Half elves fall in love chapter 16

Chapter 16: Forest capital Klaves



We landed at the border of the southern desert oasis and the forest area. It was a city called Helicon. Trees and land are small in this area, and the scenery such as wetlands, short forest, and lakes are spreading. The territory ruled by the forest Elf seems to become a landscape closer to an ordinary mountain forest.

“Because this place is a place where many aquatic species live, there must have been several Lizardman colonies”
Lizardman. A very frightening race above ogres when saying by a demon appearance degree. But, it seems that there are ones who are rather clever and intellectual to be a merchant. There isn’t one in our corps, but I have seen some in the infantry troops going back and forth to Trot through the Viola pass.

“Is there anything else that is related to the system?”
“There is also a rumor that there is a merman or a water spirit for a while, well, the spirit is a rumored story everywhere”
“……I was able to hear that much yesterday night”
“What I am saying is that my hometown is not 100 kilometers away from here, as I surveyed a lot, I was pretty much walking around, so this neighborhood is like a garden, I know well”
Dianne throws out her chest. Was it so near to the oasis colony?

“So, how far is it from here to the forest Elf territory?”
“Three days in a carriage to enter the territory and three more days until the state capital Klaves”
So far two weeks have passed. As a result, we have taken a shortcut of almost a week. It is easy for us to return home after coming back to Laila´s Dragon Palace or the Ox-ogre colony.

“……Well, Laila, will you go home properly?”
“I don’t know”
“Hey Jeanne is waiting for you……you don’t want Jeanne to be lonely”
“Andy, you devotion for that dwarf girl is great”
I don’t know the meaning of Dianne’s scornful eyes. I wonder if she is watching such a small child as a rival. No, although Jeanne is certainly small she is at the same age as me. No way.

“Not good, as an adult you need to have self-control. As a Lolicon you will be beyond salvation”
“Be, Besides, I´m not a lolicon nor a pedophile!”
I certainly think that her face is cute and it was a bit of fun to have her follow behind like a chicken, but that is a sense of seeing a niece to the end.

“How much of a sexual desire do I have in Dianne’s incarnation?”
“You mean……hey”
Dianne and Selenium are looking down a little with a red face. It reminds me of the night. No, that is supposed to be the affection courtesies in the agreement that was requested. It’s just extracardiac to be treated like a wild beast.


We only traveled through the desert labyrinth with Laila to save transportation expenses, that’s why we traveled smoothly with a horse-drawn carriage without any shortage. However, when it came time to enter the Elf territory, problems had arisen.

“We will arrive at the gate where they will do an inspection, so please visitors, be prepared for it”
We are told by the coachman to gather our bags. It is a remnant of a semi-independent territory that there is a barrier, or rather, the omen trying to become an independent country. Anyway, because there is not so much guilt, we wait for the inspector to board comfortably.

“Excuse me, please open your bag”
Two or three inspectors ascertained us, passengers, one after another and sometimes open a bag to find out if anything suspicious is inside. What I have is a dangerous thing, a crossbow, but I think this is an excuse.

“This is?”
“A crossbow as you can see”
“Do you use it for hunting?”
“Well, yes, it’s an ordinary gift, I thought I could improve its performance here by studying the engraving technology of the elves”
“Indeed, the capital city of Klaves is a sacred place of magical engravings. I think that it is not something that humans can learn overnight, but by the time you get home this gift will be good”
“I hope so”
The inspector doesn’t like human soldiers somehow and haughty attitudes.

We are supposed to be a mere traveler to the last. Regardless of me and Anzeros, if Dianne mentions her title, we should be able to silence the inspector, but that would be bad. We must declare that Dianne isn’t here as a 100-man commander but as a dark elf. The face is more important than old towns and colonies. Although it is accepted to return with an army if attacked by an army, as long as we are protestors from the dark elf colony, the reason does not stand. When Dianne decided so, we, her companions mustn’t announce that we are soldiers. That’s why both Anzeros and I are supposed to go soloing while properly dodging.

