Half elves fall in love chapter 158

Chapter 158: Christie’s Melancholy



Carts using one-horned horses were gathered one after another at the Silver Clan´s manor. Inside are the relief supplies that Irina asked Christie. Rather, it is a relatively easy-to-prepare necessity, such as alcohol and dried fruits and used clothes to spend comfortably in Catalina.

“Even if you bring so much, you can’t carry it with the personnel……”

When I was stunned, Irina smiled.

“Laila-dono can carry it. You should just hide it with an illusion”
“……Is that so”

Laila can’t fly with it back to Renfangas. The prejudice stood first, but if I think about it carefully, Laila could erase it with illusion magic. Blushing inadvertently, Christie turned around, directing the unloading from the carriage.

“That’s all I’ve arranged. It was sudden, so I could only bring it from the white, cherry blossoms and blue clan”
“Hmm. I thought that Gorkus would also work”
“Gorkus is now in Folklore in Trot Kingdom. He’s still working very hard”
“I see. Well, it’s not enough for quantity”

One-horned horses are susceptible to climate change and are particularly reluctant to go outside the ancient barrier in winter. Selfish livestock. But supplies are appreciated.

“Indeed, Catalina can’t do laundry or bathing very often, so I’m glad that there are so many changes in clothes”
“Yeah. And if you buy something like alcohol, no one won’t have a grudge against it”
“Is it 『Stormy Whale』?”
“Of course, it’s hard to discard 『Great Ice Field』, but there isn’t much foreign currency. There’s enough to serve customers, so it’s not good to tell the barkeeper’s owner.”
“I see”

The blue clan’s special produced alcohol 『Stormy Whale』 will not be free, but it seems to be a liquor with a large volume of distribution in the forest and rather than cutting the amount of liquor prepared for the scale of several hundred citizens in Polka, this way will be much easier to prepare. Once convinced, I bow to Christie, who took care of all of these arrangements (or took over Polka’s elf negotiations in the absence of Irina).

“Thank you, Christie”
“No, thank you for Irina’s selfishness. She’s such a child, but she’s important to the forest……I really appreciate it”
“What do you mean with this kind of child? Why do you talk like a mother who is ragged?”
“Oh, it is not strange if I’m your mother?”
“You’ll take that kind of attitude, then you´re going to smell older than your age”

No mercy. ……Well, although it’s relatively quiet, the style that led half of the forest, including Gorkus and Diel, seems strangely older. They´re younger than Hilda. They´re younger than me when I see it. ……Don’t think about it because I think it’s unnecessarily unnecessary. Actually, there are children, so even if it’s time to say 「Old man」, I should be silent.

“Is it true that you even raped the Glory Clan´s Knight Princess Sharon, Smithson-san?”

Christie has waved a story that is very difficult to answer, perhaps to fool the bad situation. Damn it. I don’t want to talk about it, even though it’s kind of useless.

“……I didn’t stretch my hands out to her, but I don’t know what I did. Yes, I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do anything to remember”
“Kukuku. You´re a mysterious hero who can be forgiven by the knight princess even though you had done nothing”
“As I said many times, the heroes were Dianne and Laila”
“Do you want me to rephrase it? You’re a terrible mysterious soldier who is loved by those heroes?”

……The degree of mystery has greatly increased. What am I.

“But……I felt danger, the first time I experienced Smithson-san”

Christie put her hand on her cheek and muttered with a troubled face.

“I know only Smithson-dono”
“……Even if Irina can’t help it anymore, it might be better to keep the Glory princess in mind”
“So what?”

It is said that it becomes uneasy considerably. Christie looks at me and sighs.

“You may not be satisfied with elves. Human male……I know only Smithson-san, but in comparison the elven mating is much more relaxed and gentle”
“Is that so?”

Well, I don’t even know the average of others races’ sex.

“In addition, Smithson-san has a fierceness and a length of breath that isn’t like elf´s mating which does not endure long. If suddenly trained by Smithson-san’s hands……”
“Hmm……sure, as a woman, I’m going to be missing something else”
“I don’t mean I’m a sexual prodigy, but……”
“It’s a deflection. It’s good to be aware that when you have as many as ten females and no one is too friendly, you’re out of touch”

……I’m not skeptical about being horny though. However, it is not possible to do anything when sex is good. Over half of it is due to Hilda’s strange preparation.

