Half elves fall in love chapter 138

Half elves fall in love chapter 138: Feast of the Strong



“The obvious part of the speciality of the Renfangas army is that there is almost no penalty for escaping before the enemy”

Tetes speaks like a small talk to me, removing the seal of her two-handed sword, which was more severely applied than usual, because it spends in an unexpected place called the back of a dragon.


As a military, escaping in front of the enemy is a severe punishment everywhere. Apart from some command violations, we can’t allow the enemy to run away without reason. If you miss it, you won’t be able to take military action. However, Tetes whispered as if it was nothing.

“In the first place, Renfangas doesn’t have much expectation of soldiers, because it’s like fishing with food and throwing it into the cage of a beast. The fight against monsters is completely different from the war that ordinary countries envision”
“But then the command system would be terrible”
“Ahaha. I have a command right up the ranks, but basically it’s like there’s no on-site command system”
“Is……is it really an army?”
“That’s why it’s so special. Alright”

Tetes pulls out the two-handed sword with the seal completely removed. It was not a good idea to inadvertently slip out and go somewhere, so in addition to sealing it with thongs, she had even wound it up with hemp strings. Then she removes the sheath and shakes the sword to make it fit in her hand. Tetes Murray Regular Knight. A regular female swordsman. Unlike Naris, she has a proper breastplate. Apart from being a young girl with a decent face, there was no sense of incongruity even if I called her swordsman.

“Well, my salary is rampant too. Al-chan can’t be relieved”
“It’s a facility that seems to be easy to fight. Let’s go to the fullest”

Neia also pulls out her sword. The sword of the hero seems to be thick and sturdy to the odd.

“Then, let’s go!”

Waving to the inner citadel in the center of the fortress, Tetes and Neia jump into the small room-like battlefield separated by stone walls. Maia is still in her dragon form. I’m worried about the inner citadel, where the swordsmen and Sword Saints gather, but I order Maia to help.

“Support Almeida and the others. It’s going to be a meatball fight, but do it within reasonable limits”

Maia moves forward quickly. She moves from head to back. Dragons also attacks with fangs, so this is less of a hindrance than the head.

In a complex terrain, a small space is made between stone walls, a narrow gate is opened so that the enemy can barely pass through, the enemy’s free action is taken, multiple people wait and a sudden attack is completed with a concentrated attack. The Ghibli Fortress is an ideal harm because its small spaces are arranged like terraced fields on a mountainous land. Most of them are wasted against human opponents (because the commander’s concentration measures are used surely), but in the horde of monsters there is no such worry and the monsters are knocked down functionally and efficiently one after another. Nevertheless, the constant assault of monsters doesnt stop the number of victims.

“Don’t overdo it! Abandon the area where the monster corpses increases obediently!
“Hii, uwaaaaaa!!?”

The fact that there are many corpses of monster is also a staircase of meat built on the terrain built in the depression so that it can be surrounded by the surroundings. Huge monsters degenerate only in vertical mobility, but if they can move sideways, they are still fast. Hard wolves run up to the height of the soldiers at once and take their lives as if they were slashing. It seemed to be the work of the Gauntlet Knights to stop them quickly

“Yes, thank you♪”

Tetes steps in front of a hard wolf attacking the soldiers, greeting it with an awkward voice. Her two-handed sword, which can be said to be rather huge from her height, is haphazardly driven into the hard wolf’s shoulder.


The hard wolf turns to Tetes. Anger and madness. Endless killing peculiar to monsters. It opens its mouth and tries to bite Tetes.


Tetes hooks the sword to the fangs and throws the hard wolf sideways. The bite of the hard wolf met the ground without hesitation.

“Yes, I’m a little sorry”

Without overlooking the moment, Tetes pulled out the blade from between the fangs and turned it from the bottom with a curl, holding the sword high up and cutting the head of the hard wolf off. The hard wolf is dead in one blow. Blood is sprinkled and Tetes is stained. Without worrying about the stain, Tetes raises her fist. A wolf crest on her red gauntlet.