“……What is that armor? In a carriage like this, a child is playing a swordsman”
Anzeros is expressionless. But Dianne and I are a little nervous as the inspector ridicules Anzeros.

“You also want to refine that sword. ……Hmm, is this a normal short sword? Well, in the hands of a child, a longsword is just a useless long object”
“Why are you silent? Even as an elf, we have the right to arrest you. I wonder what happened to your attitude when you would be arrested for offending so much”
Ah, Anzeros´s gauge has accumulated. In any case, it is considerably stimulating Anzeros´s sense of justice that the soldiers do such a punk imitation at any rate from the physique. This is not good. And, before Anzeros could make a move, a tall man appeared from the back seat of the carriage suddenly and refrained Anzeros.

“Oops, I´m sorry. This is my armor”
“Wh……what yours”
“Do you agree with saying that……I’m a wandering mercenary”
It was a 40 years old man. He certainly has a good physique peculiar for Anzeros’s armor and there was a burnt smell atmosphere characteristic of those who were used to battle.

“Mercenary? What is your name?”
“Well, how in Terry Bogard?”
“How in, what……?”
“Are you stupid?”
“Hmm? You?”
The old man named Terry is grinning and looking down at the inspector.

“I would like to bully the arrest rights to other kids like this, I think I’m a good adult. Can’t you just forgive me for being a kid?”
Terry (provisional) strokes the head of Anzeros. His arms are long. And the stroked Anzeros was so surprised to say that she was shocked or being sucked by sudden sideways spears.

One of the inspectors (the fellow who was at stake with Anzeros) tried to intimidate by pulling his sword out of his waist, but the other inspector controlled him. He seems to be able to understand that this uncle is likely to be considered strong.

“Excuse me, there certainly was a problem with his behavior, be careful.”
“I understand well”
The old man strokes Anzeros´s head and the subsequent examination progressed smoothly.

After the horse-drawn carriage began to move, the old man caught sight of us and smiled to Anzeros and Dianne.

“It was an extra care”
“N, No. I’m grateful”
Anzeros keeps her right fist on her left chest while sitting. Celesta´s military salute. ……Wait, isn’t he a mercenary?

“Commander Dianne, you still have great boobs”
“You seem to be a blithe guy as ever”
Dianne kept smiling while holding her arms folded.

Selenium and I were surprised, but Dianne smiled and closed her eyes only.

“A former subordinate, Sieg Becker 100-man special duty commander and Ace Knight”
“Ace Knight!?”
“He was also an examiner at my ace knight test”
As Anzeros said, the old man who lied to everything waved his hand without jerking.

“It was a story I heard from Minister Ashton when I gathered information. It was unexpected that you guys would cross the desert so quickly”
“Indeed, my father send you. Not bad”
“I noticed Commander when I was riding the carriage, so I looked around to do something to get your attention”
“Can you keep going out to your good skill to get rid of the sign?”
“Come on don’t say such a thing”
This old man is joking, but he certainly wore such a burning smell, which I did not notice until now. It is a good contrast to Anzeros to say that it is an obligation to stand out when saying, Ace Knight. Selenium and I shudder a little by looking at his face. 100-man commander Becker suddenly turned towards us and looked with suspicious eyes.

“By the way, who are these guys. I heard that Commander Dianne and 10-man captain Anzeros will come”
Dianne kept silent. Anzeros came up with a good way to explain it, by forestalling someone who tried to open his mouth, but Selenium who hugged me talked.

“I am Selenium, this Andy-san’s female slave!!!”
It seems to be soulful that Dianne plays a brace in front of her former subordinate. If Dianne keeps silent to the 100-man commander, it is said that at least the next few days until the problem is resolved we won’t flirt with each other. …..The calculation which is demonstrated in such places is a little amazing. But. Dianne is calmly unconcerned.

“……Andy Smithson. My current subordinate and lover. I´m going to give birth to his child”
She fought back perfectly.

100-man special duty commander Becker is taken aback. And then.

