Half elves fall in love chapter 132

Half elves fall in love chapter 132: Armored Girls [Anzeros]



One week until the expected start date of the great invasion.

“Lord Buster, I’d like to ask you a few questions”
“Ou, what is it?”

I catch Lord Buster who had come to report the war situation and I try to ask a few questions.

“Even if it starts, you’ve already opened the war, haven’t you?”
“……Is it okay to think that the major invasion has already begun?”
“Isn’t it? If you fight against monsters, the time of the big invasion is not right. Renfangas always faces the threat of monsters. That’s because every month a town is driving away a group of monsters. Then it will be a break in the war”

Lord Buster expands the domestic map. There is the capital Rennesto in the center of the country a little to the south and there are several cities to the north from there. The strange thing is that the cities are well-ordered. They seem to have been constructed at the same latitude and the cities are lined up horizontally. There were about three steps north of Rennesto and the northernmost cities were named Catalina and Ghibli.

“This northernmost……in other words, five days till Catalina and Ghibli fortress where Annette is heading now. This area is about two to three months away from a group of monsters with over a hundred individuals. As you go south, the frequency decreases, but it doesn’t mean that there’s no monster at all in Rennesto. It is unbelieve that Trot´s royal capital, which doesn’t have much walls in the outer compartments, is going to be a big deal”
“So, when it’s time for a major invasion, the whole country becomes a battlefield. At the same time, monsters like an avalanche invade and attack us”

Lord Buster circled the northernmost and the lower steps with his fingers.

“It’s not a hundred or a thousand, it’s ten of thousands of monsters. Even Black Arms and Gold Arms, as expected, don’t stand a chance against such waves of monsters as far as you can see. As soon as the great invasion begins, we endure the night of the monsters in the cities and fight against the crowd of monsters during daytime as they become quieter, before we endure the night in the cities again……it became such a life. Moving between bases is absurd”
“Indeed……I don’t think it’s good to fight from the front”

It’s a nightmare that you don’t want to imagine.

“It’s not pointless to reduce from the top while the battle is easy, but the big invasion suddenly begins by the flow of air. It’s terrible if you chase it deeply. It’s like a warm-up exercise even if you say you’re fighting now”
“There are dragons that can save hundreds or thousands of people from annihilation and reduce the margin so they are tremendously reliable. ……There was a time were dragon rider elves existed in Renfangas. At that time, the Gauntlet Knights were not established yet, so it was quite reliable”
“Hee……it, it’s been 300 years since Renfangas started fighting monsters. As they are a long-living species, they would protect you with ease, so why are they gone?”
“It’s the Fire Dragon War. They were targeted by dragon slayers, so they hid in the clouds and it became just a story. The dragon’s flame was originally criticized for ruining the land so that no plants could grow. I wonder if it was so”

It is a miserable story. When I think that there is a possibility that Laila who worked for me might be seen with such eyes someday, I feel depressed, too.


The so-called 「Celesta Mansion」, where we are staying, is finally getting ready. After the barreling of the preserved food has been completed, Hilda-san tries to mix the most efficient medicine from the material stake available and she is in her room every day. Anzeros and the vanguard group have also stopped their training and continue to prepare for preliminary armaments and conduct operational meetings. All vanguard members, including Almeida, are of the same class, so there seems to be a variety of people, such as who will take over in the event of an emergency, tactical confirmation. And I was working on my own work by withdrawing from everyone and making thick arrows.

“Hey Keiron and Lantz. Take this with you”

I give arrows to Keiron and Lantz, who had packed their luggage in a wooden box in the garden.

“This……emm, crossbow arrows……right? That, is it something special?”
“Ah, perhaps like the other day……”
“Yes. Its my special made Super Quarrel Bolt”

It is the highest peak of my engraving skills that, when injected, the air accelerates as much as possible and increases its power and the power increases as it goes further.

“It’s a trump card in case of emergency. Maybe a dragon will be struck if there is enough distance”
“……I’m sorry. I would be more than happy to ask you to 『Kill』 in a better economy”
“I don’t know how a dragon will die in the first place. Other than a dragon slayer”
“……Well, that’s right”

I encountered a dangerous scene several times, but now I think if it was a pinch for them. I think so especially when I see the invincibility of the recent monster opponents. How do we defeat them? If you are not good enough, you may get up properly even if you break your head.