“Hey, everyone pays attention. I’m the reinforcement Regular Knight Tetes Murray. Rebuild in the next battlefield. Start sending back the injured people”

The soldiers who stood up to the counterattack of the monsters regain their will by Tetes´s command.

“As expected, are you a Hero Knight?”
“Even though I’m a gauntlet, I don’t get around all of them, so it’s my job to reorganize the battlefield in this way. Neia doesn’t have a gauntlet, so she can do whatever she wants”
“I’ll do it”

Tetes re-holds her sword and heads for the next hard wolf, who jumps in. I realize that there is a difference between Red Arms from the appearance of Tetes who copes with a big hard wolf like that horse without smiling. She’s really a girl, but she’s also a warrior.

“Clear the dead monsters”
“Ah, it’s helpful”

Maia climbs over the wall and reaches for a handful of corpses. She throws them properly into the fortress sky. For the moment I thought about secondary damage, but almost everything outside the fortress were monsters. Even if it comes out, it will be a collision between monsters.

Occasionally overcoming the wall while transforming into her human body, Maia moves forward. Then, Neia, who had made rapid progress since she first had a conversation with Tetes, discovers that Tetes is on a rampage with Almeida in the dazzling battlefield against monsters.

“I won’t let you do it!”

Naia kicks and blows a horned lion off to the side, as it aimed for a friendly soldier. The horned lion is blown away by a great distance while being wrapped in a shock wave generated together. Landing. The next moment, Naia bounces off and attacks the next hard wolf. She doesn’t use her sword much. Sometimes she just hits a key point. It seems that her fighting with limbs don’t have a deadly power like Dianne and Great Knight Chief Lister, so it seems that it is more efficient to strike with a sword from the beginning, but is it still important? Almeida, on the other hand, was overwhelming.


She kills three hard wolves in an instant. One had its neck broken with the cane, one had its front legs cut off and one had its mouth pierced with the spear. When the spear is withdrawn, Almeida moves to disappear. Hitting like an avalanche and she heads straight to several monsters coming in through the gate.


When I thought that there was a sound that something could play, several monsters were dismantled and scattered in pieces.

“My name……my name is Almeida of Folklore! My spear also shoots down thunderclap! Come on, monsters! This I, is a companion!!”

Allies are blessed by the strength of Almeida, which is great, but of course they haven’t heard the monsters. After rushing in, the monsters run from one place to the next, aiming at allies.


But Almeida forces them off. The secret which is said to change the operation damage by 20% alone might be speed after all. It is difficult for a power-specialized or skilled warrior to trick all enemies aiming at an ally against one another.

“The Renfangas army is not guilty of fleeing before an enemy and its operations don’t work……”

If you have the power and motivation, you will have no background, and the Renfangas Army will put their pride in their army throughout the continent into infinite hunting monsters. On the other hand, even if it goes that far, it is imminent enough that it is necessary to put the number anyway. That’s why there is no room for discipline. Reward, instead of punishment, support their fighting spirit and tie it to this infinite hell-like battlefield. Because even the ally cannot be controlled far from the enemy, the front movement moves inversely so that it is not thought by common sense and the speed at which it can be repaired is required.

“She may be really a Gold Arm”

Almeida rampages with crazy speed and stamina which is visible even from afar. It will not be recovered for a while.

As Maia helps Almeida and Neia for a while, a large number of men emerges from behind.

“Umm, after all the blue dragon stands out”
“But how many of us have seen a real Blue Dragon. I may be able to say that I am incredibly lucky”
“But it’s terrible to have this fine facility and that much knights”

It was the Sword Saints who appeared.

“Hey, 10-man captain Smithson. Can I help you?”
“100-man commander Grants”
“I’m sorry for being late”

100-man commander Grants removes the sword from the waist along with the sheath and pushes it to the ground. Other Sword Saints do the same.

“Nevertheless, we weren’t fit for a reckless assault like the Renfangas´s style……everyone, are you ready?”
“Ah, I’m looking forward to seeing Grants-sensei’s skills like during the war”
“I don’t remember the Sword Saints Brigade. Even so
“I, Joseph Bay was called a general, but it’s still better to carry out an assault shoulder-to-shoulder with everyone”
“Hahaha, every Sword Saint will be like this. ……Now, Grants-sensei”
“If anyone is not interested, I don’t think it would be a good idea to leave it to the elderly. Well then, forward”

100-man commander Grants pulls out his sword slowly. Then, swing up and point at the enemy.

