Half elves fall in love chapter 143

Chapter 143: Bath love affair in the city of Catalina [Hilda Maia Dianne Apple Laila]



Hilda, who put her hair up with a towel, pressed her breasts against me with a slight discomfort in her gentle and healthy smile.

“Just wash, just wash♪”

Her boobs that have been lathered in advance with soap leave a soft and tickling feeling on my back.

“Just wash!”

Maia also clings to me from the front. And my penis is pushed against her solar plexus.

“……Can I wash it?”
“Oh calm down Maia, that’s a bit more than just a wash”
“I have a little trick☆”

Hilda, who knows what I thought, stretched her brown arms over my body and grabbed my son.

“Don’t speak out, can you?”

While continuing to wash my back with her boobs constantly, she rubs my son three times with natural movements. At that moment, my view snaps. White, no gray. No, not a color. The sensation that my eyes will temporarily lose their function. I noticed that Hilda’s hand was mixed with bubbles and was draining my semen.

“I’m just washing, I’m just washing♪ Maia-chan, you can wash it. I don’t think Andy-kun can put it out even if he wants to put it out for a while”

Maia is happy to wash my penis by hand.

“Hi, Hilda-sensei, right now? I felt that 10-man captain Smithson jumped a bit”

Lantz asks a question while rubbing his dick. He is really excited.

“Hmm? Baby juice disappears♪ Hilda-sensei’s original spell”

Of course, it’s not magic, it’s just bleeding out and using a transcendent technique to make it inconspicuous. Is it to fight against Laila who forcibly made use of her dragon’s fire power by calling it original spell?

“Oh……I don’t feel envious of anything”
“It’s hell that you can’t take it out, isn’t it?”
“Calm down Goto. Ejaculation feels good, but aiming for it is a bad virgin. Masturbation’s 『Results』 are disappointing. You can’t tell that the process is important”
“But masturbation that can’t get to the result even after how long……”
“I can keep enjoying the breasts of Laila-neesan and Hilda-sensei forever”
“……Uoooooo! I was wrong! Certainly it’s a paradise next to hell!”

While they have a philosophical debate about the magic that will prevent ejaculation, I am covered in bubbles by Hilda and Maia. And.

“I……I’ll wash Andy-san too! I can’t draw back here!”

Apple has been hesitating in the hot water for a while, but rises from the hot water.

“Ho, is that good? There are a lot of male eyes besides Andy here, right?”

Laila says so calmly with a broad grin. You’d like to think that she don’t dare to take part in body washing with care about her body, but I think she is enjoying playing with Apple.

“I, I´m Andy-san’s female slave! If I´m just ashamed in such a place, I’m sorry to Selenium and Jeanne-chan! I have to serve Andy-san until the two of them are back……!”
“Hoho, well, there is no position if it is taken by the small breasted elf chief”
“No, No, that’s not what Irina-sama is like”
“Good good”

Laila raises her finger in the water. Apple’s body becomes fluffy and hard to see. It’s a simple, personally designated illusion.

“Aah, Apple-chan’s boobs!”
“Hou? Are you guys not satisfied with the pleasure of looking at me?”
“No, I’m satisfied!”

Masturbation Brothers ejaculate. Laila grins at them with a calm face. Meanwhile, Apple approaches me. And its from Maia´s side. Even though her body is hidden by the illusion of being out of focus, as if the eyelashes had a scum, the feel of her boobs remains the same. Plump half-elf boobs slide on my body up and down.

“Ah, Andy-sann……don’t forget about me……?”
“I never forget, always”
“I don’t know if Irina-sama is attractive, but……unlike Irina-sama, I’m following Andy just to make you feel good……”
“If you can, feel free to do that……do what you want to do……emm, Andy-san may not know, but I also like ordinary sex, but I really like sucking, so……I don’t need any preparation for a blowjob, as I want to suck and drink anytime……”

Apple rubs her breasts against me and appeals with a bright red face.

“It cant be thrust in all of a sudden”

Maia confronts with a straight face.

