Half elves fall in love chapter 126

Chapter 126: Fortress City Rennesto 2



When we received the map and brought it back to Polka, Dianne spread it over the dining room table in the inn and inspected it. And we started studying it with Neia.

“Kalwin is said to be a valley”
“Is water flowing?”
“Yes, for now……”
“Then we could narrow down the area from the river. Even though the demon territory is vast, there are not so many rivers that create a valley that can be a fortress. Have you ever seen the ocean? Did you see the Snake Mountain Range? The Eastern Mountain Range. The direction in which the river flows. Give me the information you know”
“Ye, Yes”

The two begin to exchange information before the parchment map.

“As expected, it’s a great to have an expert on the terrain here”

Hilda seems to be reliant.

“Yes, if you narrow down the candidate sites, our search efficiency will jump. ……If the map is right, though”
“We can only believe that at the moment. If Dianne-sama goes, she might make a map by herself”

Dianne laughs at Anzeros and Aurora.

“How long do you think it will take to survey this area? If it’s a frustration, it’s pretty important. It’s more certain that we’re going to search for ancient documents in Valery, Arkus and the Goth Kingdom”
“Is that so much?”
“Our job is not only to discover the valley, but to find a route to it. We will see where the monsters originated, predict the flow of the Qi and establish a route where unarmed residents can walk for trade. If we can’t establish a route that they can walk for, it doesn’t make much sense for Renfangas and Kalwin”
“Ah……speaking of that, that´s certainly the case”

Anzeros laughs bitterly. To be honest, I didn’t think it was that complicated. This wasn’t just a treasure hunt.

“I don’t know how many years it would take if I made a map that everyone could use for that purpose. No matter how much Laila or Maia would help, I wouldn’t be able to make progress while fighting against monsters”
“Ho. I’m not particular about the map”
“Any work that can be done more relaxed. ….Do you want to give birth to children? Anzeros and Aurora”
“Ah, ye, yes”
“Of course”

Will the story return there after all?

“Hilda-sensei also wants Andy-kun’s child♪”
“Hi, Hilda-san, be a little more aware of you being a married woman”
“That’s it, plunder love!”
“What do you say?”
“Yaah, you have completely devoured Hilda-sensei’s ripe body and now Andy-kun is cold☆”
“Why do you look so happy?”

Hilda-san is probably still a fast-thinking person to say that she’s ripe……because the story does not advance when it begins to say, I keep silent.

After a series of checks, Dianne stands up with the map.

“Okay, let’s start the next expedition”

Everyone looks up. Dianne raised her voice.

“Tomorrow morning we first head to Rennesto! This is the first full-fledged survey, do not neglect the confirmation of the armament! And don’t forget to procure winter clothes, the demon territory at the same latitude as Trot will get cold sooner and later! Dianne Special Duty Corps, get ready! ”
『Roger that!』

We put our right fists on our left chest and start preparing.

Selenium will remain in Polka this time. Hilda-san said that her stomach would soon be conspicuous.

“Jeanne-chan is still not able to let Peter-kun alone”
“I’m lonely, but I’m a waiting woman. I will help you raise Peter as a good boy”
“Thank you, senpai♪”

Selenium and Jeanne shake hands. The two of them are cheerful even if it is painful and whether their temperament is compatible with each other is a good match. And Luna compensates for the reduced strength. I can’t deny that it’s still a little uncomfortable compared to the all-purpose Selenium, but I think that Dianne-san’s approval is out and she is expecting her future success. After that, all the men, including Keiron, have no problem. The Ace Knight group and the Dragon group are not upset either. And the non-combatant combination of Apple and Hilda is preparing without any problems. The rest is Neia……and there is no problem.

“……What do you like?”
“I’m going to go to this time too? I’ve never seen the other side of the snake mountain range”

Irina was dressed as a traveler. She is dressed in a thick hooded cloak and has a wand with crystal stalines on the oak material.

“It’s dangerous, isn’t it? What did Dianne said?”
“Dianne told me to follow this time. There’s a way to make it”
“Are you serious……”

Well, no matter how much Irina is the type that is not superior to direct combat, various magic including 『Poison Snake Eye』 can become a force no less than Ace Knight. It is true that Irina’s power is not low. But……she is a super important person. I think it’s a bad idea if she doesn’t hold back properly. ……Dianne comes by before I knows it and explains it.