“We are Trot´s Sword Saints. We are Trot´s Sword Saint Brigade. For now, let’s pretend to be nostalgic. ……Lets go!! As always, we have only one job!! Save your brothers!!”

Dozens of Sword Saints scream and start running. The soldiers around were scared.

“Bay Corps, forward! Dean Corps, to the side! Regain the battlefield in 2 minutes!”

The Sword Saints who I thought they had run out of their way change their movements in front of the enemy. From there, it was like art.

“10-man captain Smithson. Do you think Ace Knights are inferior to Sword Saints”
“Be honest. Ace Knight Angelina, Paladin Almeida, do you think they are inferior to Sword Saints?”
“But. But even so, everyone admits that the Sword Saint Brigade was the strongest”
“Why do you think it is so?”
“That is……”
“Haha, it was a mean question for you who have never seen that brigade on the battlefield. ……So it’s a lecture”

Re-positioning his sword, 100-man commander Grants begins to run and his cloak flutters. It wasn’t the speed or form of a human being about fifty years old, but it was a potential which can be said to be a very diligent Trot Sword Saint.

“There is a concept of power ratio”

Monsters are struck in formation so that they are folded by the rapid lying Sword Saint Brigade and are disposed of before anything can be done. As soon as one is in front of the enemy, the other aims at the belly and when it reacts, the blade falls on the neck. As soon as someone raises the sword, several people line up together and form a huge shock wave. The monsters are flipped together like a tsunami. While commanding them, 100-man commander Grants began to lecture me in a well-talked voice.

“In terms of ratio, each person’s strength is proportional to the square! The higher the rating, the harder it is to fill the gap! In a ten-to-eight battle, the winner leaves four, and in a ten-to-five battle the winner leaves seven and a half!”
When the monsters inside the wall are wiped out neatly, the Sword Saints move in pursuit of the next monsters.

“So you can see how hard it is to reduce the strength of Sword Saints, which alone have 25 times the strength of regular soldiers. No matter how much you tried to fight around, you wouldn’t be able to fight ten people at the same time alone”
“……Ha, Haa”
“The Sword Saint Brigade was further trained with an emphasis on bringing out each other’s abilities! It is difficult for those with great power to exert that power at the same time! Sword Saints can form solidarity with several people and always maintain the highest attack power and the highest defense against each other!”

The Sword Saints intercept the monsters that have attacked. Divide them into individual pieces and kill them all at once. Even if the monster has the same level of power as a Sword Saint alone, the battle power will be four times greater if the monsters are fighting 100 Sword Saints like 100-man commander Grants said. It means that even if they can do their best, they can injure themselves only. A battle that is based on the premise of faithfully defending and drawing out each other’s strengths.

“That’s the strength of Sword Saints”

The Sword Saint Brigade was stubborn. They rejected women, rejected foreigners and hated unconventional tactics. But in other words, it also makes it easier for Sword Saints to grasp each other’s tactics. In other words, it can be said that it is easy to always draw out each other’s power.

“We don’t think Ace Knights, Paladins or Gauntlet Knights are inferior to us, but……”

The wind is cut with the sword and the second battle area which was occupied by monsters is flattened once. And 100-man commander Grants thrust his sword to the ground and looked back at me and Maia with a teasing look.

“I still think we are the strongest”

Certainly, if you can launch a wave attack with this efficiency, you can always keep fighting without interruption. Even a dragon would be in danger. In the fight against Almeida, Maia should have fight against one person. But if the Sword Saints here are going to hunt Maia……will they take her down? I was terrified. Here, the dragon is not the strongest. The strongest in this place is…….

The pounding sound of a metal pounding suddenly sounded. It’s not a very beautiful sound, but I wonder if it’s a gong.