“Commander!? I proposed to you so often!? I had confidence as I was a handsome guy 20 years ago!? Moreover, I´m an Ace knight for 12 years!?”
“Was that so?”
“Even so, why such a guy!?”
“Don’t say something like this, to my lover”
“……Why is it such a person?”
“You should have married a woman who can be lured with your sword arm and face. I wonder if she was drunk?”
“Bu……But this guy looks so weak!? Captain Dianne can’t be protected by him”
Correct answer.

You think I can’t protect myself?”
“Uh……th, that’s right, this guy already has a woman!!”
Yes. About two others.

“What’s wrong with that?”
“I am the only one for the captain, there is no gap from morning till night all the year around”
“Even if you keep peeping, you just peeped in from that time, do you think that a woman’s liking can be earned with it?”
Uh. Overkill damage to me who is good at peeping.

“But, but didn’t commander show herself to me?”
“It’s fine to see what I’m showing, but it’s pretty bad to be peeped at when you don’t show anything, so why are you not getting married?”
This man, he must have peeped awkwardly. In the toilet or while Dianne was sleeping.

“Why……why are you looking so annoyed, Anzeros?”
“Leave me alone, Smithson!”

100-man special duty commander Becker strikes me with a serious bloodthirsty smell.

“Damn it! Damn it! I don’t think that there is a night with only one moon, youngster!”
“Eh, am I at fault?”
“Commander Dianne is my goddess, I do not think she will let you die, but if you’re dead she will be free, so let my hands slip under your throat”
Wait, I’m scared of this person.

“Becker. If you have that indication, I will fight you with all my strength”
I abruptly wet myself seeing 100-man commander Becker. This way.

“……Oh, you’ve always wanted to go out with this guy, youngster”
“What are you talking about? 10 seconds ago you!”

The teary eyes of this 40-year-old uncle are seriously disgusting.
Being conscious.

“Ah, I’ll introduce myself again. 100-man special duty commander Sieg Becker affiliated with the Celesta´s Army Intelligence Brigade. My weapons are knives and traps. Single, 39 years old, human, Ace Knight. I always wanted her”
“……Knives and traps?”
I’ve never heard of such an Ace Knight. Ace Knights usual use swords or spears and if it is one of the powerhouses, they fight with a hammer or an ax alone against two platoons and crush them.

“Still you can be an Ace knight”
Anzeros explains it.

“Although it is subtle when it is a sword holy test, the condition of an Ace Knight is to break through Iwashima labyrinth in the vicinity of Quika alone. You will be forced to fight simultaneously with several rock dolls and immortal monsters, but extreme talk is if you can do it 『Anything will be fine』”
“This guy is the only one in the history of Ace Knights, who has cleared the attacks of all monsters with zero kills by escaping from their eyes and passing the exam”
I don’t really know if it’s amazing or not.

“Of course I could defeat them if I tried to defeat them. I have confidence that I can fight even if I face 10-man captain Anzeros”
“…… Really?”
“Don’t doubt, little boy. Hey Anzeros testify, testify”
“……Actually, I absolutely can not win”
Anzeros……she certainly can’t be compared to Laila or Dianne, but I still know that she is a fighting power not to be ashamed of the name of Ace Knight. That Anzeros was absolute.

“……With a knife?”
“Knives and traps”
“How you see it is an adventurous family line”
“It is a compliment not to have said that I’m a thief, but you are too suspicious”
100-man special duty commander Becker folds his arms while making a sigh.

He put a finger on his elbow and his figure disappeared.

Opening my eyes. A knife is thrusting against me from behind……in its sheath.

‘Yes that’s enough”
“……Ma, magic?”
“It’s not magic, is it possible for 12 ridiculous humans to use magic?”
“He just moved in the usual way, Becker is equal to me if it’s just foot speed”
“Are you serious”

Matching Dianne……in other words, he is the type of person who doesn’t work with firearms.