“I think it’s possible to secure a base soon and I thought it would be better to go to Rennesto to show the northern elf dignitaries”
“But shouldn’t Irina be refined? It could lead to an elf territory turning upside down at once……”
“Let’s trust Alex Buster’s security recovery operations and there’s no need to connect Maia to the castle and also there’s Neia. This time there will be no hesitation to leave me and Anzeros easily. It should be much harder to get up than before”
“……So that’s it”

Certainly, the last battle with the rogues originated in a fleeting way of fluttering the city with most of the direct fighters unable to move. First of all, if you try not to do such a thing, the possibility that Irina is suddenly targeted or deprived will also decrease drastically.

“So, if you’re really worried, you should be careful. At least your female slaves will naturally gather and it will be safer”
“Roger that”
“Huhuhu, please take care of me♪”


The next morning, we took off on Maia in our usual carriage. We looked back to the guard duo who waved their hands eagerly and we headed again towards Renfangas Kingdom.

We arrived at Rennesto in the evening. Even if we landed in the courtyard of the castle like last time, there was no real confusion. Since it was a re-visit without a notice, the guards jumped out onto the balcony and so on.

“Welcome, to the mediators between us and Celesta and the northern elf territory”

Immediately during the audience, we meet Queen Flare. Alex Buster and Sharon are on the side. That’s because of our relationship with them. Bikini armor is an amazing arrangement next to the majestic throne.

“I’ll see you for the first time”

It was Irina who came forward with dignity. Slowly cut off the mark of blessing and smile at Queen Flare.

“I´m Irina, the head of the White Clan, of the Nine Clans of the Northern Forest. I came to offer a blessing to the healthy future of Renfangas Kingdom”
“Well……you’re one of the heads of the Nine Clans?”
“You might think I´m young, but I still count my life for 150 years”
“I know about you from Sharon. Thank you for the convenience of that verse”
“Thank you. I would like you to allow us to stay for a while together with my friend, Blue Dragon Maia and War God Dianne”
“Of course”

Irina cooled it down to see if she should be rude, but she was 150-year-old. No, should it be the persistence of a real clan leader? Even though it is a small country, it has a natural advantage rather than losing thanks to the queen. Irina was a gluttonous idiot and a hidden nasty kid, but I was impressed that she was a real noble. Then, after the greetings of Queen Flare and Irina are over, Sir Buster proceeds.

“Is it okay for this visit to remain unchanged?”

Dianne agrees. On the other hand, Sir Buster goes around a little bit and tries to say something……and then closes his mouth a little. I don’t think it’s unusual, but he’s not that kind of person who doesn’t endure it.

“Well, eventually……is that okay? Leaving that aside, a mansion has been prepared for Dianne Special Duty Corps. Please do not hesitate to use it”
“A mansion?”
“It would be inconvenient to go in and out of the castle every time. We’ve prepared a mansion in the aristocratic mansion district that’s just right”

Buster laughs grinningly. Sharon smiles and takes over.

“There was a mansion with a large kitchen, which is easy for ogres to get in and out, so Sir Buster bought it and built a workshop in the garden. If there’s anything else missing you can tell us”
“……A workshop?”
“Smithson-san needs it”

Sharon looks back at Dianne who has heard it. I’m sure no one else is using it other than me and I don’t know if I use it or not.

“Sharon insisted on the need for a workshop. I asked a engraver to let it have a soundproof structure, so it’s not as perfect as a magic illusion, but you can work quietly”

……Sharon. I’m happy. I don’t think it’s something to do for one person. Or rather, I would be glad if she could introduce me to a blacksmith who was not busy and would lend me a place to stay at the forge.

“Later, I’ll let Sharon’s subordinates from the Gauntlet Knights join you. You can take them on an expedition or you can have them escort you through the city or use them as you like”

……Somehow it’s strangely exhausted.

