Half elves fall in love chapter 14

Chapter 14: Black Dragon



The water field became full of steam from the influence of Laila´s fireball impacting on the water. I wear my clothes which Selenium brought me for the first time today.

“Oh, you are like a small fish”
“Do not say small fish!”
Celesta army infantry uniform for the summer is a sunshade cloak good for travel (With plenty of pockets and leather straps attached, so you can hang and store a lot of things), so it is certainly wrong to say that it is a small fish, but when it is said, you will be denied.


“Hmm. You seem to want to say a lot”
“Of course”
A frowning face mixed with Laila’s fiery face and Dianne’s serious face……becomes a slightly dandy atmosphere.

What are you? Why did you take Andy away and what do you mean by that?”
“I am the Black Dragon Laila. The last dragon of this Dragon Palace in Russell Labyrinth. It was a coincidence that this little boy came here. Because it accidentally was a human man I wanted to eat him a little bit”
“Nobody or lid……”
“Hey boy, you like a more romantic talking preference”
“No, it’s okay”
“I can not be bothered, it was so intense”
“So please read the air!”
“Sorry, it’s awkward”
Laila and I are playing around, as the others stare at us with surprise.

“What’s wrong, the questioning is over”
“……N, Nnn. No, I just thought you are over-familiar”

Dianne clears her throat.

“Well, I didn’t know that there is a Dragon Palace in such a place and I don’t know why, but other Dragon Palaces declare a rough territory to avoid conflict with other races”
“Even if you tried to know, there is only me and this boy was the first one who broke into my place by breaking through my illusion”
I don’t quite understand it, but I guess it is a memorable first commemoration.

“I was very impressed with the fact that I was overcome by the fray of the illusion of such a half height.”
Moreover, it seems that I have been blown away by Anzeros.

“……Did the other dragons die?”
No, they went to the Western continent a hundred years ago. I was in a love at that time”
“You mean love in love”
“Even a dragon will be in love. Although it ended in tears as my partner was beaten to death”
“Even if you fight against a dragonslayer and keep being alive, other dragons were in danger”
Dragonslayers are hunters specialized in killing dragons. They were terrible warriors who had the ability to fight dragons with treasured weapons of ruins civilization which is rarely available now. ……Was. There are few now. It was a considerable number of years ago, at first it was a swordsman’s ability to test himself, which eventually evolved into a big movement “To drive away the dragons and dragon palaces that contend with modern civilization from the continent” and the dragons became sharp. The Dragon Palaces in the continent shifted to an Over-defense principle. When a dragonslayer comes alone, one of the nearby cities will become ash. If it is not near, it still burns anyway because it is good to have some distance. Although dragonslayers can fight dragons equally, they don’t fight in groups. And dragonslayers also received the condemnation from other human societies, so they mostly put their weapons down, hide somewhere or were executed. That’s why that era was called the fire dragon war now. Since then human societies who remembered the horror of dragons sent a messenger to the Dragon Palaces, begging for forgiveness and a modern social relation of mutual aggression was established. That’s the reason that only speculators and adventurers can approach the Dragon Palaces now. But.

“The fact that it was gone at that time was that there was a dragon that had been kicked out by a Dragonslayer”
“Our dragon kind has a better relationship with neighboring ancestor colonies than other lands. With the dragon’s alliance, one dragon slayer = one city must be compiled, so we immigrated obediently because we don’t want to kill the nearby colonies”
“Were you able to win if you fought?”
“How many dragons do you think were in this palace? 600 head caped……
At its peak, there are 256 dragonslayers. In fact, I was almost like a child dragon who fought with an old dragon to the verge of death and wasn’t a match at all. Diane shakes her head and shrugs her shoulders.

“But the person you fell in love with is a natural enemy, a dragonslayer, which is befitting for you”
“He was only a dragon slayer and quite a daunting man. I think that it was dangerous……I lied fairly as a female warrior of the flow and we enjoyed our honeymoon for about three years”
Laila has a distant look. Did her masochist preference have been brewed at that time?

“That’s why there is only me. I felt down for about 50 years after killing him, then traveling for about a decade to change my mind, recently I found a young Jeanne who was in danger in this palace and enjoyed to be with her”
“Uh, it was painful, elder sister Laila”
“Old story”
*Tap-Tap*, Laila patted Jeanne´s head. And after taking a breath of air, she laughed as if to shake off this air and turned to Dianne.