“To the whole army of Ghibli Fortress! Great Knight Chief Annette sallies! Repeat, Great Knight Chief Annette sallies! Repeat she sallies toward the 2nd battlefield area! The soldiers in the 2nd battlefield area, the 7th, the 12th, the 17th and the adjacent areas……”
“Start evacuation!!”

100-man commander Grants was startled. Of course me too. Fight hard, you still know. But what kind of knight in the world is told to get away fast and not get too close to you because you’re going to go out? ……In fact, I wonder if Great Knight Chief Annette is a dragon. When I thought about it, the wall of the fortress opened to the left and right, and a female ogre which had put an electric shock on the whole body from the beginning appeared.

“Hahaha……well it’s good, there are a lot of monsters that want to be killed by me……a lot!”

It seems that there is no intention to count more than three. I’m on Maia, so I’m looking through the wall. And the soldiers in each area were desperately fleeing, as said. And then.

Le, ts, gooooooo!!!!”

Great Knight Chief Annette jumps. Flying like an arrow, it is no longer a jump but a flight. Then, she swung around a log-like iron rod in her hand while flying and rushing into a group of monsters. Basha, more than a dozen monsters are roadkilled together.


And, she emits a fierce light as if the sun had occurred on the ground to the monsters that still flock around. Big blitz. After the big roar, there is no monsters that survived on the battlefield.

“Uooshaa, next, next!!!”

Great Knight Chief Annette wielded the log-like iron rod and destroyed the stone wall with a single blow. ……Or rather, don’t destroy it.

“Come on! You have come to dieーーー!!”

One after another, murder and destruction are piled up.


Then, at the end of the fortress (destroyed and pushed forward), the gongs rang out of Ghibli Fortress again.

“To the Ghibli Fortress All Army! Annette Hammer Ejection! Repeat, Annette Hammer Ejection! Great Knight Chief Annette is now in the 17th battlefield area! Those who are in the nearby areas evacuate as far as possible! And informing the whole army……”
“Take cover!!”

The next moment, something black flew from the fortress inner citadel. ……No, it’s glowing black.

“A lump of iron……!?”
“It’s as big as a carriage……”

As determined by Maia, a block of iron, about the size of a horse-drawn carriage, was being ejected by something like a giant catapult. And the Great Knight Head Annette at the foot swings around the log-like iron rod and makes a big jump. Clashing with the iron lump.


I’m surprised, as the iron lump begins to spin around unnaturally. It was not just a collision. The iron rod passed through the middle of the iron ingot, forming a giant hammer. And it is held by the shining golden Knight Annette. The hammer and Great Knight Chief Annette just dropped on the ground and the ground shook a little, even though it was further away.

“……Wait Wait, she is fighting like that”

When I was trembling at the joking-like scene, Tetes, who had come up to Maia’s back before I knew it, said, 「No」. Her face is a little stiff.

“It’s not easy to fight. Or rather, Maia-san, you should better lie down”

When I turned my gaze back, Great Knight Chief Annette was flying up again in the air, holding the hammer. Altitude dozens of meters. And then.

“Take this, ssssssssssssssss!!!!”

In the middle of the herd of monsters that had been raised in droves around the perimeter of the fortress, the hammer with a strong light.



A violent sound that can no longer be said to be a shock wave sounds and the ground is turning up.

“O, OiOiOiOii”

I intended to talk, but I can’t hear myself. And Maia staggered. The impact a few tens of meters away from us swayed the ground. And.

“Andy Smithson!!”

Almeida and Naia catch me who was thrown out. And landed. ……I still feel the ground is shaking.

“H, How……is it possible”

When I rush up to Maia, Maia slowly rises from her lying position.

“I’m surprised”
“What happened? Show me”

I´m placed in Maia’s hand and lifted above the wall.

Distant, at the foot of the fortress, was a terrifying sphere of destruction. Estimate roughly 100 meters in size. Of course no monsters can be found. I don’t want to think about what happened. Can a dragon do that?

“The battle of Great Knight Chief Annette is over. The battle of Great Knight Chief Annette is over. The Annette hammer recovery team is dispatched. All troops, if there are remaining enemies, restart the mopping”

The magic enlarged voice from the inner citadel informs me that this is not a dream or anything.

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