We were guided to the mansion introduced by Sir Buster. Although it is the same size or a little narrow as the Baron’s mansion, it can be said that the Baron’s mansion is large enough as it can accommodate about 50 people and have a party. Above all, the first floor with a high ceiling is so nice that the two ogres cannot reach it even if they extend their hands.

“We finally can sleep with a peace of mind”
“It’s good now, but it’s hard to stay in a inn in winter”

Goto and Boyd were happily choosing a room. The second and third floor are not too narrow. The cafeteria is now large enough to allow us to eat together as a group of 15 people including Neia.

“Isn’t it nice to lend us such a good mansion?”
“I don’t care a little bit”

Dianne whispered while opening the window.

“We don’t have a reason to live in Rennesto. Rather, we will stay in front line cities such as Catalina in the future. Even if it is a Marquis, this mansion will not be cheap in a fortified city with limited land”
“Is it a trap……?”
“If it makes sense to trap us, but I don’t think it will be so right now……ah, I see”
“I was able to read roughly”

Dianne is convinced.

“Did you read it?”
“Yes. ……Well, let us use it. It’s probably not a trap and it’s not like we’re going to be restraint”
“To put it bluntly, it’s already autumn”

Dianne laughed, saying something I didn’t understand.

It seems that Dianne doesn’t need to be reluctant and can relax, so I go to the newly built workshop in the scary garden.

“Wow……everything is clean”

There are still no walls or ceilings and all the prepared tools are of good quality. It was a shiny studio that stopped me with the apprenticeship of the royal capital, S Studio, and also apprenticed with Jackie.

“I wonder if it’s okay……this place”

Even though it is a workshop made just for me, it shrinks. Difficult to enter. Just open the door and look into it. Suddenly, I heard the sound of gashan.

“……Do you know where this is”

I try to look back, but I’m scared because the other party’s voice was firm. Or rather, did I do something wrong? I’m sure I can use it. Slowly I look back while confirming the identity of the sound I heard. Iron rod. Red gauntlet. And then.

“It will be a shame if I let a thief enter. This is the dormitory of Celesta’s army. This is what we Gauntlet Knights are guarding……”
“Please wait”
“If it’s an excuse, you’d better tell it the military police”
“If you have an excuse, I’d like you to do this. It was cool how Almeida said 『We Gauntlet Knights』 as if nothing happened”

Almeida narrowed her eyes. She doesn’t see well because it’s dark. And then.

“Naa……you, Andy Smithson!? Why are you here, like a thief!!”
“It’s different!!”

A bright red gauntlet with a characteristic wolf crest. A gorgeous armor that is different from the past. And the usual training spear. ……That Paladin’s dark green Almeida, who should be in Folklore, threatened me for some reason. No, for whatever reason she usually misunderstand.

“Al-chan, where are you?”
“She probably ignores us……it’s not good to leave us alone”

From a little distance, two young knights with the same red gauntlet appear in search of Almeida.

“Ah, there. What are you doing, Al-chan?”
“Please refrain for misunderstanding something again”

One is a human girl in armor with a relaxed face. Is she about the same as Luna? The other is an elf or something similar wearing a bikini armor. Speaking in a strangely disgusting tone whether Almeida is really troubled. This was like a twenty year old that I saw. Well, it’s an elf.

“I found an acquaintance when I thought I caught a thief”
“I´m not a thief! I was told that I can use this workshop!”
“Lie. This is a dedicated dormitory for Celesta army´s special forces. And you´re someone from Trot
“I’m a 10-man captain of Dianne´s Special Duty Corps, who reports directly to the Celesta Army headquarter”

When I gave my title, two people who came after me reflexively told their names.

“Ah, I’m a Gauntlet Knight of Renfangas Kingdom´s Elite Knights, my name is Tetris Murray, a regular knight who belongs to Lake Union”
“Ah, I ’m the same, my name is Naris, a regular knight of Lake Union”
“Ah, hello”

Almeida lowers the iron rod and sighs.

“Lake Union affiliation, Red Arm. ……Dark green……no. Folklore’s Almeida. I’ll tell if it’s a lie, Andy Smithson!”
“……Yes Yes”

Against the backdrop of the evening star in the sky. ……Why? It was a reunion with that fellow.

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