“The espionage that disappeared with Illusion magic became common sense now. It is the key to the counterintelligence, where the magic users who can destroy the illusion are placed in the important position of the information brigade. ……Then, a guy like Becker comes alive. He’s an expert at sneaking into every difficult place without any illusions, to derive information and kill or rescue people”
To Dianne´s military comment, 100-man commander Becker smiled and returned to his original position, satisfyingly supplementing while juggling with a knife.

“As expected you disappeared when you fought three ace knights in the exam……so you can’t be promoted to being a Master Knight. but it seems that there are many useful aspects anyway”
“Well if you don’t help people you are just a peeping monster”
“Dianne-san, please forgive me your words are too hard for me”
I don’t understand? I guess I can’t understand. It is a story before I meet Dianne and it was told when I was drunk.


The wagon proceeds as it is and we arrives at the capital Klaves three days later.

“Even if it is the capital, it doesn’t give off the feeling of a city”
It is a feeling that it is an old rural town which is suitable for the summer heat rather than a forest with stone houses dotted in it, between the mountain slopes. However, it is to the extent that this city will not be interrupted no matter how far it goes.

“For the forest elves, this is a city. They don’t get as close as humans and they don’t often find it inconvenient to remoteness each other’s distance because they are living long”
“I see……”
“I’m going to do something different than you guys who are going sightseeing today while I collect evidence of the Master Knight from the shadows”
“Wi. Will you be fine?”
“Everything will be okay. I will start the work from tomorrow, together with Becker, so I will be fine”
Dianne said that and parted in front of the hotel in the city center from us.

We try to go sightseeing because there is nothing else to do.

“I don’t think there’s any more elf city to come……”
“That’s right”
Anzeros also came along. Selenium said that she will stay at the hotel, so it was only the two of us. By the way, Anzeros to not cause any unnecessary misunderstanding has left her armor at the hotel. She is in her girl mode after a long absence( Even letting her long hair down as it is)

However, it is the first time for me to be in an elf city, so it still feels exclusive to me.

No one is going to look after us”
“I guess it can’t be helped, I´m a half-elf”
“Ah, is that so?”
I do not know the difference between elves and half-elves at all, but they seem to be obvious to themselves. Half-elves are persecuted in the human cities of Trot (As they cant different from real elves), but here they are clearly seen as something dirty.

“……I see. That’s why Selenium didn’t want to come with us”
Selenium is also half-elf. Moreover, there is the past that Apple and she were rejected in the forest of the northern elves near Polka, too. It would be predictable to see what kind of eyes the elves show to half-elves.

“……Would you like to go home, Anzeros?”
“No, no……no matter what you want to do, I am fine. Hey Smithson, let’s go over there”
It was a splendid building that Anzeros pointed to. The letters……are in elf language which I can’t read.

“What is it”
“You said at the gate that you want to learn something, here we are, the crest engraving research institute”
“Ah, ah, I see”

Engraving. It is a technology that can increase or decrease the strength of something, easy to cast magic and difficult to hit by carving a crest which is magically easy to apply magic. This technology is often used on things that aid in magic such as amulets or for example the crossbow´s stock which can be processed to make it more responsive to Dianne´s magic.

“Yes, as we are tourists. Would you like to have a daily experience?”

They had a good course right now so we applied for it. Anzeros also passed something like a feather pen to me somehow and we went to the back.

“Well, today’s lesson is……three people. Ah, Rennie-san and the others, have not come today? Do we start the course?
It seems that Rennie-san is the elder sister of the elf receptionist. The lecturer confirmed her absence many times and started the lecture.

“Well, today we have an elf, a half-elf and a human, what a rich variety, but……the engraving is a technology that doesn’t matter any race. Only the pen for engraving is necessary to manufacture it with magic technology, but the crest engraving can be done by any race and the creativity depends on the person’s talent perhaps. All elves have a talent for magic, but the engraving itself is a technology that is even said to have an outstanding talent for dwarves. However, due to the technology be linked to magic, a lot of people who aren’t good at magic have to give up before the challenge, so even if they have the talent, they do not have to bloom, so the excellent engraving is very rare. I have a pen here, for you! And you! You can say that you have externals a great first step. In the near future, your name might be known for crest engraving!”
Although this lecturer is an elf, he isn’t obsessed with the supremacy of elves, or rather relieved as a type with some longing for foreigners. I don’t want Anzeros to feel awkward.