“Even if you want to finish quickly or enjoy yourself, Hilda-sensei’s technique is definitely satisfying☆”

Hilda-san hits my nipples with a touchless distance while saying something like a catch phrase.

“So don’t take my position!”
“It’s sneaky to fish with boobs”
“Aah, even Sensei can appeal, right?”

I’m surrounded by the hands of three women and it is not understood well who secures it though it is so.

“……It was a nice hot bath”
“Emm……thanky you for the bath”

Keiron and Boyd seem to have finished washing their bodies, but they pretend to hear nothing.


Masturbation Brothers continually masturbates with Laila as imagination.


I noticed that Diane was standing next to Hilda.

“Hohoho, it’s about time you remembered the charm of boobs”

And another Laila suddenly appears beside me, which is different from the one that the Masturbation Brothers imagined. Both of them presses their boobs between Apple and Hilda.

“What’s going on?”
“Illusion, Illusion”
“Complete deception…..well, it’s like this when it comes to me and Diane”
“It’s not like the moment with Breakcore, as it’s a spell made up of several parts”

It seems that the two of them prepared such a thing when thinking that it was strangely quiet. ……It’s a little suspicious where the real Laila came from.

“Hoho. Well, that’s good. Rather, as I mentioned earlier, why did you neglect us recently?”
“Ah, it’s not good just because Irina doesn’t resist. If not, she’s a woman comparable to a small country queen”
“If you say that, then Diane and Hilda would be like the Duke’s daughter or something similar if you say it in Trot……”
“That’s……well, I’m not one of my mother, so I’m a bastard ”
“Muu. Andy-kun, do you mean that you are refraining because Hilda-sensei is a young lady? Think on the contrary, the young lady burns in forbidden love and waits every day for that adorable lover to crawl into her bed at night”
“E, Emm, Hilda-san is already a married lady……”

Hilda coughs out to Apple’s modest tsukkomi.

“In other words, think like this, a married lady is burning in forbidden love, and she’s looking forward to the night of her beloved man every day and hotly enthralling her body”

It became a completely different genre.

“Hoho. I don’t have anything to do with kings or aristocrats, do I?
“It doesn’t matter to me either. Pets”

Although the dragon duo speaks cheerfully, but I think that the dragons are the most troublesome. Than a small country. Crack them.

“I’m not! I’m not from a good lineage and even if I don’t even look at half-elves……Andy-san is the only one!”
“A, Ah……”
“That’s why Andy-san wants me to do a lot of things more easily than anyone else. If Andy-san cares about me even if it’s just naughty, I’m happy and I feel like I’m needed. So……”

Apple’s words have always been heard and heard about the feelings of half-elves. ……Sure, I may have underestimated Apple a bit, no matter how much I trust her.

“……I don’t want you to say something like 『I’m a child you don’t need』”
“Well, I can’t help thinking that’s Apple’s personality”

Selenium doesn’t say that much before. ……No, it can’t be helped compared to Selenium. Apple is Apple.

“I prefer the words 『I want to do more ecchi』 that are said to a cute and loving child like you”
“How much?”
“As much as possible……”
“From morning till night?”
“……If Andy is okay, I can sleep or wake up……”
“All right. That’s the way you say it”

I kiss a little nervous Apple. Immediately, the appeal from around increases.

“Hoho. Of course, I’ll always be with you if you want”
“Even if Andy is willing to do that, about a day or two……”
“Oh yeah. Hilda-sensei is always open for Andy-kun’s visit?”
“Andy-sama, you have a contract to use me as a cock hole, right?”

Pressing their boobs, kissing my shoulders and chest, pulling my hand or being touched in important places. The dark elves, half elf and dragons messed me up and pushed me down.


The stone floor covered with soap bubbles is very slippery and the women and I fell brilliantly……no, Laila and Diane, who have excellent motor nerves, quickly supported me. Not only me but also the remaining three who got involved with it.

“I was a little too excited”
“Okay, Andy-sama”

And the completed state.

Diane’s brown boobs and Laila´s white boobs support my upper body. Apple’s white limbs and Hilda’s black limbs that fell down entangled around my lower body. And Maia is getting tangled around my knees.

