure out where to use it. It’s a little too much as an interpersonal trump card and it’s too dangerous to treat this as the main force against monsters.

“That’s why Lantz”
“Try using this one”

I give Lantz more new weapons that I’ve spent a whole day making.

“Emm……isn’t it just a thick arrow?”
“Well, that’s how you treat it”

The crossbow arrows are thick. The shape itself is not so special. No, it is quite different in the region where there is only a normal bow and arrow.

“Nevertheless, aim towards there”
“There is only a mountain”
“Luna placed a target on a tree on top of that mountain”

Cooperation: Training instructor Dianne.


Lantz looks like that. As it is now, it is a mountain that is 3km away. As expected, it is not a distance that can be reached by an ordinary crossbow.

“But you can do it if you just aim”
“Just once”

James Lantz regular soldier. It has no particular meaning that he was chosen for the Special Duty Corps. His sight and accuracy are the best among the old Crossbow Corps. Crossbow members are all trained and everyone has more skills, but Lantz has the best sniper ability. He was not just an onanist.

“Emm……damn, can I really reach that thing……?”
“You can ask Dianne to apply the magic to enhance your senses”
“You can do it even without it. It’s a question of one’s abilities……”

He fixes his elbows on his knees and take a deep breath. He is aiming for a far-away goal that he can’t even see. And then.


The arrow is released from the crossbow. Lantz opened his eyes.

“……Eh, what is……a little serious”
“It’s a big loss”

Still a stunned face. He stood up and stared at the distant mountain.

“It was quite high and it came off very high, but it is not 『Falling』 at all”
“Yes, that’s right. Indeed”
“What is it? What is the reason? What did you do to my crossbow?”
“It’s not the crossbow, it’s the arrow. ……I’ve done it, how far it’s going to fly. I made you think it’s low”

New conventional weapon, special thick arrow (Tentative name). Its true identity is an arrow with a characteristic of 「The more it breaks through the air, the more acceleration it will get」. Since crests are engraved to twist and bend the air flow into 90% propulsion from other than the rear, there is virtually no limit to the range. Moreover, the farther away the target is, the higher the power.

“Great, that’s great!”
“… Yes, well. I wish you could hit it”
“I’ll hit it next! I need one more!”
“……The problem is, that the inscription is so small and too huge that I only can make one arrow per day”

It is thanks to Breakcore´s crest engraving pen that the embossing can be applied to the side level surface of the thick arrow. Too much demand for performance, so it became a product that is not very mass-produced. There are a number of arrows. To be honest, this low productivity is painful.

“10-man captain Smithson is amazing, but you cant be pleased with such an item for now”
“Noisy! I know that myself

I’m going to make something amazing that everyone will really adore.


For the time being, I gave up collecting the arrows and went to the Baron’s mansion. The daily routine is to see Peter’s face. I cant feed him with my own income and considering the possibility of leaving for weeks or months, there is no gap to raise my child, but I will repay the baron as soon as everything stabilizes. Somehow, having a child is a good thing. My child that Jeanne gave birth to. A child who inherited the lineage of my father and mother and was given birth by one of my favorite girls. When I look at Peter’s restful sleeping face, I’ll try my best to work hard. If there is a time when there is a stable elf territory and Polka ahead of my current job and Peter will live, I think I will do my best even if it is a little roundabout.

“He is sleeping very well”
“It’s his job to sleep, cry and suck my breasts. But even so, children take a lot of time. If the Baroness hadn’t helped me, I wouldn’t know how to manage it”
“No one can become a 『Veteran Mom』 from the beginning. Someday, Jeanne-san will help the others to be a good mom”

The Baroness, Jeanne and two aunts were here. After all, Jeanne looks to young because of being a dwarf, so the Baroness may be stimulated by her motherhood.

“So when do you have a wedding, Andy-kun?”

The Baroness swung over a topic that was difficult to answer with a smile.

“A, Ah……well, that is, step by step……”
“We´re Celesta people. Besides everyone wants to get married to Andy. It’s a bit impossible to get married here”

Nice follow up Jeanne. Well, she explained it as usual, but it sounds like a terrible crime when said to Trot people.

“You already have a child……I don’t know how many people you want to marry, but I’d like you to register Jeanne-san in your family register”
“That’s certainly true”
“Well, I’m actually a female slave, so I don’t care about that, do I?”
“……Jeanne-san, you can’t bring that kind of thing into reality”
“Even if it is said……”

What a strange conversation. No, I’m bad.

Hilda-san and Selenium showed up in a steaming manner as they were about to go back to the inn. From their wet hairs, I can see that they were in the hot spring until now.