“Anyway, use it when it’s necessary. Perhaps its amazing”
“I’m one with Lantz, it’s stingy”
“It can’t be helped. It seems to take a lot of work”

The actual work time is a full day. As I made it again and again, my skill improved, so it took about an hour earlier. You can make it as a hobby every night if you have a reasonable time, like when I trained in the crossbow corps. As expected, there are too many things to do now. Naris and Tetes appear in the garden as I stretch my back to the left and right. Since it was stuffed at the strategy meeting, it seems that they are willing to exercise lightly with each other. They were carrying a stick that seemed to be a wooden sword.

“Ah, hey Naris”
“Yahaa. It’s been 2 days 10-man captain Smithson. And 3 days 10-man captain Keiron.

Naris approaches without care. Followed by Tetes.

“I was able to complete your bikini armor, so come to the workshop later.”
“Eh, really? It hasn’t been that long since then”
“It’s already been 10 days. And bikini armor has a relatively small number of parts. ……Please do not hesitate to tell me if there seems to be a problem if you try it on. We’ll be in time for a major invasion right now”
“Ye, Yes. ……Amazing, you really made it……surely it’s an excuse for wanting to see my boobs”
“Ahahaha, Naris-chan’s breasts are neither big or ripe, but she doesn’t look so desperately?”
“St-op-it, that kind of half-hearted way of being told is the most hurtful!”

Naris looks pitiful while waving her hand to Tetes´s plain and cruel way of speaking.

And then.

“Uwa, amazing, really this, it is a gentle comfort that you’ll forget you don’t wear it at all!”
“Huhuh, doo. I know it you can do it if you try”

I’m feeling proud because Naris was unexpectedly happy.

“Of course, the durability is also guaranteed. Give me a minute”

I receive the wood sword from Tetes and slam it into Naris’s chest. Although Naris closed her eyes for a moment, she was not hurt despite the flashing sound and Naris’s position did not collapse.

“Th, This is……?”
“A crest that disperses the impact. However, be careful because it is probably weak against edged tools”
“If its a monster like hard wolf or horned leo, there will be no such attack”
“That’s right, but……”

Hard wolf. A monster with the ability to shift slightly more defensive than a Mad Wolf. Its power is weak and the split hair is stiff and the fur is used for armor in some areas. Horned Leo is a lion with a horn as its name suggests. The overall ability is plain and the fighting power is less than a Ace Knight. Both are monsters that fight with fangs rather than cutlery or nails. When it’s thrust into the bikini armor, it’s probably not defensive or anything like that. And, there is no doubt that the defense efficiency is better if it is a rock doll as opponent.

“U……th, then, please make an armor that works well for swords too. Because I’m not thinking of having a lifelong job fighting with monsters in Renfangas”
“Ahahaha, Naris-chan, if Knight Chief Sharon hears that, it will be unpleasant”
“I didn’t really want to be a swordsman in the first place!”

Naris seems to have a messed-up role for the time being. Well, I understand the feeling that someone wants to tease her because her reaction is good.


Speaking of armor.

“Come to think of it, Anzeros, aren’t you coming to get your armor repaired soon?”
“It’s okay”

It has been months since Anzeros began wearing the armor made by me and Jackie. The black figure was becoming a trademark.

“Muu. It seems like you´re fighting quite a bit, so I thought it might be ruined somewhere
“It was almost safe to say that it was a battle……Aurora without armor has never been injured and thanks to Almeida, work has been reduced recently”
“Is that so……”

It is complicated to destroy the armor you made, but it is quite lonely to say that it is not necessary. I feel like I understand that both of Master Sreedo´s double dealing were the real intention at that time.

“Which reminds me, recently Neia has put on her armor again”
“Yeah, it’s going to be the biggest collective battle on the continent, but she is not wearing it everyday. She seems to have a lot of pride even though she’s a hero”
“Well, I told her that armor is better”

Neia was wearing a three-quarter-length outfit from Polka that was recommended by Hilda-san, but recently returned to her previous style of full-armored armor-style surcoat. As expected, wearing a piece of armor and starting to move slightly makes her reaffirm that she is not just a little girl. The weight of the armor creates a little momentum in the movement and it seems that she is a warrior after all.

“……I wonder if Neia will live like that from now on”

Suddenly, Anzeros whispers small.