“However, Dianne or how you are called, you are great for a dark elf without arms, I felt something close to the dragon slayer from the past”
“Even if it looks this way I’m only a 100-man commander”
“That 10-man captain boy is totally useless at all”

“He, He isn’t useless! Andy is capable! He is dexterous, kind and popular”
“Umm. The neighborhood is outstanding, good morals are pretty good”

Dianne and Laila nod. They have a mutual understanding I wonder if something happened at their first fight.

“!00-man commander, don’t joke around”
“I, I´m not joking, there is a female dragon in front”
“Ho. I like this young girl”
“Bo, I don’t like it!”
It was Anzeros who was tampered with first.

“By the way, where do you plan to go?”
“There is the forest elf territory in the southeast and it seems that there is a master knight who goes overboard with his privileges there”
“Why don’t you say he is a hoodlum, Dianne. As long as he is there no one is safe”

It is gotten to the endorsement somehow. I wonder if Dianne is really so amazing?

You have a worried face, boy”
“That……Dianne no matter how much you say, the opponent is a Master Knight, the most elite soldier of the Celesta army. And it’s the enemy’s territory, so I don’t know how many people will be there who could surround use”
“If you are surrounded by thousands of people with Dianne, you will be able to survive”
Apparently, it seems to be different when thinking that it is suitably said because of Laila.

“This woman’s illusion magic is comparable to us dragons, a good evidence is that she has solved the illusion that I made and entered it”
“Besides this woman, there is that deformed bow of that little boy”
“It’s a crossbow”
“Oh yeah, probably, even if you shoot from a distance of ten steps probably……it will hit after I saw the arrow flying”
The injection power of a crossbow is stronger than an ordinary bow. Ten steps away from it, at most 7 to 8 meters?

“Do you try?”

Dianne smiled with a grin.

I can not shoot if I think that it will be a joke. However.

“Then……Dianne-san is mostly effective like firearms?”
“If that’s the case with her body and the illusion skills like a dragon……it will be possible for her to survive even if she opposes a thousand people”
When it is said, it seems to be sure to be able to do.

“If you’re a Master knight class, it will be that degree. It is not said that it is comparable to one hundred squads alone in date”
In other words, it is likely that the crossbow doesn’t work against this opponent. ……I have a feeling that I don’t need more.

“But…..then, why did the crossbow team win against the sword saints brigade?”
Anzeros murmurs. That’s true. The Sword St. Brigade was the strongest force that was led by 500 master swordsman, 100 long-sword swordsmen, and the strongest swordsman Arthur Bonaparte. They were defeated by the crossbow corps which was only 50 people at that time and became the trigger to decide the winner and loser of the Trot war.

“It’s a simple story, they did not see us”
“I did the most troublesome thing, that is illusion magic”
In other words, when they noticed, the rain of arrows has already pierced them and they didn’t know from where. The snipers from long distance overturn common sense at that time because of stronger injection power and sense strengthening. The Sword Saints fell to the ground in search of archers that should have been 100 meters away at most. In fact, the crossbow range is about 1 km.

“In addition, I had borrowed ogres from other troops who are dedicated archers”
“I see……”
The crossbow´s neck is a hassle to draw a bow. A strong string can be pulled only by using powerful men. But in our troop, the ogres and some dwarves can draw it directly by hand. This is strong. Being hit by rapid-fire, the master swordsman brigade had no chance to counterattack.

“Hmm, you’re having a pretty interesting fight”
“It wasn’t interesting. This was the only way to stop the sword saint brigade from Trot. I had no choice but to take a tactic that overwhelmed the number of swords that had been reversed in quality”
Dianne looks downward a little lonely.

“If you aim for a small number of deads, the battlefield rule is definitely not bad, though Celesta who does not have such a brigade can not keep praising it, by winning that war. There was also the danger that the Affilm Empire could attack Celesta unless we show our abilities”
“Besides, I did not want to let my subordinates die, so I couldn’t use a tactic that would bring deaths, so I made a missile that destroyed the Sword saint brigade”
Dianne mutters in self-mockery.

“……I’m selfish. Someone would make a fighting system that could slaughter us more unilaterally to combat the crossbow squad sooner or later. However, I still had to defend my area. Even now. I raid by force to protect my hometown……”

“I do not want anyone in my family to be killed, I just want to live happily, but it won’t be forever so, so the smallest best may be a bad war”
To be honest, I thought that Dianne was a genius at fighting, but on the other hand, I thought that there was a stupid part that could only drown in love. But even that. Drowning in love, even that attitude clinging to love. I thought that it might be on a single line of bloated fears and anxiety, which may be lost in how to use this talent’s talent during a fight. This person is too pure compared to the talent and appearance it has. If she becomes ugly and unrepentant, it can become balanced even if she becomes an evil one, but she can be stupid because she can only become seriously. However, her purity was deprived by me.