“Ah, Andy-san is here”
“Oh, nice timing. Andy-kun wait a moment”
“What is it”

Both retreat into the hallway from the room they entered once. Then, I wait and look at Jeanne´s face and they came into the room again.

“Yes, yes, special attention. Especially Andy-san”
“Why are you referring to me by name?”
“It’s an introduction♪ Co, Come in”

When Hilda-san urges the other side of the door, I hear a thin voice saying, 「Eh……really, shall I go in……?」.


Neia came in when Hilda-san pushed her from the other side without questioning. With no over-cloth. It looks like underwear, with only the chest and waist covered with a small cloth.


Neia who is shy embraces her chest. Her large breasts are distorted and more erotic. Wait a minute.

“……No scratch, nothing……?”
“Bingo♪ Thanks to Polka´s miraculous spring and Hilda-sensei, a complete recovery happened”

Hilda, who says so herself puffed up her chest with pride. It is true that Neia’s body, which is almost bare, does not have any large, painful scars remaining.

“That’s right, Smithson-san, why did you know my body was full of wounds?”
“Ah……no that……”

It’s hard to say that I was peeking at that time. Neia may be slightly confused. No, she might have thought that I haven’t seen so much.

“But it’s a pretty beautiful body……now, Neia”

Neia looks down with her bright red head. She’s so inexperienced that I don’t think she’s a hero who is strong.

“If Andy-san is fascinated to that extent, it was a success♪”
“Be confident, Neia-san. You don’t need to have a complex, it’s a nice look in the first place”
“I, I was cured because it wasn’t just about how to treat him, but it simply resonated with combat power!”

Neia finally jumped out of the room as if she couldn’t endure.

“Arara, she’s so cute”
“It’s a good idea to let her walk around with her big boobs like Sharon-san, but I think she can be a little more confident”
“No, I think it’s too much of a rough cure to expose her half-naked self to a man who’s not so close to her……”

It was an eye-sight.


Night. When I returned to the hotel, Irina was drinking with Maia and Laila.

“Ho, owner, don’t you want to drink?”
“It’s a famous alcohol called 『Tempest Whale』 made on the frontier of the blue territory. I pilfer a barrel when I went to my home”

Maia and Irina makes a thumb up sign at the same time.

“Is it good?”
“Elf-preferred slowly permeating alcohol doesn’t affect you with the first cup. If you drink slowly, you will get a good balance around the second and third cup”

I have a cup poured and drink. Certainly the punch may be weak.

“Don’t drink so much”
“I understand, I’m gonna drink and taste it slowly with the next one”

I have another cup filled.

I seem to have fallen when I noticed. There was a table surface in front of my opened eyes.

“Oooo……you were sleeping before I knew it”
“Hoho, it’s not weak, this alcohol. That’s why I said dont drink it all at once because it has a good taste”

I’ve exposed my bad points. Reflection.

“Well, there were some things that were caught on your own while being careful”

When I looked up, Irina was on the chair next to me.

“N……but the more you really taste it, the more delicious it will taste……”
“Umm, it tastes strange, but this alcohol isn’t bad”

Maia and Laila are still drinking deliciously. Dragons have really no alcohol limit.

“Haa……shawee, I’ll send you back”
“Ho, don’t you need to rest?”
“We can still drink”

Anyway, if I drink more, I’ll just expose myself to the ugliness again. I hold Irina up to my side and leave the inn.


Autumn. It’s still summer in Celesta, but it’s almost autumn here. The month when it began to get thinner, the sky with so many stars. And the sound of insects and owls resonate in the grasslands that began to fade into light brown. Irina sleeps soundly. Her little sleeping face is terribly innocent even though she is many times older than me, I laugh at her thinking that it would be similar if I had an older sister. Speaking of which, I have been called 「Older brother」 by Irina before.

“It was cute……toto”

I slightly stagger. I tried to be strong, but it doesn’t mean that I´m good with alcohol. If I´m not careful, I will stagger.

“Oo, to, toto”

Then, I slipped whether my attention was insufficient and I land on the grass on the roadside with my butt. I managed to avoid throwing away or crushing Irina. On my lap, Irina still shows her innocent sleeping face. ……Irina’s foolishness in front of the labyrinth is remembered somehow. And, the smile when calling me 「Older brother」 playfully also overlaps. Although it is a memory with no context at all, it is synthesized with my drunk head. My younger sister Irina who does want to offer herself to me while crying and begging for sex is completed in my brain.

“……Ah, she’s so cute!”

