Half elves fall in love chapter 221

Chapter 221: Deep Forest City 3



Aurora’s movement has been better than it seems to be. Although not as fast as Anzeros, she also uses her feet and squeezes Lucas’s movements with a slashing wave. It’s a change that makes you want to say what the bad movement was so far.

“This much…… stronger, Aurora”

Mr.Dior also opens his eyes.

“I see. She was fighting at the level of a year ago to get in good shape for a fight with General Lucas……”

100-man commander Becker is also grinning. Dianne folded her arms and squinted.

“But it’s still not enough to upset”
“……Well, even if the attacks are even, that little boy has more intuition. If you don’t want to compete in physical strength, you need another trump card”

As Laila commented. Lucas has evaded Aurora’s continuous attacks at the last minute. Aurora also cannot pass Lucas’s attack with a thick defense with two swords and a shock wave, but it seems that both sides can not reach one step further.

“Ku……I haven’t had such a excitement so far since overknight……!”
“……That’s why you shouldn’t just be on the chart with your subordinates……!”
“That’s what you say. A little girl who just took a Knight class two years ago”
“It doesn’t take a year for a baby bird to know the sky”

The two breathe roughly but never give up. Both of them are stubborn. Lucas, who is no longer taken up by authority and has no swordsmanship, stands out. Aurora who must overcome her brother to break the shell. Neither can end without losing.

Dior-san slowly clings to Dianne´s arm, who watches it quietly.

“Please, Dianne. Those children……stop them”
“Lucas and Aurora are my children. ……I know their pride, but that’s why. One wins, one breaks and that shouldn’t be the case”
“That feeling is correct. ……Then you should stop them”
“I know. You don’t have that power. ……In other words, you and your forest are the same”

Dianne looks down at Mr. Dior with slightly pathetic eyes.

“I can’t control my new heartbeat and old pride because I don’t have it in my hands. Even though I´m a Lord and in front of you. They are trying to grasp the future by themselves. If you think it’s strange to crush each other, they must have been able to do it much earlier”
“……Still, Dianne. Can you help me again?”

……Dior-san pitifully seeks salvation. It’s pathetic to say that it’s pathetic, but he was also their father. Until now, my father, Minister Ashton, Sir Bonaparte and King Ulysses. I have seen various fathers. He is the same as me as he wishes for the safety of his children.

“I have a grudge against that man. I can’t forgive him for trying to kill Andy”
“Hoho. If you want to show that kid the hell, I’ll do it right away”

Dianne and Laila are cold. ……Well, it’s true that they have the right to beat him, but not the right to help him.

“Still, I’m ashamed to ask! Dianne!”

Mr. Dior’s appeal overlaps with my father. ……To my father who thought I was dead and was drunk and died the worst.

“Tsk. ……I don’t have a in-law, either”

I, of course, go through the shoulders of 100-man commander Becker and step into the field where the two fight.

“Hey, Smithson!”

100-man commander Becker raises a confused voice. ……Well, thinking that it’s usually a problem, I ignored it and approached the middle of the two fighting.

“It’s over, it’s over! It’s too flashy to say hello to siblings!”

I dare to raise my voice to break the air.

“……Fly and enter the fire!”

The troubled voice of Aurora and the hateful voice of Lucas overlap. And killing intent. I could see an unstoppable sword flash in my eyes. ……Before it arrives.

“Smithson get down!?”

Dianne kicks sideways to hit the shock wave and with Naris, who later tackled me down, blows away the slashing wave while drowning it out. Then, a moment later, a huge dragon arm appeared to protect me. ……No, a black dragon appears indoors without hesitation.

The mansion collapsed.

“Gyawaa!? Die Die Die!?”
“Andy-san, Naris-san!”
“Becker, Jeanne and others also ask!”
“You’re reckless, Laila-neesan!”

Each of them desperately tries to protect the people around them while the stone mansion collapses.

“Stop it already, Lucas. ……Stop it”

Due to the location, Dior-san was protected by 100-man commander Becker. Lucas, who had cut off the building materials to protect himself for some reason, was stunned by the appearance of the black dragon.

“Go that far, fool. ……I’ll deal with my opponent by all means. If I want to challenge a dragon even if it burns my hometown, I have no reason to forgive anymore”
“You’d better stop, General Lucas. If she gets serious, the forest and the clan will disappear in a day”

If Laila provokes, 100-man commander Becker quietly advises. And.


While I was coming to the rescue, clinging to me and stroking Naris, who was turning a blind eye, I fisted Aurora’s head.

“What’s wrong? No matter how you look at it, you’re wrong. No matter how much you wanted to learn the sword”
“Sure, I hate him too, but I can’t get rid of him. Apologize”
“Don’t grieve for your parents. Nobody says it’s the second to imitate a monkey, even though only you can do it. Generally, it’s not just about getting rid of someone”
“……Andy, san”

Aurora feels despondent. ……There, Dior-san timidly approached.

“I’ve always wanted to say……Aurora. I know you’re good at swordsmanship. I understand that you admire heroes. But I don’t think it’s going to take a long time to decide for yourself at that age”
“There are many other ways. Instead of giving up the sword, I want you to be a person who understands many things. ……When I said that before, you were still too young……can you understand it now?”
“To be a good elf, a good woman……as a good parent and a good leader, I don’t want you to be entrenched. I know you’ve become a good swordsman. I know you also have a natural talent. So don’t be a girl who just fights. Show me your passion for other things. I’ve always wanted to tell you that”

Surely. This is indecisive and sounds like a mere comfort to the loser. But it’s certainly too worrisome for an elf who has lived for more than a thousand years to identify himself as a warrior in his very short childhood. If Peter says that in about five years, I will definitely say something similar to him. And Lucas.