“Yes, then, first of all, the basics of engraving, anti-clockwise is the absorption, clockwise is the ejection. If you don’t understand this alone, remember that it will be important in the next steps……”

10 minutes later.

“Ooo, this is interesting. Thus, in this way, put the joint cut here”
“Sm, Smithson? I have no idea what you’re doing”
I was completely obsessed with the charm of engraving. It is possible to change the characteristics of an object simply by drawing a crest, the degree of freedom and strength of the force is proportional to the denseness and the sense of an ant is unbearable even if the infinite number of possibilities spread further depending on the shape of the object to be written.

“So like this……hey, Anzeros”
“What is this”
“Parchment shield! Come on, try to punch it with all your might”
“E, Eee?”
“Hurry, hurry!”
“……. Eh, yes”
Gan, Anzeros´s punch landed on the parchment.

“It hurts……, no way!?”
On calculation, this parchment doesn’t wrinkle even with a hammer as much as you hit it from the table. Well if it is from behind, I could break it with my fingers.

“Smithson-san, you……that lecture……”
“This work is super good”
“Did you write this crest in 15 minutes? Without a draft?”
The lecturer also has shining eyes. Umm. Am I doing quite well?

“Would you please, do not get so excited?”
And the elf student who remained silent then stood up with a *Gutter*.

“This papyrus blade is much better!”
A crest was drawn precisely on a ribbon made with papyrus……when she shook it, it stuck on her desk.

“Ah……what a wonderful day. There are two excellent crest makers today!”
“Huhuhu, you can’t afford to lose to humans with elf technology”
My opponent is a red-haired female elf. Her competitive spirit seems to be strong. But.

“I am a well-known art master in a company, if the start line is the same, will we go to lose?”
Well, it’s enough to make belts and metal accessories for my corps members.

“Huhuhu……okay. A match”
*Scratch, Scratch*

“……Elongation parchment!”
*Scratch, Scratch*

“……Papyrus Shield!”

*Scratch, Scratch*

“Transparent parchment!”
*Scratch, Scratch*

“Bouncing Papyrus!”

We engraved to the limits of creativity and paper on hand. ……I used parchment in the worth of 10 days lunch.

“Yes, that’s it for today! If you are able to do this far in a one-day experience, please continue to study! When combined with magic, more possibilities will spread. Smithson-san, uh, Ann…Angelina-san please cooperate with each other to make various things”

Anzeros. ……Well, she’s not willing to cooperate because she seems to have a magic talent.

“Co, Cooperate, making various things……?”
“Ha, Shameless”
“Different, I!”
“I, I don’t know what to make with that shorty! If it coalesces with me it will surely be amazing”
“No, because we are tourists”
“Well, why don’t you stay in the hall for a while and study together? You can review that small human”
“……Again Smithson”
“Don’t say again!”
It seems that somehow it was thought at the end of a fierce battle. ……The elf girl bowed gracefully.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t tell you my name. I´m Dior’s daughter Aurora”
She then smiled and raised the papyrus sword that she had just made to pray in front of my face. ……That pose.

“I was appointed to being an Ace Knight the other day♪”
“…… Again, Smithson”
“What’s up!?”


“Commander Dianne, where are you going? It’s a good place to be too conspicuous to walk in the street of the dark elves”
“No problem. ……I will go to an acquaintance”
“An acquaintance……”
“It’s the colony leader, it’s a man named Dior”
“Eh? Do you know each other? Are not you really in the middle of the storm?”
“A long time ago, there was a little…….that man is the father of the Master knight”

“……I want to know the true meaning of this provocation”

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