“……Speaking of which, Irina, that collar”
“……Smithson-dono said if I didn’t put it on, he wouldn’t embrace me or he would say bad things about me”
“I never said that!”
“……Well, I wish it were your own will”
“No, it’s not good”
“But it’s rumored in the forest that once Smithson-dono put his hands on a woman, that woman can’t escape anymore……I know it too, so I can’t say it very strongly”

Should I have a grudge against Phaser or should I resent Almeida or Breakcore, who were sexually useless, or put excuses on Christie, who dyed her cheeks? I just think about what I should do.


With the help of the young elves, we take the supplies from the carts, call out all the special duty squad members, divide them and bring the supplies to Baron’s mansion. So we wrap and tie the supplies so that it can be airlifted. Unlike humans, there is no need to worry about keeping warm, just a shape that is easy for a dragon to hold. They are tied up with leather belts, wrapped in linen cloth and tied up with chains, resulting in a lump of cargo that is one size larger than the usual carriage for troop transport.

“I’m worried that it’s going to move from one country to another”

The baron looks up at the cargo and messes with his mustache. And Selenium answered.

“It’s probably okay if you use the magic Cover Lock”

Nostalgic magic. I used it when I was fighting General Lucas.

“What magic?”

Irina shows interest. ……Does Irina not know.

“It’s not that difficult. It’s magic that hardens the state a bit and keeps the ropes and chains knotting. It can be immobile for a few days depending on how the spell is assembled”
“It’s an unknown magic”
“Well, I learned it in Afilm. Was it an indigenous original spell?”
“Maybe. Teach me the spell”

Speaking of magic, Irina and Hilda, and Laila. In particular, Irina seemed to know anything about magic, but there is magic that she doesnt know unexpectedly and I know about.

“Yes, that’s it. ……Look, your knife is hard to chew”
“Oh, this with hemp string? It seems to be very useful♪”
“I can’t do spell development, though”
“Lo, Look. By the time you have a healthy child, let’s develop something that’s practical and come back”
“Ehehe. That’s right”

Selenium laughs while stroking her tummy. She looked happy.

Evening. Indeed, we would be ready to leave again because we would be too slow if we stayed any longer. That said, there is no separate luggage, so if we want to get out, the preparation itself is quick. The preparation is to drink as much as possible, soak in a bath and enjoy the meal so that there is nothing left behind.

“Selenium, tell me the recipes for cooking by tomorrow, you just have to come up with something”
“I thought about something like that, so I prepared a scroll of Selenium special recipe”

Apple tried to learn cooking from Selenium in baron’s mansion. Selenium responds to the unusual situation as usual. Anzeros and Laila take care of Peter while chatting with Jeanne. Both of them seem to enjoy the appearance of petting and treating Peter. And Peter was crazy about Laila’s milks. What a sunny child.

“I’m gonna do it. I think I´ll live here after the mission is completed”

Keiron brings alcohol to the hot springs and enjoys a cup of alcohol while watching the snowy scenery. Boyd takes part in drinking alcohol while taking something into consideration.

“We feel the same way
“Beautiful women, hot spring, lord who understands romance. This is the eternal utopia”

Lantz and Goto open the basement of the dressing room while agreeing in a completely different way. Not surprisingly, they have formed solidarity with the Polka guard duo. Their way of life is shining.

The new bar, which was completely covered in dust, became shiny in a few hours with the help of the baron’s house servants and volunteers from the townsmen, where a dinner party was held in which we had a farewell party. Dianne and Hilda, Luna, and the cheerful little kids of Maia, Irina and Neia were having fun at the buffet party there.

“I’m sorry for gathering a crowd here, Baron”
“Nnn, delicious☆ Thanks to full-fledged interaction with the elven territory, there is no threat of demons, no fear of elven arrows and room for winter food. Thanks to you Andy”
“Hmm, it’s delicious! After all, the food is limited to Trots. Even though the ingredients are frozen, you can get such delicious foods”
“I prefer not to dry the meat……”
“The great ice field is really good. It’s better than Renfangas high class alcohol”
“Really. Isn’t there a good alcohol maker in the country or can’t you make a good alcohol brewery on the terrain?”
“Well, in an environment where you don’t know when you’ll be killed by monsters, a good drink will be difficult. I’m happy to have a bread that’s not hard for the first time in a long time”

The three Red Arms girls are also here.

“Sweet pie, savory soup, savory fried chicken……Trot is too beautiful, including the hot springs”
“……I have to say that elves can be seen in strange ways elsewhere, because there are overwhelming numbers of humans”
“I’ve heard that, but Polka is really friendly with elves, right……?”
“It was a little surprising. I’ve heard rumors of Polka´s hot spring, but only elves have gone and had a reputation”
“……It’s hard to believe, but Andy Smithson seems to have mediate it”
“……Why so convinced……why don’t you just look at my throat?”
“Because Al-chan is sore”
“Various things are no longer surprising if its 10-man captain Smithson”

Please be surprised if I’m listening next to you. Please wonder. I give a little explanation and room for the adaptation of the past.