“……Dianne, I’m stupid and I can’t tell you anything about talented people. But I think Dianne isn’t wrong and we can be protected by Dianne´s power and measures, that’s why I think we are happy”
“……Is that so. ……That’s right, it may be more obstructive to overthrow history”
“Contrite what you did to help someone isn’t to deny the value of helping. Maybe when we die, we’ll be thankful that Dianne was protecting us”
I think of the moment when I die looking at the freezing stars somewhere like this desert someday. Even if I die because of Dianne’s false command, would I grudge her? ……I wouldn’t. I will die to leave only a little regret in the place while thanking the fact that she will have tried to operate us safely until that moment.

“And aren’t we trying to help someone, don’t we? We’re going to save the kidnapped people, the Oasis Colony’s future, and protect the minister? I’m sure it’s not a mistake. I think it’s worth helping”
“That is so. I feel relieved”
Dianne leaned against my shoulder.

“But don’t let me imagine the moment you die. It’s going to be painful”
“……Even if it gets painful, I don’t want to die yet”
Lightly holding Dianne’s head, I gently tap it as Laila did to Jeanne earlier.

“Ho. What kind of atmosphere is this?”
We are ridiculed by Laila and are peeled off by the angry Selenium.

“Well, I don’t have anything to do with Dianne, but there is a better way to go to the forest territory”
“Tomorrow evening, you’ll be at the southeast end of the desert”
“That would be convenient……”
No matter how straight you walk, it takes two weeks to reach the nearest southern desert end. And we need to go further diagonally.

Ho. Who are you going to be talking to?”
“I am a black dragon. ……You’re not going to lose when you fly in the sky with a dragon?”

We go out into the desert at night, from a hidden exit under the rocks of the desert. The sky which was in a considerably high position from the Dragon Palace is really near now.

“In fact, I would like to go to that forest territory, but if I want to stay by Andy´s side, I have to close the Dragon Palace and then I’m in trouble if the treasures fall into the hands of strangers, so I have to do a sealed work. That’s why let’s just send you today”
“Are you going to keep her, are you going to keep a dragon as a soldier?”
“Would you like to keep me?”
“It is impossible”
“Well then we have to keep saying something different”
There is only one.

“What, this figure is nothing different from a strong woman who has a strong armor, it is a fun thing to keep a woman, I am jealous of showing off a collar”
I wonder how far it is supposed to be a person for Laila.

“I will make my own part by next time”
Selenium is staring at Laila. Laila swept away her clothes and parry her gaze.

“No matter how much you stare at my naked body, you can have it from now on whenever you want, as I won’t disagree”
Her naked body was exposed to the desert in the moonlight and Laila extended her hands while spreading her hair in the gentle wind.

“Lie down”
The moment the spell of Laila’s whisper is heard, her naked appearance disappears. And, there is a momentary sense of consciousness flying, the next moment.


Obstructing the moon, a tall dragon about 10 times taller than a wyvern……appeared in the desert.

“Ho. You’re not telling me to lie down”
We can hear Laila’s voice from the top of our heads as she landed on the ground, while the sand is flying.

“I didn’t transform for a long while……I’m excited to fly in this moonlit night, so get on quickly”
A black dragon with a tail. Maybe it’s 50 feet from tail to head. The emotion of guilty of not having sex with such a legendary creature has sprung up now and I was a little chilling. It makes me grateful if I get to it.

“Jeanne, please wait for me, I think I will be back in the day after tomorrow’s dawn”
“Uu……10-man captain, goodbye. Please come back again on your way home”
“I, I understand”
I patted the teary Jeanne before I crawl on Laila´s back. Next, to me, Selenium rushes up so that she skips me and Dianne jumps up straight. It was only me and Anzeros that climbed like cockroaches.

“You’re not resolute”
“Don’t say that……I was just trying not to think about it”
I climb up slowly and fix my body with a strap on a spine on my back just in case.

“Ho. …..Then let’s go!”
With a high-pitched voice, we bark in the desert. The black dragon faces toward the moon and flaps its huge wings, before rising slowly.

“……But was it good to leave Jeanne alone?”
“Well, I know the strength of that girl and she is more dependable than you”
“But that child is so small…….”
“What are you talking about, I guess she is already 25 years old”
Jeanne is the same age as me!?

“……So she is older than me?”
Anzeros, were you younger than me?

……Why am I surprised to know that hundreds of meters above the desert are irrelevant in an emotional location?

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