“I have you. At one point, only the sword was my support, the title Ace Knight was also my support, but now I think that sword is one of the means to protect you. ……Neia clings to the word hero so much. I’m sure she doesn’t think about the future other than dying for her country. ……If I´m like that, I would feel lonely”

Anzeros made a gloomy face. Certainly it seems very lonely by our standards. But.

“……Anzeros, that’s not good”
“We don’t know anything about Neia’s background. We don’t know the size, weight, or anything. However, it’s probably not appropriate to criticize Neia’s pride.

Just as Neia was unilaterally struck by the shallow and violent self-assertion of Trot’s wealthy students at the royal academy. We surely don’t see the brave pride behind Neia herself. Even if it is visible, it will not be too late to evaluate Neia’s principle.

“And Anzeros……when you take off your clothes, you’re just a pet with my collar on. So don’t say something like that again”

A large bath in the large mansion. That is where I and Anzeros are. ……Naris, Tetes, Almeida and Neia have entered in advance and now only the other girls enter the women’s bath. So I and Anzeros were talking side by side in the hot water.

“It’s a punishment, Anzeros. Suck and swallow this”
“……I wonder if it’s a punishment, this……♪”

The elbow is hooked to the edge of the bathtub, the body is floated and my penis floats to the surface of the water. Anzeros leaned up to my waist and kissed the glans from the side.

“……Amazing, hard……nchu, nn……while I was talking seriously, when it comes to my master, he expected how naughty I was……♪♪”
“Because you’re a great pervert, I was excited to think that you were trying to deceive me with a serious story because I couldn’t have sex with you”
“……Annoying……I’m not so wrong”

Anzeros repeatedly kisses my dick, confirming that she is frustrated, shakes her hips, puts her hand in her hair, urges me, smiles and welcomes my son in her mouth. Although it is one difference from me, the long-living and baby-faced Anzeros is a girl. I secretly love that Anzeros, who shows a dignified expression as a 10-man captain of the Celesta army during the day, makes such a defenseless and innocent expression.

“Chuu, nkuu……n, nkuu……. Ehehe. Hey Andy. Actually, I’m a little thankful for Hilda-san’s contraceptive magic”
“Why……? Oh, you, fine……”
“Since Jeanne became pregnant, we were all engrossed about child-making, that we were just talking about each other, didn’t we? ……But thinking about it, having a child or not, either was good”
“Eh, yes……?”

It’s a little disappointing for me who thought that she really wanted it.

“I……in fact, I just love you from the bottom of my heart……and pregnancy is just the result of it……♪♪”
“Therefore, it might have been a little better that it was wasted even if you cummed inside……I want to make love with Andy in any place, not only in the womb but also in the mouth and buttocks……I want to feel Andy’s desire everywhere……♪”
“……You, pervert……”
“Yeah, I think so too. So, use me your little pervert……hamu♪♪”

Anzeros makes a very happy face with the perversion of a pervert and sucks my cock while spreading her hair in the hot water. I am delighted to destroy the existing concept of her serious self. Such an attitude.

“Ngu, nnn……habuu, nkuuu……n, nn……!”
“Ah, Anzeros, th, that tongue……!”
“Nnnn……n, nn……?”
“Th, That’s right……danger, I’m about to cum soon……”

Anzeros is passionate about serving me while hugging my hips. Her whole body including her uterus, rectum and throat are mine. Holes waiting for my cock. A perverted beauty and swordsman slave who allows me to thrust my cock into her. I´m aroused by her drunk eyes and I released plenty of semen into Anzeros’s mouth.

“Nguu……n, nkuu……nkuu……nkuu……ehehe, it’s thick……have you not been naughty for a few days?”
“Y, Yes……thats, right, now that you say that”
“Now let it out in me……♪ Which hole do you want to put it out?”
“You greedy”
“Then just the mouth”
“I didn’t say no. ……Be prepared, because I’ve accumulated quite a bit of it……♪”

Anzeros urges me to be prepared while hugging me from the side. It’s a good courage.

“I’ll violate you so much that the hole won’t tighten until tomorrow morning?”
“Is it okay to physically push it until tomorrow morning?”
“You said that, didn’t you? I’m really going to do it”
“Ehehee……I’ll be embraced by Andy until tomorrow……♪”

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