Then, when I return to the inn, there is Christie´s figure sitting side by side with Aurora and Sharon in the corner of the dining room of the inn and preaching.

“Love is indeed free, if you’re ready, you can love it……but they’re all the best elves, and you’re young, so think a little more calmly. You don’t have to start where you become a slave, right?”

Christie gazes at their throats. Aurora was calm, but Sharon was still unsure or a little uncomfortable.

“……Purple Clan Apple, White Clan Anzeros, Dark Green Clan Selenium. Those three people know. Half-elves are uncomfortable and not to be familiar with human and elf societies, so if you’re a man like Smithson-san who accepts you without division and passionately embraces you and makes you forget the world, you want to stay by that person´s side as a 『Slave』. However you are also an elf and have a good bloodline”
“I am not interested in blood, etc. I fell in love with Andy-san’s own vessel and the size of his love. It is a decision to give birth to his child. If a clan meeting dwelled in something, even if they excommunicate me, it’s not a big deal compared to the happiness of having that child”

Aurora just sits, saying that she won’t give up anymore. She gave a glance to me and smiled, while leaving the cafeteria and saying, 「I told you what to say」. ……Christie sighs after Aurora´s dashing back disappears.

“I’m not talking about excommunication, but…… I’m not a clan chief, but just a deputy chief and successor candidate. I’m not in a position of great difference to you, the Glory Clan´s Princess”
“Even so, I’ve been married twice. I’m going to be able to talk about men a little bit. ……Elves are happy to be connected to elves, Sharon”
“That’s……I know, I know. If I’m tied to an elf, no one would be in trouble”
“But I’m not interested in men who sign a contract because of my family or because I´m the Glory Clan´s Princess”
“Why not?”
“……My fiance was a pleasure-seeking and pessimistic person, but I guess the engagement still remains in Arcus. I’m sure my parents and clan are waiting for me to come back because they’re still thinking, 「I’ve done well in the detour」”

Sharon speaks with a dark face. Putting her hand on her chest and looks a little painful. Christie replied with a grinning smile.

“I mean, but I don’t know it, unless I’m living with a man. I don’t know unless I try to be together”
“……It might be. But I……”

When she talked to me, it didn’t seem so painful. Now, with a bitter look, Sharon cuts her words and grabs her chest.

“Cherry Clan Christie. Do you understand the feeling of being a 『Impurity』?”
“Because of this overgrown heart, I know that both my parents are from a well-known house. But can you still like a man whose heart is so large that he doubts the strangeness of other people’s mothers?”
“In the end, he didn’t see me. He just wanted the decoration called bloodline. But I didn’t even want it. I……In my existence, no one’s love or love was a desire. But I just had a promise”
“But I……I found someone who wanted me as a woman and might love me. Isn’t that why you want to be 『Owned』 by that person?”
“……What do you think of Smithson-san?”
“……I don’t know. Maybe I’m in a hurry. Maybe I have a dream about loving each other. But at least……I didn’t hate to let him see my body. Even if I get a kiss……I won’t hate it……”
“……And the last act is different, isn’t it?
“I don’t dislike it at the moment. I still don’t understand the desire to have a child like the Sky Blue Princess”

Christie sighs again.


I was surprised. I was seen by Aurora, but I was supposed to hide behind the door and hear it.

“I may have just been stubborn. But as a good friend of the same race, please. ……If you don’t like her, don’t overdo it”
“……Smithson, san?”

Sharon turns around. I was scratching my head after being found out.

“……Emm, Sharon”
“I’m just lewd, right? I don’t know how you really are. I don’t think so, just because you’re beautiful and your are big, you’re just greedy?
“……Yes. I don’t know how you feel, either. But……”

Sharon and I are facing each other, 1m away. Christie breaks in from the side.

“If we don’t get together, we don’t know, do we?
“If your mind is so determined, right?”

Christie giggles and begins to walk with our hands.

The destination is Sharon´s room in the inn. And Christie, who let us sit on the bed, loosens her clothes.

“Cherry Blossom Clan´s Christie, what are you doing?”
“If you are a female slave……could it be a hassle of having sex with fellow female slaves or someone who isn’t?”

Christie takes off her clothes. As she said before, she wasn’t wearing underwear.

“Now, Smithson-san. ……It’s a great deal, but I’ll be able to match you to test Glory Clan´s Sharon”

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