While understanding in the corner of my head that everything is foolishly made up by my brain, I feel that it will be real if I check it and I stroke the glossy hair of Irina and steal a kiss from her sleeping face. Irina opens her eyes slightly. Her eyes are also drunk. Irina looked up at me and uttered a few words.

“Older brother……”

Dokin. Awaken……no, the feeling of that alcohol comes around from the bottom of my stomach again. I think my delusion has become a reality. It’s a coincidence if you think calmly, but I’m not calm.


I covered Irina. In my head, is the memory that Irina was showing a foolery under the night sky in the meadow of the Holy Beast Labyrinth. My head decides that it is not strange to fuck her under the sky. It’s just sex without being hidden in a illusion. There was no good reason, but the desire to fuck Irina while Irina was a 「Younger sister」 went out of control. I just hug Irina and put my lips on her lips. Irina entangled her tongue around mine with the same taste without defying it.

“Haaa……a, a……?”

I take a breath. While Irina didn’t wake up, she was dreaming of an older brother who didn’t want her. I was impatient and rolled up Irina’s skirt and shifted her underwear aside.

“Ah……th, that……?”

I rub my penis that I have taken out against Irina´s secret place, who seems to be unsure. A lower body which does not have much power. A small pubic area that is not very ready. When I spit my saliva, I almost forced it into it.

“Ha, gaa……!?”

As expected, she opens her eyes. Is she awake? Has she awoken? I want her not to wake up.

“Irina……Irina, older brother……you can call me older brother……!”
“A, Auu……!?”
“Irina, accept your older brother’s cock, get messed up with your older brother’s semen, Irina, Irina……you’re engulfed by your older brother, in this grass you……!!”
“O, Old……Older brother……!?”
“Yeah, good Irina……!!”

Push my delusion. A man who asks for unreasonableness to suppress the woman who was sleeping by the power of alcohol, to suddenly thrust in the roadside, to call him big brother and to push the delusion setting and to let semen out. For Irina, I’m the lowest she can think of now. I don’t feel guilty despite being vaguely aware. Excitement and ecstasy exceed.

“Irina, Irina……ah, my younger sister, I’m violating my younger sister……”
“Ol, Older brother……older brother, at least, older brother……!”
“Wh, What do you want to say Irina. Do you want me to stop!?”

Ah, I´m the lowest. Doing terrible things. With that in mind, I rubbed Irina’s little vagina with my cock. The narrow vagina turns up. Irina´s luxury underwear sometimes gets tangled between her vagina and my penis. But still, I feel a one-sided joy that I feel that I’m excited that the love juice has increased.

“At least, older brother……at least……let’s embrace closely……!!”

Irina is also drunk. She isn’t sane. However, I was excited by the words that came out in such a way, hugging her as if jumping towards Irina and shaking my hips to thrust till the depth of her vagina. Thus I.

“A, Aaaaaa……!!”

We both raise a scream. While listening to the voice of my weaker younger sister, I threw my sperm into the back of her vagina.

I’m breathing. As expected, I´m getting sober. The same goes for Irina. The sounds of the insects are refreshing and gentle.

“……Older brother, do you want to continue or retire soon?”

Irina laughs and giggles.

“……Sorry, I did a terrible thing”
“You´re really a devil. You cummed inside again♪”

Irina shakes her hips slightly with a voice that doesn’t blame me at all. My son which is still in Irina´s pussy is still energetic.

“……Older brother doesn’t seem to have enough yet”
“I´m also not satisfied yet. ……Can you take care of your younger sister a little more?”

As it was, I hold Irina down and cummed inside her three times.


“Oh, Welcome home, Irina-dono. I was about to pick you up from the inn”
“Hmm, I’m sorry. I had a good drink and it was a little too much”

Irina smiled at the baron in her usual way. I talk to the baron for the time being.

“Irina, in that situation here”
“Hmm? I’ll drink tea and you’ll be the one to talk to while I become sober”

Irina stops me.

“Andy, take it easy. No one will complain about your visit”

The Baron also recommended me to go to Irina’s room.

Closing the door.

“……Huhu, my older brother seems to be very nasty”
“I am”
“I didn’t mind if it smelled……♪”

Irina sticks her tongue out and hugs me again. There should be no change of underwear after the outdoor sex, of course, Irina’s underwear was abundant with love juice and semen.

“Older brother……I’ll let you pamper me a little more♪”
“……Tension is different”
“Huhu, if you force me to play the role of your younger sister, take responsibility”

I was in high spirits. Irina was thrown into the bed as it was and we continued our gentle and sweet sex play until the morning. ……Baroness, she’ll get angry if she knows.

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