My body was surrounded by a mosaic of two pairs of brown and two pairs of white boobs.


I touch the huge black and white buns on my face with both hands.

“Hoho, you trickster”
My two reliable lovers smile as I pinch and pull their nipples.

“Hold still, Laila”

My body is slowly laid down and put on two knee pillows. Masterpiece boobs shakes on my face. Involuntarily I touch them with both hands. I have to do it.

“Well Well, Andy-kun”
“You really like breasts……”

The black and white big-breasted girls on my lower body side show a bitter smile at my action.

“It’s fine, I am”
“You’re a 『Polka kid who loves breasts』”
“And Sensei is a Talc woman who loves dicks”
“Wait older sister. Isn’t that inexcusable for everyone in Talc?”
“Do you hate it Dianne-chan?”
“……No, no, if it’s Andy’s cock……”

The dark elf sisters have some stupid conversation. Despite saying such a thing, Hilda hangs on my lower body at once and comes to pinch my dick with her boobs.

“Andy-kun, who loves big breasts and Hilda-sensei, who loves dicks. Mutual love♪
“Aah, please wait, Hilda-san, I’ll do it too!”
“Eh……no, but this is also interesting. Alright, let’s do this, Apple-chan”
“Let me also in……”

Above my right eye are Diane’s tanned big tits. Rub. On my left eye are Laila’s white big tits. Rub.

“Nn……you’re a spoiled boy, Andy”
“You can do whatever you like, as you are my master. ……Do you want to suck on them?”

I kiss Laila’s big tits as she bent over. Stretch my lips like an octopus and suck on her nipples.

“Huhu, you´re like a baby……what a lovely baby”

Laila raises a euphoric voice. And in my lower body…… a total of four breasts, Apple and Hilda, are gathered and swung up and down, as if trying to suffocate my dick. Maia sucks with her long tongue on the tip of my penis sticking out of the middle. Terribly luxurious condition. I was drowning in boobs.

“Ngu……n, Dianne too, let me suck your boobs”
“Suck as much as you want……n, hey, you’re pulling too much……my nipples stretch out”
“You told me to suck as I like”
“……It would be nice if you could just take it easy……kua, hey, don’t bite”
“You told me to suck as I like”
“……If you love me even if the teeth marks remain……I’ll be patient”

Dianne, who looks a little bit rotten, is cute and bullied by me.

“I don’t care if you pull my nipples as much as you want, regardless of whether I have a teeth marks on them”
“That’s not because I’m the only one who’s watching”
“It’s mean……nn”

I don’t like this because it’s really painful, but I want to believe it’s correct. While pinching and twisting Laila’s nipples, I tease Diane’s breasts and gets drunk by the pressure of pleasure that comes from my lower body by three people. Then, while elevating Diane’s breasts to the point where teeth marks are formed or a little bloody, I listen to Diane’s sexy writhing and ejaculate.

“Naaa……waree……habu, huaaa♪”
“Ahaa, cum, cum”
“Andy-san´s sperm……haaa, delicious……♪”

Cheers rise from the lower body side. If you look at it, a dark elf, a half elf and a dragon girl are licking my penis as if they compete for the semen flying on their breasts or faces.

“Andy……by no means, it means you’re done by just once?”
“We want to devour your cock♪”
“Ah, uh……then, take turns……Hilda-san and Apple, give me your boobs”
“I want Andy-kun. I’m glad, I got a lot of milk”

All women change places suddenly. Maia is still in charge of licking my penis. Looks a little fun.


The Masturbation Brothers were repeatedly ejaculating while dashing toward the illusion. That is not a manly figure.


“Hey, Naris-chan”
“……I wonder if Laila is a……dragon”
“……Why are you laughing?”
“Ho, How many dragons can be gathered, two or three, so let’s go back and sleep, yeah”
“But a while ago, in the bath……”
“I haven’t heard anything? Yeah, I haven’t heard anything”
“……Is that so? ……But well……I guess it was”
“Tetes-chan……? Somehow, a little, the atmosphere is……”
“Well, it’s nothing, isn’t it?”

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