“……It’s just annoying. What can you do?”

Reluctantly, he hung his sword back on the remaining wall.

“Elder sister Laila, there’s an elf buried in the rubble here!”
“Ho, this is disrespectful”
“He is not dead, it’s okay. ……It seems that other people were moving away when they saw those two rampaging inside”
“Laila, couldn’t you have hold back a little more”
“That said, Dianne. There is a limit to how calm I can be”
“It’s about time to separate Naris. If I´m hugged in such a bikini armor, I’ll be lustful.”
“U, Uu……wh, what are you talking about in this turmoil!”


The reaction of other elves to this turmoil is surprisingly thin. ……I mean, Laila soon returned to her human body, so it seems that the fact that 「Dragon Advent」 happened wasn’t very well known.

“Well, I’m still a little bit reluctant to leave this root of evil alone. Aside from the match with Aurora, it’s unforgivable to try to take owner´s head during the turmoil”
“Yes. Can you neglect it, Andy?”
“Well, I think I’ll be resentful if my teticles were ruined……that doesn’t mean I will kill”

Well, it was an attempt. Because of Laila´s outrage the house was partially destroyed.

“Aurora, why did you do that after all?”

In the lobby of the hotel, I ask the fundamentals of Aurora, who enjoys wine with a smirking face.

“……I wanted to cut off the shackles”
“When I happened to meet an elf in the forest at Helicon, I heard that it was expected that I would pull the forest in place of my brother. ……I’m not my brother, so it’s not enough to say so. I thought that if I could beat my brother, overpass him and then go my own way, it would be unavoidable……and everyone would give up”
“Now, you can feel relieved about your big brother with a negative rating and you´re working on a special task with us and have a track record. And I’m not so enthusiastic that I’m expecting something from Aurora and coming out directly, this elf”
“……That’s right. Anyway, in a clear way……I’ve never had a more specific goal than to beat my brother”
“……I understand Dior-san’s worries about you not becoming a girl who just fights”

Aurora is too positive for her desire to win something.

“However, it was a big harvest to get the knack of slashing waves”

Dianne nods to the words that Aurora said as an excuse.

“If you can really hit them without risk, you’ve got a decisive hit at medium range in addition to your current defense skills. Aurora may be close to an Master Knight.”
“Master Knight……I’m a general……”

If you think that she is fascinated by the big goal that she can feel, Aurora listens and looks strangely pondering.

“What’s wrong, aren’t you happy?”
“……Now, when you think about it, it’s certainly difficult”
“If I become a general, I’m going to be held accountable unless I go to a very special department. I won’t be able to remain as Andy-san’s female slaves. It’s no wonder Dianne-san doesn’t take a knight class”

……No, it’s okay sometimes……. No, it’s always good to be good, but I think it’s very regrettable that I can’t have a 「General position」 because I’m neither an executive school student nor an ace knight.

“Hoho. ……When it comes to it, then. You can’t aim for the top with a sword, but you can’t do anything other than with a sword. If you don’t have sufficient chest, you’re really weak”

Aurora who listens to Laila’s point opens her eyes.

“……I, If you ask me, that’s true……my father perhaps, this”
“You’re pretty close to it”

It seems like a very trivial problem, Aurora.

“Sorry. Let’s go sightseeing, 10-man captain Smithson”
“Why don’t you go alone! Why do you invite me every time!”
“Well, because the line of sight is awesome here in bikini armor. However, even if I take someone, 10-man captain Aurora and Laila-san are likely to be extra fuss and 100-man commander Dianne and Luna-chan are also standing out”
“Clothes, change, quickly!”
“Ah, that hand”

There is a idiotic child.


Such Naris is left alone for the time being, and I sneak around the city at dusk. Of course, it wasn’t a customs inn that I entered in a sneak peek. Yeah, Klaves doesn’t have that. I mean, at least I don’t know.

“Welcome. It’s already closed today……”
“Hello. It’s been a while”

It was the crest engraving research institute that I entered.

“Oh, you’re certainly in that incident last year……”

The receptionist, Lenny-san, or a female elf utters disturbing words. Incident. Is the case of Lucas’s defeat known after all? I’m deeply involved.

“You have something I want……a crest engraving textbook”

I just wanted to buy this myself. I thought I would give up if they refused, but it seems that they didn’t have a bad impression.

“Is it a textbook……there’s nothing written in common right now……”
“The standard language outside, the one we’re talking about now. There are some written in elf language”

Can’t read it……shall I give up? I have to ask Irina and Aurora to decipher it or to patiently teach me to read elf language.

“The price……what is it?”

It’s expensive. ……But actually, I’ve been saving a little bit since last year. I wanted a crest engraving pen. Even though I got a special job, I still get close to 70% of my salary for one month, but I can’t afford to miss it.

“……U, pl, please give me”
“Thank you for your purchase. How is it, do you continue to engrave?”
“Thanks to you……it’s useful in many ways”

I was thrilled to have the book wrapped up. Engraving with blacksmithing. It’s not as flashy as Aurora, but what I can do is spreading more and more.

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